The Artist Chef


I’ve always wanted to do a series on exclusive dating places. Places or restaurants that will be exclusive for you and your date. When I learned about the Artist Chef, I got excited to try it out. From the looks of the menu and the presentation, I think this would be one of the exclusive dating places that will be special in time for the Christmas season. I’ll share with you some more information after our experience.


P.S. If you know of any exclusive dating places, please let me know.

11 thoughts on “The Artist Chef

  1. Great Find Anton!! thanks for the heads up. Was this place affordable though? How much would the whole meal cost for you and your date?
    The Ham and Mild Jabanero sounds tasty? is it as tasty as it sounds?

  2. hey anton,
    hope you enjoy your experience there. i love the food esp the salad.
    i had a great time when i went there too. let me know your feedback after you’ve tried it.
    anton lim

  3. Am also on the lookout for exclusive dating/dining places. So I’d be glad to know where The Artist Chef is. On a similar concept, my friend/chef Popit de Leon can whip up an exclusive dinner for 2 (or more). He usually hosts it in his condo. But maybe he can do it at your place, or wherever you fancy. Haven’t asked him to whip up one for me, but another friend did. Okay daw.

  4. didi, joan does it in her condo in makati. good food with all the works is how one can describe it. if you are looking for something different, and still serves good food. i recommend it.
    let me know.. 🙂

  5. Hello Mr.Anton,
    PLease help me. I want to buy the best fruit cake.A pasalubong to my husband’s boss in Shanghai. I hope to bring fruit cakes with me nxt week, when i vist him there for the holiday.
    Your advise/ suggestion will be appreciated.
    Thank you. Merry Christmas to you and your love ones.

  6. Hi anton, joan is my cousin. If you can help her spread the news of her business, it would be much appreciated. Glad you like it.

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