OMAKAZE Maki Fever!


Suki Market’s Sushi Bar (P150) for a bilao of 35 california makis! (taken from my point and shoot)

I am loving makis right now and there are two places worth raving about! The first one is from the soon-to-become-popular Suki Market in Dapitan where you can buy a bilao of 35 california makis just for P150! You can’t beat that price anywhere but you need to go to the Suki Market to get these. This is perfect for gatherings or potluck sunday lunch with your in laws.

Omakaze’s JSC Platter (Jurassic, Seabreeze, and Crazy Maki Combo) (P550++).

The second one is from the now popular Omakaze for the fusion Makis created by Ed Encisa. Literally, Omakaze means “at the Chef’s pleasure” and Chef Ed was trained in Furusato and his brief Middle East chef stint in Bermuda. His popular maki creations include Jurassic Maki (P230++) composed of Ebi Tempura, Kani (crab meat), Ebiko (orange thingy), salmon skin inside out unagi and Crazy Maki (P140++) composed of spicy tuna & salmon inside, scallion and ebiko outside. Personally, I love the Jurassic Maki because of the texture of the salmon skin, different unique taste of the ingredients, and you can’t go wrong with unagi and ebi tempura.

Omakaze Menu Selections
Donburi and Oyster Specials
Seafoods, Tempura Dishes and Vegetables
A la Carte Beef, Pork, Poultry and Tofu Dishes
Sushi and Sushi Side Order
Appetizers, Soups, Nabemono/ Menrui
Side Orders, Bento Box, Desserts Beverages

Spicy Tuna Salad (P170++) Raw Cubes of Tuna with Salad Dressing

I loved this spicy raw tuna collection and surprisingly it did not taste raw at all. I liked this spicy dish but it was quite heavy because of the dressing.

Tempura Ice Cream (P60++) — a lot of images come to mind with this signature Omakaze dessert. Just think about it as ice cream wrapped in tempura batter. The name is interesting but nothing really special aside from the unique presentation but Aidan definitely loved this one.

Omakaze @ Intrepid Plaza in Libis. Other outlets are located in Tomas Morato and Alabang.

Omakase LIBIS
2F Intrepid Plaza Bldg
E. Rodriguez Ave., Libis QC
Tel# +632 437 0075

Lower Level, Casa Susana Bldg.
Madrigal Ave., Alabang, Muntinlupa
Tel# +632 771 1443

Omakase MORATO
284 Scout Rallos corner
T. Morato Ave, QC (back of Shakeys)
Tels# +632 412 0002/ 412 3222


42 thoughts on “OMAKAZE Maki Fever!

  1. Omakase is so popular right now.
    So much that a friend of mine had to wait for half an hour for a table. And they’re expanding their Libis branch.
    Personally, the mayo on most of their maki can become overwhelming.

  2. I find the fish at their Alabang branch to be a bit fresher, and the place is never too busy. The one in T. Morato and Libis are too small!!! I like the spicy tuna salad at Omakase and at Sugi.

  3. i love omakase! must try the following:
    – spicy tuna salad
    – american dream
    – seafood dumplings
    – unagidon
    *love their mayo-soy sauce dip! πŸ˜€

  4. Hi! May I know where is this Suki Market? πŸ˜€ It’s the first time I’ve heard of it… Thanks! πŸ˜€

  5. omakase in libis? thats a new one!
    the one i go to is at the casa susana building on madrigal avenue in alabang.
    for those iving in the south, you simply must!

  6. oh, and there’s also an omakase resto right across our house here in tomas morato Ü ndi nga lang pansinin kasi nka gilid and then sa taas pa ng shakey’s.. pero super sarap!Ü

  7. Hi anton….We used to go there a lot..used to buy more than just makis,specially pag tinatamaf magluto…i’ll have to warn you though..we had food poisoning last and my son ..from the maki that we bought πŸ™ so sorry to tell you but you should be daring o buy in a market type ambiance…but don’t get me wrong the raw seafood and other market finds there are great…i still pass by to buy putos and raw seafood ,chinese ingredients w/out going to binondo..but not the cooked food anymore.

  8. ooh yes i love omakase!!! πŸ™‚ i love their sushi and maki.. their mayo sauce concoction is wonderful in small amounts.. their SAR platter is also heavenly.. πŸ™‚

  9. hi anton! we’ve been enjoying maki from suki market for quite some time already. it’s good and the price is very reasonable. suki market is between dapitan and laon-laan along mayon st.

  10. hi anton! do you have the number of Omakase? If it takes that long to get a table, then I better make reservations before going there.

  11. The one in Alabang is bigger and yes, nicer than the one in Libis. It’s so cozy and so laid back there.
    I love love love love their Spider Maki (an absolute must-try!) My 3 year old son, loves it because he gets to eat crab with the shell on. Hehehe. And it does look spider-y. But sooo good.
    And their oyster butteryaki… Yum yuM! Nako, namimiss ko na ang food sa atin. = (
    Great review Anton!

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  13. Hi everyone!
    wow, that kewl I live near the place and I dont even know there are Maki’s there
    For those people who need directions :
    Just ride a jeepyney with signboard going to DAPITAN (there are VERY FEW FX taxi that take this route) so you have no choice if you are commuting. You have to inform the driver that you will be getting off at Suki Market since this will be a long ride. Landmark is a Mercury Drug Establishment on an intersection. You will probably be the only left by this time since this is the area when the jeepney will make its route back to QUIPO area.
    Ride a southbound (quiapo signboard) jeep or fx and alight when you reach WELCOME ROTONDA. There are jeepney’s beside Burger King (signboard is Mayon Kanlaon). Ride these jeepney’s and alight when you see a Mercury Drug Establishment (right side). It is about 2-3 minutes jeepney ride only.

  14. hi anton! finally omakase has been featured on your blog πŸ™‚ i have been an avid fan of this resto back when they were still near Christ the King (they sold their maki for P60 i think)
    I highly recommend this place! cheap yet very good japanese food πŸ™‚ i think im craving for some tempura ice cream now.. hehe

  15. Omakase? Where in T. Morato? Is it too small for me to see? =)
    Directions would be of help! Thanks a lot! πŸ™‚

  16. Naku, nadiscover mo na rin si Omakase. Sarap nga dito. One of Libis’ best kept secrets…but not for long now, so it seems. My hubby and I love the chirashi don – a bowl of sushi rice topped with assorted sashimi. I also like the tofu steak and the sushi with the fried soft shell crab in the middle (the spider maki?). Very reasonably priced and very good food. Glad you enjoyed it!

  17. Hi Anton,
    could you send me the address/directions of Suki Market? Also, where in Morato is Omakaze located?

  18. hey! here’s how to get to omakase in t. morato, say, if your coming from edsa [northbound].
    U-turn to timog ave. then once you reach the boy scout rotanda, make a round to the left. you’ll see shakey’s along scout rallos [again to the left] and right up on top of shakey’s is omakase πŸ™‚

  19. It’s past 4 in the morning and my tummy is growling. I checked each link to the menu of Omakaze. You really do a brilliant job when you take photos of restaurant menus, Anton. Very enticingly helpful to your readers. I check your blog regularly and am always thrilled to see interesting places, food, events and more. You have the passion and the talent. Keep it up. Pray and have faith, your dream book will be a reality in the future.
    God Bless.

  20. i love maki!!!150 for all that maki..that’s quite a bargain!
    ….been hearing a lot about omakaze too..might visit it soon πŸ™‚

  21. Thanks for the Omakase recommendation. I got the Jurassic maki. My mistake was that I got the sushi tray (?) instead of another “special” maki. I’ll be back!

  22. my husband and i love omakase! so much so that for quite a period of time, we’d be in omakase alabang 3 or 4 times a week. heehee. i love the omakase roll with the raw salmon. yummer. the yasai itame used to be really, really tasty, but the last time we were there, it wasn’t so good. maybe the chef was not in the mood? πŸ˜›

  23. want to visit this place….i’ve been looking for it in alabang…where is it exactly.someone please help me with directions.

  24. I love Omakase’s fusion food. They are irrisistably yummy and inexpensive too.
    The other dishes, e.g. teppanyaki, teriyaki,rice toppings are average. SushiYa at Westgate (7 other branches(?)) may be a japanese resto you can explore. Yummy & affordable. Squid teppan 110. Torikatsudon at 105.Chirashidon 165.

  25. Omakaze food is great for instant parties too.:) I remember hosting a party for 8 of my friends and colleagues at home. I ordered food worth 1800 (which I think was very reasonable)! It was such a big hit to my guests! I love ordering the salmon skill roll, tofu steak and the oyster butteryaki!

  26. Love the food, love the price. Boyfriend introduced me to this jap resto and since then started to go regularl. It’s really worth every visit.

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