Don’t Travel to Pagudpud Without Reading this First!

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Infographic: Your Awesome Journey to Pagudpud

Awesome Philippines Travel Guide 001: Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte
A couple of people already asked me to give them travel tips for their upcoming vacation to Pagudpud and Ilocos Norte. Instead of developing a frequently asked question (FAQ) in my Our Awesome Planet blog, I decided to create a dedicated online travel guide for each awesome places in the Philippines. This is the first Awesome Philippines Travel Guide and I aim to create 100 guides within a year.

I’ve been to Pagudpud and Ilocos Norte around 3x times already and I enjoyed each trip. Everytime I go back, these places never fails to surprise me. I would like to share with you our awesome experience! Also, this guide is formatted like a blog so that we can get feedback and comments from readers of these guide. Based on my blogging experience, the readers can even contribute a lot to make this guide richer and up-to-date.

In this definitive travel guide, I don’t intend to overwhelm you with so much information. In fact, I already did most of the research for you and I distill the information on what are the essentials and the awesome places to go to. I can guarantee you that you would have an awesome experience just by reading this guide.

You should never miss the 8 Awesome Places of Ilocos Norte!
1. Blue Lagoon, Maira-ira Beach
2. Bangui Windmills
3. Saud Beach, Pagudpud
4. Cape Bojeador Lighthouse
5. Fort Ilocandia
6. Sand Dunes of Ilocos
7. Paoay Church
8. Patapat Viaduct

Most of the information in this guide, is based on my own experience which I’ve documented in my blog, including:

Our Awesome Planet Pagudpud and Ilocos Norte Index
Blue Lagoon Cove, Maira-Ira Beach, Pagudpud
Bangui Windmills
a Fort Ilocandia Affair
The Youngest Quester @ Microsoft CIO 5th Quest
The Sand Dunes of Ilocos

Also, these are the other online resources and travel books I used to develop this guide:

Other Links and Resources
Lonely Planet Philippines 9th Edition
100 Resorts in the Philippines, Places with a Heart 3rd Edition 2005
Heritage Conservation Society

If this guide was able to help you in any way, please do let me know. If you want to show your gratitude, please do so in the following ways:

1. Please provide comments and feedback to the articles in this guide.
2. Send me a travel writing/essay or share with us your blog journal about your experience.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy your vacation in the Philippines!


35 thoughts on “Don’t Travel to Pagudpud Without Reading this First!

  1. hello anton. i was in ilocos 2 months ago. i was lucky to have visited all 8 awesome places of ilocos norte. i have some pictures that i’d like to share with you, and if you want to use them, i could give you an invite to view my yahoo photos. thank you! and to all readers, you won’t wanna miss the places and things to do that are included in anton’s guide. =)

  2. We went to Pagudpud last December and I suggest you should also go to and feature the Kabigan Falls! It’s definitely an amazing place! Feel free to check out the pictures.Happy New Year!

  3. These info were sent to me by a friend thru email. I don’t know from which site he got it but its an additional info for those who want to explore Pagudpud. Enjoy!
    Saud White Beach
    Saud white beach is very popular not only in the country but also to the other parts of the world. It is a favorite place for movie producers, foreign and local correspondents, foreign travel writers to shoot their films because of its breathtaking views and unique atmosphere. It is even featured in the Internet that makes it very popular, a world–class destination. The beach is along stretch sand framing the heart shaped calm emerald water of the Saud Bay.
    Every year, hundreds and even thousands of tourists come to visit the place to see for themselves the wonders of nature that awaits them. A paradise they really love to see.
    Bantay Abot Caves
    Bantay Abot Caves means “a mountain with a hole.” A hole was found at the middle of the mountain where the waves were free to flash into its walls just like an open shore until it was wrecked by an earthquake during the 80’s. It is also called “the underground sea” for on top of the cave is a lustrous vegetative cover. Inside the cave is a church that once you are inside, you do not only hear the echoing sound of the waves, the chirping of the birds but you can also feel the cool breeze of the air. It is a favorite hangout of swallows that swarm to their roost in the late afternoon. It is a very unique creation partly surrounded by the clear blue sea. Its shore has white sand mixed with fragments of shells and rocks that can be made as a décor. Parts of the shore are forms of rocks where you can sit and relax and enjoy a lucid view of the wide sea and verdant mountains.
    Bantay Abot Cave is located along the seacoast of Sitio Gaoa, Balaoi, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte.
    Timmangtang Rock
    Timmangtang rock stands majestically a few meters away from Bantay Abot caves. It is located along the shore and partly by the sea. You cannot separate Bantay Abot Cave from the Timmantang Rock for they are believed to be lovers, the former being the female and the later is the male. They are collectively termed as “Lover’s Rock”. This rock is like a bell-shaped, hence the name Timmantang. The rock is covered with grass and bushes. On top of it, you could see the calm blue sea and the enchanting view of Sitio Gaoa. Campfire is also very ideal at the foot of this stunning rock.
    Nacatnagan Cliff
    It is a portion of a mountain of Sitio Gaoa which is 150 feet above sea level. Nacatnagan is an Ilocano word meaning fell down. Stories of old folks tell that during the olden times, two carabaos climbed the other side of the mountain and then fell down on the cliff, thus it is name Nacatnagan.
    The cliff is a virgin forest where different kinds of trees grow and you could hear the peeping of the birds. Wild animals can also be found within the place thus it is a perfect place for hunting. Rare ferns and wild orchids grow abundantly at the foot and at the slopes of the mountain. It is also a good site for mountain climbing because of its steep and slippery trails. On top of it, you can glimpse the panoramic view of the Pasaleng Bay, Maira-ira Point and the totality of the out of this world scene of Sitio Gaoa, Babuyan Island can also be viewed on a clear day.
    Malingay Cove (Blue Lagoon)
    It is a hidden bay found at Maira-ira Point, which is a half-moon in shape edifice, by the Nacatnagan Cliff in the east and the Dos Hermanos in the north. This place is where you can escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Reaching the place is quite tiresome for it is around 2.5o kilometers away from the highway with rigged roads and it is found at the interior part of Sitio Malingay. On the way is thick forest and you can also have glance of the sea. Malingay Cove is famous for its crystal blue water and fine white sand.
    Dos Hermanos Islands
    It is found at Sitio Malingay. It emerges statuesquely at the northern part of the Blue Lagoon. Motorized boats or bancas or raft can reach this island. These rocks look like ordinary rocks from a distance, but if you get closer you could find their distinctiveness. Their very fine formation make them really masterpiece of nature.
    Below the rocks are caves where varied and colorful tropical fishes swim abundantly that can be seen during low tides. Around Dos Hermanos Rocks submerged smaller rocks where famous delicious seaweeds :gamet” are taken.
    Kabigan Falls
    It is an enchanting falls located at the eastern part of Barangay Balaoi and it is around 1.8 kilometers away from the national highway. This 80 feet waterfall is surrounded by thick forest and well-known for its concaved basin.
    Saguigui Falls
    It is a small waterfall situated at Barangay Balaoi, 3.5 kilometers away from the national highway. This falls is not yet popular for the reason that it is not easy to get there.
    Winding Patapat Bridge
    Patapat bridge is a winding bridge found at the foot of the cliff of the North Cordillera Mountain Ranges. It connects Barangay Balaoi and Pancian and it is around 1.2 kilometers long. This bridge is often referred to as the “French Riviera of the North”. Along the bridge, you can pass the Mabugabog Falls that serves as a source of power for the mini hydroelectric plant. It is only during the rainy days when it shows its splendor with its water dropping rhythmically to precipice on the rocky shore of the sea below.
    While at the middle of the bridge, you could take a look at the amazing view of the sea and the luxuriant mountains that is 200 meters above sea level. The bridge itself is a superb craft of men and the fabulous sceneries that surrounds it makes it really a breathtaking to behold.
    Bolo River
    It is a river that divides the Municipality of Pagudpud and Bangui. It is an added attraction to tourist especially those who are into kayaking sports. The portion of the river in Barangay Dampig, Tarrag, and Poblacion 1 have a big boulders and deep water ideal for kayaking where shooting into the rapids is fun.

  4. Hello anton,
    I’m from Pancian, Pagudpud and I’m looking to go back there this year… I can’t wait to walk the shores of Pancian early in the morning just as I did when I was little. Thank you for this blog. It actually heightened my excitement to go back home!
    Take care,

  5. hi anton!!! my class is currently preparing for our field trip to ilocos (and pagudpud!!!) and id like to thank you for your very informative blogs… thank u very much for the tips…we cant wait to hit the road!!! road trip talga to kasi well go first to manila (were fr vizcaya) to attend celdran’s walking tours then to ilocos to visit paoay church!!! and other structures to familiarize my students on philippine architecture…
    thanks again…arkijona

  6. Mr. Anton,
    help us naman, do you have the phone no. and contact person of the blue lagoon?

  7. Hi Anton,
    what an amazing and informative blog… My friends are planning to go to Pagudpud for the long weekend, but we only have 2 whole days to spend.We intend to leave Manila on the night of 28th and leave Pagudpud on the night of 30th, do you think its practical? How can we maximize our time to visit the must sees along the way…
    … which place must come first …
    Thanks for your help….

  8. Hi Anton.
    This is a very informative website! Thanks for sharing your knowledge about Pagudpud. My family spent our Holy Week in Boracay this year but we are still yearning for another beach adventure before classes start again.
    Been meaning to travel to Pagudpud for the longest time and I am looking forward to doing that this year. The blog added fuel to my yearning to go there…
    Thanks again. Job well done!

  9. thank you so much for your infoblogs! it proved to be very useful. We had a roadtrip to pagudpud last weekend and we tried to visit each place you’ve mentioned.
    Check out for more info on our trip. Hope I’ll be able to contribute to others like Anton’s blogs contributed to the success of my vacation.
    Many thanks!

  10. Hi anton! This site was really helpful! Pagudpud is amazing! I would really go back again. Thanks to your comprehensive guide. 🙂 I think I saw your wife at Cafe Leona last Sunday. Cheers to you both and more power!

  11. wow! luv the blog! in fact i loved it so much that i had to talk to my sister to going there this weekend (Php1 fares in cebu pacific, perfect timing!) i think after reading your blog, we’ll spend more time in pagupud than in vigan as we planned– we only have a weekend to explore so your blog really helps in the itinerary we’re making! Thanks again!

  12. hey,my friends and i are planning to go to pagudpud this May.we really don’t know how much to budget for the trip.any suggestions for a cheap hotel to stay but ofcourse mejo ok nman 🙂

  13. hi there!
    im really interested in going to Pagudpud on my next vacation…it’s going to be a long vacation….could you please tell me if there’s a beach house i could rent for a month and how much it’s going to cost me and if it’s not too much im needing a place with basic necessities, like a bed, a couch, stove things like that….im really looking forward to spending my vacation in pagudpud…please please please help me find a perfect place for me….thank you so much!

  14. hello!my friends and I are planning our summer vacation and one of our list of places will be at pagudpud. We’re from Makati and don’t have private cars. Please do us a favor (based on experience) in recommending what to do in going there,what would be the best time to travel,where to stay (we only go for cheap accomodation and if ever there are resorts that offers tent,then we’d go for it) and how much would it cost all in all,from getting there ’till going home. Thanks so much in advance.
    You can reach me at my cell # for any suggestions : 09186263191

  15. hello!my friends and I are planning our summer vacation and one on our list of places will be at pagudpud. We’re from Makati and don’t have private cars. Please do us a favor (based on experience) in recommending what to do in going there,what would be the best time to travel,where to stay (we only go for cheap accomodation and if ever there are resorts that offers tent,then we’d go for it) and how much would it cost all in all,from getting there ’till going home. Thanks so much in advance.
    You can reach me at my cell # for any suggestions : 09186263191

  16. My daughter is bringing us to pagudpud this May. I was hoping to get information on cheap accomodations where we can also cook. I believe that we can enjoy and relax at the same time without too much spending.
    Thanks and more power.God bless you po.

  17. Hi Anton,
    I was just surfing thru the internet to learn about Pagudpod, Ilocos Norte; as we are coming home this coming July from Belgium and we are planning to visit the place, your website really helped a lot in familiarizing myself about the place as I’ve heard from a fellow Filipina that Pagudpod is beginning somehow to surpass the beauty of Boracay and Dakak beaches there in the Philippines. My husband was born in Vigan, Ilocos Sur. We are planning to visit Pagudpod when we arrive there in July for a nice weekend (hope it won’t rain at that time!). I am hoping that we will be able to experience the same pleasure and joy you had when you were visiting there.
    Thank you very much for the infos.

  18. hi Tricia! i read your request and may i volunteer that you try the new lodge sarabo. they have a campsite where you can rent tents at Php200/head with breakfast. they ahev clean crs, you can wash, water is abundant. you can grill if you want. their food is the best and the cheapest in pagudpud. they also have a lodge, the rooms are with AC, the cleanest in the area and the price is very reasonable too.

  19. it was my first time to visit pagudpud last march21-22 without any plans,,no room reservation etc..coz that time all was fully booked but i still went there,,luckily i got a room for us(wid my hubby)by the help of kuya junior(tric.driver who bring us to polaris beach)said that there are some HOMESTAY that are still vacant,,manang dolor with her family are very accomodating and she do cook for us also(we have our baon can goods,tuna,maling & vienna sausage =)i saved my 50% budget to room accomodation and i used the half of that(P650) to pay our tour guide(kuya junior)if you want to visit some awesome places in ilocos like bangui windmill,kabigan falls,blue lagoon,patapat bridge,lighthouse & paraiso ni anton..half of the money to our delicious food at PAPA NARDS restaurant where you can eat a full meal below 100..sinigang na isda and adobong pusit is a thumbs up!!!

  20. hi! y friends and I are planning to take a trip to Ilocos this april. Is it possible/advisable to stay in Blue Lagoon for the night? Are accommodations available there? Thanks!

  21. well, i been surfing the net a month and just try to know some details regarding pagudpod, never been to the north ever… mostly sa galera or just around batangas or cavite ang route… i would like to ask po sana for information regarding the place… hirap din kasi ng walang backqround around the area.. at ma-miss yung mga good know places to go… for any advise po na mai-share regarding ilocos, from travelling, accomodation, tour-guide to best known places at lastly possible budget po..
    for any suggestion are very welcome po…
    you can mail me :
    or text po @ 09175053218
    Thanks for the info and God bless you po.

  22. For a great tour around Pagudpud try the tour guides with their tricycle… Tricycle Sidecar #308 and 063 contact Number 09186890723 – Arnel Aguila.

  23. Guys…
    Supposed to be, I should have visited Pagudpud last Holy Week with some friends working in the call center but their vacation leave was canceled on the last minute so our trip was busted… 🙁
    With that, it made me more curious to visit Ilocos, particularly Pagudpud even by myself or with only a travel buddy…
    Thanks for the insights from this site, at least I have a clearer picture of what to expect… Come May is my birthday and surely, an Ilocandia trip would be my birthday gift for myself…
    Here are some of my concerns:
    > We would surely take public transport so any bus reviews would be appreciated…
    > Would it be better to visit Vigan first early in the morning then proceed to Pagudpud afterwards? I would surely don’t wanna miss Vigan…
    > With a limited budget, where could we inquire about homestay?
    > Would it be better to stay in Saud the first night, then transfer to Blue Lagoon the next day, if ever we would have a 3-days 2-nights trip?
    For those who are willing to help, drop me an email at
    Thanks and kudos to the site owner Anton and your avid contributors…

  24. i am planning to haveour family vaction in pagudpud andi do really want to make the trip memorable but affordable too.checking out the websites of saudbeach resorts and apo idon makes me cringe with their rules on no food allowed with corkage fee if u do bring..u see i cant really afford the prices of their fuds in their resto thats why im planning to bring foods of our own ..besides i would have wantedv to have a bonfie with my family by the beach but the thesetwo resorts wont allow there some place that u can suggest that will allow us to have freedom?i have two teenagers and one 8year old and i do really want this to be memorable for them.pleaseadvise me tnx

  25. We’re going to pagudpud on the end of the month! I’m so excited! 🙂 I’ll read this blog later coz I’m at work :)))

  26. Can’t seem to find info on How to get there from Manila via own car, bus, etc., where to stay, where to eat, etc.?

  27. Try the newest tour service in town. South and North Pagudpud Tour (WILLY’S OFFROAD 4×4 JEEP)
    Rate: 2,500 pesos (NEGOTIABLE) for the North and Southbound Tour. This is good for 5 persons.
    Contact Details: Kerwin
    South Tour includes Bangui windmills, Kapurpurawan Rock Formation and the Cape Bojeador Light House.
    North Tour usually includes Kabigan Falls, Bantay Abot Cave, Blue Lagoon Beach, Patapat Viaduct, Paraiso ni Anton and Aqua Grande.

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