When it matters most… Animo La Salle!


Animo La Salle


As I clinched my fist and pumped it in the air as the entire La Salle gallery sang “Hail, Hail, Alma Matter,” in unison, I can’t help but shout “Go La Salle” as a second voice after each stanza of the song. Each word was shouted with pride and somehow we knew that when it matters most, the Green Archer delivered the 70-69 win over Ateneo. It never felt this good this UAAP season. Yes, like most die-hard Green Archer fan, I was in Araneta to support La Salle specially in the crucial last two minutes of the game and smell the sweet victory after the final buzzer.

Securing the second spot is crucial because La Salle gains the twice to beat advantage while Ateneo needs to beat UST to get a chance to play with La Salle again. Since UE swept the entire eliminations, they advance to the finals and a step ladder elimination is followed. I do hope Ateneo wins over UST so that we would have another Ateneo-La Salle game.

All of the big players delivered including JV Casio (21pts), Rico Maierhofer (13pts), Tyrone Tang (10pts), Peejay Barua (9pts)?, and Cholo Villanueva (7pts) who scored the winning point via a split free throw shot.

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P.S. I noticed the Gang Green discouraging the La Salle gallery to do a wave. Why?

26 thoughts on “When it matters most… Animo La Salle!

  1. bro,
    congrats to my grade school alma mater…
    (ateneo HS ako and UST college,
    salpukan kami to meet la salle again. hahaha!
    nagkandalokoko na mga paaralan ko!)
    did the La Sallites really have to honor that cowardly coldcocker IBAL by wearing his #15?
    mali yata yun,
    that’s validating and tacitly approving
    unsportsmanlike conduct unbecoming
    of a La Salle gentleman.

  2. and for the benefit of your Awesome readers,
    here’s the rest of the UAAP stepladder sked:
    k.o. match for 3rd:
    sunday, sep.23
    twice to beat series:
    DLSU v. winner of UST/Ateneo
    thursday, sep.27
    and if necessary,
    DLSU v. winner of UST/Ateneo
    sunday, sep.30

  3. I am just curious — were u able to watch the previous two games of dlsu and ateneo? there was an email circulating that the dlsu cheerleaders have performed their cheer in one of those two games,with the misspelled name — they spelled AL SALLE..instead of LA SALLE in their cheer. according to one of the senders, this was shown in tv…is that true?
    anyway, i am an atenean..so i cheered for ateneo..too bad we lost…we hope to win in UST game so there’s a rematch again.

  4. Sheryl: They did – it was in the cheering competition last Sunday and yes – it was televised!
    I feel for the Ateneo players – they’ll have to win so many games (if they win the UST match) to get into the finals!! Won’t they be too tired??

    re: no. 15 taped on their jerseys – yes, it was very confusing! i’d like to think (or maybe it will make me feel better to think) that it was more for support of a besieged teammate and NOT in support of that act of violence. i will never condone ilad’s actions. there is no rational or logical justification for it! ilad should apologize (i think he has) and should be suspended (the uaap board has decided-6 games) for his actions. AND…so as not to confuse us, maybe the players should reconsider wearing the no. 15 on their jerseys? i agree, it sends out the wrong signals.
    re: wrong spelling. ay naku. when it rains, it pours. ladies, we should practice some more, yes?

  6. hey anton! just chanced upon your site πŸ™‚
    i believe that it was coach franz who asked the green gallery to stop doing the wave. i’m not sure if he thinks its bad luck or what, but i’m pretty sure the request was his πŸ™‚
    go lasalle! πŸ™‚

  7. hey anton! just chanced upon your site πŸ™‚
    i believe that it was coach franz who asked the green gallery to stop doing the wave. i’m not sure if he thinks its bad luck or what, but i’m pretty sure the request was his πŸ™‚
    go lasalle! πŸ™‚

  8. bad luck kasi ung wave…honestly.. i’ve been to lots of games..everytime we do the wave minamalas yung la salle..that is why even i dont do it. nasisira tayo sa wave. So guys next time…DONT WAVE!!
    According to my other friends -UST is a strong team, so really scary then if we face them…they got bigger players and they are really unpredictable.
    Animo La Salle!!

  9. @ tina
    It’s going to be
    UST vs. UE
    Thursday, October 4
    3pm, Araneta Coliseum
    Seriously, ADMU, DLSU and UST are all great teams. May the best team win! Go Tigers!

  10. Congrats to la salle, am a super huge ateneo fan but I kinda felt beating la salle 3 in a row will be quite difficult and now they’d need to win 3 in a row, haay, miracle na yun(that’s why go UE sa finals :Dhehehe).
    As what everyone has said, I didn’t think it was right for the players to “honor” Ilad that way by having his number on their jerseys. And I particularly didn’t like how Casio and Maierhofer defended him in an interview (by Studio 23) by saying he was just looking out for his teammate and that he didn’t mean to hurt anyone?! As far as I remember the UE player was outnumbered. And Franz even said he was somewhat hoping for a reconsideration of the board’s decision because it’s Ilad’s last year?! They shouldn’t have said anything na lang! Tsk tsk… Tapos the La Salle crowd cheered pa when Ilad was thrown out of the game… that’s why I hate La Salle eh (although sa UAAP lang naman) sorry :Dhehe I love your blogs though πŸ˜€ Animo Anton! :Dhahaha

  11. Anton! Dapat next time magkasama tayo ulit manood para manalo ulit yung La Salle. Wear your same green shirt and I’ll wear mine. And then the entire team will have to watch at Greenbelt. We think that’s the formula.
    Haha. So much for superstitions. Pero wala namang mawawala di ba? Animo Lasalle!

  12. Of course an atenista needs to mention spelling errors by lasallians, they feel so smart , bothers me, arrogance.
    Animo LA SALLE!

  13. wow.. we lost yesterday anton! i can’t believe it! we had it and we let it slip by.. a bad way to end a great game!
    i couldn’t believe my eyes when casio stole the ball in the last 20+ seconds and went for a layup.. and missed it! i thought he was more mature as a player than that! he shoulda just milked the clock!
    okay, so we let them have the ball again.. and then on the other side, we let tiu- who was cold the whole game- be the hero of ateneo and let him through for an OPEN layup! we might as well just have let him pay toll to do that right in front of our teeth!
    well, i guess we just have to wait for sunday! in the meantime..

  14. Hi Anton!
    Sorry La Salle lost last Thursday but it was an awesome game!
    Everyone’s holding their breath for the game tom, Sept 30.
    See you at the games…
    Oh and thanks for the link…

  15. and really..when it matters the most???
    WE WON!!yahooo…I’m so proud!! I’m expecting a one point lead from any two teams..but 5 points??!! So proud of La Salle…
    It felt like the championships already… the long hours i took lining up for ticket, ending up to be ‘sold out’ at the end…then by some miracle a friend approached me for two extra upper A tickets!! The tired feeling was all gone…everything was just… AMAZING!!
    Animo La Salle…
    now..i hope we can win against UE…

  16. Hi Anton! Funny how our paths cross again, from DLSU to P&G and now…
    anyway, Coach Franz and the team asked Gang Green and the Pep Squad to stop doing the “unlucky” wave, and to tone down on the “Beat XXX” cheers. They’re seen as Unlucky (with a capital U), and they are actually the embodiment of DLSU counting their chicks before they’re hatched. Last thing we need is to encourage our boys to take their eyes off the ball, err, so to speak.
    Re: Brian Ilad and # 15 on the shirt… the guys all knew that that was pretty much the end to Brian’s UAAP career, so they wore the # 15 as a goodbye, and a thank you for helping get to where they were. No way that they condone violence (and you can see how proactive JVee and the others are in making sure that hot heads step away immediately from potential problems..)
    I’m so happy I discovered your blog, btw. πŸ™‚

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