Frozen Brazo de Mercedes


During Marketmanila’s EB where everyone brought desserts, the Best Dessert during that night was this Frozen Brazo de Mercedes by the Camara Family. I’m loving them now and this is definitely a winning dessert if you bring this in any potluck Christmas party. This frozen brazo is one of the best desserts I have tasted in 2006!

It is a frozen cake with 4 layers composed of Egg White on Top, Yummy Yema Filling, thick layer of Cheese Ice Cream and Sugary Graham Crackers as the base. I’m addicted to it and when I brought this cake during the Flickr Philippines Christmas Party, it was wiped out in a few minutes. But I made sure that we have one frozen brazo all to ourselves at home. My wife is loving it at the moment.

It is a little bit messy when it melts so you should pick it up just right before any Christmas Party that you would attend to. Another messy but sure win dessert like the

Penny Brown Smackers I previously get to taste and take home. I’m sure this frozen brazo is still a secret for most people so this is the right time to try this one!

It is only P500 for a 9 by 9 inch box!
To place your orders call the Camara Residence at (632) 813-3477.
Her new address is 1243 Acacia St., Dasmarinas St., Makati, MM and the new number is (02)843-8086

Driving Directions:
They are located in San Lorenzo Village. You should enter the Makati Avenue gate and turn on the first left at Juan Luna Street. Then turn on the first right at Estella street. Finally, turn on the first left which would be Zipper street. Camara’s residence is located at 5 Zipper St.

They are getting a lot of orders recently so make sure to order 2 days or more in advance. Better call now or be sorry =)

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16 thoughts on “Frozen Brazo de Mercedes

  1. I first read about it on wysgal’s blog, and after the EB ordered several of them for the parties this season. Everyone loves it. A really good xmas dessert.

  2. i just placed my order and i am going to get it from dasma village. 1243 acacia st. wonder why it’s not in san lo.
    also they are already fully booked for the holidays. if you want to order you can only get in on the 27th. fyi.

  3. Hi Anton
    I read with fascination your blog on kaya toast which was posted recently and in which you mentioned that you have since become a “kaya-holic”. I live in Malaysia and I work for a company which produces kaya pre-mixes. Would very much like to send you some kaya pre-mix samples for you to try out and for your comments? Please let me know if you would be glad to try this out? Many thanks.
    Rgds, Peggy

  4. She has moved to another house. Her new address is 1243 Acacia St., Dasmarinas St., Makati, MM and the new number is 843-8086. I placed an order and have to wait until the 28th of Dec. pa to get it.

  5. Good thing I read this blog today! My officemate placed an order with them two days ago and was not informed of the new address and phone number. It would have been really weird for her to have gone to the old San Lo addy on the 28th, only to be told then that she should go to the new Dasma addy. Hope Mrs. Camara informs her other customers with pending orders of the change in pick-up point…

  6. My officemate gave me a piece of the frozen brazo she ordered from Mrs. Camara. I like the meringue topping and the crunchy sweet graham cracker base. The middle portion though, I did not fancy too much. The cheese ice cream overpowered the yema custard for me, but maybe that’s the point? It’s a very rich dessert regardless and I found that a small square is enough to sate my desire for it. I will have it again, just not too soon.

  7. I had tasted the Brazo de Mercedes by Camara. It was good but too sweet. How I wish they can make a version which is not too sweet. In the US, they make use of Splenda instead of Equal.
    People are now conscious of the cholesterol and the sugar contents of the food you are giving them.

  8. We ordered 5 (4) days ago and cost 600 pesos each. Delicious, too bad we can’t take it back to the states!

  9. Hello Teocarlo – not sure where in the States you live, but if it’s in the San Francisco Bay Area, there is a restaurant in South San Francisco named Tribu that has it on their dessert menu. I’ve never tried the one made bythe Camara family, so I don’t know how the Tribu version compares, but if you are in the area, it’s worth a try. I think it’s very good.

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