[Flavors of La Salle] Do you remember Garaje?

rache Garaje

We have always wondered what happened to our favorite Garaje turo turo place in La Salle. Garaje was the favorite food hang out place for DLSU engineering back then and most student raved about that place in the 1990s. Fast forward to 2000, it already moved to a nearby location where there are no signs and you can only see a small door beside a sari sari store. We actually got lost and had to call a few folks to give us direction. This place gave us an idea to do a series on restaurants/ food places around the La Salle area that is worth blogging about.


We lived in the Malate area near DLSU, so we decided to have our family lunch in Garaje. Rache was still pregnant with Josh but this did not stop us from reminiscing our college days ignited by the Garaje food.

I think this is Aidan’s first taste of a turo turo place and we asked him to order for us.

Inside Garaje, are rows of tables where students can hangout and watch Eat Bulaga or Wowowee. I love the ambiance of this place, reminds me of our childhood home in Chrysanthemum, Laguna.

The favorite dish in Garaje was Inihaw na Liempo. For all our meal with drinks, we only paid less than P200.

I love eating in a turo-turo place that has a reputation and history. We love Garaje πŸ™‚

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  1. Aidan’s soooo cute! Your son really know how to pose for a shot. hahaha…
    I also eat in turo-turo, but never with some friends because they don’t. I never thought you eat in turo-turo/point-point!

  2. Of course!!! Jeez, blast from the past, Anton. My fave then was their fried chicken. Homestyle! Libre pa ba ang soup?

  3. I love Garaje’s liempo! There’s another one near the Gokongwei Bldg and has sisig as their best-seller but I forgot the name already πŸ™‚ The last time I checked they already moved in the residential tower which is also beside Gokongwei Bldg.

  4. Hey Anton. Ü There’s another hangout for students near DLSU. Rap yung name ng resto. I don’t exactly know what street are they on, basta it’s the one right across ENG gate. I think katabi siya ng Sinangag Express, another new addition. Try it when you have the time. Ü
    Love Aidan’s pictures. Ü
    God bless+ Ü

  5. I never thought it was spelled as Garaje. All this time akala ko Garahe lang lol. But I enjoyed their liempo and ate it with 2 cups of rice and fried egg. Boy, was I a growing girl engineering student then!

  6. oh!! i love garaje!! i used to eat one order of liempo with two cups of rice too like dc. girl… metabolism was on our side then!!! lol. grabe nakaka miss ang dlsu!! all the new places to eat there!! sigh… this makes me want to be a student again.

  7. I miss DLSU! I miss Garaje, and the taco salad at Agno, and the sisig at Kaibigan’s (the old one) πŸ™ those were the (best) days..
    “I love the ambiance of this place, reminds me of our childhood home in Chrysanthemum, Laguna.”
    .. and who woud’ve thought you grew up here, haha! πŸ™‚

  8. I miss Garaje’s barbeque and liempo with 2 cups of rice! They have the best food and cheap too. And where else can you dine with a clothesline right above you and a washing machine nearby hahaha

  9. OMG! I miss my college days tuloy πŸ™‚ lagi kme sa Garahe (Garaje) and Kaibigan (tawag namin dun dati “Friends” LOL)This blog made me smile πŸ˜€ teehee

  10. oh my gosh! garaje! how can I forget? i miss their liempo already. and oh, the place has improved ha compared to before (1995) na garage talga sila. hehehe!

  11. I think they have the best liempo… i remember the days when rache, me and the barkada would go there for lunch and go back to the classroom smelling like smoke! This post makes me go back to the good old college days πŸ™‚
    By the way wala na ba yung parrot nila?

  12. Naalala ko na, Kaibigan yong kainan na may masarap sa sisig. Saka nabanggait din ni Jeicubs earlier. Dalawang araw ko iniisip kung ano ang name hehehehhe….
    Remember Bun on the Run? Tapos naging Gary’s na specialty nila ay beef stew? it’s so nice to relive those days!

  13. awww i miss garaje. yung sisig na may itlog at mayonnaise (sinful, but yummy!)
    i also remember g202 (or was it 201?) smelling like garaje after lunch. back then it was too bad we had the 1:00am slot πŸ™

  14. hi anton! i think the sisig place they’re talking about is kaibigan πŸ™‚ di ba masarap talaga sisig dun, at madami pa? andun pa ba? why don’t you try it next time? πŸ™‚

  15. Garaje, Kaibigan, Agno & Tolits, Seat-In, Green Place πŸ™‚
    Those were the days!
    Bun on the Run? There’s one in Trinoma
    I think these places are also worth the try:
    Mang Jimmy’s, Bulaluhan sa Ramirez and AYSEE’s in Pasig. Very much like Garaje but it’s worth the money πŸ™‚

  16. it’s only in agno where i tasted sisig with mayo. grabe. i miss the food. i heard there’s no more streetfoods at the stretch of agno. is it true? i miss the taco salad, P20 siomai meal, footlong and the other foods they sell there. i miss college!

  17. hi anton πŸ™‚
    of course i remember garaje
    i love their liempo πŸ™‚
    very affordable too
    i also wonder how they’re doing now πŸ™‚

  18. hi,
    been reading your blog because I’m coming from San Francisco. What’s the address of garaje? i’m putting together an itinerary for 8 days in and around manila. thanks for all the insider info. I haven’t been to PI since 1989…

  19. nakakamiss garahe. liempo, bbg, at maling na mura. hehe
    puro nga eng! hehe. layo nga naman sa CBE to. ayaw naman ng mga CLA. haha.
    @anne, sa green place yung sisig na may mayo

  20. oh, memories! i super love garaje’s liempo!!
    did you try the place where they serve lamb chops and steaks? i forgot the name, but it used to be inside one of the parking lots. πŸ™‚

  21. Haha! Grabe, dami memories sa garaje! me and my ME classmates used to have lunch there almost everyday, until we found out about SCC (cheap and yummy tapsilog), it’s along leon guinto, near kolehiyo (the billiards place). I should visit this place again. Are they open weekends?
    Have you tried Ulo-ulo (turo turo din sya), the one near Mindano avenue, QC. You should try that also.

  22. miss ko na rin liempo ng garahe!! at sisig sa kaibigan; kikiam ni tolits; korean, pocket porkchop, mashed potatoes, at PINK gulaman ng tinitinda ng mga bading sa agno; tacos; footlong (na pinapahati sa dalawa); isaw; si mang simon sa GC (gox canteen); at triple sandwich sa CC (na naging c squared na naging Z squared na hndi ko na lam ngayon kung ano tawag! hehe). haay… kakamiss! sarap magfoodtrip sa agno!

  23. Hi, not to steal the thunder from any of the restos you’ve visited in your Flavors of La Salle entries…I’m sure they’re all great, I’ve actually tried a few of them…
    You can also check out RICE: taft ave. located at Sherwood Place next time you visit the area.
    try the Spicy Honey Garlic Chicken with your choice of flavored rice…
    nice ambiance, nice place, nice hangout place of students…lunch time is always packed with people
    value for money, nice portions…
    thanks anton!

  24. hehe..i am from CBE and me and my friends, dinadayo pa namin talaga Garaje!miss the good ol’ days!!

  25. Wow garahe! We used to eat liempo and/or pork bbq with double or triple rice back then hehehe! With extra egg on the side pa! … I also miss yun nakakahilo na lamb chops sa beach, if i remember it correctly it just cost around 80 bucks back in 1999 for lamb chops, 2 rice, 1 softdrink and may mint jelly pa hehehe!

  26. Thanks for sharing these photos. I have not been to DLSU since November 2000. Something today reminded me of Garaje so I searched online and saw your photos. Rice, liempo, toyo, suka, and sili. Perfect meal.

  27. Wow, I missed La Salle with this post.
    They totally renovated Agno and I think it’s now called “Park Square”
    I miss Ate Ems, Garaje’s, Eric’s Siomai and Pongkizzles’ chicken strips and calamares!
    Rap’s is also very good. And yes, it’s just straight ahead from the Eng Gate. Their food is nice and it’s beside SEx so if you ever get tired of SEx you always have an alternative. :p

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