My IKEA Valentines — Blog Writing Contest For a Cause!

IKEA Philippines-6
IKEA PH and Our Awesome Planet present:
My IKEA Valentines Blog Writing Contest For a Cause!

IKEA PH is an importer of quality IKEA products and they source most of their stuff from IKEA in China. I know of 2-3 IKEA importers but IKEA PH provides the best reasonable prices out there. If they don’t have it locally, you can order from the IKEA catalog and they would make sure to bring it in their next shipment. They have a small showroom store in 120 Kamias, Quezon City but you can see most of their inventory at

1. Write a blog post on the theme: Why I love IKEA!
2. Put the following links inside your blog post:
IKEA linked to
Valentines linked to
3. Put a comment on this post linking your official blog post entry.
4. Deadline for entries will be on February 29, 2008!

Throughout the duration of the Blog Writing Contest, all Friends of Our Awesome Planet are entitled to a 5% discount at IKEA Philippines.
For each purchase, an additional 5% will be donated to Kythe in your name!

Eugene Enriquez of IKEA Philippines
Rache Diaz of Mrs Awesome Planet

IKEA Philippines-3 1st Prize: Uplighter (P980).

IKEA Philippines-2 2nd Prize. Collage Photo Frame (P350). (rightmost side photo frame)

IKEA Philippines 3rd Prize. Rajtan Spice Jars (P150)

IKEA Philippines Discount Coupon
Additional 5% is donated to Kythe in your name!

IKEA Philippines-4
One of the bestsellers in IKEA Ph is this flexible cutting board.
IKEA Philippines-5
Another bestseller is the Reading Lamp and Uplighter combination (middle of the photo) which sells for only P1,250.
IKEA Philippines-7
IKEA Philippines

Our showroom is located at 120 Kamias Road, QC.

We are open Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 7pm, weekdays from 8am to 5pm.

Kindly email us at or text 0920-9276514 for inquiries. Thanks!

30 thoughts on “My IKEA Valentines — Blog Writing Contest For a Cause!

  1. ….i love writing mini love essays….but i can’t this year….i have to close my heart temporarily….i will not celebrate 2008 valentine’s day coz of harrassments to some of my decades old friends coz of my beliefs writings my e-mails my thoughts my ideas….so i lost some of my decades old friendship i learned just now…thanks to political & religious divide created by americans by those in highest powers for past decades now but who recieved & will recieve more donations political support for doing so decade ago….hopefully next year valentines day will be sweeter for a lot of people{americans too}around the world including mine lol….

  2. ….thank you IKEA….i still have my family IKEA card from decade ago….coz my family{my boys especially}was a frequent customer in their top level delicious gourmet restaurant….best prime ribs we had in that u.s. state….now i am craving for it lol!….

  3. just curious. I didn’t know we had an Ikea Philippines. is this a licensed franchise holder? or they just bought some stuff and resold it here?

  4. Sorry for the confusion. Nobody has the franchise holder of IKEA at the moment. Most of them are importers of IKEA which means they bought some stuff and resell here at the moment.

  5. sorry but your info is confusing! it gives the impression that ikea has a store now in Philippine. I immediately checked the link… i thought i could ask my brother over there to buy stuff for me assuming that the prices are way cheaper! but it’s more expensive than here in u.s.! reading other people’s comments, i just realized these are resell items… but thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. Medyo naconfuse ako sa contest rules – does it mean only those who have blog account can join the contest? Coz if you are not, you can not do a blog entry right? Unless, we can post an entry on this comment section of your blog. Hmm.

  7. Oooohh. This is cool. I totally love Ikea, so I’m joining. Here’s a link to my entry:
    The required links aren’t highlighted (sorry, still having some CSS problems) but they’re rendered in a different font. Anyway, I hope I win. I want that uplighter or at least the spice jars for my mom.

  8. hey anton! off-topic, but do you know the official schedule of the world pyrolympics 2008? There seems to be 2 skeds floating around.

  9. I hope they can have an IKEA store in the Philippines. I’ve been to the one in Singapore and I was really impressed by the wide range of “smart” things that they have. I used to think that IKEA is all about home furnishings but I was amazed at their line of baby toys that stimulate development and a whole heap of other stuff that are well designed.

  10. Oh wow, that’s a flagrant case of misrepresentation. When you call your store Ikea Philippines, you are giving the impression that you ARE Ikea (The Ikea) in the Philippines. They’ve even appropriated for their use an obvious copy of the trademark logo and colours!
    Tsk tsk!

  11. A flyer of “Ikea Philippines” found its way on our front door and I got confused as well I thought Ikea had actually opened shop in the Philippines.

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