Malcolm’s Place and Wagyu Rib Eye Steak!


Wagyu Rib-Eye (P1,750). “The king of steaks! It’s the premium steak cut fit for the royal appetite.”

Malcolm’s Place, one of the coolest place to hang out in Salcedo Village in Makati, next to Apartment 1B. Named after Chef Malcolm, the resto’s claim to fame is their mouth-watering selection of Wagyu Beef. I came to a conclusion that if you really want to get the best Wagyu experience, you have to order the rib-eye. All the other wagyu dishes fail in comparison to the rib-eye and you will just be disappointed with the sirloin, striploin or the burgers.

So your dilemma will start with its whopping P1,750 price tag. Fortunately, the meat was huge that it can satisfy three hungry carnivores on a tight budget. (Didi argued 3 hungry female carnivores) I didn’t really have to worry about this because the timing was just perfect. We celebrated the despedida of Chris for his China assignment and the bienvenida of Tina to my team.

It is Wagyu Rib-Eye P1,750 or don’t try the other wagyu dish at all because they would just taste like over-hyped meat branded as wagyu. The Rib-Eye was soo good that it would satisfy your Wagyu fantasies of tender and tasty steak meat. Try to cut it as thin as possible to get that melt in your mouth experience.


Malcolm’s Menu: Steaks Menu, Soup, salad, pasta Menu and Desserts

All About Waghu (From Malcolm’s Menu)
“Wagyu is the Japanese word for beef. “wa” means japanese style and “gyu” means beef. It refers to several beef breeds of cattle genetically predisposed to intense marbling, and produces a high percentage of unsaturated fat. Also known as Kobe-style beef. The meat from Wagyu cattle are known worldwide for marbling characteristics.”

“Wagyu is no ordinary breed of livestock. Traditionally raised in Kobe, Japan, they are pampered with sake wine massages and fed grain diets and beer in order to produce intensely marbled steaks. Fine strands of meat are embedded in dense ribbons of fat swirling into beds of exquisite flavor. This is also the reason Wagyu beef practically melts on the tongue when thinly sliced. Marbling is regarded as the finest measure of meat quality. And with Wagyu beef cuts looking like fine Italian slabs of Marble, it has surpassed USDA prime-grade beef standards. Often referred to as the “foie gras of beef”. Wagyu has an intensely juicy, tender natural buttery and richly flavorful quality beyond compare. The beef contains essential combined nutrients that cannot be found elsewhere. Those nutrients for which beef is a significant source are: protein, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin 812, phosphorous, iron and zinc. All essential amino acids are present in the correct ratio to build protein for strong and healthy bones. Because of Wagyu cattle’s genetic predisposition and a special diet, wagyu yields a beef that contains a higher percentage of omega-3 fatty acids and the tell-tale sign of a highly marbled beef. The increase marbling also improves the ratio of monounsaturated fats to saturated fats.”

Apple Crumble Ala Mode (P125). Surprisingly, you can go to Malcolm even just for the dessert. I never liked Apple crumble ala-mode until I tasted Malcolm’s. This is one killer dessert that you got to try after that Wagyu steak to finish the meal with a bang.

Cheers to a great service provided by the Malcolm’s Place staff! Glad you were open last April 9!

Check out the rest of the photo essay on Malcolm’s Place…

The Malcolm’s Place Ambiance

Malcolm’s place is small with the first floor occupied by the kitchen and an overflow table.

(L-R) Chris Alano, Ethel Blanco, Mui Ling Lee (our boss) and Tina Vaswani.

This is the second floor of Malcolm’s. Limited seating so go there early to get a seat.

Malcolm’s Menu: Steaks Menu, Soup, salad, pasta Menu and Desserts

Hello, Pumpkin (P110). “A lovely way to greet your day. Thick, golden pumpkin soup with aromatic spices bursting with fresh flavors.”

This is always a good choice but don’t expect a fresh pumpkin taste.

Shrimply the Best (P250). “Simple Shrimp and garlic pasta with an extraordinary flair! Your basic tomato sauce made sophisticated with white wine and a generous drizzle of lemon.”

This was disappointing to carnivores like most of us. Surprisingly, this appeals to non-beef eaters or pescetarians.

Salmon Says (P220). “Salmo says, ‘Try this!’ Spaghetti embellished with smoke salmon and an utterly unique lemon cream sauce.”

If you have to order pasta, order this Salmon pasta dish. Superb and definitely yummy!

Wagyu Wasabe Steak Sandwich (P240). “Prime slices of Wagyu steak laced with Wasabi mayo for a touch of piquant that will jolt your palate into an unforgettable eating experience. “

The wagyu steak tasted like discarded meat cuts from the rib eye. I should have ordered the burger instead.

Wagyu Sirloin Steak (P995). “Enjoy a choice beef cut that’s definitely more tender and tasty than other sirloins.”

If you want to taste an over-priced and over-hyped wagyu steak then order the sirloin or the striploin. Sometimes, it is just not worth it to go cheap on your steak.

Wagyu Rib-Eye (P1,750). “The king of steaks! It’s the premium steak cut fit for the royal appetite.”

AMEN! I can still remember our faces when we ate this rib-eye 🙂

Apple Crumble Ala Mode (P125). The killer dessert at Malcolm’s. I wonder who is the pastry chef?

Coffee Crunch (P115). This is my favorite and this resembles a mini-version of Red Ribbon’s Coffee Crunch.

Malcolm’s Place
+632 844 0000
108 HV de la Costa Street corner Tordesillas St.
(Salcedo Village Makati, City)


44 thoughts on “Malcolm’s Place and Wagyu Rib Eye Steak!

  1. Nice pictures! I also read about this over at Annalyn’s blog. I can’t wait to try it out. Any recommendations aside from the Wagyu Rib Eye steak? Thanks!

  2. I first saw the place when it was calling itself Wagyu Wagon, glad to hear they chose a different name. Looking forward to trying this out with other carnivores.

  3. There seems to be a proliferation of places that serve “Wagyu” steaks, either from Australia or the US. My complaint about these steaks primarliy concern the marbling, which can only be seen when the steaks are raw. The marbling on some of these steaks look more like that of Prime Angus, which is a big disappointment due to the fact that these can cost between 2 to 3 times more. The marbling of true Kobe beef, which gives it an almost white appearance, is what gives this beef its truly unique flavor and texture.

  4. That looks so good, Anton. Whats the price range? You have a great way of bringing out the yumminess in a food, Anton. Great.

  5. Pictures like this when one is dieting ruins the will to diet! Cool that the girl serving the food agreed to have her picture taken! 🙂

  6. Wagyu is Kobe right? So I’m assuming – it’s going to be quite pricey. I can’t wait for the write-up! I’m aslo concerned with the portioning, because in the photos they look alright but maybe when I get there – it’ll be disappointingly small. Hehehe..

  7. Ohmyheart WAGYU!! I want to have dinner there tonight!! eeeeeeee. Do I need to make reservations? what’s the price range per head?

  8. Hi Anton,
    Food looks good. What’s the price range? How’s the portioning. I saw the place when they were building it. Now that it’s open, I’m hoping to try it. It’s just walking distance from my office. 🙂

  9. oo nga, instead of the phrase “where’s the beef???” dito it’s “where’s the write-up??? it’s all beef!” hehehe

  10. Hi Anton,
    I have been trying to find a Wagyu Burger in Makati. Thanks.
    By the way, Just wanted to say, you have an amazing blog. The number of places you visit are just…a lot.:) And the pictures…great.
    We love your blog!

  11. hi anton! been reading your blog for six months na. nice pictures you really have there ..looks really yummy .. thanks for your blog really enjoying reading all your wonderful discoveries, lalo na the eating places hehehe…hubby and I have actually planned to try some of those places soon…
    more power to your blog!

  12. Its not good at all, i hate their steaks and only their dessert was fantastic. i brought my girlfriend there and service was piss poor as well
    Don’t eat here if you love steaks, better to eat at EVERYTHING AT STEAK near my house in greenhills west
    dennis chua

  13. Saw this add in a car club, but to tell you honestly. I tried a wagyu beef burger at tagaytay, Cliff house. which costs around 300pesos. The wagyu beef was a little tough, Not like the one I ate at Cebu Hilton which cost around 1800pesos, the wagyu at Cebu hilton was really melt in your mouth…
    Prime Cuts:
    Rib Eye – 3,300/kilo
    Tenderloin – 3,300/kilo
    Prime Rib – 2,500/kilo
    Porterhouse – 2,200/kilo
    T-Bone – 2,200/kilo
    Striploin – 1,800/kilo
    Sirloin – 1,500/kilo
    Sirloin Tips – 850/kilo
    Non-Prime Cuts:
    Burger Patties – 550/kilo
    125 grammers (8pcs)
    170 grammers (6pcs)
    250 grammers (4pcs)
    Brisket – 550/kilo
    Shanks – 500/kilo
    Cubed Ribs – 450/kilo
    BBQ Ribs – 450/kilo
    For pick-up and delivery (pending location).
    PM/text/call me if you’re interested. . .0917-536-0472

  14. Thanks for being the guinea pig again, Anton! 😉 I’d like to try this place for its non-Wagyu items, like the pasta or desserts and coffee. But for the price of that rib eye, and given that casual ambience, I’d rather go to Red for a chilled steak with a wider selection of side dishes and elegant surroundings.

  15. That wagyu certainly looks mouth-watering! And when I saw the “wagyu wasabie steak sandwich’, my tastebuds perked up until I read your review about it tasting like discarded meat. Zoiks! Sayang naman.
    Katrina, let’s go have some of that apple crumble and coffee crunch!!

  16. Hmm…you said that the steak fed three hungry carnivores, but then “good for 3” is relative. Can you say how many ounces or grams the wagyu rib eye steak priced at P1750 is?

  17. Anton! I finally tried this out!!
    The Waguy Rib-Eye was great! I thought it was huge! It was just ok. Good for 1 lang for me if you’re a meat eater.

  18. There’s also another distributor of Wagyu on the Makati-Fort area with the price list below:
    Prime Cuts:
    Rib Eye – 3,000/kilo
    Tenderloin – 3,000/kilo
    Prime Rib – 2,375/kilo
    Porterhouse – 2,000/kilo
    T-Bone – 2,000/kilo
    Striploin – 1,650/kilo
    Sirloin – 1,375/kilo
    Sirloin Tips – 750/kilo
    Non-Prime Cuts:
    Burger Patties – 500/kilo
    125 grammers (8pcs)
    170 grammers (6pcs)
    250 grammers (4pcs)
    Brisket – 500/kilo
    Shanks – 450/kilo
    Cubed Ribs – 380/kilo
    BBQ Ribs – 380/kilo
    Available for pick-up and delivery also. If you’re interested, you can text or call them at 09176222580.

  19. looks yummy tempting tempting… 1.75k
    hmm is this the best wagyu beef for less than 2000 pesos?

  20. Tried it based on your recommendation. Very disappointing.
    Had the Wagyu Sirloin. Tasted like ordinary local beef with too much salt. All the steaks came out well done even though we asked for medium, medium rare. Also tried the salads, Wagyu burger and steak sandwich. Nothing great. Nothing tasted like Wagyu.
    On the plus side, the service was above average especially since we were in a big group. They didn’t miss a beat.

  21. Tried the rib-eye last Saturday. Asked for medium rare but got it tough and overdone first time around. The staff offered to replace it and then proceeded to give me meat straight from the freezer. The center was still cold when served so I had to send the food back a third time. The worse thing is that the meat had no marbling at all. It didn’t look like rib-eye, and certainly not like wagyu that one expects for P1,750. Perhaps wagyu at 1,750 is just too good to be true? The staff was apologetic and sent a small cake to make amends.

  22. It looks really good in the picture, makes me want to try it. But with some of the comments makes me not also. LOL. Being a steak lover and a bit on the adventurous side, I search for steak adventures, and I’ve learned the best steak place is still Melo’s. They now also serve Wagyu too. And for about the same price or even less. I’ve tried the steaks in this other new places, Madison serves Wagyu too, but first time I asked for medium rare, they gave me well done, they fixed it though, which made up for it. The steak in Mamu which is highly acclaimed I was disappointed with, for the price I’d just go to Melo’s. Mamu’s chicken was great though. But I’ll try this one too, just for another adventure =) Hope its as good as you say

  23. I’d have to say that I’ve been to Malcolm’s Place twice rcently for the wagyu steak and I’ve been happy and disappointed during my visits, respectively. My first visit to Malcolm’s I had the wagyu striploin, which I found most tender, flavorful and juicy. At the price of P 995.00 I was quite happy with it. My second visit to Malcolm’s was a total disappointment, having ordered the striploin I decided to splurge and go for the ribeye. It was one of the worst mistakes I’ve ever made. Not only was it more expensive (P 1,750) but it was tough. It was as tough as a regular local steak, dry, plus they overcooked it. I asked for medium well & they served it to me very well done. Definitely not very consistent in their quality. Not even an attempt to apologise properly, just had me fill out a comment card. Not going back and would advise anyone from ordering their “wagyu”.

  24. We tried the Wagyu Rib-eye and we were also disappointed. Ours cost P3,500++ that’s for just the 2 of us. My half was chewy even though we ordered MEDIUM. While the one I was with wasn’t impress with the taste since his aunt does better steaks. And I do agree that if you’re normally a meat-eater, their portions would be too small. Perhaps I lost my appetite while chewing away so I felt full in the end. (haha!)

  25. Ive been calling them to make a reservation but no ones answering! The pictures look yummy and mouth-watering. Did they change numbers?

  26. we tried to eat there with my girl friend. i ordered wagyu burger for me and rib eye steak for her. burger was good and not bad for the price but the rib eye steak was not tender and juicy its just like an ordinary steak that you can buy anywhere, were very disapointed cuz it was very expensive. i highly recommend the wagyu burger and steak in manny os hilton cebu. little bit expensive but were very satisfied! we will go there again SA NEXT PINAS BAKASYON KO!

  27. This place is a major rip off! I feel like I was robbed and deceived! This restaurant claims Wagyu is their specialty, one would therefore assume that their steaks are good, at the least. But be warned, I’ve tried better (and cheaper) local steaks for 1/10 the price! The steak I ordered (Wagyu rib-eye) was very tough! Three of my friends who also ordered Wagyu Rib-eye and Wagyu Sirloin were also very disappointed! My husband and I ordered an iced tea, a 230g Wagyu Rib-eye, and a 250g Wagyu Sirloin which came with soup and sidings. Our bill was P3,400! The pumpkin soup I ordered was too salty for my taste. I expected more plate presentation for steak that costs P1,750++. I felt cheated, even when the waitress gave us free coffee and a slice of chocolate cake (which wasn’t bad) after receiving negative feedback from us (about the steak). Maybe their pastas are better, but if you’re looking for good quality steak, this is definitely not the place to go.

  28. My friends and I trekked to Malcolm’s tonight as it garnered more good reviews than bad in your blog. Spent a fortune for steaks that tasted like local beef. Ordered cuts were ribeye, sirloin and salpicao….all of them were “ma-litid.” Very disappointing!

  29. What’s with the strange and confusing review Anton? “Shrimply the Best… This was disappointing to carnivores like most of us…”
    Um yeah, because it’s shrimp not meat!

  30. Wagyu tastes great rare to medium-rare. Beyond that, mag angus ka na lang or mga prime cuts. Useless lang ang marbling kung ma overdone ang steak.
    Most overrated food ever – Wagyu burger. What’s the point? You’ll lose almost half the marbling once the burger gets onto the grill/griddle. Nasira na, sayang lang.
    Just in case curious kayo itry Wagyu steak, rare to MR, perfect yun. 🙂

  31. I went here last night, i referred to the prices indicated above without noticing thats this is already four years ago! buti i brought more than enough money. 🙂 their Rib eye steaks now costs 2.9k

  32. How was it, Francis? Even if you have your wagyu medium rare, it’s still bad… that’s the way we had ours… SO, SO bad. SO, SO tough. I believe this blog is not reliable.

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