10 Awesome Experiences in Batad, Banaue


Don’t miss these 10 awesome experiences in Batad!

Batad Sunrise

1. Sunrise in Batad. You can wake up early at around 5.30-6.00am. It takes time for the sun to rise because of the mountains. The rice terraces is alive when the sun shines on the rice fields. The angled lighting gives it a very interesting color perfect for photography.

Saying Goodbye to Batad-12

2. Romeo’s Antique Ifugao Collections. You must go and check out the Ifugao Antique collections in Rita’s Inn. The husband Romeo is the host and he will entertain you. Don’t forget to go inside his ifugao hut and get to see his antique collection. An antique ifugao weave bags is sold for P15,000 or more.

Saying Goodbye to Batad-40

3. Wooden Scooters of Banaue. On our way to the main viewpoint, some kids are practicing on their wooden scooters in time for the competition. Since most of the people in Banaue are carvers, they were able to create a scooter purely from wood. It is very interesting to see these scooters in action.

Tapiya Falls-13

4. Picnic in Tapiya Falls. JP, Ben and Roland were kind enough to organize a lunch picnic for us at the Tapiya falls. They had to bring rice and fried chicken all the way down from Hillside Inn. They also cooked Itag for us to add a local flavor to the menu.

Tapiya Falls-24

5. Swimming in the cold waters of Tapiya falls. The current in the waters are very strong. It is very rocky so it is advisable to wear your sandals or aqua socks. The water is also very cold. Despite all these, swimming in the waters near the falls is one of the priceless experiences in the Philippines.

Exploring Batad-7

6. Having breakfast or lunch with a magnificent view of the Batad Rice Terraces.  I miss this scene already and I can’t adequately describe how priceless this scene is.

Saying Goodbye to Batad-33

7. The P1,000 peso shot.  Don’t forget to visit the main viewpoint in the main Banaue town. The rice terraces are massive in this area!

Saying Goodbye to Batad-21

8. Trekking with friends. Batad is a bonding session with friends and family. I joined a tour group and after the trip we share a special bond with each other.

The Village of Batad-26

9. Holding Hands While Walking in the Terraces and Singing “I’m on the top of Top of the World.” You should go with your love one for you to experience this.

The Village of Batad-21

10. Meeting the People of Batad. They usually don’t like pictures. You have to interact and get to know them before they will allow you to take their pictures. The Ifugao culture is very interesting and I can’t wait to go back.

3 thoughts on “10 Awesome Experiences in Batad, Banaue

  1. OAP #9 Awesome Experience in Batad, Banaue: “Holding Hands While Walking in the Terraces and Singing “I’m on the top of Top of the World”… ay ang sweet naman! hehe! …i definitely recommend this for slow-moving people like me who are very afraid of falling down those steep terraces or who are about to give up kasi pagod na pagod na from the hike …holding hands with your loved one while he sings happy songs instantly makes the trek so much easier and happier 😉 …thanks for capturing the moment Anton! 😉

  2. Hi! Anton, Our Batad Photo Expedition is one of my memorable experience in the cool mountains of Batad,especially with new found friends ,like you and of course , made more memorable with my son , Dan..Thnaks to Michelle and Arnel, JP and Ben, and the rest of the Toploaders and Rainwalkers..Mabuhay!..
    Boy Kaw

  3. hi anton! i thought it was you that we saw at Batad last labor day weekend. We were also at the Hillside Inn. The Batad rice terraces are really majestic and you were able to capture them in your photos. It was unfortunate we were not able to see Tapiya Falls. But it was a great experience just being there. 🙂

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