St. James Bazaar – Is it the Best Christmas Bazaar?


For some reason, Christmas season is becoming shorter and shorter each year. Usually, you can feel it as soon as the Ber-months arrive. But this year, I only realized that the season is near when Dec. 1 arrived. Manila got an early Christmas present when the Typhoon changed directions due to our collective prayers.

It is now time to feel the Christmas Traffic, the Christmas rush and the bazaars. I hate bazaars while my wife gets excited when I bring her to bazaars. Once, she mentioned to me that she doesn’t get hungry when she shops and wouldn’t mind skipping lunch for shopping. Being a rational person, I cannot comprehend this. I avoid Bazaars at all cost and I asked her to join her girl friends to do those kind of shopping.

But yesterday, I can’t say no to allegedly the Best Christmas Bazaar in Manila. We usually don’t miss the St. James Christmas Bazaar in Ayala, Alabang. This is where you can find unique items and wide diversity of stalls. This year it got a lot bigger and it already occupied the Cuenca covered courts and the St. James parking lot. I actually got suffocated so I just hang around in the dining area where they sell Bananaque for P30, mineral water for P30, Roasted organic Beef for P250, halo halo for P55 and everything else with +50% mark up. Some of the guys would go here to do sight seeing of the young Alabang Girls with their casual beauty.

The bazaar was too crowded already and the alleys are too narrow. I can’t survive if I tagged along with my wife with Aidan in my arms so we decided to play in the playground. These is one of the priceless moments I cherish, every time I see Aidan sliding down. The smile and excitement in his face as he goes down the slideHe was soo proud that he was playing along the other young boys and girls. He was the only less than 2 years old toddler in the group.

By the time that you read this, the bazaar would probably be over. But keep a mental note that you shouldn’t miss this bazaar which is usually held during the first weekend of December.

St. James Christmas Bazaar in Cuenca Covered Courts, Ayala Alabang.


13 thoughts on “St. James Bazaar – Is it the Best Christmas Bazaar?

  1. Yikes, this is one bazaar I vowed to not return to. The past two years have been unpleasant (to put it mildly) experiences for me there. The parking, the crowd , the heat, everything. It’s just way too crazy. My friends and I have concluded that it isn’t worth it anymore especially since most of the things there can be found in the American Women’s Bazaar, Heaven Sent and even the very predictable Karl Edwards Bazaars. But I’m glad at least you and Aidan had a good time! 🙂

  2. I agree that this bazaar is almost always hot and very crowded. But being the only decent bazaar here in the South, we always make sure to visit it. And my mom and sister would usually go home with a lot of stuffs from here.

  3. anton! i went there last saturday as well and can’t stand the heat, narrow alleys and gazzillions of people so we just decided to eat somewhere else…i also don’t like bazaars…as it’s impossible to fit clothes and you’re also not sure about the quality of the clothing and products…

  4. Very hot and very crowded – always has been, always will be. As for the items – you never really know. Two years ago, I bought quite a few things. Yesterday, I only got two pairs of earrings. I don’t think it’s the best bazaar around, but it’s certainly the biggest in the South. And it’s got some of the best food concessions around – like Weekend Gourmet, roasted calf, etc.

  5. are there still heaven sent bazaars?
    I love St. James bazaar because that is the only place where i can get unique itmes. Karl Edwards naman kasi limited concessionaires lang, there’s entrance pa!

  6. i honestly think that the bazaar they held last year was much better and more organized. not to mention they had much much much more stalls there too! one thing you should try out in the cuenca bazaars are the shawarmas sold in the food area. there’s only one, so you wouldn’t miss there’s always a long line (people are really willing to wait talaga) and the owner is so friendly….he’s amusing! hahaha

  7. Its not the same old St.James Bazaar. Items don’t come in cheap. Concessionaires are not unique anymore. You can always find them in the mall. Sometimes its even cheaper to buy in the mall. I bought this nice flats for P700. I used my credit card. Since I was in a hurry to get out of the bazaar because it was too hot, I didn’t check my charge slip.When I got home, they charged me P 800 for the shoes.I didn’t bother going back because of the crowd and traffic.Whew!

  8. I have a feeling this year’s bazaar is going to be much more unique, and the prices aren’t going to be too wallet-damaging.
    I live extremely near Cuenca, so I’ve got no trouble with parking. Mwahahaha. 🙂
    And by the way, The crowd, traffic, and heat is something to expect! The more people who turn around from the traffic, the better- This leaves other people more space to move.

  9. Bazaars are the same, everywhere you go. people, traffic, heat. Learn to manage it. Be there first thing in the morning when it opens so you get first crack at parking and fresh inventories! This year what i did was surveyed the place on the first day, canvassed and decided what to get for whom in my list. the following day, i went straight to the stalls, handpicked the items i wanted and i was done in 2 hours. Brought all the items in my car and the rest of the time i was just leisurely looking around.
    What matters is the kind of items that you can find and choose from. I don’t miss the St James Bazaar each year. Its one thing that i look forward to during the holidays.

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