Thousand Bears for Bicol Project Successful


Thousand Bears for Bicol Project (Bonakid Aidan not included)

I’m sure most of you were skeptical (like me) when I posted Cathy’s Thousand Bears Project for Bicol. But there is something in me that made me post that article on Thousand Bears Project. This is a great psychological help for the trauma that the kids experienced during typhoon Reming. I was following the development via her blog Midlife Mysteries, and I was amazed that she reached 1,000 bears last Dec. 17, Sunday. I was touched also when Cathy wrote in his blog post, A Thousand Bears and More!!:

“In a text message from Col. Mike Asperin, who had just returned from Albay I found my affirmation. Last Wednesday, Col. Asperin brought with him the 500 bear pillows that were donated by KFC earlier this week. ” I’m now in Manila. Got you tons of pictures for the teddy bear giveaways. I gave one to a child who embraced it and uttered words I could not understand. The lola who was accompanying the child was so overjoyed because it was the first time her apo spoke since they lost their family. It was a heart-rending scene and I cried so hard… the bears are helping the kids cope. None of them would let go of the teddy bears!” The tears just flowed after I read his message. It was then that I realized then how a little gesture could make such a huge impact on the life of a child. I thank the Lord for the inspiration of TBB. Truly, when HE plants a dream in your heart, He will see it through, all the way.”

I was soo busy these past few days and still been battling with my cough sickness until today. But I’m glad I was able to finally send our family of bears to Cathy yesterday after my visit to the doctor. The first batch of the bears have been shipped out already (see Bears, bears! By land, sea and air!) and I’m not sure if my bears made it to the batch last night or this morning. Anyway, the Bears project will continue with a second mission: Bearhugs for Bicol that has been set for February. So keep the bears coming and send them to Cathy.

HE indeed works in mysterious ways 🙂

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