Frank Kern – Mass Control

Strategic Profits Live Day 2-5-2
Frank Kern is now my Internet Marketing Idol! He is so cool and he gave a “weird” presentation on CORE IDENTITY on how to effortlessly market and influence people. ( Sorry, I know this might be a weird incoherent post. )

Money Goals are not important and should not be your top most priority. What is important is to paint a picture of what your perfect day would look like. This day reflects the certain lifestyle that is centered on our passions, a happy family life and our legacy. This is your CORE Identity and the more you align yourself on the CORE identity, the happier you will be. Once you identified and attained your CORE Identity, help other people who has a similar CORE identity and guide them to reach the lifestyle they want to live.

Strategic Profits Live Day 2-11
Thanks Frank Kern for sharing with us your Jenius Internet Marketing stuff. I must admit the entire conference was raving about his presentation. Please see an excerpt on the conference:

New Beginnings! Strategic Profits Live 2008 Blog

9 thoughts on “Frank Kern – Mass Control

  1. ….why sorry might be incoherent post?….do you know that i prefer most of the time those who are not so perfect or sounding too professionally ‘rehearsh’ or sounding overly ‘flaky’….this man is working trying to do ‘impossible’ things….one need not be as exactly good as the others in a perfect ‘rehearsh’ charismatic charms….what matters is trying to do a good job the best way they can….meaning they are out there bravely courageously doing ‘public speaking’ meaning i like this man anton….but this does’nt mean i do not like the other ones….it only means that they are doing great fine on their own level of ‘rehearsh’ experiences-charisma lol!….we need to be supportive of people like this man who is a ‘naturalist’and willing to try….my spirit is with this courageous man lol….

  2. ….lol!….pay attention to this total ‘awesome’ MASS CONTROL by europeans sense of humor lol!….we americans{born locally immigrants migrants whatever coming from all races religions gender etc.}filipinos in particular i ‘thought’are the funniest craziest most humurous people in this planet lol!….but i was wrong lol! lol!….i just found out that the EUROPEANS had just ‘outranked’ or eliminated the whole world as the ‘funniest’ with ‘outmost’ extra ordinary ‘sense of humor lol! lol!….ALL you have to do is check ALL european countries best at most ‘prestigeous’ musical talent competitions called EUROVISION 2008….THE BEST RESULT IF YOU WANNA HAVE A LOT OF FUN SEE RUSSIA’S ENTRY FIRST THEN COMPARE IT TO SPAIN & IRELAND’S entries in ‘particular’ lol!….to win this prestigious one in a lifetime winner chance to make it even bigger in musical world of arts & entertainments….YOU MUST LISTEN CAREFULLY & SEE THE EXPRESSIONS OF THE COMPETITIONS JUDGES thank you lol! lol!….

  3. lots of youtube eurovision 2008 viewers said they’ll kill themselves some are threatening of changing their citizenship some will be moving out of the country not because it’s easter but if some particular songs wins lol!

  4. Hi Anton,
    I’m happy for you having to attend that conference. Actually I’m envious. Haha. I’m glad that you can impart your learnings in this blog. I’m going over Frank Kern’s new course myself and it’s overwhelming. Rich Schefren is equally brilliant in his videos too. For 2008 I really want to get serious in mapping out a business online. I’ve been in the sidelines for so long. Hope we could chat over coffee sometime. I don’t know any Filipino Internet Marketers (genuine kind). As you said there are many sharks out there. You may send me an email. Good day!

  5. Hi Anton, I just realized you made a post about Frank Kern in OAP. Thanks for sharing it here. His video was indeed very enlightening.
    And…you actually attended the conference pala talaga? Nice pose with Frank Kern.

  6. I love to explore I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

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