Reminiscin’ La Salle

Reminicin La Salle - 32
After 12 years, it was good to reminisce the formative days in college with a few alumni who can relate to our nostalgic sentiments. The towering Don Enrique T. Yuchengco Hall crushed our memories of the central gym where all the La Salle Basketball greats used to play.

Reminicin La Salle - 11
This Green and White scene is energizing to see with the usual tambayan crowd and young casual dressed students passing by. I would like to share with you some of our nostalgic thoughts and please free to share your own as well in the comments.

What do you remember most about your La Salle college days?

Reminicin La Salle - 34
The La Salle waiting shed. I remember this is where I get to taste my first love rejection ….

Reminicin La Salle - 36
You would know the Alumni Generation you belong to by the number of buildings and halls you remember. I scored 10 out of 19. I’m really getting old!

1. St. La Salle Hall
2. Marilen Gaerlan Conservatory
3. Dr. John Hall
4. Br. Gabriel Connon Hall
5. E. Yuchengco Hall
6. PGP Chapel
7. University Library
8. Dr. William Hall
9. St. Joseph Hall

10. Dr. A Bloemen Hall
11. Velasco Hall
12. St. Miguel Hall

13. L’ Hermitage
14. St. Mutien Marie Hall
15. Gokongwei Hall
16. STRC Hall

17. Warehouse
18. E. Razon Sports Center
19. GE- Acted Building

Reminicin La Salle - 35
Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament.
One of the nice chapel inside the campus. I usually visit the PGP chapel near the library before going to class or after passing by the library.

Reminicin La Salle - 31
The Aristocrat Restaraunt is now called Animo Food Haus and it was not the same anymore. The food is lousy but at least the entire place is airconditioned already.

Reminicin La Salle - 30
I still remember the Japanese stall in the second floor and waffles are the favorite merienda of Lasallians.

Reminicin La Salle - 13
This amphitheater is used as the venue for PEP Rallies, concerts and other school wide events.

Reminicin La Salle - 23
Go La Salle! Go Go La Salle La Salle!! It is nice to hear the drum beats of the Lasalle PEP Squad inside the campus.

Reminicin La Salle - 20
The feared and respected DLSU Basketball team during the PEP Rally.

Reminicin La Salle - 25
The SPS Canteen is operated by the same folks and expect to see the usual canteen food stuff. The SPS canteen is a favorite canteen for the busy student leaders.

Reminicin La Salle - 27
More cramped with these stalls around the dining area.

Reminicin La Salle - 10
At 12 noon, you can still here the Angelus around the campus. Each prayer is ended with:

St. John Baptist De La Salle Pray for Us,
Live Jesus in Our Hearts, Forever.

Reminicin La Salle - 12
You would see the occasional practices of the PEP Squad in what remained of the “Chess Plaza” as we would call it during our time.

Reminicin La Salle - 7
I seldom visit La Salle. Only when there is a Job Fair which is scheduled on June and January where P&G is a Diamond sponsor.

Reminicin La Salle - 6
Oh, the SJ Catwalk! This is where the aspiring models, celebrities, Lasallians would practice their walk on the runway. For us Engineering guys, we usually sit by the side walks or by our tambayan for hours just to watch the beautiful and sexy girls of La Salle.

Reminicin La Salle - 5
Where are the hand painted posters, airbrushed murals or hand-written cartolina announcements? Creativity is lost and replaced by modern poster print outs.

Reminicin La Salle - 4
If you still call it the College Canteen, then I know that you are part of our alumni generation. The name already evolved into CC, C2 or Z Cafe, whatever. We still call it College Canteen. This was usually the tambayan of the beautiful Liberal Arts girls and we were surprised that the beauty index have gone down a bit. Even the porma index is now reduced thanks to the resolution that allowed students to be in pambahay clothes and slippers.

Reminicin La Salle - 1
I was looking for the spagketchup composed of spaghetti noodles and catsup as the sauce, but I cannot find it anymore. Where is the sense of history and tradition here?

Reminicin La Salle - 2
The waffle is gone now and replaced by these popular sandwich and hotdogs bar. The College Canteen is not the same anymore as we remember it.

Reminicin La Salle - 8
I now appreciate seeing the archer statue which will remain as a symbol of La Sallian Excellence.

Reminicin La Salle - 24
After being on the sidelines for a year, let the UAAP games begin. Animo La Salle!!


58 thoughts on “Reminiscin’ La Salle

  1. A nice walk down memory lane!
    Too bad I left the Philippines during my second year in High School. I never got a chance to have a soiree with the lasalistas!

  2. hello,
    i always read your blog, but i never leave comments, but when i read your entry about dlsu and knowing that you’re a fellow alumni…hehehehe it’s about time to comment…
    i will forever remember the UAAP games vs Ateneo, the Agno tambayan in between Miguel and Gokongwei, the beautiful girls and guys…
    hahahha SJ walk where everybody strut themselves and walking all the way to SPS canteen when in a budget…
    Animo Lasalle!!!

  3. correction: st. john baptist de la salle, pray for us
    live jesus in our hearts, forever.
    at least thats how i remember it. go la salle! uaap na!

  4. During my first few years in DLSU, they were still building the LRT on Taft so I had to get dropped off along Leon Guinto and walk the rest of the way there, traversing the mountains of rubble, dust storms or potholes. By the time I got to my first class, I looked like a refugee.
    My favorite lunch place was Merry Mix. Remember that?

  5. I’m a long time reader. This is also my first time posting a comment.
    I miss the college days. And man, you made feel old.
    Animo La Salle!!! πŸ™‚

  6. Omg, that felt so good! I miss college! I miss cutting class to play cardgames under the trees behind the octopus garden. I miss the waffles from CC. The gyudon from Aristo. The ever changing concessionaires at the SPS Canteen (Don’t forget folks, Clean as you Go!) The sisig at Kaibigan, the inihaw at Garahe. The Mongolian barbecue, lemon chicken, and porkloin from UM. Notice all my top of mind memories are food-centric. πŸ˜›
    My gawd, you suddenly have me on memory lane. Thanks for that!

  7. I always read your blog and la sallian ka pala. We’re from the same collge and I think we belong to the same alumni generation but I am a bit younger πŸ™‚ (49th Eng).
    I miss DLSU. I’m planning to visit when I come back for vacation this month.

  8. OMG! glad you post this! I’m a long time reader of your blog too! I miss DLSU and I miss my allowance from my parents! haha ANIMO LA SALLE!!

  9. Hey, I’m a Lasallian too- 56th Eng! I was there yesterday and today for the job fair. I didn’t see you yesterday, I was waiting with a friend while the P&G booth was still being set-up. I can’t remember the name of the main recruitment guy (the one wearing dark green/black- I can’t remember sorry- talking to Tim Chua [April 2007 ECE Board 1st Placer] and Donna Chua [a friend and batchmate of mine] on your picture above). He was our speaker when P&G invited the top students of my engineering batch to a career talk in the P&G office in 6750 way back in 2004.
    The spagketchup of Z2 was also a favorite of mine. They rarely serve it though.
    SPS canteen made a ruckus in 2005/2006 due to serving fried rice with a dead cockroach in it to a very proactive student leader which is a close friend of mine. He then voiced out the supposed cleanliness of the said canteen.
    Animo canteen’s food did suffer after losing the Aristo brand. The Japanese section is still my favorite there.

  10. I’m always reading your blog as well, and this will also be my first time to comment. Your photos of DLSU brings back great memories as a Lasallista. Sad to see the pebble is no longer there. During my time, we witnessed our Archers triumph the UAAP basketball championship for three years in a row. Can’t believe it’s been more than a decade since frosh orientation day.

  11. Hey Anton. I did not know you’re an engineering graduate. Have you checked the new Andrew Building? It’s very modern and has a good view of Manila and Makati.

  12. Wow it’s “the bench!”, our tambayan and the higad-filled tree. Wow how nostalgic. And yes, I still remember it was the College Canteen. I’m trying to remember the SPS canteen tho, where was it exactly? Do you remember the garahe, not sure if it was known by another name? Where they had really good food?

  13. hi anton! seeing your photos, i suddenly missed: our tambayan right beside velasco hall, waffles at college canteen, japanese food at aristo, the PGP chapel, mang jack (is he still there?), the excitement and tension during course card day, “negotiations” during enrollment to get into a class you badly need, asking around for quiz booklet right before an exam because you forgot to buy one from the bookstore, my parking spot at the beach… and the list goes on. they allow slippers now?!?! i always thought they’d never tolerate that. thanks for posting these. animo!

  14. I think it was the food at college canteen – the meat dishes in different shades of brown, but all with the exact same taste – that drove me to become vegetarian after college.

  15. hi anton, i’ve been reading your blog for some time now, this is also my first post… i was surprised to know that you’re a fellow lasallian… i’m also in the job expo, i’m helping out in the HP recruitment team (tue & thu)… dapat pala i stopped by the P&G booth, too bad i think we can’t apply sa P&G hehe…

  16. Me, I don’t remember anything..maybe because I went to Ateneo. What I do remember are the UAAP championship series of ’88 and ’02. Vividly..sino ba nanalo nun?

  17. Hey Anton, don’t get me wrong ha. DLSU has a place in my heart. My Dad is a Lasallite (HS ’56) and my 2 sisters went to college there too (’92 and ’97). For the record, Lasalista nag-paaral sa akin. So pwede na din..ANIMO LA SALLE!! (nahilo ako bigla)

  18. Animo La Salle! CLA rules! I vividly recall the chess plaza being home to Magic card players at one point in time. The only good thing I remember about the College Canteen are the waffles (esp. the ham and cheese), good for a quick bite in between breaks. It was also in the College Canteen that I first saw a blue adobo. I wasn’t brave enough to try it.
    The Aristo’s gone? Gee, the Japanese section was my all time fave with their teppanyaki and katsudon. Christine, the SPS canteen was at the second floor of the building where the bookstore is located, right across the St. Athanasius gym where Yuchengco Hall now stands. I was at DLSU during the time we have to settle as runner-ups to UST (circa Jason Webb and co.). We had better looking players, though. Haha!

  19. Oooooooh!! Fellow LaSallian!! πŸ™‚
    I can’t believe it! The building is magnificent! Wow! I left DLSU when they were starting to construct it palang! πŸ™‚
    DLSU – ADMU game is on July 26 – Thursday! Too bad I’ll be somewhere else!
    Animo La Salle!! πŸ™‚

  20. Hi, Anton! Brought back a lot of memories. I love Aristo’s Chicken Yakitori (on the second floor).
    Animo La Salle!!!

  21. Thanks for the memories Anton! What batch were you? Or rather, what ID number were you, as we LaSallians used to ask each other (it was hard to determine the batch since not everyone finished exactly after four years unlike in other schools).

  22. whahaha. anton miss ko na ang lechon kawali ng college canteen.
    what i remember most:
    1. hearts…the ece game
    2. first wed of the school year..makikita mo ang magagandang freshmen girls πŸ™‚
    3. si mang jack
    4. long hair days
    5. tumutulong air-con..still remember during the exam habang nagpapakoya ako nahulog yung booklet ko sa tubig ng air-con..ayun takbo para bumili ng bago

  23. Not really a MAIN-lander but more of the guy from across the campus (CSB) but I did spend a good chunk of my college years soaking in the LS Library (whew, book heaven!) as well a lot of Saturdays wasting and basking ourselves under the sun at the football field.
    Th Chapel of the BS at the LS building is a classic Art-Deco, in fact, the only notable piece of architecture really in the whole campus. I love the serenity simplicity and the details of the interior!

  24. Animo!!! Hahaha didn’t know you were a Lasallian too, Anton! This is really a trip down memory lane, very nostalgic. Too bad I didn’t take P&G’s offer years back…had it came 2 months earlier. Hehe! You’ll probably have more posts on DLSU when UAAP season opens. Return of the archers… Cheers!

  25. the SPS canteen serves the popular chicken crispers πŸ˜‰ you should have tried it.
    animo la salle! sana champion tayo para magparty lahat!

  26. WoW! Felt nostalgic after seeing our old campus again. m part of the LA92 batch? (does it sound right? hehehe). i owe it to my alma mater as to how i become now… not so much of wealth and fame stuff but more of the kind of person and mother i am now! Thanks La Salle! Animo La Salle! La Sallian forever!!!

  27. i will be taking the bar exam this sept for four sundays in la salle.i hope i will be assigned to the liberal arts building sj.have you seen the new buildings wow.i miss my friends and tambayan.

  28. Gosh! I miss la salle so baaad! didn’t realize it until now. Suddenly, I’m nostalgic! haha. Your pics and comments made me smile. πŸ™‚
    I miss eating siomai and rice at CC! I miss sitting at the LS benches facing amphitheater, spotting whatever whoever whenever. Eating at SPS after coming from the CSO office. My younger bro who’s now a frosh, doesn’t know of garahe and kaibigan, wala na ata. How tragic for them!
    Shucks, only 13 out of 19. Gotta visit the campus soon when I renew my alumni card.
    And yeah, no more dress code!!! Girls can go to class in tube tops and very skimpy shorts na daw. I remember pa before, I used to be a constant “visitor” at the DO for always wearing miniskirts (never mini enough for me), torn jeans (hello?!), hanging shirts (d nman!!!)among others. Haay.
    Basta I miss college tuloy. :sigh:

  29. Nice. Looks familiar albeit a lot has changed. Some things I (still) remember are:
    1. Garage – miss those liempos
    2. Tambayan beside Miguel near fish bowl – I think I still have the log book at home
    3. Library – a comfort from the summer heat
    Chapel besides the library
    4. SPS Bookstore – quiz booklets, etc.
    Tambayan along Velasco – pusoy 2 anyone? I bet the house across it is still there.
    5. ECE Thesis Lab? – arena for mortal kombat and more pusoy 2
    6. Registrar’s Office – who can forget the queue
    Thanks for sharing.

  30. Am not an alumnus of La Salle (as we used to know it). I always passed by the school on my wa to the University belt. That was in the late 60’s.
    I am shocked to learn that it is now coed and have branches.
    I supposethat is progress.

  31. DLSU memories:
    1. Mang Jack (nasaan na ba sya?)
    2. Freshmen orientations every summer (I was once a JAS)
    3. Quick lunch at College Canteen with their waffle and sandwiches.
    4. Garahe!! liempo liempo and more liempo
    5. Mr. Ronda (terror PE teacher)
    6. Bro. Andrew (RIP)
    7. tambay to the max at McDonalds La Salle (they really nominated the name like it was part of DLSU System..heheheh)
    8. long walks at SJ walk (since my classes are in Gokongwei and my after class activities are in SPS Bldg.
    9. pasiCATCHan ’98 (juniors won over seniors)
    10. being an alien from gokongwei and exploring main DLSU. (heheheheeh)

  32. Hey Anton..
    Thank you so much for them pics.. Im a Lasallian myself, Fast 90, and it was a walk down memory lane. Man my tambayan is gone, pebble wash where i used to play “pusoy dos” and used to teach the freshmen too.
    Im surprised that the aristrocrat is gone. The japanese section in the second floor was most visited, chicken wakatori and gyudon! The sandwich place was great too. I never really liked the college canteen though i miss the spagketchup.. lol
    man.. i miss my university days.. thanks anton for making me relive them
    Animo La Salle!

  33. oh my goodness it looks so different now! The College Canteen has better chairs. aww no more spagketchup? how about the spanemic from SPS Canteen? I miss the nikudon from the Japanese stall at Aristocrat Restaurant and the mango crepes and the chocolate chip pancakes LOL boo that theres no more dress code. what happened to no flipflops? to 2 inches above the knee shorts only, shorter than that, expect to visit the D.O office.

  34. oh wow, seeing this post gave me goosebumps and it has only been two years since i graduated from DLSU πŸ™‚
    to raissa: the “no flip-flops” rule has been lifted already. my batch didn’t get to savor it but my sister did (she’s still enrolled in DLSU now). btw, the D.O. head is not mang jack anymore but his daughter πŸ™‚ mang jack retired this year.
    thanks for this post mr. anton! i frequent your blog and it’s a pleasant surprise to find out that you’re green-blooded too! cheers to La Salle! πŸ™‚

  35. Hi! ako ulit πŸ™‚ I just want to update my fellow Lasallians here.
    First off, there is still Garahe and there is still Kaibigan and it still serves fantastic sisig πŸ™‚ Kaibigan is now air-conditioned though and has moved to the EGI Tower near Agno. The Aristocrat is not gone, it has just undergone a name change to Animo Food Haus. I think it was last year when they changed it. Also, there is still much creativity in La Salle πŸ™‚ There are still hand-painted murals and sketches and hand-written posters that abound around the school but there are also lots of talented graphic artists in the school, as well πŸ™‚ There is no dress code now, I think it was removed early last year because when I graduated (2005), it was still very much implemented. Finally, Mang Jack is still alive and kicking, he retired this year but you can still see him during the UAAP games πŸ™‚
    La Salle did have a lot under its roof! Lots of memories, pretty people, great minds, beautiful learnings. Nakakamiss! πŸ™‚

  36. Did you notice that most of us LaSallians keep asking about Mang Jack? He’s right up there (in popularity) with our beloved bro. Andrew IMO. Anyway, haven’t really reminisced about DLSU except when I saw your blog. Flood of good (and bad) memories came back with each picture that I saw. btw, those cheerleaders were they at the former pebble wash or at the chess plaza?
    PS: does the food at the SPS canteen still offer the super extra gravy (by the cup!!!) that comes with your pork chop or chicken?

  37. Hi! I stumbled upon your entry while searching for something on Google. I’m ID 106 (CLA), so I can’t relate much to your reminiscing as I’m still in DLSU. Sorry. ^_^;;
    Unfortunately, the Japanese food at Animo Food Haus is gone and as of now, nothing has replaced it yet. It was my favorite stall there too. As for the waffles, it’s also gone and was replaced by takoyaki.
    To be honest, I don’t like the non-existence of the dress code all too much. Some people look like they didn’t change clothes before coming to school. As for the beauty index, at least we’re breaking the stereotype. πŸ˜€
    If you’re surprised with the printed posters (which hasn’t really removed or reduced the creativity in my opinion), you should try coming around campaigning period for the General Elections and see the paraphernalia that’s being handed out.
    It’s refreshing to see DLSU from an alumni’s point of view. Thanks for sharing! πŸ˜€

  38. Thank you for your photos, it reminded me of La Salle in the 80s.
    Judging from your list of buildings/places you remember, you must be from the late eighties or early 90s. I was there in the early 80s until 1986. I remember those places you mention and some that were on your photos that were “improved”.
    La Salle evoked different memories for me because I was part of the small but noisy minority that advocated change not only in-campus but off-campus. I didn’t see the SJ walkway as a catwalk, I didn’t see it that way. We also had a tambayan there right in the middle where the basketball courts are, I think its to the left of the Chess Plaza.
    Sure, there were many pretty girls walking around (only a blind guy wouldn’t notice) but catwalks were furthest from my mind. You see, I was a politically active during our days back in 1982-1986. We had Mr Marcos, the tyrant to fight so were concerned about something else.
    Its not that I didn’t notice the pretty ones but they weren’t my priority back then, to say I did not notice would be a lie. In fact, there was this sexy girl who was related to that famous bowler and when she passed by, all our political discussions came to a halt. She was drop dead gorgeous ! And the lady activists in our group (who were feminists, of course) always scolded as for our behavior ! But what can we do, after all we too are hotblooded male college guys.
    I remember the college canteen because we had a tambayan upstairs overlooking the football field cum softball field. We had two tables there where we held our meetings, political discussions and planned our rallies. No one else goes to those tables, if you go over there you are immediately branded as aktibista by the Discipline’s Office.
    I remember Mang Jack but not as fondly as some of you guys remember him. I’m friendly with him now but back in those days he was the person we avoided when we held our rallies (it wasn’t fashionable to have rallies back then because FM was still in power) and when we posted our anti-Marcos posters surreptiously at dusk. Yes, the posters were in cartolina and hand-made as you mentioned. All the other announcement of college orgs were also handwritten as I remember then.
    I remember the Chess Plaza as the Tambayan of APO, the frat. And across that was the famous Bench that used to be the favorite hang-out of the so-called Bench Boys. Later, in our days it became the HQ of Tau Gamma. The College Canteen was were Domino Lux, another frat held its sway. Those were the 3 frats at La Salle during my days. I do not know if they are still there, have disappeared or have increased. Some of these frat men were our allies when we barricaded the University gates along with other students to protest the Tuition Fee announcement of 1984.
    When Ninoy Aquino was assasinated in 1983, suddenly La Salle became very active in politics. In fact, many times the Admi marched in the streets to demand the end of Marcos’ corrupt government. That went on from August 1983 to the mid 1984. We were marching to Liwasang Bonifacio in Lawton, we were marching to Ugarte Field in Makati where we showered by yellow confetti from the office buildings there. It was a grand time. As they say, exciting times. Everyone was wearing yellow Ninoy shirts.
    The old chapel I remember only as the place where the funeral mass was held for Imo Obispo, a La Sallite who was abducted, tortured and then killed by Marcos’ henchmen. He went missing for 3 months and when we finally found him he was bound by telephone wire, full of cigarette burns and lying on his side by the railroad tracks somewhere in Laguna. Imo was a candidate for magna cum laude and he wrote satirical articles about the government in SULYAP, La Salle’s literary magazine. He had polio and was a La Salle scholar because he came from a poor family. He disappeared in September of 1984.
    I remember the Faculty Building where we used to haggle with our profs for our grades and for permission to join rallies outside the University. As a political science major, I remember that our Department was at the top floor of that building. We held weekly discussions there about the government because most of our profs were sympathetic to our cause. The removal of Marcos from office that is.
    I hope you do not censor this comment, it shows another side of La Salle that many are not familiar with. La Salle, contrary to popular belief also joined the movement for social change back in the 80s. This kind of activity was not a monopoly of UP and the Ateneo.

    1. we were at DLSU the same time. i remember most if not all of what you mentioned and that brings back some good memories of college there. i usually would hang out either at the parking lot (remember the barbecue hot dog?), the benches in front of the gym or the college canteen (where i learned how to play pusoy dos). also, would eat along the few restaurants then across dlsu and then head to a building (i forget the name) to play billiards.
      also joined the many rallies against marcos in makati. there was a student who was very involved in this (cant remember his name) but would join him in the rallies,
      in 1984, we started days with the lord (an offshoot from the one in ateneo) and thats when i got to meet more folks.
      i was also taking a lot of my major classes at night and would hear the pounding of the lrt pillars as they were still undergoing construction. i must have been one of the first few riders when the lrt opened.
      good times.

  39. I think SPS is at the 2nd or 3rd floor of the building behind LS…the building with the tennis court before…above the school supplies store πŸ™‚

  40. Sorry, just checked the dates of your posts and it has been 3 years ago…just an update to all alumni…wala nang “Kaibigan” πŸ™‚

  41. It was good reminiscing! My husband and I (both DLSU alumna) went there to watch the DLSU Chorale 2 weeks ago, on the same day as the Earth Hour…it was a whole new world indeed!
    Prior to the show my husband and I planned to eat at “Kaibigan”…we were so excited already almost tasting and smelling the sisig we ate years back…we knew it moved to the building years ago so we headed for that place but unfortunately it was gone. Hmph! It was and still is my TOP 1 among all sisig I’ve tasted…(I don’t know with you Anton…what do you think?)hehehehe!
    I personally miss the burrito at the college canteen…and the nikudon at the LS Canteen!
    Cheers to all! Animo La Salle!

  42. OMG!!
    College Canteen,SPS
    Limpot, Cardel..
    Mang Jack
    William Hall
    Henry’s, Blued at UM
    riding the shuttle to HP
    can’t remember na.

  43. I have even more remote memories as a homegrown La Sallite from the mid-60s when life was slower and the campus was quieter, when we were not yet called La Sallians; when tambayan was the Archers’ Nook across Taft the billiard hall and slot car races (today’s Tamiya) were at the 2nd-3rd floor of the building corner Estrada & Taft; when we had a full-sized football field; when we had 6 handball courts on the front right side of the Marian Quadrangle and a unique basketball court that had four goals on a central post, each goal facing north, south, east and west and where you bumped with players using the other goals; where there was a haunted tool shed on the left of the Marian Quad near the Chapel; when the ground floor below the Chapel (Chaplained by Fr. Cornelius Hulsbosch) was the main canteen; when we had Grade School and High School at La Salle Main; when Bro. Andrew Gonzales was a very stout, portly, bespectacled young brother; when our GS Principal was Bro. Valentius Fidelis who looked like a US Marine; when Mr. Isauro NuΓ±ez was the first Filipino Principal and Mr. Juan Medrano became Lay Teacher Emeritus; when Mr. Pablo Nicolas, revered veteran teacher died; when Bro. Gabriel Connon looked like jolly old Santa; when Joaqui Trillo and Tommy Manotoc had nice kiss-me hairdos; when Edu Manzano and his twin brothers soaked muddy in the rain playing football; when Mang Vicente was the snack store caretaker outside the Main Gym where Coke and hamburgers were 50 centavos each and Cool Spot ice cream was 25 centavos; when Leslie’s Potato Chips and Bayanihan Porky Pops ante-dated Jack N Jill; when 6-seater AC Jeepneys plied the route to Singalong and Dulo and fare was 10 centavos all the way to Makati or Baclaran; when St. John Baptist De La Salle-pray for us was immediately followed by St. Benilde-pray for us, before the closing Live Jesus in our hearts-Forever; Whew! I have tons more but you don’t have the space. ANIMO LA SALLE!

  44. The true test of being a La Sallite then, as it is now, is the higad de acacia experience. It’s the green on your sleeve that gives you the animo!

  45. Hi Anton,
    This is a really late comment for your post. Just a few updates in La Salle, since I just came back for my MBA here.
    1. French toast is still there, unchanging taste. There’s a growing crowd of students eating french toast along the corridors on the way to class.
    2. SPS is no longer there. It’s sad because one of the kiosks there serves good Beef Salpicao
    3. Have you tried Rap near La Salle? it’s still there, and still good!

  46. Thanks for sharing, I graduated back in ’85 (second batch of trimester).
    And took my MBA from 87 to 91. It has changed so much.
    I remember we’re having our class in LS Building and the noise of the LRT construction is very distracting.
    Our batch was the last to use the old library in SJ Building before they built the new one.
    I used to hangout a lot in SPS. The lady in the SPS canteen, she’s still there.
    I can only name 7 of the halls you posted. OMG.

  47. Thanks for these pictures of the campus at La Salle Taft. I was a student at La Salle from 1982 to Dec ’85 and went immediately to the States after I graduated so I don’t get to visit the old campus too often. I don’t recognize most of the new buildings and I’m sorry to hear that some of the old ones are no longer there(Gym).
    Most memorable things about La Salle Taft:
    – Saint Joseph Hall – Being a Bio student, this is where most of my classes were. The first two floors of this was also where the library was.
    – Canteen – I was an officer and active member of Domino Lux so I was here all the time.
    – Student Union – we played ping pong on one of the upper floors and also ate at the cafeteria here.
    – Pebble wash – we had a number of scrimages with the bench boys and APO here. Also, the best looking campus women(Mylene Gozon, Ana Catolico(oddly enough a lot of Agustinians), Begs) always go through this area.
    – A also remember Jack and the other disciplinary officers. Never got a fair shake from these guys.
    – The sheds behind SJ hall going to the auditorium in William Hall. The highlight of my College days happened here. If I can only go back in time.

  48. De La Salle, is more than it’s facilities and it’s neo-classic architecture. A Lasallian education provides the kind of mentoring of core values that our Christian Brothers instill in us. We are blessed fo being taught several spiritual teachings and prayers of Saint La Salle. We are inculcated with 350 years old principles that inspires us to be “Signum Fidei” as we “Enter to Learn and Leave to Serve”. Saint La Salle guides us to “LIVE by the Spirit of FAITH and SERVE with the Spirit of ZEAL”.

    Lasallian Core Priorities:
    GOD! Country! La Salle!

    Palmer Method – Lasallian Penmanship Style

    DLSU, is a 107 years old member school of a 350 year old international, worldwide network of 1,500 Lasallian educational institutions providing quality Christian values based education inspired by St. La Salle’s charism and spirit of faith & zeal. Lasallian schools educate and teach in 6 continents and are globally established in 82 countries.

    Saint La Salle’s Mission:
    to TEACH Minds
    to TOUCH Hearts
    to TRANSFORM Lives


    Let me be the Change I want to see
    to do with Strength and Wisdom
    all that needs to be done…
    and become the Hope that I can be.
    Set me Free from my Fears and Hesitations
    grant me Courage and Humility
    fill me with Spirit to face the Challenge
    and start the Change I long to see.
    Today, I Start The Change I Want To See…
    Even if I’m not the Light
    I can be the Spark
    Let us start the Change we want to see
    The Change that begins in me…

    1. 350 years old Lasallian tradition of our daily devotion to the Blessed Mother Mary by praying the Holy Rosary. A Lasallian always has a Holy Rosary in his/her pocket.

    2. 350 years old Lasallian Prayers:

    Let us remember that we are always in the most Holy Presence of GOD.
    I will continue O my GOD to do all my actions for Love of You.
    Live JESUS In Our Hearts, Forever!
    Saint Jean Baptiste de La Salle
    Patron Saint of Teachers
    Pray for us

    3. Domine, Opus Tuum
    Lord, the work is yours
    …Saint La Salle

    4. I love above all things in the Will of GOD
    …Saint La Salle

    5. be Signum Fidei
    be a Sign of FAITH
    Live JESUS In Our Hearts,Forever!

    6. Enter to LEARN
    Leave to SERVE
    …Saint La Salle

    7. Live by the Spirit of FAITH
    Serve with the Spirit of ZEAL
    …Saint La Salle

    8. The Spirit of FAITH and ZEAL drives us
    …Saint La Salle

    9. Core Values that define a Lasallian:

    RELIGIO – To always have a strong, steadfast, personal relationship with GOD.
    MORES – To always be moral, ethical, just and fair with all your dealings with others
    CULTURA – To always value education, heritage and culture

    10. FSC principles

    F – Spirit of FAITH in Action
    Let us remember that we are always in the most Holy Presence of GOD.
    S – Zeal for SERVICE
    I will continue O my GOD to do all my actions for Love of You.
    C – COMMUNION in Mission
    Live JESUS In Our Hearts, Forever!

    11. 5 defining characters of a Lasallian
    1. Confident
    2. Competent
    3. Committed
    4. Compassionate
    5. Christian

    12. If we could Reach beyond our Boundaries
    The World would become a Better place.
    Closer to Peace
    Closer to Human Fraternity.
    …Saint La Salle

    13. Achievement is not about who you are and where you come from.
    It is about achieving Extraordinary feats in your everyday tasks
    …Saint Benilde

    14. Sanctity does not consist in doing Extraordinary things, but in doing Ordinary things, Extraordinarily well!
    …Saint Benilde

    13. Lasallian / Generic English – Christian Achiever for GOD and Country
    Lasallite / Irish – Christian Gentleman and Lady
    Lasallien / French – Hommes de Foi / Man of FAITH
    Lasallista / Spanish
    Lasalista / Filipino
    Lasalyano / Filipino

    14. AN1MO! – 350 years old Lasallian Spirit of Faith and Zeal

    15. Indivisa Manent!
    Permanently Indivisible!
    United, We Stand

    16. Invictus La Salle

    17. Green Archers – Aim High, Straight and True

    18. REKT1KANO RAH! – Right to Rule

    19. Never Shall We Fail

    20. Go Green! White! Fight!

    21. A Hail of Arrows Fly! – To be relentless

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