8 Awesome Places of Ilocos Norte

Are you going on a road trip to Pagudpud? Download this Infographic Guide before you go…
Infographic: Your Awesome Journey to Pagudpud

These places are simply AWESOME and you should never miss to visit them on your trip to Pagudpud. Of course, it would be unrealistic to expect to be able to visit them all at once. You should be able to arrange your itinerary to go to the places that interest you the most. Here are the 8 Awesome Places in Pagudpud and Ilocos Norte:

1. Blue Lagoon or Maira-ira

Balesin of the North
>> Blue Lagoon, Maira-ira Beach Details

2. Bangui Windmills

Magnificent White Giants of Bangui
>> Bangui Windmills Details

3. Saud Beach Pagudpud

Anti-Boracay of the north
>> Saud Beach Pagudpud Details

4. Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

One of the Oldest and Most Visited Spanish Lighthouse in Ilocos Norte
>> Cape Bojeador Lighthouse Details…

5. Fort Ilocandia

The Best Resort in Laoag, Ilocos Norte
>> Fort Ilocandia Details

6. Sand Dunes of Suba

Unique Desert Sand Dunes in the Philippines
>> Sand Dunes of Suba Details

7. Paoay Church

One of the Four Baroque Churches in the Philippines with an impressive buttresses.
>> Paoay Church

8. Patapat Viaduct

Amazing Elevated Highway on a Mountainside.
>> Patapat Viaduct

Other Places of Interest in Ilocos Norte

Marcos Museum & Mausoleum – The embalmed body of Ferdinand Marcos (1917-89) is laid out on a mattress and lit by floodlights with eerie choral music as the background.

Malacanang of the North – The opulent former residence of the Marcos Family. The house is impressive 🙂

Kabigan Falls – a scenic 30 minute hiring trek to a famous falls in Pagudpud.

Enjoy your Trip!


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28 thoughts on “8 Awesome Places of Ilocos Norte

  1. hi anton,
    i was in ilocos last dec 26-28 and i did enjoy my trip there. the waves in blue lagoon was a delight and i love the sunset in la paz sand dunes which happened to be the shooting place of panday,mad max and born on the 4th of july…we were so lucky to have a local tour us around and we were able to see all the 8 awesome places of ilocos norte..i suggest all readers to check out your travel guide, complete info and great pictures u got here !

  2. how much u spend on the gas back and fort?? i just want some info because next week will go to pagudpud thanks!!

  3. I got your list but we weren’t able to visit half of it. I’ve been wanting to go to the Cape Bojeador Lighthouse and Sand Dunes of Suba but we didn’t have the chance. =(

  4. nice tip you have there… pls keep on posting with exact address and contact infos please…. 2 thumbs up for your site

  5. rili nice place..wish i could go der & experience the beauty of those places.. can u pls post a list of hotels or apartelles or room accomodations dat can be rented 4 overnyt stay..(ung affordable lang ha..heheheheee…) thank you!

  6. Hi Anton!
    I find your articles very helpful, especially when you said that there are no street lights, how sad! But I think that will be a challenge for a first time visitors like me. We plan to get there by early April of this year, coinciding my birthday! hehe Ive been dreaming of the place already, I can barely say that it’s much more beautiful than Boracay (though I haven’t been there also :-)). I would like to ask, would it cheaper if we get the 3D/2N package offered by one of the resorts there, alomost 9K rather than to commute (though there will be a car & driver available). We’re worried because, during the trips definitely some are sleeping, it would be unfair to them, right? Have you seen the Pannzian Beach , or have you been there? I think we prefer to go there. Thanks and more power! I love reading your articles!

  7. hi anton,
    i’ve been to ilocos last feb 27-29 with some of my colleagues… grabe the place is so beautiful and i fell i love with the whole province.. we stayed in Llanes Hotel in Laoag, we visit the Bojeador lighthouse, the windmills in bangui,fort ilocandia and saud beach in pagudpod on our 1st and 2nd day.. and on our last day we were able to go to vigan but we weren’t able to see the famous landmarks, only the pagburnayan, loom weaving, vigan’s cathedral in salcedo plaza and baluarte… we have to be in a hurry because we might miss our flight back to manila… oh by the way, it’s not only the place that i was attracted to but also the local people, they’re so warm and so nice to us! we also tried some of there delicacies like the emapanada and the authentic pinakbet, i miss to try the bagnet…i’m planning to go back within this year to ilocos but next time to explore ilocos sur… and thanks also, because your website gave me an idea on what to see, where to go and what to do in ilocos province… agyamanak ilocos! 😛 (you can check some of the pictures in my url site http://lalanevirto.multiply.com/ or lalanevirto@multiply.com)

  8. elow toper!=P you can save more if you will choose the HOMESTAY than renting a room in the resort,,its also near the beaches depends on the availability..You can take RCJ bus(manila-pagudpud)if you want to commute and enjoy the trip. I was there last march 21-22 =P

  9. hello Anton.. i would like to ask, if u can suggest a place to stay in pagudpud that are accesible for wheel chair..
    i really like the place..
    thanks a lot…

  10. hey anton! ur site is really cool.. the places are interesting. cant w8 to go there.. 🙂 can u pls send me the list of good quality resorts there in pagudpud coz we’re planning to spend our summer vcation there. tnx *good job

  11. hi anton
    fort ilocandia is the place i’d like most when i spend our vacation in pagupod a place where you can relax.

  12. hi anton
    fort ilocandia is the place i’d like most when i spend our vacation in pagupod a place where you can relax.

  13. Hi, Anton.
    This is a very good website. I learned a lot about Pagudpud and it certainly helps me with my planning.
    Has anybody been to Pagudpud in December? Okay pa rin ba ang beaches for swimming during these times? Also, meron bang recommended activities for kids and teens other than swimming?

  14. hi there! i’m planning to visit ilocos first week of december. after browsing some bunch of sites and testimonials all I need is just somebody or a group who will also travel from manila to ilocos (sur or norte)so I have company. i went to palawan last year and traveling alone is not a bad idea but doing it twice is enough already 🙂
    i will appreciate any feedback. please send your response in my email address because i check it everyday.

  15. Me too, I am planning to go to Ilocos, I found this travel agency who offers a good package tour, they are scheduled to go to Ilocos, well last night but I was not able to join them due to dysmenorrhea, maybe we can join you (my bf and I) and maybe we can ask some people out there who wants to join too.

  16. hi anton!
    thanks for posting this travel guide.its very helpful and informative.me and my friends are planning to go there this coming February.i just want to ask if the place is accessible enough even though you don’t have your own car?is it a necessity to bring your own vehicle?

  17. Hi,
    Your “8 Awesome Places of Ilocos Norte” entry is really awesome, and helpful, hehehe.
    Me and my friends are planning to go there this Holy Week. May I ask if you could give me some tips, travel info re: Ilocos pls. What did you do to be able to visit all or most of what Ilocos has to offer.
    I tried to click the link on each of the details but the page is not available already so i wasn’t able to view it.
    If you have time, pls. e-mail it to me (I provided my e-mail and webpage with this post).
    I’d really appreciate it.
    Thanks in advance and may you have many more places to go to so you could share it here in your website. 🙂

  18. We will visit Ilocos this May.. Hope you can send me an itinerary that we can follow good for 3 days..

  19. hi anton!
    andami plang pede pasyalan dyan! nakakalito aman! ehehhe =0 nweis kung may car ka mas madali b kesa commute lang? nweis may mga kdis kme advisable ba for kids yang mga yan?! thnks!

  20. Hello I’m here right now in Laoag City going to
    Pagudpud…I’d just wonder if the Resorts there have a
    Wi-Fi Connection?

  21. i was planning to go to pagudpud lalo ngaun na nabasa ko ang website mo naramdaman ko agad un eager na i really want to go in this place.can you help me how to there, dito ako nkatira sa angeles city pampanga and i don’t have a car so mangyayari magcommute lang ako.anong bus liners ang pwede kong sakyan na magiging komportable ako, and can you give me an itinerary para naman alam ko ang sunod-sunod na lugar na aking pupuntahan at kung saan ako pwedeng magstay na affordable pero maayos at maganda.thanks i’ll wait for your response

  22. Hi. will go there in 2 wks. Just me and my friend. We’ll fly to Laoag and we’re planning to rent a van. You have referrals? =)
    I’ll visit the places mentioned here. can’t wait!

  23. Hi anton, me and my family are planning to go to viga, laoag and pagudpud. 6 kami. Inniva. Any suggestions onthe rout to take, places we should visit, place where we can stain in laoag, pagudpud? Ty

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