The Big Garments Sale by Exclusive Invitation only.


Take a time out first from your online multiply shopping because the Great Bulacan Sale is here.

Unfortunately, I cannot send invites anymore to the Great Bulacan Sale which is scheduled for March 30-April 1(a bit earlier this year). You have to go with somebody who would have an invite and register yourself in their database to be invited in the next one. In the past year, most of the oap readers would have gotten an invite and you should have gotten a message from Divine.

To: divine flores <>

Dear Friends,

If you are looking to buy clothes for summer, going abroad, or just stocking up for the year, please come to our first sale of the year this Mar 30 to April 1. That’s Friday to Sunday, for a change, we included the Sunday because a lot of people requested and they wanted to get their hands on the goods before Holy Week vacation.

We are having the Big Garments Sale earlier than expected this year because new stocks came in early. Also, we are disposing some aged stock for as low as 200 pesos so the price will be very very cheap. Expect to see more fashion brands such as Zara, D&G, Miss Sixty and even Killah which has been gaining acclaim in the global market, a lot of jeans, and more of the RL shoes that people keep re-ordering.

Hope to see you at our Meycauayan warehouse! For more details, kindly look for Divine at XXX-XX-XX or XXXX-XXXXXXX . For directions/map, she can forward to you through fax or email, but you should be able to remember how to get here right?

For security purposes, please bring ID, we will be cross-referencing your names with our guest list.


This email has been forwarded to you because you registered in any of our previous sales. KINDLY DO NOT FORWARD to anybody else, as we will not be able to entertain them as properly as we should. Your support is much appreciated, and we would like to make this event exclusively to you, in thanks. Our apologies for not being able to entertain more of your referrals but our current space is not feasible.

28 thoughts on “The Big Garments Sale by Exclusive Invitation only.

  1. waaaah. i want an invitation!
    im a few minutes from that warehouse!!
    haha someone pls give me an invitation!
    this is driving me nuts =)

  2. Is there really no way to still get in on this?! 🙁 Please let me know if there’s still a way for some of us to join this. I would really looooove to be able to go.

  3. *sobs* is there any other way that i can list myself in their database for the next one? or do i really have to go there with an invited person just to register (not shop)?

  4. hey, i’m just a new blogger and i have read about this in your previous posts. please, please, please naman. maybe you can ask your friend to send us invites. pag nakita kita sa PBA07, kukulitin kita!

  5. hi anton! sana if there is a chance…maybe i can be invited too 😀 maybe next sale? pweety please? 😀

  6. hi anton! sana if there is a chance…maybe i can be invited too 😀 maybe next sale? pweety please? 😀

  7. This is sooooooooo depressing!!! Waaaa! How do I get invited? I am a sucker for these kind of things. *I so enjoyed the Chocolate Sale!*

  8. hmm… last day of this fab 3 day sale is tomorrow…
    ive been here yesterday and a while ago.. (this saturday morning)… swerte.. im from meycauayan and about 5 mins away from this warehouse..
    they’re not really strict on the invitation issue…
    really great items on sale… sizes maybe an issue..
    without anton’s blog… i wouldnt have known this sale!

  9. Anton, thank you for featuring this sale. i finally got to go this year (1st of 3 this year they said) – on the first day! absolute best sale ever!
    my family and some friends are already on the invite list – thanks to that 1st feature of yours which I forwarded to them when I was still US-based. my nephew and his girlfriend even went twice in one day.
    ps. they even offered free cold soda and packed lunch that was not bad at all….amazing!

  10. Hi Anton,
    Im hoping you may be able to give me some tips on how the BIG GARMENT sale company / fty could add my name on their dbase for the next sale invite. I’m dying to go there..
    Thanks a bunch..

  11. hi,
    your blog is very interesting.
    you take very nice pictures of your son.
    can you please invite me to the next big garment sale?
    thansk so much anton!! 🙂

  12. hi! i recently started reading your blog and was wondering how can i get invited or get my name into their database so that i can join their warehouse sale.
    thanks a bunch!

  13. Hi Anton,
    I’ve been a fan of your blog. Actually we base a lot of our dinner plans based upon your blogs. Anyway, I’ve been reading about this awesome garments sale in your blog. This happens twice a year right? Would it be possible to get an invite too? Thanks. Would really appreciate it. 🙂

  14. hi Anton! I’ve read your blog about this sale and im just a ride away from that place! can I be invited too? thanks! 🙂

  15. Last Dec 4-6 was their latest sale. Me and my officemates were so fortunate to get there. We were like into impulse buying taking everything we can afford especially the 100Php RL shoes. hahaha. We even came back on Saturday. Much more, they have free meal and snacks.

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