Adidas King of the Road, 21K


I’m all set for my 21k Adidas King of the Road run. I’m excited to complete the 21k KOTR and I will attempt to run an additional 10k to finish my scheduled 30k run. In the spirit of What’s in your bag, here are the gadgets, and marathon stuff that I usually bring during a run:

1. Nike Plus Airmax 180
2. Nike + iPod Sport Kit
3. Nike Dri FitSocks
4. Ipod Nano 2gb with Power Songs
5. Sennheiser PMX70 Sport Line Stereo Neckband Headphones
6. Adidas King of the Road Race Packet
7. Adidas Dri-fit Red Shirt with Race Number
8. PowerBar Gels (Green Apple, Raspberry Cream, Strawberry Banana, Vanilla, Caramel)
9. Petroleum Jelly
10. Nathan Marathon Belt Fuel Bag


9 thoughts on “Adidas King of the Road, 21K

  1. BRO — DO NOT under any circumstances wear anything new! No new t-shirts. No new socks, shoes, underwear!

  2. I agree, don’t wear new stuff especially shirts. You will chafe beyond belief! Wear stuff that you know you will be comfortable in.
    And next change, change from those Nikes … horrible for distance running. Try Mizunos.

  3. someone’s jealous of anton 🙂
    The Nike is for the Ipod thing that records the distance that you’ve run. That’s why anton wears it.
    best of luck to you bud. 🙂

  4. Congrats, Anton, on finishing the KOTR 21K.
    Paps probably know more about running and shoes, that is why he’s recommending a better, albeit more expensive Mizuno shoes. I tried almost all the Nike+ shoes that are specific to my foot type, and there is no comfort on any of them (I’m sorry to say). You can certainly enjoy Nike+ and Nano without being restricted to Nike shoes. Look for Marware’s Sportsuit™ Sensor+ or similar product for attaching the Nike+ sensor on the shoe lace. I ordered one for my Saucony.

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