Up, Up and Away!!! Huffing, Puffing and Pumping in Pampanga

After our first successful Ultimate Kapampangan Tour, we decided to create another Pampanga Tour experience on Feb 10, 2008, Sunday. This is the day tour package and we are finalizing an extended package for people who wants to stay overnight in Angeles on February 9. Let us know if you want to stay overnight instead of leaving as early as 3am in Manila. We are only targeting to get a maximum of 15 participants which is about the right size for a coaster including the four of us.

Up, Up and a Away!!!
Huffing, Puffing and Pumping in Pampanga

Sunday, February 10, 2008 | 3:00 am – 4:00 pn| Tour cost P4,800 (all in plus surprises)

by Our Awesome Planet, Ivan About Town, Old Manila Walks and Manila Boy.

10th Balloon Fiesta (Feb. 12, 2006) - 22
Tour Description:
Really, another way to pump up your boring weekend and get your spirits soaring as we conquer the high and mighty in Pampanga! Gawk at the giant hot-air balloons at 12th annual Philippine Balloon Fiesta! Conquer and hike over the mystic and majestic Mount Arayat! Finally, we’ll rest our weary feet over a sumptuous Kapampangan feast by one the country’s most artistic restaurateurs, Larry J. Cruz of Cafe’ Adriatico & Abe in Serendra, while soothing the afternoon away a rustic, relaxing retreat! A feast for the body, mind and soul.

Tour Experience:
11th Philippine Balloon Fiesta* VFW Outpost * Mount Arayat* Abe’s Farm* Nurture Spa Pampanga

Abe's Farm, Magalang, Pampanga-1
Date: February 10, 2008, Sunday
Time: 3am – 4pm
Tour Cost: P4,800/ Person (All inclusive – transportation, meals, tour, massage, plus surprises)

For Reservations/ Payment details: Please email anton@diaz.ph.

15 thoughts on “Up, Up and Away!!! Huffing, Puffing and Pumping in Pampanga

  1. ….up up and away in a hot air balloon is not a bad idea…..way better faster than foot trekking as means of transportation to reach extreme heights….SEAN &{all other white south africans}friends we enjoyed ‘so much’ while vacationing families in europe….those unforgettable winter travellings snow fights restaurant town hoppings{sussmoss pomme frites mit curry}lol!…laughable nightly conversations never ending FOOT trekking we did to reach the most part of JUNGRAU {JOCH-HOECHSTE}mountain where they ‘exactly’ filmed that movie THE EIGER SANCTION{clint eastwood}pampanga’s idea of hot air balloons would have cut all those winter sufferings we went through just to reach closest peak of jungfrau….i should have stayed in that old mans horse carriage below & pay him extra lol!….wonderful fun filled white winter experiences those in particular who came from that all whites only university i used to sent letters decades ago sean i’m inviting you to join me pampanga’s up up & away balloon rides in 2009 & don’t worry…they are NOT racist here lol! lol!….there’s no APARTHEID system or any class segregations here in the philippines i promise you guys are safe here lol!….i stop writing you NOT because of apartheid but to prevent anymore all male dormitory rioting{joke}lol! it’s also because we live in different continents and NO….south africa’s apartheid NEVER intimidated me but i was just being PRACTICAL lol!….coz pure white africans i know have loved me…gave the best services….the best caring admirations i recieved….i should have married one{instead of the american}lol! lol!….but apartheid decades ago was DEADLY… NO MERCY entire government was NOT ready for someone like me….he must be an architect by now if NOT the owner of that construction company his parents owned when in europe at that time….really looking forward to see ALL of you in this pampanga philippines hot air balloon festival in 2009 like an old families we used to but of different international groups….finally you can all personally meet each{same old local family address}misses you all so keep reading this our awesome planet sites just in case pampanga’s hot air balloon festival has schedule changes just the same & thanks….cil

  2. My husband and I also went through a similar search for the most appropriate school when we first had our first child. We went to Waldorf and researched on other non-traditional methods of education. If you are looking for a progressive not traditional school, I would also recommend Maria Montessori Children’s School Foundation. This is the original montessori school that used to be in Pasay but is now in Merville. It is one of the very few Montessori schools that really adhere to the principles of the Montessori education. Our son who is now 8 and our daughter who is 4 are both enrolled in this school and they really love it there. What I like most about the school is how they encourage children to become independent, teaching them life skills and molding them to be individuals who have the passion for learning and discovery. The school will have its annual open house on Jan 25, from 8-11am and you may want to check it out.

  3. ….as an asian american….some of my hopes & dreams is like riding a hot air balloon….where i can fly high anywhere so i could see everything….if not the whole world at least 90% of it which i believed i personally represent
    believing there must be hopes for those 90% to keep dreaming….it will take time for any body to lift to overhaul such heavily deteriorating world-planet to a new healthier sustainable happier world…it needs examples to show the world that impossibles are possible….just a matter of perseverance patience and more hopes for a better sustainable healthier happier wiser cleaner enviromentally wealthier harmonious world called planet earth….i want to create-buy my own striking orange & white hot air balloon in 2009 so i can just fly with adventurous enough friends around the world any time possible with just one phone call away each expecting them to stand by in any large lawns may it be in china-asia europe africa pacific down under americas etc.etc. big enough where i can semi low mid air park the hot air balloon so they can just HOP in without the troubles of parking it lol!….so we can watch & witness first hands all problems we can gather from high above so we can fix prevent or stop them….so we can pass along what’s wrong with the world without blaming anyone but FIND real solutions real answers NOT wait many years JUST to create set up trapped blamed anyone for malicious powerplays economic selfish reasons{just like world history’s american foreign policy games & tricks or other countries crimes}kaya dapat asia continent o pilipinas worked very hard to bring down your national crimes under 1% education at awareness programs lang naman yan eh….let’s hope gifted people are born gifted for a reason….if gifted people are prevented-threatened so they could not help in preventing social ills catastrophies chaos massive disasters around the world….then there is no reason for NATURE to even create them….to even bring them into existence….just like hopes in what air hot balloons can offer delivers if it can help see the world from above….that would be like….a making a creation of different kinds of gifted individuals getting personnal first hand views answers&questions ideas solutions to any kinds of world problems….that would be one great unexpected additional non science fiction dreams hopes and coming from far away but worth trying-experimenting pampanga festival…..future’s good & best example is from….a beautiful smiling friendly creative imaginative humble philippines with more than 7,100,00 islands combined lol!….kaya lets’hope & pray it will be one big huge successful hot air balloon experience lol! and thank you philippines for a NEW hope for a new better world future sana nga diyos ko naman sobrang mababait at very loving pa naman ang karamihan ng mga filipinos i kow that naman for sure….

  4. hi anton im interest in joining the 12th annual Philippine Balloon fiesta…. if I may ask can we be ble to try to ride in one of the balloon?hehehe

  5. ….wow!….i heard this year philippines air force{pampanga}hot air balloons rides is gonna be really super big lol!….i heard so many international well to do countries will be participating WOW!….i will miss this years fun….i won’t be able to see the MOST talked about most exciting most awaited event which is ‘asia’s’ if not the WORLD’S best open BIKINI competition i heard about those johnnie walker’s & other well to do international countries sponsorships in so many fun and maybe Wild car racing para sailing hand gliding sky jumping and so many public entertainments open streets competitions like dancings group games competitions WOW!….in between air shows….to all my ‘gorgeous nieces’ & nephews around the world if you are browsing why not bring all your best bikinis we all wear in europe and show ‘ asia’s ‘{pampanga’s}best or the world how our families children are born physically & mentally lucky or should i say ‘miracles’ instead coz they never had a need to have any kind of artificial beauty surgeries lol!….oh and stay away from any troubles like from{disturb contestants-viewers}lol!….feb.8 2008 must be a day to remember i hope we can do much better in 2009 lol!…..

  6. ….what i hope to see in 2009 hot air balloon rides:….besides the air shows gliders jumpers flyers kites balloons….i want to see horse race 20 minutes after hot air balloons take off chasing that direction- animal racings of different kinds{carabao dog cat}with winners prizes-different levels of fashion{hair photography haute coutore}shows….baby ladies teens & senior citizens beauty pageants with winning prizes to talk excite us about lol!….lots of parlor games track n fields varieties of open field sports competitions spread in all corners like baseball volleyball softball badminton wrestling weightliftings varieties of self defense tourneys spread to help vacuum ONE corner only traffics….the largest open bikini and separate bathing suits competitions to spice the long days…. drawings caricatures acrylic painters on sites open street musical instruments exhibitions….all types of gourmet food exhibitions…. hundred different food & buffet tents lots of balloons & pink cotton candies….talent competitions car racing car shows will be the final touch of the festivities…..

  7. ….remember….pictures are windows of our lives….means….do not forget to bring your best cameras & lots of films lol….bring swimwears folding chairs coolers hats sunglasses
    sun tan oil lotions paper facial masks{dusts}pocket size binoculars credit cards beware of pickpocketers{place some small cash inside your mini socks-shoes}beware of opportunists-scammers always check credentials in details & confirm….
    don’t forget your phone calling cards cell pens & mini note pads phones personnal-business calling cards necklace-I.D.’s & other emergency necessities so enjoy those sashaying ladies & manly but cute smiling guys besides the hot air balloons & sports-talents activities around you….have fun lol….

  8. ….yes….it is best NOT to bring your own food even if you can….kasi you need to appreciate acknowledge and welcome again & again those food gourmets who are also your activities-events supporters….food gourmets & others rental fees are your backbones in creating yearly hot air balloon events….and all other events lol….

  9. hi may i please know the details for the next tour?i would like to join the next event. thank you. love ur site btw. =)

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