Rich Schefren’s Important Elements of A Maven

Strategic Profits Live Day 1-3-2
Richard Schefren has offline built, run and sold multimillion dollar businesses in the fashion industry, music industry and the hypnosis industry. He currently has over 70 niche specific product sites, and has orchestrated teleseminars with marketers like Jay Abraham,and John Carlton. Currently, Rich maintains an elite marketing coaching program, where many of today’s top Internet Marketers and service providers are among his clientele.

Rich opened the conference with inspiring us Internet Marketers to be the Maven — the friend and expert who leads and provides value to the market. One of the key messages of his speech was being different is greater than being better in this attention age. Rich inspired the people that you can be whoever you want to be …. with PRACTICE! He also shared the big idea and strategy behind the FREE reports that he has been releasing into the market. Below is a preview of his speech. It was very powerful and for me it was the highlight of the Day 1 of the Main Event.

Conference Update: 2 Important Elements Of A Maven

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