Popit de Leon Valentines Menu (P1,250/person)


Valentines is around the corner so you might want to give Popit a try 🙂


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Valentine Menu 1
Cocktail: Sweet martini
Canape: Bruschetta
Soup: Pumpkin
Salad: Mixed seafood on greens
Appetizer: Grilled vegetable tower with pesto
Pan seared mahi mahi with caper cream sauce on a bed of carrot vermicelli
Chicken Florentines on pommodoro sauce
Beef stewed in a rosemary wine sauce served with baby potatoes
Coffee or tea

Valentine Menu 2
Cocktail: Screwdriver
Canape: Tapenade toasts
Soup: Soupe de poisson
Salad: Mixed greens with raspberry vinaigrette
Appetizer: Tomate farcie
Baked mahi mahi with a sweet pepper sauce on a red onion compote
Chicken cordon bleu with cream sauce
Lamb chop with jus lis on risotto
Crème brulee
Coffee or tea

Valentine Menu 3
Cocktail: Old fashioned scotch
Hors d’oevres: Succulent sausages on sticks
Soup: Potato-leek
Salad: Waldorf on the greens
Appetizer: Tomate farcie
Phyllo fish on creamed spinach
Chicken piccatta with pommodoro
Braised baby back ribs with rum sauce and baked potatoes
Crepe suzette
Coffee or tea

5 thoughts on “Popit de Leon Valentines Menu (P1,250/person)

  1. Hi anton. Great suggestion, and from the looks of the food from your previous post, the price seems to be reasonable and good value for your money. May i get the contact information for him so that i can inquire properly regarding the setup? thanks and more power this 2007!

  2. Hi there. I’ve been an avid fan of your reviews. Btw, do you have Chef Popit’s latest contact number or email address? Do they accept dinner date for two (for Christmas season), though it’s not yet Valentines? Thanks! 🙂

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