8 Lessons I Learned from “Tuesdays with Morrie”

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Bart Guingona played the starring role who definitely disappeared into the role of Mitch Albom.ย  Mitch is a busy and successful sportswriter who made it a point to visit his favorite old professor Morrie Schwatz after knowing that Morrie is dying from Lou Gehrig’s disease. Mitch lost touch of Morrie for almost two decades to compensate for his absence.ย  Every Tuesday, Morrie would give Mitch lectures on life and love that eventually changes Mitch’s outlook on life. Morrie is performed brilliantly by veteran theater actor Jose Mari Avellana who likewise disappears into the role of Morrie.

Could it be possible that Professor Morrie Schwatz still be able to touch the people’s hearts who read the book and especially the people who would watch the play? Rache cried a lot during the show and she was surprised that I also cried. I would like to share with you the lessons I learned in watching this powerful play. Thanks to Repertory Philippines for staging this show which runs from Jan. 11 to 27, 2008 at the OnStage Greenbelt.

Tuesdays With Morrie pics

8 Lessons I learned from Morrie

1. Create Memories. Life is too short to waste on trivial things. Invest time with your family to create memories that you will cherish during your lifetime. My blog will be the witness to those memories.

2. Build Traditions. Like Morrie, Tuesdays became a symbolic day and bonding session between him and Mitch. I would like to build these kind of traditions with Aidan and Josh like watching Manila’s awesome sunset together and make that a setting for our bonding session.

3. Embrace Life. and Life will embrace you back in ways that you will never imagine. This would take a leap of faith.

4. Cherish Friendships. We had close college friends who already migrated to the US and Canada and we seldom communicate. I was ashamed that I did not even greet them Merry Christmas. I will make sure never to take friendships for granted.

5. Attend Reunions. You live because of the people that you touched. It is never too late to touch someone especially for long lost friends.

6. Learn to Die. So that you can learn to live. The worst thing that can happen is living without knowing that you are already dying inside.

7. Love or Die. We must love one another or die. We should be making a difference in this world or else we die — nobody will remember us.

8. Bring Tissue. Bring Tissue. You will never know when you will get the opportunity
to dry somebody else’s tear.


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  1. ….anton rache….so now you know why i am a CHARACTER….why do you think i am experiencing senior moments yet i still talk about myself ‘hanging in trees’ just to say HI! lol….and i am still good friends with my elementary high school mates european international groups from the 70’s & 80’s still has so many other international groups from 90’s just from living in so many different states here in america….i only stop befriending-socializing when i moved to my husband’s birth state….kasi my husband said better used internet to keep in touch with relatives old friends old schoolmates by websites kasi costless daw….kasi our past long distance telephone bills from the last state we lived sometimes reach more than eight thousand dollars in one year not anymore….so to communicate internet is faster very impersonnal nga lang at maraming FAke dito sa america filipinos are often victimized by bad high tech influences….just read the names of their . dot com companies so mean or sounding vulgar and they made it look like it is run by filipinos parang ginagawa nilang intentional cover…i noticed when i was vacationing in the philippines that most international media at representatives even the european union are using local employees to run their international field operations dyan even though it is foreign owned it was odd just my personnal observations….filipinos must be transparent to avoid being victimized over & over again just like past national decades of histories….life is too short at sayang naman if one’s life is all about political trouble shootings-love miseries-conflicts with relationships-financial at health problems after unnecessary problems….kaya nga i am like a broken records in encouraging all filipinos to FIND the NEW YOU thru world of SPA’S natural wonder….by GREENING your enviroments thru tree-fruit plantings….cleaning your areas & waterways as means of BONDING with your own families-communities….field trips as educational self awareness programs….or feel free to create your own dreams….be it an entrepreneurships or almost an impossible-complex love stories…..but just feel free to have one in many different ways lol….but remember that ‘happiness’ should be chosen-wanted by those individuals NOT force to feed them….
    we should not decide for other adults what’s best or force them into believing what we want best for them is the one they MUST follow to have….just like this theater play you saw here….remember when people die that’s it….they cannot come back to correct their regrets-mistakes….so adult individuals must decide for their own right happiness so when those personnal decisions failed….they are only to blamed{themselves}not those who
    feed-force them the ideas….this way they will learned independently ‘what really’ makes them naturally happy….not supeficial cohoarse happiness….so when time to end the confessions at least it is the END of a true confessions NOT regrets-make believe-false confessions….anyway it is this ONE’S MAN’S life not OURS to dictate his fate nor his own END….

  2. I’m in love with the book!!! Will definitely watch this show! =) Thanks so much, i would never have known that they were showing this if you hadn’t posted it. I’m excited!!!
    Five people you meet in heaven is also a good book by Mitch Albom. I believe he also has a new book, but i haven’t read it yet. =)

  3. Hey Anton! Saw this last night too… loved it! Texted a lot of people about it right after. ๐Ÿ™‚ Loved the lessons you posted. Hope you don’t mind if I send your links to relatives and friends as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Sir, thank you very much for posting the pictures. reading your post alone made me shed tears. I realized how much the book affected my life. I will definitely watch this. Is it shown every night from Jan. 11-27? Where did you bought the tickets? thank you.

  5. Hi Anton,
    Thanks again for accepting my invitation to watch the preview of Tuesdays with Morrie and writing this touching post.
    For those who are interested to watch the play, please call the Ticketworld Head Office at 891.9999 to reserve and purchase your tickets.
    Each ticket purchased from our block of tickets on 26 January 8pm show is equal to a raffle ticket. The prizes are Starbucks gift packs, an autographed Tuesdays with Morrie book and autographed posters by the leads of the playโ€”Jose Mari Avellana and Bart Guingona
    Date: 26 January 2008
    Time: 8pm
    Venue: OnStage at Greenbelt 1
    So that you’re eligible for the raffle, please make sure to mention to the Ticketworld staff member that you wish to buy from the block (Code: Tuesdays with Morrie-LL).
    Thank you very much.
    To a life well lived,
    Lorna Lopez

  6. I honestly couldn’t finish the book (preferred 5 People better) but I have a feeling I’ll like this play. Will take note of TheBachelorGirl’s comment.
    Thanks for the lead Anton!

  7. I’m probably one of only a few people who actually didn’t like the book. I found it too preachy and self-absorbed. Not that I don’t agree with what Morrie is saying in the book, because it works for me and my life, but anytime someone says that there is only one correct way to live a life is a bit short-sighted in my opinion. There are so many different people in the world with so many different motivations and preferences. To say that certain things in life are more important than others and to imply that those who don’t believe that are lesser people is just too “feeling high-and-mighty” for my taste.

  8. ….best part of humans is the ability to love….but the highest form of a rare ‘extra ordinary’ best of the best LOVE is NOT all just ordinary love….’only’ in TRUE LOVE a man can ‘fully’ achieved the ‘rare’ highest form of HAPPINESS….you would know if you reached attained that highest form….coz of the difference….coz everything about TRUELOVE is simply just rare….meaning….that rare feelings has NO comparisons….it has no other match….it has no competition….it has no criterias because it has no end….can fade away
    in absences….but it is still there….if absent
    feelings maybe lows….meaning YOU can actually sleep really GOOD & SOUND lol!….you can have a life other than that ONE of a kind RARE true love….you can also find happiness & love OTHER life with anyone around you….but strange coz those loves can match can compete with all the other loves that you have….but sadness failures dissatisfactions conflicts pains hurts
    strangeness irritations frustrations all those unwanted criterias always lingers around humans every persons who are in love….in love yet experiences is almost the same if not almost a matched in all the LOVE they thought was always the last one….until the next one comes along….children are always the one that suffers the most initially bonded or not with both parents….until they grow up and find themselves as their OWN parents themselves…. same children from all those in love parents….from all those LUSTING loves that could’nt wait that could’nt forgive those loves who once they all believed….as the last love of their life until they realized it was the same love with the same complications problems conflicts same difficulties & unwanted criterias….but just DIFFERENT WOMAN-MAN!….just differeneighborhoods backgrounds times shapes but the same OLD PROBLEMS same old stories same old denials….that life could’nt be IMPERFECT….that with all the BONDINGS with their parents….their LIFE should be different from the rest of the IMPERFECT WORLD….too late when they realized that those BONDINGS are not the ONLY ingredients in life to escape IMPERFECTIONS….but not too late to realized that they have GREAT PARENTS who took time & efforts to bonded with them so they can be a better children….a better person….a happier part of their once happy uncomplicated lives….families who initially suffered from lost of loves either parents partnerships any loved ones because of DEATH DIVORCES SEPARATIONS UNCURABLE DESEASES THAT ENDS LIFEsooner than later….can always use those bondings they have with parents friends families all other loved ones in coping remembering how good life….when their lives at those times were perfect….and can still be perfect even with deaths or separations within their families….by all these
    happy or once happy children including all of US{me you them}that lifeis not always easy….be you the parent the children even the bystanders suffers too….because LIFE is only wonderful if you can overcome the OBSTACLES you needed to be happy….but how can you be happy if there are no obstacles to OVERCOME?….meaning….LIFE is not a life at all if there are no challenges & difficulties be it ordinary LOVE or TRUE LOVE….because ONLY in true love….you can TRULY LOVE that RARE someonefor years decades hundred if not thousands of years based on all love MYTHS.evenithout physically be with that RARE uncomprehendable highest form of true love….but your happiness exceeds any expectations….a love that is unmatch….a love without comparisons….where any criterias do not exist nor seems important….and physical lusting was never the basis nor the measurements of those rare highest form of true love….of the highest form of your happiness but simply….it is just there INSIDE you FEELING you
    INSPIRE you….that NO obstacles can stand between you but ONLY in silence….only in your hearts….only in your mind….but ALWAYS….cil

  9. ….in reedley international school topic in one of our awesome planet site….a son asked his father{rog]….IF GOD EXIST?….father….WHY is there sufferings in this world?….just like this
    stage play who’s loved one is about to die….who’s loved ones suffers the most….coz they are left behind to deal with all the losts-all his losts….answers to the son’s question-doubt about GOD to his father….HAS a DETAILED answers from the beginning to the end….of this world….i hope yung lady pamangkin ay maalalang ibigay para sa tunay na may ari ang mga maiiksing kwento-kasaysayan na isinulat{sa ibang bansa}ng isang babae para sa kanyang junior high school sweetheart….lahat kasi ng sagot but in the forms of poetry at mini stories sa questions ng young boy to his dad about GOD was possible to reach in details….dahil sa sobrang pag ibig nung writer sa kanyang unang pag ibig in junior high school at sana the young hs boy will one day share all those answers poetries mini short stories and everything the lady from foreign land inspirational na writings nya ay makarating doon sa decades old high school sweetheart nya ONE DAY in the future so the lady’s life was NOT in vain thank you….and….it is NOT a joke…..

  10. the book was overrated. i love reading mitch albom’s sports columns, that’s what he’s good at, sports commentary, not self help nonsense books.

  11. ….dear above mine commentator….sports is not for everyone as you think it should be….coz of it’s known attachments to violences & costly bets
    ….and self help books is NOT at all nonsense….some people needs them to see greens & lights despite the darkness emptiness sometimes of their lives they’re going thru sometimes alone….if you read most my comments some people think i do not have miseries just fun….but i am happier now coz of other people’s
    self help ideas i read here that they read from self help books….i know how these kind of people in this stage play-books feel….because i personally agonized a little boy{4 yrs.old}of my sister she left me behind to take care of…..i love & cared for the toddler so when he grew up i am always inspired seeing him growing up a very good boy & happy exactly just like me when his entire family moved to europe as permanent european residents for life for good….until one day i heard the worst nightmares i had….he had an accident….i jump to the next possible available plane for europe month later….i was a broken person i was devastated i felt inadequate not good enough i blamed myself for not able to protect him….but i must pretend i was strong no tears no signs of distress….i entered his room cheerfully….i was so happy to see my almost own toddler but now a father himself to his own son….he was so happy while i was breaking dying inside me….i kissed him so many many times i was hugging him constantly so i could cry without being seen…..then i saw his tears like waterfalls falling without sounds
    coz he was happy felt secured that i was there….i knew he wants to hug & kiss me too at least in hundreds….i knew he wants to say he miss me….i knew he wants to joke with me for all those months i was with him….everyday i see him i knew just by looking to all his tears that constantly flowing everytime i was there….it only stops coz i wiped them i had to coz i could’nt bear to see his old happy young face now with ocean ‘tears’….i had to help change his clothes sometimes feed him wash him eat his liquid food we brush his teeth we wiped everything for him….and sometimes we even have to close his eyes for him the right way….coz he is QUADROPELEGIC…..he can only open his eyes for life….yes he can talk but barely and without any sign of movements….just the sounds….but i never gave up on him….everyday i promised him….that everything they told him including science can be overcome….i promised him that he will have a life and will overcome….he can be happy not same perfect life but a good happy life only different….and i could’nt be wrong….i was right….i was told in the hospital what i am saying was impossible….but now they could’nt say the same….after living in that same quadropelegic hospital for years…..YES years of caring all kinds types of unimaginable therapies….he is now home watching t.v.travelling all over europe shoppings watching cinema movies but still he cannot wash feed pee make a call or hold or play with his son by himself….but the difference is….he is happy just like i told him….reason why…i am happier now….

  12. response to the above commentator. yawnnnnnnnnnnn……zzzzzzzz…no offense but you’re long winded and very boring. now all i need is a pillow. you’re commentary is a guaranteed cure for insomnia.

  13. …..people should love more when tragedies like deadly deseases takes toll in any families lives but not dwell on ‘too’ much pain sufferings coz you are hurting ‘more’ not only yourself but those around you who must-need to balance life & death so that they could moved on living….how or what ever agony sufferings pains you want to show the world to make sure everybody knows what youre going thru or to express the world your love….is not will not bring back dying patients will not bring back deads no matter how you agonized….it will ‘only’ affects the future balances how the living loved ones left behind can actually live normal happy productive lives useful for them & the world coz it will help ‘inspire’ other families that there’s ‘hope’to live a new life so no need to take alcohol drugs vindictiveness{by being a loser}like a community bully or parts of societies ills that ended up in criminality that HELPS no one but just another families pains & sufferings….so go out people around the world….go out and have fun….say go to that february pampanga’s up up & away hot AIR BALLOONS{i will be there but 2009}lol!….to provinces fiestas-festivals enjoy & have some life out there…that will not make you LOVE less those love ones you lost but you’re inspiring others that there are still beautiful sunny lives out there…..think of politics if your down or feeling hopeless to energize you just try yourselves….supporting lady philippines president in all her pprograms will help uplift the world coz of her own personnal dreams from all your dreams from my dreams that all MEET to help cure rescue the ailing deteriorating plunging dying world caled planet earth….ours-yours-my own happiness-fate changes for better as your country shows-perform good examples to big giant powerful but once extremely very arrogant americans that small country like yours can show us americans a better other side of life of other world caring friendly smiling happy creative imaginative concern loving people known as brown filipinos of the once gracious philippines but overtaken by poor past decades of mismanagements with LOST DREAMS….but now back delivering inspirations ideas solutions answers now mapping the whole world with unimaginable possibility thru inspirational public talks writings messages healthy new landscapes of firm ideas from decades of dreams they once lost now regain…..

  14. Liked the book, except that there was no mention of GOD. Experiential and written theology have alluded that only God can complete me, not man, and definitely not centrum.

  15. ….to above mine commentator….GOD if as we all like YOU believed can only complete us….then that means there is no mistakes in any experiential or written theology as you mentioned….coz GOD who has powers to complete us….means….he has no insecurities doubts felt some competitiveness coz he completes his creations like of man all other centrum or even those who does’nt believe in him….so humans that inspire his creations can independently intellectually equate results who’s who do and do not believe in GOD….otherwise how will the other exist without the other to co exist….that create results inter reactions evidences….the very reasons why mathematics is part of science….coz results creates solutions a kind of a halt….help control end daily human frustrations a definitive….

  16. ….because videos cd’s television sets cannon or nikon cameras{photography}was NOT invented yet….reason why photography as i said is crucial to present civilizations….pictures are windows of our lives….it eliminate doubts on the existence of the subjects….it is a living testimony of {who what how when where} the subjects present conditions when pictures was taken not considered are those digitals IF altered….

  17. awww.. so sad that I didn’t get the chance to watch this one when I had the chance to, but really nice 8 lessons learned ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think I try to live by it ๐Ÿ˜‰ thanks!

  18. ….all philippines parents-families must put their children ‘ ALL MINORS ‘ who cant go to college in all NO costs no enrollment fees elementay schools-high schools….please remove all minors children out of the streets put them all in schools no matter what condition they are in….education is the only way they can get out of the rotten hole out of all gutters….remove all children out of DARK ALLEYS WASTE GARBAGE DUMPSITES WET MARKETS CEMETERIES FACTORIES BASKETBALL COURTS UNDER THE BRIDGES BY THE RAILWAYS OR MOSTLY THEY ARE IN BLUEMENTRITT AND MONUMENTO CORNERS-STREETS and put them ALL in elementary-high schools no fees guarnteed….all organized crimes-mafias collecting unnecessarily on children as their PROPERTY must let go of their ‘children’ the consequences are severe if these children wont make it this years enrollment-classes….without this chance of free education means almost instant DEATH to these children later in life so help save them by taking them to schools for free….find all your children and put them in public schools NOW….please.

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