The Blogging Gospel of Yuga


In my quest to promote the Philippines, I came to realize that I need to push further the envelope of alternative media. Aside from photo-blogging, I’m attempting to learn to develop creative videos that would highlight the beauty of our country. It is a long journey, and it took me a one year and a half to really learn how to blog and how to take good photos. Did you know that I only started to take photos on January 2005? Yes, that is the time when I also started my blog. The catalyst for this was my son Aidan, when he was born on January. Well, you can look at the archives and see the difference in my writing style and photography from the time I started until now.

Finally, I’m starting my video-blogging quest this month. To kick it off, I’m starting an Our Awesome Planet show entitled: “A Blogging Life: Awesome Pinoy Bloggers”. The intent is to inspire other Filipinos out there on the power of blogging and to give a glimpse on the blogging life of the blogging idols in the Philippines. I’m starting the series, with Abe Olandres known as “Yuga” in the blogging circle. He runs his personal blog at He also runs,,, and sites, among others. Yuga is one of the person I admire because of his rags to riches blogging story. For those of you who are not following his blog, just watch the video to get a glimpse of one of the pioneer pro-bloggers in the Philippines. He revealed some of his blogging secrets and keys to his success 🙂

Check this out: Clipcast Director’s Gallery: The Blogging Gospel of Yuga

If you have a slow connection, just let the video download first before playing the entire 4mins+ show. Please please let me know what you think… Thanks to my brother, Rommel for teaching me the tricks of the trade on video editing! Thanks to for hosting the video!


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