Zhu.CC (Chinese Cuisine)

Zhu is the latest addition to the chinese cuisine options in the Fort. You can’t help but think that this is a Gloria-Maris affiliated restaurant because of the distinct similarity of the menu options. Its bright pink and bright yellow motif was enough to entice us to spend our Father’s Day celebration in Zhu. It was on its first week of operation so expect faulty aircons/ exhaust systems, and inefficient crew. Despite that, I knew that it was a winner after I tasted the soup of the Xiao Long Pao dimsum and the secret house sauce of Zhu’s Hot Pot. Our Hong Kong style meals ended with the taho similar to the ones we order in Gloria Maris. For me, I like Zhu because it is away from the crowded friday night scene in Serenda and the usual Mall establishments. It is conveniently located beside Secret Recipe’s so you can end your meal with its award winning Cheese Cakes!

Hot Pink and Yellow Motif of Zhu.

Zhu Chinese Cuisine Menu

Appetizer, Dimsum, Roasting Kitchen, Hot Pot (Beef, Pork Mutton, Chicken, Seafood and Dumplings)
Hot Pot Soup, Hot Pot (Live Seafood, and Vegetables)
Chef’s Recommended Order, Soup, Soup Noodles, and Rice & Noodles
Dessert and Beverage

Mango with Shrimp Salad (P48+). Nothing spectacular except for its unconventional serving of this salad dish.

Jumbo Xiao Long Pao (P68+). It was indeed Jumbo (almost as big as a fist) and the soup was fantastic.

Yang Chow (P150+) Fried Rice.

Sate Soup (P120+). The Sate Soup was highly recommended and it lived up to our expectations.

Assorted Combo Set for 2 (P580+). Wow, this was actually a lot and worth it for a group of 5. This was enough for us since we still ordered other ala carte items.

Secret Special Sauce of the House for the Hot Pot! The only reason I’m coming back to Zhu is for this secret sauce. It is a combination of wan soy, garlic chili, sili, chopped garlic, home made soy sauce, hoisin sauce, and the secret sauce of the house. The secret sauce has a sweet peanut taste and its color reminded me of the color of mixed ketchup and mayonnaise. Once combined, the sauce is used as dip for the hot pot and it gives a combination of sweet, hot, sour, salty sensation.

Special Fried Rice in House (P168+). Nothing special except that allegedly it has a special ingredient that makes it more expensive.

Scallop Szechuan (P220+). Most of the dishes were wiped out except for this one.

Steam Fish Garlic (P220+). This is a standard order for my mom when we go to a chinese restaurant.

Lomaichi (P50+). We call this snow balls buchi and it was delicious.

Taho (P100+). My mom can’t stop raving about the taho and I would have to agree with her.

Zhu Chinese Cuisine
103 TECOMA Bldg 5th ave. cor 32nd
Bonifacio Global City
(Temporary Number) +63916 497 7202 Look for Mr. Allan
Besides Secret Recipe and near S&R Pricemart in the Fort


27 thoughts on “Zhu.CC (Chinese Cuisine)

  1. The special fried rice looked better than yangchow. So how was the food? Looking forward to your comments hehe.

  2. Hmmm looks yummy ah. Kuya na try mo na ba Hot Pot sa Gloria Maris GreenHills. Sarap din duon. Try it=)

  3. OT
    So that’s why I thought I saw Aidan go inside McDonalds with his grandparents yesterday. I guess your son is a BIG celebrity na in his own right. 🙂

  4. cant wait for your right up on this anton! hopefully u can also post a map of some sort too! 🙂 yay yay yay!

  5. I need help! I am finding a place which can provide good food, ambiance and privacy. near Manila, QC, or Makati. Budget is 500-1000 per person. I’m planning something romantic. Please help! Thanks!

  6. hi, good day! my name’s sam and i was browsing through your archives and stumbled upon the great mango sale in bulacan! may i please know when it’s going to happen again? i would greatly appreciate it.,thanks so much 🙂

  7. True! Must try ang hotpot ng Gloria Maris – lots of soup choices and the serving size of the ingredients is pretty darn good. I’d also recommend the old Kwangtong resto in Glorietta 4 which has since repackaged itself as a seafood resto. The hotpot is still available – try their superior broth. It truly IS superior in flavor. My hubby and I are hotpot junkies so you can say we’ve been around.

  8. Hey, the soup choices at Zhu are identical to the ones in Gloria Maris…which leads me to wonder, is this place owned by the same people?!? The century egg with wansuy soup is our fave.

  9. @sam
    great mango sale is over 🙂
    thanks for sharing zhu. i’ve never been to fort for quite sometimes (actually, after i resigned from my old company). i should visit the place again. a lot has change in this very area.
    is it for two? if it is, you can try popit or the artist chef. if you want it in a restaurant, try galileo enoteca.good food and ambiance. cafe ysabel is a good place as well for romantic dates.

  10. Anton,
    Can’t wait for your review…the food sure looks good!
    If you want to dine in QC, I suggest In-yo for a truly romantic date. Check Anton’s write up in October 2006 archive.

  11. Anton,
    Can’t wait for your review…the food sure looks good!
    If you want to dine in QC, I suggest In-yo for a truly romantic date. Check Anton’s write up in October 2006 archive.

  12. I treated my whole family to zhu last night and we felt really really good after our meal. Besides the awesome food, the place was really comfy and the service was good. The prawns with sotanghon in pot is incredible. i love their seafood dishes, like their singaporean crab, fresh prawns and lobster, best of all is their steamed live lapu lapu in soya sauce. We had to order additional because after one dish which is good for 5 people we craved for another one. Their all time chinese faves like sweet and sour pork, lemon chicken, beef broccoli, friedrice and hk dimsum are all sooo good. All my relatives were very thankful for bringing them to zhu. They were so satisfied with my treat. Thanks to zhu! i surely got my moneys worth 🙂 This is definitely a must try. highly recommended. btw, for the parking there’s parking at the back of the bldg.

  13. good food, nice place, service kinda slow though, but thats acceptable considering that they just opened and that theyre still on dry run (according to the manager). place was packed when we dined there so thats probably also one of the reasons why the servers had trouble catching up with the orders. Their food is so flavorful, love their dimsum, hakaw and siaolong pao. not impressed with the jumbo siaolong tang pao though. They also offer shanghai style appetizers for only P48 per order, a good way to start ur dining experience while u wait for your shabu-shabu order. their soup taste like gloria maris’, but zhu’s a little heavier and more flavorful. we ordered the set for 4, had to order tofu though cuz its not included in the set meal. ALl in all we enjoyed the place, and we’d definitely go back for more. Good luck!

  14. hi. for the hotpot assorted combo set for 2 — the price is inclusive of the soup already? i believe the sauces are already included in the set right? what about the soup? i just noticed in the menu that there are different prices for the soup for the hotpot..i was wondering if i ordered the assorted combo set if i should order separate soup for this….
    actually we have already ate here..and we loved it…it’s just that we ordered ala carte…i am not really familiar with hotpot menus e. thanks.

  15. my family and i ate at zhu for father’s day and we are definitely coming back for more. most of us ordered shabu shabu with some a la carte items thrown in. The shabu shabu soup (which i consider one of the most important ingredients) was very flavorful. In fact, we were able to taste two different soup base since the cooking pot had a divider in the middle, thus allowing for two different kinds of soup. The shabu shabu sets were huge and well worth its price. We also tasted two kind of crabs and both were great. unfortunately i forgot to ask what each one was called (I wasn’t the one who ordered them) but judging by the two i tasted, i don’t think we can go wrong with any of them. After that meal, i was so full of that delicious food that i couldn’t go for dessert anymore (and for people who know my appetite, that’s a huge thing for me since i NEVER turn down dessert!!!)

  16. really nice looking restaurant i like the simplicity but attractive chairs outside appearance is clean and masculine……i saw aidan meaning the place will flourish way prosperous…..LOL!

  17. if you guys live near the area of fort, you might want to try the delivery service of zhu chinese cuisine
    for the crab, you can try singaporean crab it goes very well with their fried man-thou (bread)
    my favorite there is their beef hofan and seafood baked rice (its in white sauce)

  18. hi anton,
    im really finding nice food places to eat from your website, thank’s keep up the good work!

  19. We had lunch at Zhu yesterday and I was gravely disappointed, everything we ordered was so salty I felt my kidneys were going to be shot right after the meal. It seems the only flavoring they are most capable of using is salt. The scallops with sliced wintermelon even smelled funny, and we suspect it was actually spoiled. It’s NOTHING like Gloriamaris.

  20. i must confess… i eat in zhu almost every day-except on weekends. i am addicted to their food esp their beancurd with century egg appetizer and tito salad(on diet days) and their zhu chili crab with mantou! u dip the bread in the sauce-yum! i am also a fan of their shabu-shabu.

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