The Sale


The Big Garment Sale

Aug 9-11, 2007
Star Trends, Sterling Industrial Park, Meycauyan, Bulacan
Tel# +632 2996061

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We are having another sale of our garments this coming August 9 to 11 (Thursday to Saturday). Some of you have already been to our sales before, you are welcome to bring your friends along, especially if they are Jaycees.

No minimums, no fakes, only original stocklot overruns from factories across Asia. Prices will be as usual, which is the lowest you can get anywhere else..for this sale we have much more of mens tops, like Tommy, A/X, CK, Timberland, Ecko, ETC. For ladies, we have MNG but in very small quantities so you have to come early. (you should go on Thursday) Lots of other ladies’ brands too. There are a lot of styles and brands, hope you can see for yourself.

When you arrive, you will be handed a membership card which we are using as gate pass for future sales. YOU CAN PURCHASE ONLY WITH THE MEMBERSHIP CARD SO PLEASE SIGN UP FOR ONE. (this is the first time this is being done) EVERYONE GETS ONE EACH.

No need for print outs anymore, (yehey) but most probably you need the map, so here it is attached. Our address is Acefree Street, Sterling Industrial Park, Meycauayan, Bulacan. Just take NLEX and get off Meycauayan exit, and turn towards Iba (there is a sign), and you should be by the gate of Sterling 2kms after Caltex.

The sale dates are August 9 to 11, gate opens at 8am and we close only when nobody else is around (usually around 8pm). For inquiries, kindly text me at 0922-8856627.

Regards to all and see you!


23 thoughts on “The Sale

  1. hi! i’ve been reading your old posts and it seems we need an invitation to get in? 🙂 by any chance, would you still be able to send an invite?

  2. hi anton, i would really love to attend this sale, i hope its not too much trouble for you to send me an invite.thanks so much!

  3. I’ve been to this Star Trends garment sale and all I can say is that they are fakes. I think the reason you have to be invited to this event and bring a valid ID is to avoid raids from the Bureau of Customs and the NBI. What will Mango representatives do if they find out Star Trends sell fake Mango merchandise? I swear they are not overuns but fakes.

  4. Hi, I am really interested to attend to this event. Hope it’s not too much trouble for you to send me an invite.thanks!

  5. My sister also went here and she said that the Zara and Mango stuff are fake. She said it’s not worth the trip. Fake Mango and Zara can be found in Greenhills at half the price they’re selling at Star Trends. I better wait for the sale of Zara and Mango twice year at the malls. I also don’t mean any harm here but it may be worth noting for the sake of the buyers.

  6. Sorry din for this comment, I went there last Thurs and most if not all are fakes. I think they are the ones supplying for a surplus store before in Uniwide or Puregold. Although this is class B fakes and OK naman quality, medyo mahal pa rin if you buy from reputable stores.
    Yung G200 or U2 medio original, but the armani and CK, weird lookin e.

  7. Hi guys! i’ve been visiting star trends’ sale for 2years already… all i can say is that….i love the staff…they are really very accommodating…i love the clothes huh…and i love the food! hahaha! keep it up guys!

  8. hi anton! i was there yesterday. buti n lang pinapasok p ako. hehehe! ang dami kong nabiling damit… imagine 77 clothes for 15thou… kasi ang dami kong nabiling tig-p50 to p75…hehehe! pang-regalo sa pasko. ang gaganda ng tela although di p masyadong kilala ung brand dito sa pinas.

  9. hi anton! thanks sa blog mo at nalaman ko ulit na may sale. di nakarating ang txt sa akin ni divine eh. hmp! i was there last sat…GOSH! di na ata nakakain ung mga staff nila sa dami ng tao. dahil ako ay isang mango addict…natutuwa ako at may mango ulit sila…ORIG naman! kasi po nakita ko ung iba dun sa mango store. meron na akong ID!!! dpat lang magkaroon na ng membership ID kasi po di na nila kakayanin ang dami ng tao. kailangan ng control. pero GO pa rin ako… walang makakapigil sa akin. hehehe!

  10. hi guys! meron lang silang di kilalang brand pero in fairness mataas ang quality. ang sarap ipanregalo kasi nag-range lang from p50 to p150, asstd kids ladies & men’s na yun. kulang lang sila sa fitting room sa dami ng tao. para sa akin worth it talaga ang pagpunta namin ng buong pamilya ko kasi baka next time di na makapag-issue ng membership cards sa dami ng tao, at least isa na ako sa meron. di nman naging mahigpit sa registration, talaga lang nid nila ang email add at cp# para sa nxt sale makapag-invite ulit sila.

  11. I was disappointed when I went to the previous sale. The trip wasn’t worth it and the stuff they sold were expensive considering they’re just counterfeit. Just like the other comments, they’re definitely not originals. The only stuff that were not fakes were the children’s clothes but those can be bought in Greenhills at a much lesser price. Yes, they served packed food but I didn’t bother to get. I don’t intend to go back to this so called sale. Sorry, I just had to voice out my opinion.

  12. I went to the sale and bought some stuff that I think are real — mga Old Navy tops na naka slash o cut out yung labels. But you guys are right about the Mango and Zara… undeniably fake! That was pretty disappointing to me and my friends.
    OK lang sana if it’s not misrepresented, and also, for fakes, they should be MUCH cheaper.
    But still, this is a good place to buy stuff for guys. for men, similar yung stuff with those carried by surplus shop in sm.

  13. Hi Anton, Thanks for your blog .Know what ???It’s so nakakainis when i knew Star Trends , I bought already with Mango at Shangrila Crossings, 3 to 5 styles exactly the same with what STAR TRENDS were selling….at 70%off I bought with them at P659.00 but with STAR TRENDS its only p300.00 grabe……that’s why mukhang ako ngpanic buying i bought so many …..and i’m selling it to my friends ….i have add’l income now ….planning to go back then buy again and sell it again…..

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