SM Science and Discovery Center (Level 1)


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“Have you ever wondered what the future is like and what it holds for everyone? Welcome to the SM Science Discovery Center, where you get to experience tomorrow’s technology today!”

One thing is for sure, the SM Science Discovery Center will have a big impact on Aidan’s generation. You don’t have to go Singapore to experience a similar Science Discovery Center where you can teach your kids how science and technology will affect our lives. I also liked the environmental focus of the Science Discovery Center and it will teach Filipinos to be sensitive about our environment. My sincere thanks to the Sy Family for creating this Discovery Center.

I took a leap of faith as I paid P330/person entrance fee for myself and Aidan on the opening of Science Discovery Center last Saturday. Only one year old kids and below are free. Just think about going to Singapore to enjoy something like this and the P330 will be a bargain. Don’t compare it to your playtime in Timezone because this is an educational center and more hi-tech than your usual recreational game center. Remember your field trip to the now dilapidated Planetarium in Manila? The new generation will now enjoy the awesome Planetarium inside the Discovery Center.

I do hope they have an frequent pass (good 1 or 2 years) like they do in Singapore because you can only do as much in one visit. This is a good brainwashing tool for your kids to learn to love science and technology. I know families who still avoid Mall of Asia because of the crowd. But the opening of Science Discovery Center would definitely give them a reason to go to MOA.

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As you enter the Discovery Center, you’ll admire how futuristic the planetarium is. I love it!

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Level 1 Map Big Size

Digitar Planetarium
Complete with star field and astronomical capabilities plus digital surround sound, our dome-screened 158-seat Digistar Planetarium creates environment that completely immerse you in images that educate through fun.

Science and Discovery Center, MOA-7.jpg
Currently, Digistar Planetarium presents “The Search for Life: Are We Alone?” narrated by Harrison Ford. Too bad, I cannot keep Aidan seated because the surround sound audio was too much for him.

The Search for Life: Are We Alone? Synopsis

For ages, people have looked to the stars with inquisitive and dreaming minds. Sailors and farmers have found guidance in them; poets and lovers, inspiration; scientists and scholars, answers. But everyone who has ever looked heavenward has also found questions in the cosmos. Perhaps the most common question pondered over thousands of years is, “Are we Alone?”

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Check out the 180 degrees planetarium screen! Usually the planetarium shows are shown 40 minutes apart. So there is plenty of opportunity to watch the show. I would not recommend it for toddlers.

Media City
Experience the latest in software and trends in digital information and computer graphics, including the Gesture Xtreme Virtual Games.

Science and Discovery Center, MOA-19.jpg
Transport yourself into a basketball game and play interactively with virtual players.

Science and Discovery Center, MOA-18.jpg
Virtual Soccer perhaps?

Science and Discovery Center, MOA-22.jpg
Aidan’s favorite — the drums!

Science and Discovery Center, MOA-21.jpg
Here is a closer look and drums would make a sound if you touch it virtually.

Science and Discovery Center, MOA-23.jpg
A closer look of Aidan’s soccer game. You can kick the ball. It is amazing to see this kind of technology in the Philippines.

Science and Discovery Center, MOA-24.jpg
I tried to play the volleyball but I would rather take this picture.

Grossology Exhibit
Besides entertaining features that reveal how burping happens (“Burp Man”) and how the kidneys work (“Urine: The Game”), Grossology also offers games involving educational Q-and-A’s about grossness and identifying different bodily odors.

Science and Discovery Center, MOA-4.jpg
This is fun to play with friends. Check out the sample questions below…

Science and Discovery Center, MOA-5.jpg
answer is 3. Guts!

Science and Discovery Center, MOA-2.jpg
This is gross and you need to smell and distinguish morning breath, stinky feet or stinky armpit.

“Sniff Sniff. Peeeeee Yuuuuuu! People stink. Our bodies are home to some very stinky creatures called bacteria. They love to eat sweat. Armpits and feet are covered with oozing sweat pores. Once the bacteria munch on ti — stink city. What causes the stink? It’s the waste products from the bacteria. Inside your mouth live millions of bacteria. During sleep, your mouth stays quiet while bacteria feast on food particles, reproduce, and make wastes. The result is slimy “Morning Mouth.” Bacteria also make some toots smell bad. Inside your large intestine or colon, bacteria gobble leftover food and make two very stinky chemicals — indole (IN dohl) and Skatole. “

Science and Discovery Center, MOA-3.jpg
Mr. Burp Man! What happens if there is too much gas pressure in the stomach? Pump up the gas and see!

Science and Discovery Center, MOA-6.jpg
Or maybe Urine: The Game is your kind of game? You can’t find this in Timezone, definitely.

Transportation Nation
Have a tour inside the engines that will drive tomorrow’s vehicles and experience the operation of power and the complex technical processes that occur within the objects that have literally brought us to where we are today.

Science and Discovery Center, MOA-10.jpg
This is Aidan’s favorite place in Science Discovery Center.

Science and Discovery Center, MOA-11.jpg
He can be in the cockpit of the planes and fly it! Look where you are going, Aidan!

Science and Discovery Center, MOA-12.jpg Science and Discovery Center, MOA-14.jpg
Futuristic modes of transportation. Aidan, I think that is off limits!

Science and Discovery Center, MOA-13.jpg
Or maybe, you want to design and build your own car virtually?

Imageport by Digi Print
Image Port showcases the latest in green screen technology. This allow guests to be superimposed on various backgrounds with the help of computer editing through available software programs. Photos may be downloaded and printed on specially themed Science Discovery Center merchandise.

Science and Discovery Center, MOA-17.jpg
You can try out this cool greencast technology from digiprint. The cheapest photo would cost you P70.

Science and Discovery Center, MOA-16.jpg
These are the different backgrounds you can choose from. It would be fun to have a shot with the entire family.

Scienterific by Toy Kingdom
Worth mentioning also is the Toy shop in the entrance of Science Discovery Center.

Science and Discovery Center, MOA-54.jpg Science and Discovery Center, MOA-55.jpg
We love these 4d puzzles and these are great Christmas gifts for kids.

Science and Discovery Center, MOA-52.jpg
I also liked the collection of science related toys they are selling.


42 thoughts on “SM Science and Discovery Center (Level 1)

  1. I remember when i was a student and did a part-time tourguiding job for students’ educational field trips. we often have trips to Science Museum in Padre Faura, it was really nice at that time it was highly interactive but not at this point.. discovering this new science themed place I am sure it would be a knock-out for students who love science..we’ll definitely bring my daughter there when i will be in Manila..

  2. thanks so much for posting this! hubby and i are on the look out for interesting and educational places for our toddler. sayang nga ngayon ko lang nabasa ang post mo. we went to SM MOA today eh. Hubby read your post also and he said that we will go there tomorrow, after we visit Museo Pambata.
    anton, please keep posting about places/activities like this ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. hello anton, to answer your question , i wonder what happened to this museum too..i’ts been a long time i havent been to manila…will ask my friend…

  4. wow thanks for featuring this. if it werent for you and a fellow girltalker,i wouldnt have the slightest idea that this centrum exist.thanks

  5. We went to MOA yesterday just simply to try this new attraction. I was with my wife and my 4 kids of which one is just exactly 1 year old. We had to bring him along coz his nanny has to take the day off.
    I cannot fathom why they would open this to the public at the same entrance fee rate of Php 350.oo when almost half of the 11 attractions (5 out of 11) are still not operational!
    What also pissed me off is the sheer greed of the management to consider kids as young as one year old to be at the same rate!!! Can they not even consider them free or even half the price? If they want the money badly, why dont they charge even the fetus inside a pregnant mother?

  6. thank you anton !
    we just had a field trip yesterday and has to submit an essay about this ..
    this really helped !
    thank you soo much !

  7. WOW! It’s amazing!!! I’m looking forward getting there with my kid’s as one of my christmas gifts for them…Thanks for the info…

  8. WOW! It’s amazing!!! I’m looking forward getting there with my kid’s as one of my christmas gifts for them…Thanks for the info…

  9. WOW! It’s amazing!!! I’m looking forward getting there with my kid’s as one of my christmas gifts for them…Thanks for the info…

  10. I enjoyed my visit to the SM Science Discovery Center especially the Digistar Planetarium. The planetarium was an awesome experience seeing a documentary that surrounds your senses with awe, a bonus part of it was the narration by Indiana Jones himslef, Mr. Harrison Ford. I am looking forward for more documentaries in the future. Even though some attractions aren’t yet operational the mere experience inside the Planetarium is worth the entrance fee. I am glad they have this Planetarium in the Philippines because I’ve seen the Planetarium in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong although the Planetarium in HK is bigger, the Planetarium at the SMSDC has better sound and clearer image. I just wish the place would extend to a much bigger floor area with the addition of more attractions in future plans, they should consider future expansions if they want their visitors to come back. Overall, it’s a unique experience especially when it’s here in the Philipines, no need to travel abroad just to see this kind of attraction.
    Thanks Anton
    P.S. – Hope the Manila Ocean Park would open on December 15, 2007. As Anton have said, it’s nowhere near completion for the December 15 opening.

  11. Science Discovery Center is a great place that u can enjoy at the same time you got some knowledge, and its full of wonderful Gallery and inter active games. So what are you waiting for just visit our place and you enjoy it…
    planetarium operator

  12. hi…. I just wanna know, does the entrance fee covers everything? like the virtual games, and the planetarium show? Also, is there a time limit? and bringing dgcam and taking pictures are allowed? ( I hope it is…)and if there are students having their field trip, will they still open it to the public? I really wanted to give a day for my children but I lived my life mostly here in QC and I don’t know any place I can bring them to. And also about museo pambata….where is it exactly? and how much is the entrance fee? Do you think My family can enjoy MoA and Museo Pambata in 1 whole day? Actually I thought of bringing them to Science & Discovery Ctr. in MoA coz’ My 3 children will have their field trip and I have to pay 1,500 each, and every child must have a guardian which I have to pay 1,500 as well..ohhhh it’s killing me!! so expensive, So I thought we will just go there as a family and we can spend our time freely….. I hope for replies….what do you think guys? is it a better idea? thanks……

  13. the fee covers the entrance fee + planetarium. So it is all in. There’s no time limit and you can enjoy it the entire day. You can bring your own camera and photos are allowed except inside planetarium. It is not advisable if there is a field trip because there will be a lot of kids but it is still open to public.
    1 half day is already enough for museo pambata and Science center in moa.
    Just do your own field trip ! it is fun ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I will never forget our field trip at the Science Discovery Centrum!!! It’s really Amazing! Hope to visit there again. . .

  15. hi anton, just want to know their contact no. and the contact person so i can inquire. our kids here at school will have a trip next week and i’m interested to bring them to the science center bu t i need more info. thanks for what you’ve shared

  16. hi anton, just want to know their contact no. and the contact person so i can inquire. our kids here at school will have a trip next week and i’m interested to bring them to the science center bu t i need more info. thanks for what you’ve shared

  17. hi catherine! as far as what i know, it wont be open during Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. Because SM Science Discovery Center is also following the mall’s operations. But, black saturday, it is for sure will be open.
    ๐Ÿ™‚ you can inquire @ 5562153 for further details

  18. AMAZING! We really had a great time in the planetarium…you can really feel it as if you are really in the outer space….you will learn a lot of things…its an unforgettable experience..the educational field trip of OUR LADY OD MANAOAG INTEGRATED SCHOOL last feb 23, 2008..was worth it! success!..I hope they can make a film of other aspects of science too soon so people can experience and learn more…I would love to go back and have a picture in the green screen with different back grounds too coz we only had 1 bcoz of limited time…SM Science Discovery! the best! by the way, I enjoyed talking with Mr T also.

  19. i guess anybody who hasn’t tried the old planetarium would say that the one is SM is good.
    Having experienced the old planetarium, i was thrilled to know that SM had one. I exitedly went with my wife to MOA and had it checked out. Althou my wife loved the experience (its her first) i didn’t. The one in SM had surround sound and colors but its just akin to watching a movie. I can’t feel even half of the magical feeling that i had 1.5 decades ago when i tried the old planetarium. I guess its just the digital vs analog thingy.
    I did some googling and found out that the old planetarium is still operational? I think am gonna give them a ring by late this month, hopefully, para ma try ulit.
    Oh, if there’s one thing memorable about SM its that feisty fishy thingy. =)

  20. is it advisable for preschoolers to go to SDC? just thinking they may not understand yet the scientific principles.. coz actually due to financial reasons we have to choose just between Ocean Park and SDC for our whole school. ive decided SDA for bigger kids to HS. but preschoolers, kinda difficult also to handle them, moa is soooo big… what do you think, Ocean park or SDC for little kids? can i have it asap? i need to submit the proposal by nov. 3-4, next week already. thank you!!!

  21. we go there last week,. and yeah,. you’re right,. the place was really amazing so much,.. I really like the Planetarium,. you will really feel that you’re not just watching,.!!! the place was really futuristic one,. iloveit,..!!!

  22. Hi Anton, thanks for posting write-up like this, it helped me a lot on planing and choosing an educational place where we can bring our students on our Fieldtrip this coming January 22, 2009… I had a good information about what the children will be experiencing and what will they learn at the Science Discovery … Its nice and highly innovative and highly technical.. Thanks again for your effort on giving out information as this…keep it up..:-)

  23. Hi,
    Great blog,ur page really helped me a lot! keep on blogging! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to U and ur Family…God Bless!

  24. Gusto ko lang po magpasalamat sa pagtulong nyo sa amin nung umatake ang “martilyo gang” sa mall of asia. Salamat po sa inyong mababait na staff. Salamat sa pagsiguro nyo ng aming kaligtasan. Pagpalain po kayo ng Panginoon.

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