A Great Day for Philippines Sports


October 7, 2007 was a great day for Philippines Sports! It was a memorable day for me and let me tell you why…


La Salle Champions
First, La Salle won the 2007 UAAP Basketball Championship by defeating UE with 73-64 points (a convincing 9 points lead). Everybody thought that UE was unbeatable since they had swept the elimination rounds. If you look at each of the UE Red Warriors individually, La Salle Green Archers were no match for them. But we beat Red Warriors because of the heart and determination to win as one team. More than 1/2 of the Araneta was filled with Green Archers fan. The Green Archers had led the game all the way from the first to the last quarter. Thanks to MVP Jayvee Casio and MVP Cholo Villanueva for hitting the key shots when it mattered most.

I knew it when we beat Ateneo, we could win the UAAP Championship! ANIMO LA SALLE!!

P.S. Now I know why the WAVE is unlucky… Franz Pumaren was right and the only wave we saw yesterday was the one from UE. No more waves for the Green Archers gallery.

Manny Pacquiao Defeats Barrera
Second, Pacquiao retained his WBC International Super Featerweight Title by defeating Barrera in a 12 rounds unanimous decision. His new record is 45-3-2 with 34 KO’s at the age of 28. All the Filipinos were hoping for a knockout but we saw how Barrera was avoiding Manny’s punches. Barrera’s goal was to survive his last 12 rounds of his career and enjoy his $2 Million dollars pay out. Thanks Manny for making us all proud once again.

Breast Cancer Run.jpg
Lastly, I achieved a personal best record for my 10k run at 1 hour and 15 minutes when I joined Soroptimist’s Breast Cancer Run yesterday. Yahoo! My goal is to achieve a sub hour in 2008.

P.S. No, I’m not that guy! The photo above is Zorro from ABS-CBN running club (according to him) during yesterday’s breast cancer run. He gives a comic relief in most of the major runs in Manila.


17 thoughts on “A Great Day for Philippines Sports

  1. Animoooooooooo La Salle!
    I caught it on TV and it was great! I bet it was better catching it live! My mom can’t stop raving about it!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. congrats to us anton! ang sarap ng feeling.
    it was the sweetest of victories! the de la salle university green archers played inspired basketball this afternoon before thousands of green-bloods at the araneta coliseum, and many tens of thousands more watching on television. a fairy tale ending to the uaap basketball season after being suspended last year……..
    hope you’ll visit my blog too (http://keyboardmonologues.blogspot.com/)

  3. Looks like you need to find yourself a costume! Might make your run more exciting knowing you had to play out a part while running 10K or more.

  4. Hail! Hail! Alma mater!
    Hail to De La Salle!
    We hold your banner high and bright..
    a sheild of green and white!
    We fight to keep your glory bright and
    never shall we fail!
    Hail to thee our alma mater!
    wow.. that’s all i can say.. wow.
    where was UE’s 14-0? it never mattered in the finals.. wow.

  5. I think the party ended already? After the game there was a post-game party at the college canteen…
    It was a nice feeling being there live!! watching the game and cheering out with everything you got…I had a fever and flu but I went there anyways to support my team..
    I ran out of the ‘champions’ tshirt of dlsu!! I hope they’ll release more…

  6. Congrats Anton.
    Zorro aka Lawin has been running with the UP Mountaineers since 92. We actually put up a site in his honor a few years back. His real name is Dennis, he’s around 32 years old. Harmless lang, funny but smart in a way since we knows what going on (ask him about ZTE, Pacman, all the racing dates hehe).

  7. it was a superb game! i wish they had included ty tang as a co-mvp (although 3 recipients would’ve been too much ata) because he was just as brilliant as cholo and casio! ang galing talaga! i can’t stop raving about it!
    dlsu won with our 3 ‘giant’ guards! franz, you’re a genius!

  8. It was a great day indeed! Saw the game live at the Araneta…and man, everybody was cheering like there’s no tomorrow! I was pretty amazed though that during the pre-game awardings, as each awardee was called out to the center of the court to receive their awards, the entire La Salle gallery (lead by the pep squad) chanted each school’s respective cheer. I applaud the DLSU crowd for behaving really well during the game, even resisting to continure the wave that the UE crowd started.
    Congratulations to the Green Archers and to Coach Franz Pumaren for a well-deserved championship! What a comeback to the UAAP!
    Animo La Salle!

  9. hi anton i have been an avid fan of your website lots of interesting stuff here hehehe…. ๐Ÿ™‚
    btw i am interested to try a marathon where do you get your info on when there is a marathon thanks

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