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I got interviewed in the Living it Up show on Qtv with Raymond Gutierrez and they showed me a list of restaurants that they will feature in that episode. I got curious with one resto in the list called Opus restobar owned by Danielle Lee. This newly opened restobar located in Metrowalk serves Filipino Fusion Food which reminded me of Filos kind of dishes in the Fort area. We wasted no time to check the place out.

The verdict, the Filipino dishes are something worth driving for all the way to Metrowalk. However, the entire place is a smoking area. If you eat here, you’ll smell like smoke after. I thought it was illegal to have an entire air conditioned place to be a smoking area but apparently these kind of places are starting to come back. The food is highly recommended but the place is not your ideal place to bring a date or your family (who doesn’t smoke). Good thing is you can eat in one of the Metrowalk restaurants and you can order food from Opus and they will deliver it to you. Our compliments to Chef Blanche Pontiveros for the excellent Filipino fusion dishes.

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It was surprisingly quite small. The place has a predominantly white ambiance with accent leaves and “unfinished” cement floors.

Opus Restobar Menu

Main Plate, Something Greed and Good, From Freakin Hot Lava Rocks
Cold Plates, Pasta and Sandwiches, Soup
First Flavors
Dip your Own and Sweet Endings

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It was kinda awkward for us to bring Aidan here because of the smokers in the nearby table who arrived later than us. We had to transfer to another table away from the smokers inspite of us being the earlier seated..this irked my wife because she loves seating on a couch/ sofas.

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Corned Beef Steak (P275++). Roasted Onions and Mushrooms with Really Good Garlic Smashed Potatoes and Soy Infused Gravy.

The best seller in the house and rightfully so. The corned beef was very tender, juicy and tasty complimented by the paste like texture of the smashed potatoes. The serving size is enough for two people so at a P300 price, it is worth it. If there is one dish that you are going to try, this is it.

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Marinated Tilapia (P160++). For a resto bar, I have to commend them for serving a tasty and fresh tilapia dish. It was served with a different kind and interesting vinegar. Our only complain was that they did not remove the scales of the fish because of the way it was cooked. We had to send this back because it was not properly cooked, good thing it tasted good. This came with a cup of rice (rice in a whisper sound because it was small). The most expensive rice we’ve had because a cup of plain rice cost us P30 (++ pa ata) and it was not even a high end rice and at par with the extra rice in Jollibee nor KFC which is packed.

We were in a hurry to finish our meal and escape from the smoky ambiance. Another thing they need to get rid of are the flies that keep on bothering us..where did this come from? I don’t know but they need to find a way to ban the flies inside! The candles didn’t work.

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You need to go all the way at the back of Metrowalk to find Opus. It is beside the Tiangge/ play area on the Ground floor. They only accept cash payment as of the moment.

Opus Restobar
Outlet 5, Metrowalk
(at the back of Metrowalk beside the tiangge)
Meralco Avenue, Pasig City 1605
For Reservations: +632 638 7142

5 thoughts on “Opus Restobar, Metrowalk

  1. i maybe one of the few….but this opus restaurant is the kind I WOULD PERSONALLY want to eat visits regularly. i don’t know why but it draws my full desires-attention hmmm! that is weird but these are my thoughts really strange but i have AN OVERWHELMING DESIRE to be seating in this almost totally all white place…..i hope my subconcious mind will help me later because i am very stirred about this place right now…..positive stirred.

  2. Hi Anton, i’m a friend of the owner and told him about your review – they already fixed the “rice” problem even before i brought this to their attention!

  3. I love this place! and oh When i went there last week they already had the NON-Smoking areas which i thought was great coz i brought my baby with me.. All through out lunch and dinner the right side were the non-smoking area and they have this from 12 til 8pm. Love it there! the food was great and my baby loved it too!

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