Light Symphonies and ROX @ Boni High Street

Light Symphonies @ Boni High Street-26

Here is another Christmas gimmick you can do with your kids. Bonifacio High Street has this light and sounds show every 30 minutes from 7pm to 10pm. The Christmas lights around High Street and the different lanterns light up and dances to the tune of Christmas songs. There are two areas: the first area is near ROX side and it lights up at 7pm. While the second area , which is in the activity area around the spider rock, lights up 30 minutes after. It switches back and forth between those two areas every 30 minutes until 12 midnight.

Here is one suggestion on how to execute this gimmick with your kids…

Light Symphonies @ Boni High Street-1
Start with the Kids section in the 2/F of Fully Booked. Kids love books so make sure you read a few books to them. And maybe buy some books that are irresistable.

Light Symphonies @ Boni High Street-4
Start walking and you’ll see these giant cylindrical bells you can play around with.

Light Symphonies @ Boni High Street-25
Take a picture by the spider rock.

Light Symphonies @ Boni High Street-28
Remember that the activity area near the spider rock lights up every 7.30pm, 8.30pm, 9.30pm, 10.30pm, and 11.30pm. So make sure that you get out of Fully Booked in time to see the first light symphony show.

Light Symphonies @ Boni High Street-23
Marvel at this big Mickey Mouse near Krispy Kreme.

Light Symphonies @ Boni High Street-17
Jump and hang around on this simple platform in front of Bo Coffeeshop.

Light Symphonies @ Boni High Street-6
This is my favorite. Talking to your kids on the other end and seeing their faces light up with excitement when they hear your voice.

Light Symphonies @ Boni High Street-18
The activity area near ROX lights up every 7pm, 8pm, 9pm, 10pm, 11pm and 12mn.

Light Symphonies @ Boni High Street-7
Then walk all the way to the end of Bonifacio High Street until you see these Kayaking advertisement of Rox.

Light Symphonies @ Boni High Street-9
ROX, which stands for Recreation Outdoor eXchange, is a 3-level all outdoor gear store, the biggest in South East Asia!!

Light Symphonies @ Boni High Street-12
This gave me an idea for my next surprise for Aidan — camping!

Light Symphonies @ Boni High Street-13
Hallelujah!! Finally, a store dedicated to provide outdoor/ sports/ camping equipment.

Light Symphonies @ Boni High Street-14
At the second floor, Aidan saw these cute travel bags from Samsonite and the huge model plane. This made him drool.

Light Symphonies @ Boni High Street-11
I’m definitely planning a camping soon for Aidan. Any suggestions where it can be?


13 thoughts on “Light Symphonies and ROX @ Boni High Street

  1. Ain’t that so sweet of a father?!!! Really nice postings anton! Whenever i feel like goin’ around, i just drop by your page and i’m sure to find great choices!!! I hope you never get tired sharing us your experiences! Thanks and more power!

  2. ….wow!…lol!….i hope all universities-colleges-special educations even all government employees including the philippines armed forces….must encourage all their men and women to drop by to this GREAT STORE….i say filipinos must get out….out there and get an exciting adventurous sportive parties-activities ….even your best ROMANTIC life outdoors….thank you so much to whoever thought of the idea….

  3. well, if you want something that is comfortable, as aidan’s technically still “young”, try out camp highlands in tagaytay highlands. you won’t need to worry about a tent, lamp, pillows, etc, as they have everything. plus you can ask them to light the bonfire.
    if that doesn’t work, you can always start in your backyard. =)

  4. Hi Anton!
    You can try camping at the La Mesa Forest Reserve in QC. I have been going there for mountain biking, but I also noticed that there is an area for camping =)

  5. Nice pics, Anton. Btw, I am contemplating on buying my very first SLR digital camera. Would you recommend one? I am inclined to get the new Canon 40D, but I don’t know if there are better alternatives to that. Budget is about P100k. If you can recommend something cheaper than that, then that would be great. I really want to ask your professional opinion, since I have been a fan of OAP and I enjoy your photoblogs.

  6. ^ same here anton, any suggestion for a nice SLR camera? paul and i are planning to buy our very 1st couple camera. we are eyeing on the canon 40D as well. Ü

  7. Hi Kuya Anton=) i was at Serendra last night. Crowded na Serendra not like before na..pero maganda pa din. still one of my favorite place. Advance Merry Christmas to you and your family kuya.=)

  8. Unfortunately, camping is not an ordinary thing here in the Philippines unlike in the US where it is usually a common bonding activity between parents and children. They are really excited there!
    Serendra is really a nice place, howevever during this Christmas season, it seems so far from people like us in Las Pinas because of the heavy traffic. Just going to Southmall is like eternity. We can probably go out there after New Year!

  9. I’m so lucky to be so near this place. My Husband and I love taking our little son at Boni High Street. We love this place, a very good alternative to box-like malls here in Pinas!

  10. Hi Anton. I’m a new reader of your blog and I find it very informative and entertaining. 🙂 Would you know until when the lights show will be shown at Boni High Street? Will it be a regular attraction or just for the holidays? Thanks.

  11. Hi we were just at ROX with my daughter 🙂 and I found again your blog great pictures!
    There are other outdoor/sports/climbing dedicated stores in Manila albeit small ones compared to ROX which is really nice…we love it there.
    You can visit other shops for camping like “Habagat” in SM Megamall, then there is Bombproof gear in Galeria– they also carry the same brands. Then “Conquer” and Montanara for other local brand names for camping!!!
    But ROX bilib talaga sa dami ng selection din at maluwag.
    One of my friends brought their 3 year old to Pico de Loro in Nasugbu Batangas for camping. Hindi lang sa states ang camping.

  12. great post! my family and i love frolicking about at BHS too!
    a kid friendly place to camp is Eco Saddle in Caliraya, Laguna. you can camp by the lake and they can make a bonfire for you at designated areas in the evening. but go there only during the summer to be sure you get good weather. my husband and i have been there 3x and we’re taking our 3 daughters there this April.
    we just purchased a Coleman Colossus inflatable boat for a bit of a thrill with my kids. you can also try fishing but there’s not much catch in shallow waters. i also suggest you use aqua shoes and have your son use a swimvest just to always be safe and sure.

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