Bangui Windmills

Are you going on a road trip to Pagudpud? Download this Infographic Guide before you go…
Infographic: Your Awesome Journey to Pagudpud

Bangui Bay

The latest attraction in Bangui bay where Pagudpud is located is these fifteen huge 23 storeys high “Giant Electric Fans” that might as well be built by Aliens. The common mistake of people is just to be satisfied at looking at these windmills from a distant view from the Bangui look out on the way to Pagudpud. You don’t need a tour guide to reach this place. You just need to know where to turn and go straight passing by a village all the way to this Bangui coast .

I love the description of the windmills by Cecil Morella (Agence France-Presse):
” Standing in an arc in wind-lashed scrubland, the windmills, which started supplying electricity to 40 per cent of Ilocos Norte province in May, are the first source of clean energy introduced in the Phillipines, a nation with 84 million people reliant on oil and gas. “*

This bangui coast is a black pebbled beach with a fishing community along its shorelines. It is quite a walk from one windmill to another. The best time to go is before sunset where you get an awesome sunset sky as a backdrop to your windmills shot.

Awesome Windmills

These windmills are simply AWESOME! I can’t believe it when I saw it and I just marvel at these magnificent white structures. So but what can you do here? Three Things:

1. This is a good place to watch the Awesome Sunset in Pagudpud.
2. This is a good backdrop for your portrait shots ala Regine Velasquez in the Biyahe na video.
3. Say your final good byes here to Pagudpud by visiting this during sunrise before you head back to Manila…


Jeepney vs. the Windmills. Just to give you a perspective how huge these white creatures are.

How to Get there:

There are no signs and only the tour guide knows. But I took a picture of this intersection where you need to turn. This is after a bridge and the road leads to Pagudpud. This is already after the Bangui lookout and pass the mountains. You have to turn to the road where the CRV is and just go straight until you reach these windmills.

Bangui Windmills by Our Awesome Planet
* Giant windmills energize northern Philippines (Oct 12, 2005) By Cecil Morella Agence France-Presse

22 thoughts on “Bangui Windmills

  1. hi guys! i’m from bangui and presently working here at manila. i’ve been to other places also in the phils like bora and puerto galera, one thing i’m sure of, Pagudpud and Bangui sceneries are just like them.. One good thing about Pagudpud and Bangui is that, the virginity of the place is there! very fresh and not that crowded. You can enjoy the place with friends, with the family and other loved ones..
    Thanks for coming to our place. Thanks also to those who helped us advertise our place in one way or the other. and those who haven’t visited yet, find time to relax and enjoy the beauty of Ilocos Norte!
    See yah guys! Thanks….

  2. my family had a chance to visit Ilocos Norte during the Holy Week this year 2007 and the Windmills are on our list. I just want to tell readers that there is a signage already going to the windmills. There are a lot of routes actually but the one our driver chose was the first and it has no sign. LOL. He knows how to speak ilokano because he is a native of Batac, Ilocos Norte. We had a good view of the windmills. I hope i can share our pictures with you. But to give you an idea, we had jumpshots! and it was great! Tip: Jump and Click those cameras!
    I love Ilocos Norte and I am missing it already.

  3. HI Anton!
    Great site! I myself has been to Bagui bay last 2005. Same as you I can’t believe that there are windmills in our country. When we went to Pagudpud via Isabela Cagayan Valley, we don’t even know that there are already windmills in Bagui. We just noticed it when we are staying in Saud Beach! We immediately go to the site and to our amaze, WOW!!! First time that we saw windmills! Heheheh inosente no?
    Anyways, here is my photo of the windmills…
    Thanks for this site, marami pa pala ako di na pupuntahan sa Ilocos Norte!

  4. i’m scheduled to go to pagudpud this coming may11 with my office-mates and my husband, thanks that you have this site for afirst timer like me, its a big help. i included all the places that you mentioned in our itinerary.

  5. well, i’ve been there once in pagudpod almost 7 years ago, but i’d never seen that giant windmills they say…maybe before it was not yet there…
    before, no windmills, the pagudpod beaches was so beautiful, walking in the true white sand like no other place have was so great, the water’s warm that relax you.. forget all the problems that you have in urban place, no pollution, great people, nice foods, it’s like paradise how much more now that there’s a lot of windmills on the seashore….well, undescribable…..i think i go there again…see yahhhhh guysss

  6. im not actually a native of ilocos norte but my mother is, shes from bangui where the exact location of the giant windmills lie but unfortunately she wasnt able to witness this spectacular scenery since she passed away sometime before the construction is done..i guess i just gotta have to take her place as one proud native of ilocos and i never fail to visit this place whenever possible specially during holyweek..

  7. we’ll go to pagudpud this end of april, we’ll just ride a bus so i just wanna ask if there are forms of public transportation for us to go to these cool places from our resort in saud beach? is it convenient? what are the forms of transpo? is it expensive? sorry to throw a lotta questions, your answers will be very helpful. Thanks a lot!

  8. I took my family for the 1st time to visit Phil. last march 15 till 28th this year we all had fun , we spent 3 days in Ilocos Norte, we stayed in Saud, we all had a great time, the wind mills in Bangui was expectacular, the beaches were amazing, we als went to hidden treasures I was wandering cause nobody seems mentioning about it,it was a real breathtaking place to visit.A real nice change for a cold long winter weather here in Michigan.

  9. sa mga naghahanap ng resort or cheap transient house s pagudpud mtutulungan kau ni jun (ctg) 09292510709, pwede nyo din xang maging guide qng balak nyong puntahan lahat ng kilalang pasyalan dun. (saud beach, blue lagoon, kabigan falls, bangui windmills, cape bojeador lighthouse, etc.)

  10. hi! We just recently visited Ilocos Sur and Norte and just arrived yesterday. I find Bangui Bay Windmill as one of the best tourist spot to consider when going to Ilocos. Its so perfectly aligned and relaxing to the eye. There’s a lot of signages nowadays if ur planning go there before sunset. You’ll both catch the dayview and downsunlight view of the windmill. Enjoy ur stay, coz we really do…u

  11. Hi Anton! I REALLY appreciate your website! You even have that photo that shows where to turn to get to the Bangui windmills. YOU are awesome!

  12. i’ll post my comment regarding pagudpud and bangui when we reach there after the semester..haha(nonsense)

  13. Hi Anton! I went to Ilocos Norte last December and concerning the Bangui Windmills, there is already a viewing deck before you reach the place. There is a restaurant where you can stop over and simply go to their veranda to check out the Windmills from afar. You don’t have to buy anything from the place though. The road leading to the Windmills is just a few kilometers and there are already signs available for travelers. 🙂

  14. hey guys.. iam a native of ilocos norte (laoag city in particular) and taking up my Masters Degree in Public Administration. one of our case study is to evaluate the impact of bangui windmill in all aspects. Also, taking some feedbacks from individuals who already been to the place regarding their thoughts on the social impact of the bangui windmill.. guys please help me post you feedback (social aspects) here..
    i will surely appreciate you could help me..
    thank you guys in advance…

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