Paalam, Julia — Your Spirit lives on.


As shared in my iBlog 3 speech, life is too short that you should concentrate your blogging on all things beautiful and positive. Because you will be remembered by what you wrote and how you live your life. Now that it is confirmed that Julia Campbell died in Batad, we should remember her for not how she died but how she lived and loved the Philippines so much more than most of us Filipinos.

(From Interesting Snippets)

Her last entry on her blog, Julia in the Philippines last January 13, 2007 was entitled “Buhay Pa Tayo”

Buhay Pa Tayo
One of the most familiar phrases people say here when you ask them how they are is “Eto” (here) or “Buhay pa” (still alive). Never has it had more meaning than in recent weeks here as we recover from one of the worst typhoons to hit the Philippines in decades…
– Julia Campbell

How many of us Filipinos would say that I want to live in the Philippines! Only a few, and most would rather immigrate. As for Julia, her blog introduction says it all:

“Mabuhay! (Welcome) For those of you who could not be convinced to follow me into the Peace Corps, this is for you! Welcome to my new adventure in the Philippines! At the age of 38, I decided to step out of the rat race of New York, join the Peace Corps and board a plane for Manila. This blog is dedicated to my adventures in the Philippines for the next two years. Wish me luck…. ” – Julia Campbell

As for me, I envision this last blog entry on my tombstone and this drives my blogging passion:

So for all bloggers out there, how do you want to be remembered? What will be your last blog entry?


7 thoughts on “Paalam, Julia — Your Spirit lives on.

  1. i have read julia’s blog myself and found it so touching. i have also posted about her in my blog at Quick & Random, i think the philippine blogging community should mourn her death as if we have lost one of our own. because she is, in the truest sense of the word.
    btw, i was iblog 3 during the sat am sessions and was fortunate to see your presentation. i wonder if it is possible to get a copy somewhere. i would like to note some of the points you raised in there. thanks.

  2. This is a really wonderful and thought provoking post Anton! Just a few days ago I asked myself what the sense was in all my blogging. And today I got my answer through your post! God truly works in such mysterious and wonderful ways 🙂 and thank you for the plug on Silver Lining! God bless you always! See you tomorrow!

  3. Hi there,been trying to email you but for some reason I can’t access your EMAIL ME link.I chanced upon your blog site when I searched for info re: World Light Expo and since then I have been wanting to know what camera you used for those lights becoz needless to say,I didn’t get same results.Hope you could email me regarding this info.Thanks in Advance
    P.S(R.I.P Julia Campbell)
    “Live life so completely that when death comes to you like a thief in the night, there will be nothing left for him to steal.”

  4. This blog made me realize that yes…there really is more to I’m thinking how I want to be remembered through my blog. Keep on blogging!!!!!!

  5. I would most definitely love to be remember for a final bit of impassioned writing about my advocacy. I want to be remembered as someone who went down fighting.

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