Big Binondo Food Wok – Chinese New Year Special Edition


I missed this last year and I won’t miss this Chinese New Year special edition the second time around. I’m joining the Saturday wok but I’m afraid it is fully booked. Ivan opened a Sunday walk at 2pm in the afternoon, you might want to try that. For me, this is the only time I can bring out my SLR camera without fear in the heart of Binondo area and discover the culinary secrets of Binondo.

Big Binondo Food Wok –
Chinese New Year Special Edition

Telephone no.: (632) 7113823
Mobile no.: +63917-329-16-22
Contact person: Ivan or Cherry

7 thoughts on “Big Binondo Food Wok – Chinese New Year Special Edition

  1. I did the ordinary Binondo Wok Tour last year and I had a great time! It was fun, instructive and yummy ;-). With Ivan you discover unknown little places in China Town. He is the perfect guide!
    You shouldn’t miss this tour. And notice that this is supposed to be even better since it is the Chinese New Year edition.
    Anton, I will be roaming around Binondo on my own this coming Saturday. If I see you with Ivan’s group I will not hesitate to approach you … we still have a little issue to settle, isn’t it? 😉
    Maybe you might wish to practice some Kung Fu techniques before we meet. 😉

  2. I also went on this Binondo food tour last year…before Ivan launched his CNY version. It was a great experience, with so much walking to compensate for all the food we ate, ha ha. Seriously though, the food finds were well worth it, plus I enjoyed discovering the beautiful Art Deco buildings of the area. Particularly memorable was the pre-WWII apartment building (remarkably well-maintained) with a beautiful courtyard straight out of L.A. Confidential. It was there where we enjoyed delicious Amoy fresh lumpia. What a way to end the tour! Have fun – and don’t worry about eating too much. You’ll walk it all off anyway, Ivan will see to that.

  3. thank you for allowing me to link you! i indicated my blog site too, but its nothing at all compared to your blog! hehe. by the way, your post about the long weekends this year is spreading like wildfire on email. ang saya ng mga tao sa mga future vacation nila! :p cheers.

  4. Hello Anton, ay naku I already promised myself that I will visit Binondo when I go home in June.
    Can anyone tell me Ivan’s e-mail address or cell phone? I’d like to ask him to give me and my family a private tour of Binondo. I hope I can afford his fee.
    I also would like to visit that restaurant with a live wild boar in front of the entrance. Is that for promotional purposes or advance lucky charm for Chinese New Year? I saw the wild boar last November and wondering what is that all about. A live wild boar tied in front of a restaurant!!
    Can anyone tell me the best fortune tellers, manghuhula or card readers in Chinatown or anywhere else in Manila, Makati or Quezon City? Afterall Anton’s site shares Manila’s hidden secret and travel secrets through word-of-mouth. Not Madame Auring please!! Anyone can get in touch with me by using
    I can’t wait to go home in June and spend my vacation in Sta. Rosa, Laguna and enjoy palitaw, puto, guinatang bola bola and buco pies.

  5. The Big Binondo Food Wok is a Big Disappointment! Top Reasons Why.
    1. The tour guide (Ivan) arrived 30 minutes late and didn’t even apologize for it. We we’re already drenching in our sweats waiting for the tour to start. And setting the church as a meeting place is so not ideal.
    2. The tour guide is a bit too snotty. While on the tour I kindly asked for the guide map to which I was arrogantly replied to with a, “Later”.
    3. Do you really think you’ll feel comfortable to be in a ‘food walk’ tour of 30 people while minding their table manners? A lot of the patrons have a huge lack of it.
    4. The history lesson you’ll be walked through is too tacky. You feel treated like a 4th grader. And supposed this is a Food Walk tour, imagine your dismay when 80% of the time is consumed blabbing about history you already know from Grade 1.
    5. And the biggest disappointment is the food tasting part. Even if you are not a foodie I think you can discover for yourself better eats to find in our China Town.
    You’ll be far off better doing your own food walk tour. There are many individual sites that can recommend the top secrets of Binondo Food where you’re money will also go a long way. And the best history lessons you can take are the random conversations you make with restaurant owners or servers. These are what I learned when we finally decided to ditch and split from our ‘Binondo Food Wok’ group at some point along the tou

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