Krispy Kreme, Manila — Happy Happy Birthday!


On a cold Nov. 30 morning, Krispy Kreme in Manila was born @ exactly 8.30am Manila, Philippines time. Before going to the Bulacan Sale, we just had to say Happy Birthday to Krispy Kreme in City Center the Fort!

There was a long queue and this was the tail end of the line at 8.30am. The queue was a snake already and it goes all around up to the Krispy Kreme main door opening below the Red building on the left. There are still a lot of people who lined up which is a mix of students who has nothing to do because of no classes, employees who aim to get 4 dozens of Krispy Kreme donuts to be seen as cool in the office, and gym rats coming from fitness gym the Fort who wanted to reward themselves for the morning’s workout. I’m not sure how long the queue was and I estimate that waiting time can easily be 2 hours in the morning.

Is there any readers out there who lined up this morning?

Aidan’s face says it all. Please help me escape from this long queue! BTW, what’s the frenzy about these Krispy Kreme donuts anyway? I’m actually just curious on who won the one year supply of Krispy Kreme donuts?


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  1. Hi! First, I would like to say you have a nice Blog! Keep it up! 🙂
    Regarding the Krispy Kreme madness. Well.. It’s all because of the advertising and the word of mouth these past few days/weeks.
    We got a bite (well actually a box) of the original glazed doughnuts last Nov. 25 at the Xavier Alumni Homecoming! Everyone waited..excited..for the boxes to be distributed.
    Personally, I think that it’s just like Go Nuts’ Original Glazed doughnuts. (haha) But, Krispy Kreme is the original brand, and it tastes good actually 🙂 But, I love their flavored doughnuts more. I can’t wait for the flavored ones to be available!
    And, oh yeah! I share the same question..who got the 1-year supply? :))
    I’ll probably visit this Sunday.

  2. my husband lined up for 3 hours. it’s exactly like the krispy kreme i have craved for all these months. we used to handcarry a box just to bring home to the phil. well go nuts when it started is close but now sad to say go nuts deteriorated really really bad. Go krispy kreme ! go nuts…please re evaluate your donuts—it was good before . sayang.

  3. on krispy kreme’s birthday, i just had to celebrate and got myself a box of….dunkin donuts. let the donut wars begin 🙂
    my loyalty to dunkin donuts notwithstanding, just had to see for myself what the hype was all about and i did visit krispy kreme at around 6 pm where there was still a significant line of people waiting to get their hands on KK donuts. i spoke with the security guard and he informed me that there were people who camped out the night before in the hopes of getting one year supply of donuts but then it was raffled off instead. can anyone confirm if this is true?
    No, i did not line up for KK donuts 🙂 Dunkin, Dunkin, Dunkin

  4. @ Levy –
    How’s dunkin these days? they said that quality degraded already over time? what’s your favorite donut in dunkin?
    @ Patricia –
    WOW Three Hours! Congratulations :)!! I’m sure it was worth it 🙂 Thanks for sharing. I do hope Go Nuts Donuts would improve rin.
    @ Brian –
    Thanks Brian for sharing this info. I’m still wondering if it was really raffled off and who won the 1 year supply?

  5. saw the opening on the news and a student won the one year supply of KK. she lined up for 24 hours and she get a dozen donuts every week for one year.

  6. The first person in line was a 17 year old girl who camped outfor 24 hours. She wins the the one-year supply, which is in the form of a box (12 doughnuts) every week for about 52 weeks.
    I wasn’t there, but I’ve been lucky enough to have about 7 boxes in total prior to opening.
    You have to hand it to them. It was the total opposite of wowowee, The whole thing was very organized, as if they had done this before. According to ANC, there were over 1,000 people who showed up. The average wait in line was two hours, but each person took no more than 5 minutes to get through the counter. Those in line were treated to free doughnuts (practically all-you-can-eat). Gonuts was never like this.
    Congratulations to Krispy Kreme!

  7. I arrive at Krispy Kreme at around 5pm. It took me an hour to get inside, and about a minute in the counter to get some donuts. I was swept by the hype too.
    I thought they were not like any other donut that is already in existence in the Philippines, but they had some good points too. The original glazed is a lot softer and compact but less sweeter than its Go Nuts counterpart. My girlfriend liked Go Nuts better, and for me she always represents the general Pinoy food palette.
    The other variants were a hodgepodge of already existent popular donuts in our country. But like in Go Nuts, the quality in every donut is guaranteed. The taste does not feel to degraded and commercialized (Which reflects in the donut prices too). Even Dunkin’s premium ones are not at par with these and Go Nuts.
    I like the place too, because it’s color green. And it’s cool to see thousands of donuts in action.
    I think the hype was well worth it.
    You live in Serendra, right? So I guess when you hunger for donuts you’ll just be walking a few meters for two of the best donuts in the country. Lucky you!
    By the way, are you the Anton who’s an entrepreneur that’s in the picture near those of RJ Ledesma and Tweetie De Leon, who seemed to be the more popular friends of Krispy Kreme? It’s near the right door of KK.

  8. I was one of the first 500 customers because I got a free t-shirt. I was there at 6:30 am and finally entered the store by 10 AM. Krispy Kreme Opening day was quite smooth. I was that crazy!

  9. We went yesterday around Dec 1 around 1pm. Not so many people in the line-up. Maybe 10 persons? So there was hardly any wait time.
    I got to taste a donut off the line but I have to admit, it didn’t taste like the ones abroad. The free donuts we got a couple of weeks before did taste like the ones abroad.
    Maybe they’re still fiddling with the recipe.
    I didn’t even know how long the cues were the day before until I read your blog just now. I guess we lucked out that there weren’t so many people when we got there.

  10. like everybody else i was dying to “taste” for myself this krispy kreme even sandy daza was all ga-ga for…
    weeks before the opening, kk showered the office with boxes and boxes of these golden donuts, and like a crazy person i instantly grabbed one and stuffed it into my mouth…
    they probably know something i don’t but it tastes a lot like go nuts. ive had a grand total of 3 kk’s since then, and i think i’m good for the year, thanks.

  11. the same thing happened in toronto, canada when kk first opened up. however, the popularity was short-lived and all but one of the kk stores have since closed.

  12. I think Krispy Kreme got into the female market thru “Sex & the City” the girls really loved it.
    To Dunkin Donut lovers, I suggest you try the Dunkin at Rockwell, it is really different! You’ll love it more.

  13. I find Krispy Kreme to be overrated! The original glazed is the only one that is good and everything else is just okay. I live up here in Calgary, Canada and we bought the hype about 3 years ago when it first opened. People lined up for hours to get inside. Now, it’s barely surviving here.

  14. Hey Anton,
    My friend just showed me your blog! Haha I was there at the opening from 4am. Waited more than 4 hours for those donuts and I must say they were worth it. I’ve been craving for Krispy Kremes ever since I first tasted them eons of years ago. Now theyre finally here! I may not get the 1 year supply, but I did get myself 7 dozens of donuts! 🙂 Pictures of the opening are at my blog. 🙂

  15. Ah, Krispy Kreme! I remember when it was an IPO on the NY Stock Exchange, people really bought shares of it. But then it was hit by the twin backlash of the low-carb Atkins and South Beach Diets, hence less clamor for it in the Western hemisphere. (Armando’s comment reminded me of that last bit.) It wasn’t just Krispy Kreme that suffered as a result of these diets’ popularity-bakeries and pastry shops in general posted low sales.

  16. Krispy Kreme just rocks! I haven’t tried the Philippine version (altho tried but seeing the line up i backed out, but if its anything like the first time i tried KK Original Glazed Donuts, its truly HEAVENLY! And it was fresh and free the first time, right out of the donut line.
    Don’t get me wrong, I have a soft spot for Dunkin Donuts (loyalty) it being my HS merienda that gave me my legs now…haha…anyways…
    Just go try it, you won’t be disappointed. Maybe it was a little overhyped, but any biz now, new name or old name need all the hype they can get.
    I agree w/ KK in Canada, I’ve been hearing that they are struggling nowadays, maybe due to people’s change in lifestyle of going healthier. But a little donut here and there won’t hurt our buttocks i think!
    Anyone interested in Vita-Mix Total Nutrition Center?
    Its a blender, juicer, grinder, food processor, soup maker, ice cream maker, dough kneader…if anyone’s interested, you can reach me at 0917-8992179 or check it out on under Vita-Mix

  17. In taste—it isn’t much different from Go- nuts. What sets it apart is the texture and feel. The morsel literally melts/shatters in your mouth.
    Original Hot GLazed
    Lemon filled

  18. Finally ambled over to KK last Saturday after dinner. The line was manageable – waited for less than 10 minutes plus they hand out a free original glazed donut to everyone in line just as they approach the donut display cases. I thought that the free donut was just part of their pre-opening/first week promos, so I was pleasantly surprised to get one. Hope this is a permanent promo. 😉 I never had a freshly made original glazed before so I must say that the freshly fried donuts are HEAVENLY! Light in texture, truly melt-in-your-mouth (due to the potato flour component, someone once told me). The NY cheesecake variant’s also a must-try. I’d also recommend the Original Kreme Frozen Blended drink. Not too sweet, very creamy. It’s also available as a hot drink and I’d wager that the hot version will probably taste like my sorely-missed Dunkaccino drink from Dunkin’ Donuts in the US.

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