A Popit De Leon Experience


I am Popit!

Popit personifies the term Character Chef. He gives life to an exclusive dinner with friends, family or special love ones through his generous tasty dishes and personalized service. How can a theater actor in school plays and self-confessed La Salle bum transforms into a down-to-earth Les Roche-trained Character Chef ? How can a chef be lactose intolerant and still provides a menu full of cheese, milk and cream as ingredients that comes with an offer of free lactaid pill for lactose intolerant guests?

On weekends, Popit cooks for excited guest at his cousin Charley’s place in Lipa. Charley’s is the latest out-of-town restaurant set in Charley Leviste Antonio’s Equestrian farm in Lipa. For 793/head net for a minimum of 10 guests, he will cook you a sumptuous meal with the freshest herbs grown organically from Charley’s garden.

On weeknights, he provides an exclusive pool side dinner to friends and customers at his Crown Tower condo in Makati. It is an exclusive one man show, where Popit plays the master Chef, the waiter, the cashier, and the entertainer. At the end of your dinner, I’m sure your stomach would applause and your wallet would wonder why only pay P750/head (minimum of 10)?

Thanks to Popit for making Makati’s chef-for-hire scene alive. I’ve never seen such passion in a chef who is not concerned about money but concerned about serving other people through memorable dining experiences. He names his catering business World Domination Through Food, and now I understand why.

My P&G Friends (L-R): Romi Garduce, Patrick and Quennie Cua, and Aileen and Paul Albano.

It was definitely a memorable Christmas dinner event for us last Dec. 26. Nothing beats good conversation with friends and a good meal in an exclusive and personalized setting. Overall, the dinner was a building momentum in food approval ratings and culminated with the killer Mahi Mahi dish and to-die-for Tiramisu. The pool side setting was risky due to the possibility that it might rains. Our night was hot and humid on a December evening (what more in summer).

An exclusive dinner in Popit’s Crown Tower condo offers a wider menu choices because he is not limited to cook his dishes with the fresh herbs in Charley’s garden. On the other hand, a meal with fresh rosemary ingredients and other herbs is something worth driving to Charley’s Equestrian farm in Lipa. Dinner can be held in his Condo or your own designated place within Makati for P800/head. If you want it exclusively for two, he prepares a 8-course tasting menu for 1,250/head.

Let me share with you, our unique Popit de Leon experience…

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World Domination Through Food Menu Choices
(750/head minimum of 10)

Pita with hummus
Tomate farcie

Cream-free pumpkin
Soupe de poisson

Mixed greens with choice of dressings
(Dill mayonnaise or mixed herb vinaigrette)
Eggplant-zucchini tower

Pan seared mahi-mahi with caper cream sauce
Batangas beef stewed in rosemary & wine
Baked pork steak with thyme
Chicken Florentines with pommodorro sauce

Rice pilaf
Garlic mashed potatoes
Buttered noodles

Buttered mixed vegetables

Crème Brulee
Crepe Suzette (On Display)

A Popit de Leon experience starts with booking the date and time of the dinner or lunch event and selecting your 5-course meal from the menu above. You can bring wine on your own with no corkage fee and he will be glad to offer his recommendation. I was amazed at his wine recommendations which were helpful:

“If you will be providing wine, my recommendations will be as follows: For reds, I would recommend getting a cabernet sauvignon. I doubt if a Shiraz or merlot would compliment the savoury sausage or ham, especially with Merlot–I have to agree with Paul Giamatti from “Sideways”. For a white, Pinot Grigio has the right balance of dry and sweet to match the dishes. A Paul Masson Chablis (available at SM Makati) may compliment the Mahi-mahi with caper sauce. ” – Popit

Popit’s special sliced sausage and ham.

Popit’s Sausage was tasty and good; I was hoping to say the same thing for the ham, but it did not meet my expectations. The sausage comes with a Popit story and a good laugh 🙂

Don’t expect too much from the pool setting in Crown Tower. It was a simple pool and we appreciated the effort of putting flower bouquets as the center piece which we took home to be placed at the altar. Popit welcomes you as his guests so you are free to use the pool if you like.

Bruschetta and Garbanzo Soup (not shown). This bruschetta was relatively good but nothing to rave about. The Garbanzo soup was bearable but lacks texture and bits of ingredients.

Eggplant-zucchini tower. I was pleasantly surprised by this and I loved these grilled vegetables and pesto herbs. Unfortunately, no one asked for seconds (serving) despite repeated offers from Popit because of generous supply of these towers.

This was a funny shot for me because our dinner was set with our Petron Megaplaza office as backdrop.

Pan seared mahi-mahi with caper cream sauce served with garlic mashed potatoes & buttered mixed vegetables!

Everybody agreed that this Mahi Mahi was a winner. The thick Fish Meat with a texture of a steak is definitely worth more than the P750/head. The fish was creamy, tasty and “di malansa” (what’s the english for this?). You can immediately see that this one was wiped out in a few minutes, except for our lactose intolerant friend. I finally thought: this is what Les Roche cooking is all about.

Tiramisu with Barako Coffee.

Each of us has this generous serving of tiramisu; it was also devoured in a few seconds. My friend Aileen commented that desserts like Tiramisu are not supposed to be served this big but I’m not complaining neither did her husband, Paul. I can still remember the tiramisu with generous layer of cream and bits of cream cheese on top of butter cookies crust. Simply a yummy treat to end the Popit de Leon Experience.

Thanks Popit for the lovely evening and interesting discussion. Glad to know that we come from the same school and best of luck! Animo La Salle!!

Popit de Leon
Personal chef * caterer * culinary instructor
+63 917 893 1938

Crown Tower
107 HV dela Costa Street
Salcedo Village, Makati City
(between Trafalgar and Sagitarius Building)


20 thoughts on “A Popit De Leon Experience

  1. hi anton! can i get his contact number? and how was the food? and how much was it per person? and where is it?

  2. hi anton! can i get his contact number & adress as well? how much was it per pax? can you give few comments on the food?

  3. happy holidays anton..
    looks great.. can’t wait for the writeup 🙂
    i might want to try this also… contact # and address would be a nice new year’s gift 😛

  4. Inggit ako! Sayang we missed this… we’re in Bicol, wakeboarding in Naga and visiting the typhoon-devastated areas around Legaspi.
    You should come over sometime and check out the Camarines Sur wakeboarding complex. Plus, they have good beef tapa 🙂
    Happy holidays, regards to Rache and Aidan…

  5. Omigosh I know him! haha. I can’t wait for the write up either. He was my batchmate/classmate in CSA. He even played Punjab in our Annie play ( I was Annie’s best friend Molly hehe). This guy is a major character, I can imagine him doing stand-up comedy, never knew he ended up as a chef. I have to send this link to the rest of the batch. 🙂

  6. wow. love your suggestions…been trying out your suggested restos …My goodness, been so excited to check out your blog for new spots!.. have you tried cafe juanita is pasig?(My favorite) its an experience dining there…the place transports you into another time…plus the food compliments the ambiance..How about Chateau Verde in UP? great place, garden type ambiance with great food too…Would love to see these unforgettable restos in your blog…More Power to you!!and Happy New Year!!!

  7. Happy New Year to you, Rache and Aidan! 🙂
    I can’t wait for the write up too!! 🙂
    The food looks super amazing!! I bet they tasted wonderful too!

  8. hi, thanks to your blog, i booked a dinner for 2 this coming sunday with chef popit… am so excited, can’t wait!

  9. just had dinner at popit’s. the food was superb, it was an 8 meal course for 2, for only P2,500! it was so worth it!
    we had the bruschetta, pumpkin soup, seafood salad/ waldorf salad, eggplant/tomato tower, grilled mahi-mahi, chicken florentine, grilled lamb, and lastly the yummy yummy tiramisu!
    oh, and there was an overflowing supply of iced tea and brewed coffee!
    thanks again anton, wouldn’t have had this experience if not for this blog! =)

  10. just had dinner at popit’s. the food was superb, it was an 8 meal course for 2, for only P2,500! it was so worth it!
    we had the bruschetta, pumpkin soup, seafood salad/ waldorf salad, eggplant/tomato tower, grilled mahi-mahi, chicken florentine, grilled lamb, and lastly the yummy yummy tiramisu!
    oh, and there was an overflowing supply of iced tea and brewed coffee!
    thanks again anton, wouldn’t have had this experience if not for this blog! =)

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