a Chateau Hestia Birthday Celebration

Rache Avatar-32 Tagaytay’s Chateau Hestia Garden

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Happy New Year to all friends of Our Awesome Planet!

We celebrated my brother Rommel’s birthday last January 5 in the newest garden restaurant that opened in Tagaytay. It was syoti Josh’s first time in Tagaytay. We visited Chateau Hestia which opened during the same week that syoti Josh was born. It is envisioned to be an impressive country garden house named after Hestia, the Goddess of fireplace. It is secretly located right after Bawai in Tagaytay. The budding Chateau is quite impressive considering that it was totally made from container vans. The garden is young and it provides a lot of space for Aidan to play around. It serves simple but authentic European cuisine and the menu changes on a weekly basis. We liked the food and we would visit again when the Osso Buco is in the set menu.

aidan and joshua
This lovely photo was taken by my brother Rommel. I can already see that syoti Josh is photogenic and we will have fun shooting the brothers together when they are growing up.
One of the relaxing scenes in Chateau Hestia is the garden in front of the restaurant.
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European Set Menu (P540 net). Better to call ahead of time to know what the set menu is. You can order drink-all-you-can Buco Juice for P60 and wines are available for less than a P100/ glass.

Chateau Hestia-16
Carrot and Ginger Soup. I love the combination and it was decorated with a thai cilantro that gave some interesting flavor into this soup.

Chateau Hestia-17
Mixed Greens with Lemon Vinaigrette. It was plain and simple Tagaytay greens with a light sauce that does not overpower the vegetables. Chateau Hestia is conveniently located besides 7 green houses which include Toscana Farms and other garden in bicycle distance to one another.
Chateau Hestia-19
Pork Goulash with Dumplings. This is a usual meal served in Hungary. We liked the mini dumplings that goes with it.
Chateau Hestia-22
Chicken Paprika with Dumplings. I would have preferred it to be more spicy and with lots of paprika like how they have it in Austria.
Chateau Hestia-24
Pana Cotta. The desserts are simple but nice.
Chateau Hestia-13
Chateau Hestia Kids Menu (P190). Great to see restaurants to have a kids menu.
Chateau Hestia-23
Spaghetti Bolognese with Pizza. I love the bolognese more than Aidan.
Chateau Hestia-11
Rolled Chocolate Pancake
. Aidan was so happy to see the chocolate oozing out of the pancake.
Chateau Hestia-26
Dalanghita Cello. Johannes Zegethofer, one of the owners of the restaurant gave us a taste of the locally processed dalanghita cello, a Filipino version of the lemon cello. You can ask for it as an aperitif or as a digestive drink.

Chateau Hestia-25
The Best Spot in the Chateau are the tables near the window facing the garden. For privacy, reserve this corner table. Better reserve now if you plan to spend your valentines in Tagaytay.


aidan on trampoline
Oh no multiple Aidans!
Chateau Hestia-36
Kudos to Chef Victor Leean Ramoy for creating the delicious European set menus in Chateau Hestia.

Chateau Hestia-27
The Chateau is work in progress and Johanness was kind enough to give us a tour and share with us the vision for the place. He is a civil engineer by profession and usually sails around the Philippines. They plan to have cottages around the chateau and offer Filipino massages when they are fully operational.

chateauhestia-0108 chateauhestia-0159
Aidan and Joshua’s Photo Shoot around Chateau Hestia.
barely awake? or barely sleeping?chateauhestia-0111

Chateau Hestia-34
Happy Birthday Bro!


Dine in a Chateau-inspired ambiance in the middle of a Tagaytay Garden by Johannes Zegethofer.

Address: Purok 5, Brgy. Bukal, Silang, Cavite, Philippines 4118 (near Tagaytay City)
Mobile: +63 929 711-3289
Contact:  Johannes Zegethofer +63 918-9305372
Email: info@chateauhestia.com, dine@chateauhestia.com
Website: http://www.chateauhestia.com/
Facebook: Chateau Hestia Garden Restaurant
Operating Hours: Wednesday to Sunday 10.00am to 10.00pm

Download the map going to Chateau Hestia.


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21 thoughts on “a Chateau Hestia Birthday Celebration

  1. Happy New Year! Cheers for more places to discover!!! I always visit ourawesomeplanet for places to go & places to eat maraming salamat for that 🙂 it really helps me in planning for my family’s weekend destinations.
    Anton & Rach, CONGRATULATIONS to your new baby! kasing cute din ni Aidan.

  2. Cute cute naman boys mo. its nice to see the owner serving the guests. for me when owners interact with the people i’d like to thing that they care more than just earning some profits. hehe
    Nice place.

  3. I saw Aidan last Sunday in GB. He is such a cute kid. I was wondering who is the guy holding Aidan… then I saw this pic – brother mo pala. Your family looks so lovely. =)

  4. Hi!
    The restaurant is so cool..Does this restaurant has a website? Or any contact number…please send me a reply..Me and my boyfriend would like to spent some time there. Thanks!

  5. That is a nice place..A new place to try. Unfortunately when we went last weekend to Tagaytay and came back, Enzo got asthma…
    Try Bawai’s Vietnamese Kichen ( i think featured in yummy magazine), it is owned and operated by a family friend.. Authentic viet food kasi Vietnamese talaga owner..
    We fall in love as well to Boun Giorno Cafe..Nice so pricey food but super good. I think everytime we go tagaytay as it is near my place we always have lunch here. =)

  6. ….definitely….this is a business place NOT just for profits….children’s separate menus is the first sign….owner’s personalized checks in some of his customers is another sign….the neatness well organized of his business place made it feel look cozier that’s another sign….experimenting using local food products like local fruits as ‘home made’ drinks is a VERY ‘big sign’….the openness of their very detailed ‘natural’ GREEN surroundings and ambiances is another sign….presentable everyday ‘minimalist’ personalized menus is another sign….etc.etc.etc….this PLACE will be in my list of[my very FEW} restaurant hopping visits later lol!….

  7. we loved hestia, especially during a foggy sunday lunch. spicy potato soup was great for the weather, salad & banana crepe was tasty, the chicken and osso bucco were delish! but aside from the setting and ambiance, what made hestia great was marcus & sis-in-law maria… cherry topping a sundae. we felt so welcomed (though we were walk-ins since we were only 2 we came from our retreat house) and its as if we were having lunch at someones country home…. oh well, the secret is out.

  8. chateau heatia is definitely the best place to experience gourmet foods, feel the beauty of naTURE! My practicum in chateau was a lifetime experience!I learned a lot from chateau hestia and i recommend the place to all the races of the earth to dine and have a memorable and treasurable experience!

  9. chateau heatia is definitely the best place to experience gourmet foods, feel the beauty of naTURE! My practicum in chateau was a lifetime experience!I learned a lot from chateau hestia and i recommend the place to all the races of the earth to dine and have a memorable and treasurable experience!

  10. We would like to invite you and a friend to the movie premiere of 007: Quantum of Solace. Just wanted to ask for your e-mail address or other contact details with which we can reach you for the other details. Kindly send an SMS to +63915-514-1464 or e-mail to esguerra_stephanie@yahoo.com should you be interested. Thank you! Hope to hear from you soon. 🙂

  11. Our Chateau Hestia experience was great. Loved the place. Good food, great parking (I always make it a point to research on parking first since I’m a bit OC when it comes to my car), very friendly staff. Everything was worth it! Thanks OAP!
    I was able to invite my friends to come over and have dinner there. We got the whole place to ourselves during the evening! It felt like an improved Moongarden experience.
    Re the rooms: Only downside was that you need to go down the spiral stairs to access the comfort room which was a bit inconvenient specially if you need to in the middle of the night. Hope they revise their other villas (under construction). ^_^

  12. We ate there like last month. Sorry to say but our experience there was a disaster. Some of the staff didn’t seem knowledgeable with the items so when asked, they would ask the manager.
    The Lobster Bisque tasted more like Pumpkin soup, the Salmon Gravlax was too fishy and the Caesar salad lacked dressing. I remember asking one of the staff for new utensils and left. It turned out that person didn’t seem to understand me because they came back after around 5 minutes telling me there’s no sauce so I was surprised because I asked for a totally different thing. I patiently repeated my request for a fork and knife, again this staff disappeared because they didn’t understand me. Also fruit shake and it tasted funny.

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