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Pink Kitchen Food Trip - 2
Lunch Time Crowd @ Pink Kitchen

As I expected, the Pink Kitchen was very successful. We spent Saturday Lunch, Merienda and Dinner at the Pink Kitchen. It was a one-of-a-kind food trip that we will never forget. First time that we stayed in a place to eat for almost 8+ hours. The best way to describe it is by this equation: Pink Kitchen = The Best of Salcedo Market + The Best Home-Based Desserts and Catering + The Best of ABS-CBN’s Chef + Chefs and Student’s Service of Enderun. All of the foodies and chefs came out to fully support The Pink Kitchen for the benefit of ICANSERVE for the early detection of breast cancer.

Pink Kitchen Food Trip - 31
Cooler Dinner Night @ Pink Kitchen

It was impossible to eat everything. It got confusing at some point which food you would get. Despite the high price of the food, it was OK because we know that the profits would go to a breast cancer cause. We had to rely on the “buzz” and “word-of-mouth” from table to table as each one votes which are the best food in the Pink Kitchen. I tried to capture that “buzz” so that you can order from some of them and enjoy them with your family and friends. What’s your favorite food in the Pink Kitchen?

Enjoy this list of the Best of Pink Kitchen…

Pink Kitchen Food Trip - 4
Suman’s Indian Dessert Balls taste like super sweet leche plan in a ball soaked in syrup.

“Originally from New Delhi, India, Suman Gogna moved to the Philippines 27 years ago. She established herself as an entrepreneur by starting Gifts of the Maharani – an Indian boutique in the year 2000. “

“Now, she is popularly known as source of the most unique and exotic collection of Indian jewelry, clothing, fabrics, and home accessories. She keeps her collection updated by personally hand-picking and designing items upon her frequent visits to various cities in India.

“Suman eventually realized that aside from the thrill of showcasing her vibrant culture through her items, she wanted to give people a taste of authentic Indian cuisine. By putting together countless authentic spices through her Indian food preparations, Suman’s friends continually anticipate her invitation to Indian-set meals at home, which also extends to small-scale catering services.”
(source: Chefs of Pink Kitchen)

Suman Gogna
Maza Masala
Authentic Indian Cuisine
+63 917 831 7288
+632 631 6983

Pink Kitchen Food Trip - 5
Pink Kitchen diners were constantly raving about the Tarte Tartins with Foie Gras. We loved it too! You should try their monthly degustation dinners at The Academy of International Culinary Arts.

“Hi everyone! Gourmandise is happy to announce its new menu avilable only for the months of July and September. (There will be no dinner in August). The degustation dinners on JULY 21 and SEPTEMBER 29, 2007 will be held in The Academy for International Culinary Arts located on the 2nd Fl., Skyway Twin Towers, Captain Henry Javier St in Pasig at 7 pm. Limited seating capacity so please reply asap and as always, feel free to bring your own wine. There is no corkage fee. Here’s the menu at Php 2,000/person:” (Check out: Sunshine Puey’s Degustation Dinner)

Sunshine Puey & Rob Pengson
Gourmandise Catering
Assorted tarte tartins with foie gras

Gourmandise Catering <>

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Sunshine Puey, Goddess of Degustation and Roberto Pengson, Culinary Kung Fu Master

Pink Kitchen Food Trip - 7
We were too full to try Lemongrass. But one of these days, I would like to taste their authentic Vietnamese and Thai food.

Ying Villanueva and Minena Garcia
Asian Food Catering Service
+632 818 4180
+63 917 526 8186

Pink Kitchen Food Trip - 8
San Benito Farm’s Salad — I loved their healthy salad and sauce. I remember looking forward to it during our stay at the San Benito Farm.

The Farm’s Home-made crackers
Onion, carrot, curried, black & white sesame seeds, herb, garlic and
corn chips with tomato-papaya salsa, sprouted lentil hummus and
sesame cashew dip

Pistachio Crusted Tofu Sandwich with sweet chili sauce
Carrot and Cashew dumpling with sweet & sour mango
Stuffed Shiitake Mushroom with semi-sundried tomato, dill sauce & herb salad
Crunchy Almond Flax flatbread with black quinoa caviar
White Tomato Cream Soup

Organic Pasta Pesto
Chocolate and Vanilla dimsum/ Tropical Fruit Pizza

Pink Kitchen Food Trip - 10
Dimpy Camara’s Frozen Brazo- Chocolate Banana.

Finally, I met Dimpy! Her Frozen Brazo was sold out. Last Christmas, there was a frenzy over this dessert.

Check out my previous post on this:
Frozen Brazo de Mercedes by Dimpy Camara (Original)

Frozen Brazo by Ange (Alternative but as good as Camara’s)

Pink Kitchen Food Trip - 11

We loved this restaurant and raved about it here:
What a Spankadventure: The Very Best of Pampanga Cuisine!

EVERYBODY’S CAFÉ, The Home of Authentic Kapampangan Cuisine.

“Continuing the legacy of serving good home cooked food and truly a trait of Kapampangan fine taste, Everybody’s Café stands well in Pampanga.
It was established by spouses Benito and Carmen Santos in 1946 after the war in the market area of San Fernando along Consunji St. It was the founding couple’s ideal business venture since both are food aficionados and fond of cooking.

“In 1965, Tatang Bito and Indang Mameng, as the couple were fondly called, branched out to its present location along Mac Arthur Highway that has a 60 table dining area with a separate function room that can accommodate 200 guests and a veranda that can have 150 more. With that, Everybody’s Café became a popular choice for wedding receptions, birthdays, corporate meetings and other special occasions.

“Everybody’s Café takes pride in its cooking. Indang Mameng would not settle for any substitute ingredient for the dishes served like the Everybody’s morcon with chorizo El Rey, duck eggs and quezo de bola as main ingredients and cooked slowly for 6 hours, nothing less. The asado dila or stewed ox or pork tongue is cooked with imported tomato sauce and Kikkoman soy sauce.

“What made them most popular are the pancit luglog and the pancit mami may sabaw which sold at first for P0.30 and P0.50 per bowl.
This restaurant further became popular too with its exotic dishes like arobong Camaru (mole crickets), adobong tugak (native frog cooked in vinegar) and bestsellers betute tugak or the stuffed frog, tapang kalabaw (fermented carabeef that melts in your mouth), fresh papaya lumpia with special sauce, fried hito with buro and mustasa, and also the pako salad (fiddlehead fern salad, a recent dish only served before at the owners’ table). And to add further is the paksiw na bangus, specially sourced milkfish with one inch thick belly fat. “

(source: Chefs of Pink Kitchen)

Pink Kitchen Food Trip - 12
The Callos was the best we ever tasted and the lunch crowd at Pink Kitchen would agree with that. People kept raving about Mushroom Cannelloni
and the Callos al estilo Casa Paco. I should try them out one of these days…

Marilou Senn
La Tasca Catering
5616 Don Pedro St. Poblacion, Makati City

Tel#s: +632 897 9749, 896-5543, 897-6056
Cel No.: +63 917 844 3116

Pink Kitchen Food Trip - 13

Katrina Padilla, Enderun Student
Pollo Rancho Luna – Citrus Marinated Roast Chicken

Katrina and team did not expect to exceed their demand forecast by 2x or even 3x. This was a best seller in the house and gained a substantial market share in the stomach of the Pink Kitchen guests. This reminded me of Mamou’s roast chicken.

Pink Kitchen Food Trip - 14

The flower arrangement of cauli flower, bell peppers, small squash didn’t go unnoticed. It became a conversational piece during meal breaks.

Tony M. Rodriguez
Address: Unit 59-A, Paseo de Roxas, Urdaneta Village, Makati City, Philippines
Telephone No: (632) 817- 2056, 812- 6477
Mobile No: +63 918-6712921

Pink Kitchen Food Trip - 15
We finally tasted the famous Cunanan Ensaymadas. You can see people leaving pink kitchen with white boxes full of Cunanan’s ensaymada. You got to try it out.

Ensaymadas by Maricel Cunanan
44 Jasmin Street Valle Verde 2, Pasig City
+632 631-0798, 632-9967

Pink Kitchen Food Trip - 18

Crispy Pata Dinuguan of Kanin Club

Pink Kitchen Food Trip - 17
Turon with ube and macapuno.

I already heard the buzz of Kanin club before, and we always pass by Paseo de Sta. Rosa on our way to Tagaytay. Their innovative Filipino merienda was a hit! I can’t wait to stop over on our way to Tagaytay to taste their complete menu line up.

Tony Cancio
Kanin Club
Paseo de Sta. Rosa
+63 49 544-0332

Pink Kitchen Food Trip - 19
Duck and Chiken Mini siopaos and Vegetarian Machang. Interesting bite size versions of your favorite chinese dimsum.

Pia Castillo

“I’m Filipino and an Asian. From birth, my palate has been honed to Asian flavors and smells. I love Chinese food and coming from a large family, our family gatherings always gravitated to Chinese restaurants. This is what inspired me to come up with a completely new line of food items, all in small sizes the way dimsum is served. These tiny morsels are just enough to savor and contemplate whether a second piece is worth craving for. “

“Only fresh and natural ingredients are used in all these food items and are therefore free of any synthetic flavors such as MSG and the like. All items are NOT available in any store and are made only upon being ordered. These make perfect one of a kind foods to serve or gifts for special people.”

Dimsum & Other Asian Deligths
26 Narra Ave. South Forbes Park, Makati
Tel#: +632 729-5413

Pink Kitchen Food Trip - 21
Vargas Kitchen Butter Cake

We saw Marketman dropped by Pink Kitchen and just ordered these cake. He raved about it here: Vargas Butter Cake. We tried it in Salcedo Market and this is the only butter cake I liked. It tasted like butter but the yummy kind.

Pink Kitchen Food Trip - 22
Food Writer Margauxlicious served us Hot Chocolate for Merienda. Aidan loved it! Thanks Margaux!

Nana Meng Tsokolate: Preserving Tradition.
Glorietta IV 3rd Level, Market! Market! Activity Center, Salcedo Market on Saturdays.
Contact +63 920 902 3216.
Blogsite: margauxlicious

Pink Kitchen Food Trip - 25
Chef TV’s Jill Sandique’s Pistachio Sansrival — Check out this blog post: Delize Sansrival

Jill Sandique is a chef consultant to several food companies, is the program director and lead trainer of the US Demonstration Kitchen and Learning Facility of the US Department of Agriculture in the Philippines. She also owns her own pastry shop, Delize. She conducts most of the Cooking Basics segment of the show which includes her vast knowledge of cooking chemistry.

Jill Sandique of Dèlize
33 Sunrise Drive, Cubao, Quezon City
721-7022 (ask for Lea, Mimi, or Vangie)
Allow a minimum of 2-3 days for your order(s).

Pink Kitchen Food Trip - 26
Chef TV’s Myrna Segismundo Sandwiches

Myrna Segismundo is the director of Restaurant 9501, the corporate dining outlet of ABS CBN. She is a food writer and the producer of this television show. She has years of experience and expertise in the culinary field, served as officer of the Hotel and Restaurant Association of the Philippines, was manager of a group of chefs who competed in several culinary competitions both here and abroad. She imparts all that in the program’s interviews, information segments and cooking demonstrations.

Pink Kitchen Food Trip - 29

Myrna Segismundo Sandwiches choices of Hi Fiber Wheat or Baguette — This was the most awaited merienda of the day.

Pink Kitchen Food Trip - 35
Potato Bread – all of our foodie friends brought home this potato bread. We are still loving it now.

Pink Kitchen Food Trip - 27

Rob, Aidan and Sunshine — another one for Aidan’s Chef Collection.

Pink Kitchen Food Trip - 28

We met there in Pink Kitchen with all our own friends. I love eating with people who loves to eat.

Fully Book Children's Corner - 1

After merienda, we had to take a break and bring Aidan to the Children’s Book area of Fully Booked in Bonifacio High Street.

Pink Kitchen Food Trip - 30
Wynn Wynn Ong’s Aubergine – Burmese Coconut Noodles called O-Noh-Khauk-Swe O-Noh-Khauk-Swe Recipe

This was the best noodle soup I have ever tasted in Pink Kitchen. Probably, because of its exotic Burmese taste. Too bad, you cannot get this anywhere because she only serves it during special occasions. You can do it on your own via this recipe: O-Noh-Khauk-Swe Recipe

Pink Kitchen Food Trip - 32

Anne Castro
Dagupena Boneless Bangus Products
Blogsite: Eat Bangus (

“Ann Castro is director and vice president for operations of Long Island Agro-Development Corporation, a family-owned corporation she co-founded, which processes marinated, vacuum-packed gourmet milkfish products. She has served as culinary consultant for Kraft Foods Philippines, developing a culinary curriculum and training Kraft sales teams and nationwide distributors on basic culinary skills and the uses of Kraft products.
She was also chef instructor at the College of St. Benilde School of Hotel Restaurant and Institution Management, lecturing and giving hands-on kitchen classes on Classical Cuisine, Meat and Poultry Cookery, Asian Cuisine, and Restaurant Entrepreneurship.

“Ann completed the Master of Business Administration Accelerated Program of the Ateneo Graduate School of Business-Regis University and the Culinary Comprehensive at The Culinary Institute of America in New York. She finished her Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Communication, Honors’ Program at the De La Sale University.”

“Among Ann’s apprenticeships are with Chef Sottha Khun and Pastry Chef Jacques Torres at Le Cirque 2000 in New York, with Pastry Chef Stephen Durfee in The French Laundry in California, and in Dagupeña, the family-owned restaurant established in 1928.”

Pink Kitchen Food Trip - 33
Roast Suckling Pig — French Style P500/serving. A lot of people are raving about this French food in Salcedo Market but at the same time, a lot of people find it overpriced. It is indeed very good.

“Michele used to be flight attendant for Catahy Pacific Airways Hong Kong, rising from Junior Purser to Chief Purser as she trained in service, hospitality, food and wine selection, team management, and public relations. She even modeled for Cathay Pacific advertising campaigns.
She left all that when she got married and became a housewife in Singapore, Paris, Singapore, Tokyo and Manila. While in Paris, Michele attended many Amateurs Programs of Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School including intensive Short Programs on French Regional Cuisine, Mediterranean Cuisine, as well as workshops on Charcuterie. “

“In 2005, Michele started selling French prepared dishes at the Salcedo Community Market every Saturday morning. She added Private Food Delivery as a service in January 2006 and Corporate Catering in October 2006. “

“In April 2007 she incorporated La Cuisine Francaise, Inc. and is in the process of opening La Cuisine Francaise, a “Traiteur” cum Restaurant in a prime Makati Area. Traiteur in French refers to the Over-the-Counter sale of already prepared dishes as well as the Catering activity itself.
Married with two children, Michele looks forward to serving authentic French dishes to would-be La Cuisine Francaise patrons.”

(source: Chefs of Pink Kitchen)

Jean d’ Orival
La Cuisine Francaise
8 Farol St., Urdaneta Vilage
Makati City 1225, Philippines
Tel# +632 893 2072
Mobile: +63 917 892 8671

Michele D’Orival
Tel: (63) 2 893 20 72 (Office)
Tel : (63) 918 924 64 05 ( Mobile )
E-mail :

Pink Kitchen Food Trip - 36
P80-P100 per tapitas slice. There was a buzz about these Bruschetas during dinner time.

Regie Aspiras Tapitas
Mejillones con manchego y vinagreta
Ensalada de Paella
Pinchos Montaditos – jamon, setas con ajo
Ensalada rusa pimientos piquillo y langostino
Tartaleta de chorizo con pimientos y huevos de cordoniz
Tartaleta de pisto con gambas

“Reggie Aspiras had specialized training in Singaporean, Traditional Nonya, Chinese & Malay In Nonya Cuisine with Ms. Violet Oon, Singapore; Traditional Indonesian, Balinese Cuisine, & Indo-Balinese Fusion with Chef Matthew”

“Coates & Chef Inyoman Santika in Bali, Indonesia; Curative Teas, Tonics under Chef Inyoman Santika in Bali, Indonesia; The Study Of Macrobiotics, Holistic Healing & Cancer Cuisine and Healing with Whole Foods (Low Salt, Diabetic. & Cardiology Diet) Joyce Guthrie at the Institute of Macrobiotics in California; Continental Cuisine under Chef Pafrick Clark in New York; California Cuisine with Chef Gary Danko at the Ritz Carlton in San Francisco; Continental Cuisine with Chef de Cuisine Phillip Audibert, in Le Byblos, St. Tropez; Pastry Chef with Jean Marc Boegli in Le Byblos, St.Tropez; Royal Thai Cuisine with Sarnsern Gajaseni at The Oriental in Bangkok; Regional Thai Cooking at The Landmark in Bangkok; Florentine Cooking with Gulliano Bugiali in Florence; Food Architecture & Venetian Cooking with Fulvia Sesani in Venice; and Spanish, Mediterranean & Continental Cuisine at the Escuela de Cucina de Juan”

“Altimiras in Madrid, among others. Other prominent trainors she studied with are Beth Romualdez for Gourmet Cooking, Avelina Florendo for Cake Decorating, Chips Atienza for Chocolate Artisty, and Sylvia Reynoso Gala for Cooking and Baking.”

“Reggie is now Chef de Cuisine at Reggie’s Bistro in Shangri-La, Mandaluyong and is affiliated with the International Association of Culinary Professionals, The James Beard Foundation, and The American Institute of Wine and Food. “

(source: Chefs of Pink Kitchen)

Pink Kitchen Food Trip - 37
MANGO CHARLOTTE – this was sold out before we can taste. We’ll order it separately.
Cashew Crust layered with chantilly cream topped with fresh mangoes

Cristina Santiago – Rivera
Sweet Bella Cakes & Pastries
Tel# +632 844-0680, +632 844-9905
Address: 1730 Banyan St. Dasmarinas Village, Makati City

Pink Kitchen Food Trip - 38
Triple Layer Cheesecake — Pixie’s cheesecake created a buzz inside Pink Kitchen.

Pixie Sevilla – Santos
Forget Me Not Specialty Cakes
New Manila, Quezon City,
Telephone# +632 723-2776

Inside Hotrocks Steaks, Club 650
150 E. Rodriguez Jr. (libis), Q.C.
+632 636 6091, +63 917 5226010

13 thoughts on “Pink Kitchen Diary

  1. Anton, THANK YOU for posting that link to the Wynn Wynn Ong’s Burmese soup recipe. I was in seventh heaven with the soup and though I’m sure I could never make it as good as she does, at least I could try!
    The foie gras apple tarte tatin of Gourmandise was excellent and my favorite item of all I think. There was so much good food, we had to come back on Sunday to try more and I’m so glad we did. 🙂
    Congratulations to the I can Serve Foundation for the success of Pink Kitchen, a cause very close to my heart and which will always have my full support.

  2. Anton, I went there on Sunday and was hoping to catch you, Raiche and Aidan…hehe! The selection on Sunday was a bit different and based on the first two photos, it was more packed on Saturday!

  3. Hi Anton! FYI. That leche flan balls served by Suman Gogna is actually called gulab jamun. It’s one of the more popular indian desserts made of milk solids and sugar syrup infused with rose water and cardamom spice. Most of the Indian restaurants here serve them too.

  4. hi anton! was there for sunday lunch and merienda. Loved the citrus chicken by katrina padilla! My mom had the mushroom canneloni which she enjoyed so much that she asked me to go back for seconds. We had the a piece of opera and the very delicious dark chocolate masterpiece at Sweet Bella. They can expect a call from me real soon for my orders! Too bad Dimpy Camara was not around last sunday. For merienda, i had the pancit molo from vargas kitchen and sampled the caviar pie of Chef Jill. Sarap! It was really guilt-less eating day!

  5. BTW, congratulations to the organizers of the event.. I can serve foundation. To all the great chefs who participated and donated their earnings.. congratulations and thank you. Thank you also to the Enderun students who tirelessly hopped from table to table, and served the food.

  6. Too bad I didn’t get to try the Gourmandise foie gras tarte tatin; it sold out too quickly. 🙁 But I went back for merienda on Sunday and finally got to try the Triple Layer Cheesecake — YUM!

  7. hi anton,
    again, your posting on pink kitchen was very, very informative and useful. now we’ve got a list of sources for good food to try out in the future. we truly appreciate your effort. you do give more than your fair share in making our planet awesome. keep it up and god bless you and your family.

  8. Great to see you and your family there Anton. It was all for a good cause. Your list is impressive…. but am sad too that I missed a lot since I had to report for work. Oh well, maybe next time.

  9. Thanks Anton for spending a quarter of your day at Pink Kitchen! I wish we had met . Rest assured the money Pink Kitchen earned is seed money for a national early breast cancer screening program. Thanks to all your readers and friends who supported us. They have given the gift of life, a glimpse of hope to our underserved and uninsured sisters with breast cancer. God Bless!
    Kara Alikpala
    of ICanServe

  10. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
    sbi ko na nga ba, andun ka, anton.. hinahanap ka namin ng friends ko at magpapapicture kami.. hehe.. (jologs).. lunch kmi pumunta.. i loved the frog.. 🙂
    hay sayang, nameet ko din sana c aidan. 🙂
    well, next time! 🙂

  11. Hi! I love your posts! I would just like to ask if you know any home cooked meals delivery service here in Metro Manila? If you do, kindly give me the contact details. Thanks!

  12. hi, i just wanted to ask if Pink Diary is an annual event of some sort? or if you would know when there will be another one? would love to tell my family and friends about it.=)

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