Boracay 101: A Bora First Timer’s Guide To Boracay’s Best Restaurants, Must Try Food and Gimmick Places

Ati-atihan de Boracay-38

BORACAY 101: A Bora First Timer’s Guide To Boracay’s Best Restaurants, Must Try Food and Gimmick Places

Puca Beach Outing-35
I realized that there are still a lot of Filipinos who have never been to Boracay. I compiled this guide to help them based on what people are raving about and based on my personal experience. I’ve been going back to Boracay every year and I developed a sense of what is awesome based on what restaurants people are talking about. In this guide, I compiled the following lists:

  • Top 10 Best Restaurants in Boracay,
  • Top 10 Must-Try-Food-and-Drinks in Bora!,
  • 8 Restaurants that did not make the Top 10 list but worth mentioning,
  • Top 8 Gimmick Places in Boracay!

Boracay is one of those places that you should visit in the Philippines before you die. Feel free to share this information to everyone. For those who have been to Boracay, there have been a few changes in the restaurant and night life scene in Bora. This guide will keep you up-to-date and in-the-know versus your friends even before you visit Boracay. Enjoy and we do hope that you have a great time in Boracay!

Puca Beach Outing-38

Text and Photos Copyright 2008. Our Awesome Planet (Updated: January 15, 2008)
(Picture from top to bottom: Ati-Atihan de Boracay Parade in Station 1 | Pia of Seair Marketing with Norsan and Anne, Microtel Marketing Ladies | Melo of Lakbay Pilipinas and Gail of Kutitots enjoying the Puka Beach Waves)

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Top 10 Best Restaurants in Boracay

Boracay Resto-32

1. Dos Mestizos is the Best Spanish Restaurant in the Island by Binggoy Remedios (only Ole restaurant can contest that title) . They went out of Asya resort to establish their own resto near the Station 3 Police Station. They serve strictly spanish food cooked slowly and with olive oil. Their specialties are the 16 ways of Tapa which includes Gambas al ajillo, Croquettas de quezo azul, and chorizo; and the 5 different styles of Paella: Valenciana, Marinara, Negra, de pollos, and de verduras which takes about half hour to prepare.

Dos Mestizos Spanish Restaurant
Sitio Manggayad, beside PNP Police Detachment Station 3
Tel (+63-36) 288-5786
Opens Daily (12pm-2pm Lunch, 6pm Dinner, on Saturdays 6pm-10pm Eat-all-you-can Tapas)

Cyma Greek Restaurant @ d'Mall -03 .jpg
2. Cyma‘s original restaurant in d’Mall continues to be the greek favorite in the island. It was a hit when it first opened which led to the consequent opening of the Shangrila and Greenbelt branches in Manila. It is hidden in one of the alleyway in d’Mall but you won’t miss it because of the number of people patronizing the place. Try their light greek salad, saganaki (flaming cheese) with OOPA!, and the lamb chops/ crabs for your main dish.

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Cyma Greek Restaurant
d’Mall, Station 2, Boracay Island

Mandala Spa -5 [17 mm ISO200].jpg
3. Prana Restaurant located in Mandala Spa is the best healthy restaurant in the island. “Prana” means “life force” in Sanskrit and it reflects the lifestyle philosophy of Karen Reina and Dieter Schrottmann. It serves vegetarian food, fruits and salads, and light food in general. You shouldn’t miss their Pappa al pomodoro tomato soup and healthy breakfast servings.

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Prana Restaurant at Mandala Spa
Station 3, Boracay Island
Tel (+63-36) 288 5856 to 59

Microtel Boracay Blogger's Meet-14
4. Manana Boracay- nothing beats Manana when it comes to tacos, burritos and nachos in bora. Almost all of the people I’ve asked randomly, recommended Manana because of the big serving size and the food is served hot and fresh. It is a favorite hangout place because of its open air ambiance and beach front location.

Manana Mexican Restaurant
White Beach, near Boat Station 1 Boracay Island

Boracay morning-47
5. Lemon iCafe – Ever since it opened, it created rave reviews because of its lemon desserts and lemon inspired interiors strategically located in the middle of d’Mall. They serve a variety of chocolate cakes, banana muffin and other desserts. They serve breakfast and light meals, so you won’t go wrong in putting this in your food trip itinerary any time of the day.

Lemon iCafe
in the middle of d’Mall, Boracay Island

Boracay morning-35
6. Real Coffee and Tea Cafe – Established since 1996 by Ms. Lee Rosaia. Its claim to fame in Bora is its Lemon cupcakes (P40 each) and its Nipa hut setting which is great for breakfast. They serve continental breakfast mostly omelettes and sandwiches. They are open as early as 7.30am. You can’t see them from the main walking road in Station 1 because you have to go inside a bit to find it.

Real Coffee and Tea Cafe
near Boat Station 1, Boracay.

6. Zuzuni There is room for two Greek restaurants in this Top 10 list but I still like Cyma overall. This is owned by Geni Psinakis of Mati Rockwell fame; Yorgos Psinakis; and Nikos Gitsis, a Seair partner who named it after the endearing term “little insect” in Greek. Their Greek cuisine are almost authentic but they have a killer dessert called Chocolate Sin that beats any dessert in the island.

Zuzuni Greek Restaurant
near Boat Station 1, Boracay
Tel (+63-36) 288.4477

The Night Life-37
7. Aria Italian Restaurant Filipinos love pizza and pasta and Aria is the best place to enjoy these. They use wood fire oven for their pizzas and bread. They are owned by the d’Mall owners and enjoys a very nice prominent spot at the entrance of d’Mall.

Aria Italian Restaurant d’Mall, Station 2, Boracay IslandTel (+63-36) 288-5573

Boracay Resto-35
8. Boracay Crab House @ Escondido The Best Crab Place in Boracay. Their specialties are simply crabs in many ways that you could imagine and their prawn dishes. It would be a shame leaving Boracay without eating the best seafood you will only find in the province like Boracay.

Escondido’s Boracay Crab HouseAt the back of the ChurchTel (+63-36) 376-4535, (+63-917) 527 4777Website:

true indian food
9. True Food Indian Food The Best Indian Food in Boracay Island. It has huge pillows where you can seat and have a good time with friends.

True Food Restaurant
Boat Station 2, Boracay

10. Smoke Restaurant The Best Filipino paluto restaurant in Boracay. If you are on a budget, why not buy your raw ingredients and ask Smoke to cook it for you. They also have ala carte Filipino food in the menu but nothing beats buying shrimps and asking them to cook it for you the way you like it.

Smoke Restaurant
at the back of d’Mall restaurant where the market is, Boracay

Top 10 Must-Try-Food-and-Drinks in Bora!
choco banana jonas shake
Jonas Milkshake is undoubtedly the best milkshake in the island!
Boracay morning-37
Real Coffee’s claim to fame is their Lemon Cupcake. You should try it.
Boracay morning-41
Cafe del Sol’s Cheesecake @ d’Mall is a good choice for dessert after your Aria meal.

Zuzuni’s Chocolate Sin is to die for. Amen.
The Night Life-50
Summer Place Bucket of Long Island Ice Tea. This is a great bonding drink for the barkada.
illusion shaker
Illusion Shaker of Cocomangas. Find out why it is called illusion shaker.
chori burger
Chori Burger and Street Food. You’re Bora experience is not complete without tasting these Chori Burger.

The Night Life-45
Sex Shooters of Summer Place. It is a combination of 6 alcoholic shots with sexy names and with different ingredients.
The Night Life-58
Still Standing after 15 is already an institution in the island. You will be given 15 alcoholic shots which you need to finish the entire night. If you are still standing after 15 shots, you’ll get a shirt and they will put your name on the walls.
gasthof baby back ribs
Gastoff Ribs @ d’Mall.

8 Restaurants that did not make the Top 10 list but worth mentioning

lunch @ puka grande
Puka beach food is perfect during lunch time after a boating trip.
Boracay Resto-36
Wahine Beach Bar is a good place to hangout for thin crust pizzas if you happen to pass by Diniwid beach where Nami and Microtel are located.

Boracay Resto-33
Yellow Cab invasion. It replaced my favorite restaurant Banza portuguese food.
The Night Life-39
If you are already wasted, Jammers is the place to hang out in the early morning. Good thing they are open 24 hours.

Boracay morning-34
This is the original restaurant of Hawaiian Bar-B-Que in Bora. They opened their second branch in the Boutique of Tagaytay and another branch in San Miguel by the Bay.
The Night Life-32
You can try the unique halo halo sandwich @ Halowich d’Mall.
Andoks, Chicken Inasal
Bacolod Chicken, Chicken Inasal and Andoks have invaded Boracay and they are a favorite choice among budget travellers.

Portable crepes @ Crazy Crepes or Rock n Roll Crepes are the in thing in Bora.

Top 8 Gimmick Places in Boracay!

The Night Life-38
My favorite is the reggae live music @ Bom Bom’s to start the night.

The Night Life-44
Then hoping on to Summer Place with friends enjoying their long island ice tea and challenging each one to take the sex shooters.

The Night Life-46
After a few drinks, invite your friends to hop over to listen to the funky DJ beat @ Plazoleta.

The Night Life-40
Before going to the Station 1 party place, chill out first @ Hey Jude.

The Night Life-56
As you head over to station 1, you will notice that Beachcomber now replaces Pier 1.

The Night Life-57
Club Paraw is still standing and we have LOTS of memories here.

Boracay morning-32
Guilly’s Island now replaces Cocomangas located near the beach front.

The Night Life-59
The Cocomangas shooters bar is still standing where you can enjoy their signature illusion shaker and where you can challenge your friends for the 15 shooters.

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Text and Photos Copyright 2008. Our Awesome Planet

64 thoughts on “Boracay 101: A Bora First Timer’s Guide To Boracay’s Best Restaurants, Must Try Food and Gimmick Places

  1. wow, this is a comprehensive post. so i guess this is what you were doing when you “disappeared” sunday morning. it was fun partying with you, anton!
    – on real coffee, yep, it really is one of the best chow places on the island. though i haven’t been able to find it again after trying it out two trips ago.
    – we had breakfast in lemon cafe on our last day. coffee was excellent but i was a bit disappointed with their eggs benedict. kinda bland.
    – mang inasal is good value for money. P150 for lunch for 2!
    – we liked the acoustic music @ pats too.
    – crazy crepes are fun!

  2. Nice list. It would have been even better if you included the top 10 hotels to stay in! Please consider adding them so as to assist new visitors to Bora on where to stay. Thanks!

  3. Will definitely check out your recommendations when I vist Boracay later this year.
    Does anybody remember La Nuovo Campanina? It was near the tourist center and it served really great Italian food. It was there when I went to Boracay in 2004. Great place. Sayang wala na yata.

  4. what a useful post! There are so many restos and places to choose from and your list will surely help a first time Boracay visitor. I should stay a week to enjoy all these places.

  5. ….hopefully my old american friends from united states military from different u.s. states recieved my e-mails in the past….kasi they are invited too here in boracay….from elementary high school colleges special schools at those long lost u.s. universities-colleges property buses stops lol!….hi & hello don’t forget boracay in late fall 2009 lol!….thank you….

  6. ….i heard in a fil-am turo-turo food place here in the u.s.last sunday….that boracay has now maraming BAD GUYS{thieves}well if that is true….CAN someone do something & remove those organized crimes-criminals kasi sayang naman kung maraming tourists na mabiktima meaning more likely hindi na babalik yung iba if the island future quality eh bumaba….crimes MUST be prevented at all costs….masama yung puro profits lang ang concerns dapat maraming local intelligences so once you suspected something eh prevention kaagad muna….to prevent enviromental damage dahil sa pollutions eh use horse carriages battery operated o anything smokeless vehicles to curved any island pollutions sooner than later….it’s your possible lost causes if you neglect wasted the quality of the island keep it first class lagi….so good luck lol….

  7. i’d love to go to bora with my husband & son this June to celebrate our third wedding anniversary. thanks for updated info.

  8. I was sad enough to learn that Banza had closed; I’m even sadder now that I know what took its place. As much as I like Yellow Cab, there are already several restos serving good pizza in Boracay, some even better than Yellow Cab. I really don’t think yet another chain resto from Manila is a welcome addition there.

  9. boracay is indeed a paradise, just one thing, i hope DENR Sec. Atienza calls the attention of the local governemnt regarding the canal between Station 1 & 2 which is being literally dumped in the sea….sayang kakasira when you see this and the canal really smells so bad

  10. amen to mai! just arrived from boracay… and yeah, what the hell is that canal doing there? hmm… i wonder why i didn’t notice that before. honestly madumi ba yun??? kadiri kasi it’s so evident na drainange siya ng something… yun nga lang anong something yun. sana nga they do something about it. BUT generally speaking, i love boracay!!! can’t wait to go back.

  11. Anton,
    Good post! and you’re right on the spot on most establishments in your list. Fully agree with you on Dos Mestizos. The place, for me, IS the only consistently good place to dine in whilst on the island. Aria too. Some things though to note: I don’t think Nino Zulueta is connected w/Cyma Boracay any longer; next time, try the pork chops (it has an Italian name – pork chop Toscana, I think)and the peperoni pizza at Hey Jude (the BEST non-Italian pizza, with the crunchiest crust – best thing you can ever have while having a freezing beer at sunset!); go to Island Chicken’s beachfront branch, beside Boracay Scuba, across Joni’s in Station 1 and ask for KANSI (Ilonggo version of bulalo)good for two and absolutely to die for! this, and Island Chicken’s rendition of whole fried bangus is great great great! not to entirely knock it, but to a true Ilonggo, ONLY the chicken inasal in Island Chicken IS worth having; all others in places w/c serve inasal on Boracay doesn’t exactly cut it; there is a very nice place, hidden and only a few in the know are aware about it but its truly one of the best laidback, relaxing places to chill and have oysters (among others)in – Lazy Dog in the Bulabog area. ask Djila (proprietor of the best dive shop in Boracay) or anyone else in Boracay Scuba (sorry forgot the number, pls dial information in boracay) how to get there. Its one of the most charming bed’n’breakfast places in Boracay and the lounge/restaurant area in the place, has now been taken over of Mark Santiago (of the family who owns Melo’s in Manila) and Freida Dario. I hate to say this but one of THE BEST breakfast place, for those who’d like to wake up to a gorgeous hearty breakfast consisting of rosti w/gruyere topped w/fried egg and cervelat, served with good, thick country bread from the English Baker and slathered with real (not margarine) butter, can be found in Jun and Maricar Sacapano’s breakfast bar at Barracuda (not far Regency Hotel). But alas, after some 5 years, they will be closing the place na – and the couple isn’t really in a hurry to look for a new place. But while its still open, I suggest you go there pronto and have one of the best (if cholesterol-laden) breakfast of your life in Boracay! (don’t take coffee there; after your breakfast there, go to Cafe del Sol and ask for brewed coffee – Cafe del Sol’s coffee is roasted by Boyd’s – and that, to this coffee-loving dude, is one very satisfying cup of coffee – one of the best to be had on the island!

  12. wow! my blockmates and I are planning to spend our ‘college ender’ in boracay this april.
    i can’t wait to share these ‘good eats’ with my friends. thank you!

  13. omg… i was just here last summer and there are so many changes already. pier one and the beach front cocomangas are no longer there. so many new places to try!
    btw, i did not like illusion shaker of cocomangas that much. the red drink (forgot the name) is much better. i agree that cyma is better than zuzuni but the interiors of zuzuni are really nice. the service was excellent also.

  14. Hey Anton.
    I’ll mention some restaurants and food that I think are worth trying there too..
    Bamboo Lounge : they serve really interesting Chinese food. The Lotus Rice is greasy but worth all the calories.
    Seawind’s Seafood Buffet : they make this wasabi aioli dip for their oysters that I’ve never tasted anywhere else. And the frozen mango dessert is amazing.
    Boracay Steakhouse : Australian steaks for p350? Where else can you get that? 🙂 They also have the BEST banana milkshake in the world. 🙂
    Attica : I don’t know if this restaurant still stands (near Gasthof) but they have better pizzas than Aria.
    Tesebel’s at PUKA : Honey garlic prawns!!
    The Island Chicken Bacolod in Boracay is different from the chains here in Manila. Their only existing branch here is somewhere near ABS-CBN. Among all the inasals around, this is one of the best ones yet. I travel all the way to QC just for this.
    The bar at Plazoleta is JUICE BAR. 🙂

  15. Im going to boracay on the last week of feb this year up to first week of march.Im going to stay at hey Jude. Its my first time.Definitely, I enjoyed reading your great post about top 10s in bora..Much thanks!

  16. How is it that I have been here for 7 months and you managed to build a massivly better review than I ever could…in only a few days?
    Very good job indeed..bravo!
    About Real Coffee – they make an awsome tuna melt. I know, not something you would think of when on vacation but a friend recommended it and it almost should have another name, its that good.

  17. Good compilation. I’ve been going to Bora for several years now and I always check the net for new places to visit when I go there. Its true that Bora’s landscape is always changing and that what was there on your last trip could be replaced by a new establishment when you return. Its nice that someone came up with a list of some sort. Marco is right… a list of top 10 places to stay in would also be very helpful. Cheers!

  18. It’s really an amazing experience to try the indulgence of eating here in Bacolod chicken Inasal especially when the manager of the branch is the one who serving you…

  19. It’s not only an amazing experience but a fantastic and unforgettable one when I’ve tried the Ysabella’s chicken.

  20. Hi Anton, we hope to make it to your list one day! We’re opening a moroccan bar/restaurant in a few weeks time at boat station one next to Discovery Shores.Pls check out my blog for some details.
    Looking forward to meeting you there!

  21. I MISS BORACAY!!! been there several times. but jz wanna suggest that maybe you can also post the best 10 resorts/acomodations, ryt? so that at lst newbies will have an idea.

    ICE CREAM…not only we are one of the distributor of the filipino owned company but it is “THE FILIPINO’s most prestigious ICE CREAM” to TASTE FOR…WE HAVE TO OUTLETS IN BORACAY…
    OUTLET ….THANKS..and mabuhay…BORACAY..we are so bless to have it…

    Café Del Mar – The Worst Experience
    We spent our worst New Year’s Eve at Cafe del Mar in Boracay! The service was horrible. The food was disgusting. The whole experience is one for the horror books. My partner and I booked a New Year’s Eve dinner at this place. From our experience in previous years, we thought everything would be as nice as it used to be. However, everything turned out to be a nightmare.
    A few nights before the New Year, we went to Cafe del Mar and had our usual favorites, the cheese sticks and the Calamares (squid rings). We had it there before and we clearly remembered how good it was. But this time around, we noticed that the food was different. The cheese sticks were soggy and the calamares was stale and tasted like it had been cooked with used cooking oil. So, we talked to the waitress and she confirmed that the chef who used to cook doesn’t cook anymore. It was his assistant who cooked the food.
    Nonetheless, we let it pass and still booked our table for New Year’s Eve. We paid P3000 for the meal plus drinks (around $100). Our reservation was for 9:30 pm dinner. We arrived at the place at 9 pm. As soon as we arrived, we told the waitress that we were going to have drinks first (additional revenue for them) and we wanted our food served later when we were ready. She agreed, but insisted that we choose our main course from the menu so that the chef can reserve the food for us. A few minutes later, she came back with our drinks and the appetizer. We told her again that we did not want to eat now and we just wanted to get settled and have some drinks. She insisted that we had to eat right away because the chef said so. What??? She’s telling this to us after I deliberately told her in Tagalog (in case she does not understand English) that we wanted to relax and have some drinks and let her know when we are ready to eat.
    After much frustration, we asked for the manager. The manager, who looked like a social-climbing matron in her 70’s, was sitting in the table beside ours. I think her name is Cory. She was busy having fun and dinner with her guests in another table. We explained the situation to her. She talked to the waitress and then told us that I was lying. She said that the waitress told her that I wanted the food served right away. This was just too much. With our disgust and frustration over the situation, my partner told the manager that this is the last time we were dining at their place. The manager replied back, “It’s your choice.”
    Obviously, this manager does not know what “customer service” means and did not care as long as she was getting our money. They don’t really care at all because they can fool as many tourists as they want. Now it’s our choice to let this be known to other people. It’s our choice not to come back to that restaurant ever again.
    As we left the restaurant, I saw the waitresses pointing at us and giggling in a corner. I don’t know what they were laughing about. I don’t know what they placed in our plates (which we did not finish). But whatever it is, I don’t want to know. We spent another month and a half with our friends in Boracay but never came back to that restaurant.

  24. I wanna go to Bacolod Chicken Inasal. They have their chicken inasal there too and I like it so much.

  25. has escondido renovated? we went there april of last year and the photo that you have there does not look like the escondido we visited.. ?? the crab house is on their 2nd floor right??

  26. island chicken Inasal is not that great.its overrated… unhygenic way of thawing and cooking the chicken. Avoid this restaurant…. too expensive for a measly chicken part.

  27. negrosdude aka teddy montelibano, do you get paid to write about Island Chicken Inasal? or do you just get free food and drinks? Check out their makeshift kitchen for thawing the chicken and lets see if you would recommend them? makeshift kitchen beside the comfort room….

  28. great post 😉 yeah, im also wondering why gasthof isnt in ur list. anyway, “if crazy crepes or rock n roll crepes” is a question, then i say, crazy crepes has a better store, better presentation and stuff but rock n roll crepes definitely rocks it.

  29. Awesome info! Thanks for all the info.. I just listed down most of what you put here.. I’ll be sure to try them out.. Thanks again!

  30. As a ilongga I also patronize Bacolod Chicken Inasal. It will be great if they put one in bora.

  31. Great page and excellent photos. It’s nice to see some up-to-date info about Boracay’s newest restaurants, though the tacky fast food places are kind of taking over a bit and don’t deserve ant free advertising. Some other nice restaurants you may not have tried yet include Courtyard Bistro (Bulabog), Valhalla Steakhouse (D’ Mall) and Samba’s (near station 1). Keep it coming!

  32. thanks for this post anton. im bringing my family to bora this weekend. this list will help a lot!
    been to caramoan last weekend (see pix in multiply), i’ve been waiting for your caramoan post. r u doing one?

  33. i love this post! i’ve been to Bora 5 times but i knew there’s still so much more to discover about that little piece of island paradise 🙂
    thanks for posting this 🙂

  34. Hi Anton,
    I’m an avid fan of your blog (OAP). I wana ask for your help. I have an Indian friend based in Hong Kong.
    He wants to go to Boracay with his British-Chinese girlfriend but his girlfriend is scared to go here (Philippines) because of security concerns.
    (Probably because of Abu Sayyaf and the likes)
    I know that you’re passionate about promoting our country and so am I but I’m afraid that I don’t know If I can make a strong case to his girlfriend.
    I hope you can help me or do you know someone (a professional) that can help me provide a good pitch for boracay (photos, videos, testimonials on how safe boracay is)?
    Hope to hear from you soon and More power to OAP. God Bless.
    Rowell P Santiago
    ym: gk_blue

  35. Hi Anton!
    We’re planning to go to Boracay next year and I need your help pls.. I am in charge to look for a place to stay. My friends said that it would be better if it will be in Station 2 (para daw gitna hehe). Any recommendations?
    Looking forward to your response.
    Thanks and More power to OAP! 🙂

  36. i tumbled into a quaint place called LAZY DOG. its a bed and breakfast type of place. but one can go there to dine and chill. its located on the other side of the beach, where windsurfing is located.

  37. hi there!
    just read your blog on restaurants in boracay. and altho it didn’t make it to your top 10 (which i am so glad about), i do have a few things to say about Island Chicken Inasal. i’ve eaten there 3 times, in their station 1 location, and they were the 3 worst boracay dining experiences of my life. the service was terrible, the first time we went, they ran out of chicken (which is stupid for a chicken restaurant) and then the second time, they ran out of fish (which again seems stupid for a beachfront, seaside restaurant). the service is SLOOOOOW, they forget orders, the owners are not very welcoming and friendly. i kept going back thinking that the problems just arose because it was high tourist season, but the last time we went was feb, which is not a high tourist season, and yet the service was bad.

  38. hi there!
    just read your blog on restaurants in boracay. and altho it didn’t make it to your top 10 (which i am so glad about), i do have a few things to say about Island Chicken Inasal. i’ve eaten there 3 times, in their station 1 location, and they were the 3 worst boracay dining experiences of my life. the service was terrible, the first time we went, they ran out of chicken (which is stupid for a chicken restaurant) and then the second time, they ran out of fish (which again seems stupid for a beachfront, seaside restaurant). the service is SLOOOOOW, they forget orders, the owners are not very welcoming and friendly. i kept going back thinking that the problems just arose because it was high tourist season, but the last time we went was feb, which is not a high tourist season, and yet the service was bad.

  39. This blog Is very informative , I am really pleased to post my comment on this blog . It helped me with ocean of knowledge so I really believe you will do much better in the future . Good job web master .

  40. Hi, is it possible to request for your email address to request for reprint of your photos in a publication, with credit? Thanks very much.

  41. Really nice blog, but heads up – the locals in Boracay really dislike the slang word ‘Bora’ and are campaigning to keep the island’s name intact. It only causes confusion to tourists as there is another paradise island by the same name, in French Polynesia.

  42. Great photos! This is the post that I think that is waited by many. Thank you so much for the listings! I really appreciate it the information you have contributed.

  43. Not a bad lineup, I’ve got to try that Zuzini restaurant, I keep hearing good things about it. Check out my guide to the best CHEAP restaurants in boracay also here:
    I’ve been living in Boracay for 2 years almost so I can’t afford to go to “expensive” restaurants every day. Those restaurants I list there are my personal favorite cheap restaurants in Boracay…
    The offer great value for money 🙂

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