Hotel Kimberly and Little Souls – A Peaceful Escape in Tagaytay

rache Away for a Quiet Weekend

Hotel Kimberley, Tagaytay-3-2

I would recommend Hotel Kimberly if you are looking for a quiet escape in Tagaytay away from the hustle and bustle of the Tagaytay Ridge. This 4 star hotel is located 3 km away from the main Tagaytay ridge road. Once you see the Korean Resto Neul Boom Garden along the main road, turn to Amadeo road and drive for 5 mins to the hotel.

Its location is surrounded by subdivision which gives it a provincial feel. It targets couples who want a secluded escape and families with kids who want a peaceful existence. The place is conducive for relaxing and we slept most of the time with Syoti and Aidan.

Aidan loved the playground and wanted to try the swimming pool but it was too cold. Overall, the food is just OK so you would see people only eating in the restaurant because of the free breakfast included with the stay. I like the zen and modern feel of the rooms and specially the lobby! The best part of your stay in Hotel Kimberly is the super warm service of the 100% Filipino staff!

Thanks to Hotel Kimberly for a relaxing stay!

Hotel Kimberley, Tagaytay
We got a twin deluxe room that can comfortable accommodate 4 people. The bed, TV, shower are all new. They are still waiting for wifi to be available in the rooms. There is no complimentary water so make sure to bring some.

Hotel Kimberley, Tagaytay-5
We love the high celing lobby with the accent lights! It is so cool to hang out in this lobby with Aidan.

Hotel Kimberley, Tagaytay-5-2
The original plan is to go swimming but it was too cold in Tagaytay. I wonder how can other people enjoy this swimming pool ever since they opened.

Hotel Kimberley, Tagaytay-4
This is the view of the hotel from the Gazebo area. I can imagine that this would be nice for a wedding reception.

Hotel Kimberley, Tagaytay-2-2
Aidan owned the playground that day. This is a very good idea for kids.

Hotel Kimberley, Tagaytay-7
The service size of the breakfast was disappointing and nothing to rave about.

Hotel Kimberley, Tagaytay-10 Hotel Kimberley, Tagaytay-4-2
I love going out with Aidan on a road trip like this. How I wish syoti Josh can walk already so that we can play together with Aidan.

Little Souls
Here is a tip when you stay in Hotel Kimberly. Make sure to visit the Peach Sister in the Little Souls Chapel. Read the story of this church from Maan’s Pilgrim site below. Always remember to attend the 10am Sunday Mass in this church. The Little Souls Convent and Chapel is located after the MAHOGANY MARKET. Actually turn right after the Mater Dei Academy on Mahogany Avenue. (See here for the location map)

Little Souls Convent and the Sacred Crucifix from Belgium

Little Souls Sisters
Order of Little Souls of the Merciful Heart of Jesus
( Healing Holy Oil from the Sacred Crucifix is available at the convent)
Telephone Number: +63 46 860 1619, +63 2 809 2409
Mon to Friday 6pm
Sunday 10am
Saturday 10am and

Hotel Ki

Brgy Kaybagal, Amadeo Road, Tagaytay City
(632) 521-1888; (632) 526-4957

14 thoughts on “Hotel Kimberly and Little Souls – A Peaceful Escape in Tagaytay

  1. Wow the hotel looks lovely!
    would you know how much is the room there for around 2pax ? if not how much did you spend for your room. Thanks!

  2. Place looks really pretty!! It’s good to know that there are more options for accomodations these days!!
    Regards to Rache, Adian and Syoti!

  3. hi anton!! we’ll be staying at hotel kimberly during the holy week so your entry is just perfect timing! 🙂 as usual, thankieee! 🙂

  4. Hi Anton! Stayed there last weekend! I agree, the place IS a quiet escape. I love that the hotel is off the main road. The lobby is beautiful. I wish I had more time to actually sit on the lobby couches. Haha. The rooms are well appointed too. Don’t you just love the shower?! The food can be better though, but heck there’s so many good places to eat in in Tagaytay anyway! Overall, had a good good weekend 🙂

  5. Hey anton, great post! And you’re right! It’s a perfect place to stay if you want peace from the ramblings of the city !!! I love my stay here and it’s great for the coming Holy Week.
    I love the food!!!!

  6. Thank you for including us in your website.Please correct the directions. The Little Souls Convent and Chapel is located after the MAHOGANY MARKET. Actually turn right after the Mater Dei Academy on Mahogany Avenue.
    God bless you,
    Soeur Marie Rose

  7. Thank you for including us in your website.Please correct the directions. The Little Souls Convent and Chapel is located after the MAHOGANY MARKET. Actually turn right after the Mater Dei Academy on Mahogany Avenue.
    God bless you,
    Soeur Marie Rose

  8. I also had a great weekend there last week and I must say, it was a great escape! the place is magnificent with its serenity and minimalist theme. we were able to swim–can’t believe we got through the cold! but you’re right about the food, they can do something about their selection and serving size, but it wasn’t bad at all. what I liked most about this hotel is their uber friendly and thoughtful staff and their quick and accurate service. they are very prompt. I will definitely go back again and again! SUPER SULIT! =)

  9. We stayed there this weekend. Entering the hotel, it was great and the receiptionist was very accomodating. They even had stuff for rent for free, such as board games, dvds, books, etc.
    There was even free welcome drinks available, and free breakfast. The pool was great and playgound was nice.
    It was all just perfect, including the price (around 4,000 ish, since we got a 10% discount since we opted not to get the free dinner).
    One thing just happened that night. The area got brownout around 1am, while we were playing monopoly. since i do understand that electricity uptime is not 100%, it is the responsibility of the hotel to assume this. we were very dissatisfied that the whole night, there was no electricity. we slept with the windows open (there are bugs in the area). we took a cold shower knowing that there is no heater available. we werent able to finish the dvd we were watching nor the monopoly game we were playing.
    i believe that it should be the responsibility of the hotel to provide a generator at times like this, knowing that its a 4 star hotel. according to the management, they were working on fixing the generator. electricity began when we were just about to checkout, at 12noon the next day.
    the manager gave us another extra 10%, of which i would have expected a little bit more knowing the inconvenience it caused.
    i would give it two thumbs up IF they offered more of a discount than that. everything was almost perfect already, even including the price.

  10. We just arrived from Hotel Kimberly. We spent our Christmas holiday there.
    Yes, upon our arrival last Christmas eve, everyone was so accomodating, and very warm. They did have a very courteous “welcome team”.
    And since they were so friendly and warm, we decided to have our Christmas dinner over at the Cafe.
    We arrived at around 7 in the evening. I told the girl over at the counter to please set-up a table for 9. It took them around ten to twenty minute before they started to actually set up our table. So, around 7:30, we gave our order and waited. It was beyond 8 o’clock when soup arrived, around 8:30. Main dish started arriving before 9 in the evening. We started to become disappointed as we didn’t expect it would take so long for food to arrive.
    My cousins ordered “Shirley Temple” for their drinks, it’s something like the Strawberry Fizz at KFC. It was already 9pm and they were the only ones who didn’t have their drinks. We followed it up to the waitress. And her reply was: “Sir, hindi po available yung Shirley Temple namin” We were then very agitated. They should have told us way way earlier about it. It was almost two hours after the order when they informed us about it. I was personally very very irritated at that time.
    We finished our dinner, finally. However, we didn’t get to finish it as how we wanted our Christmas dinner to be. In the vernacular, “nawalan na lang kami ng gana, kahihintay..mula sa uupuan namin, hanggang sa pagkain hanggang sa iinumin, na hindi naman pala available din!”
    What angered my parents, uncles, aunts, uncle, and grandmother, was that the other table, who only waited in their table for about half an hour, and who arrived much later than us, nearly finished their dinner when our soup had just arrived.
    Service at Hotel Kimberly, with exception to that dinner, was okay. However, it may take a long time before I consider visiting the place again.

  11. We went to Kimberly Tagaytay last weekend. At first, akala namin kami lang ang nag-check in pero it turns out dami palang families din. All hotel employees were very friendly and accommodating. Nag-night swimming kami, ang ganda ng ambiance kasi they have christmas lights na rin. They were also serving beers and ihaw ihaw by the pool that is very affordable. We are planning to stay there again either in Dec or Jan to avail their promo.
    When in Tagaytay, I would also recommend the burgers in Army/Navy besides Yellow Cab Pizza. Sarap!
    On our way home, we passed by The Little Souls Convent. It reminds me of Pink Sisters Convent in Baguio. We prayed for awhile then went home.

  12. the hotel looks promising.. looks very nice, the breakfast was not so good though. i totally agree with gilly about the army navy burgers.. soooo good! the fries so thin yet so delicious. i ate the steak burrito and at a price of 155, it’s worth it and good enough for dinner.

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