16 thoughts on “Q. What is the Best Buko Pie in the Philippines?

  1. hi anton,
    i’ve been out of manila for about a year and a half but I remember that when I would have the opportunity, I would visit this restaurant located at the 2nd floor of this building along Buendia. For the life of me, I cannot remember the name of the building but it is right across the old headoffice of AsianBank (which is now owned by MetroBank). I remember going to that building because Nike had an office there too and lagi silang nag-se-sale dun.
    The buko pie that they have is really very good. It’s like buko pie for fine dining. We call it unbaked buko pie. The serving portion is generous. It’s very malinamnam but at the same time has a clean taste (e.g., no after taste).
    i hope nandun pa rin sila kasi i want to visit them again soon:-)

  2. If your really from Los Baños you will say that Lety’s buko pie is the original and I would say the best.
    Even if you put it in the fridge it still taste like the day you bought it.

  3. The Original Buko Pie in LB for me… Its not too sweet and not naman matabang. This is the only buco pie for me na talagang you can see the slabs of buco, real buko and not niyog…

  4. Hi Anton,
    Thanks for your email. Re the unbaked buko pie, I remember now, it’s Mondragon Building!
    However, as I was surfing the net for the address, this blog site appeared. And what do you know, someone commented also about the same buko pie! unfortunately mukhang saradao na yata.
    also, as I was browing through the comment entries, i saw your name there and your site.
    small world talaga 🙂
    here’s the link: http://dessertcomesfirst.blogspot.com/2005/06/10-best-desserts-in-manila-and.html

  5. You might want to try the buko tart that’s being sold in Rowena’s in Tagaytay. It’s really amazing. It’s got this crumbly topping that really goes well with the buko. They also sell it in the retreat houses nearby like Canossa and St. Scholastica’s. 🙂

  6. rowena’s is a must-stop in tagaytay for the buko tarts and apple pies..but Loumar’s is also good.cheaper pa ata.enjoy!

  7. An old joke in Los Banos is that you can tell the locals from “tourists” from Manila by the buko pie they buy. Pag bitbit daw ay Original buko pie galing Manila. Pag Lety’s daw ang dala taga Los Banos lang.

  8. fir the past years, i have been trying to search for that buco pie from Mondragon Building in Buendia. i went there twice, left my name and # with the security guatds because acc. to them, the person who makes that super sarap buco pie drops iby mondragon building every now and then. I am sure those security guards threw my name and number. PLEASE EMAIL ME IF ANYONE KNOWS THE CONTACT INFO OF THAT PERSON, IT WAS BY FAR THE BEST BUCO PIE, no buco pie from LAGUNA or any other place in manila comes close to that buco pie formerly sold at Mondragon. It was simply the best!

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