[Bolinao] Puerto del Sol – The Place to be in Bolinao

Bolinao Escape-15
Bolinao is 50+ kilometers away (approximately 1 hour drive) from 100 Islands in Pangasinan. After traveling for 300+ kilometers (approx. 9 hours drive 4-5 hours via shortcut )from Manila, you should see both places to maximize your trip to Pangasinan.

For me, the main attraction of Bolinao is its unique sunset. This is the only place where you feel you are so close to the sun that you can touch it. The illusion is created by the low tide area which extends all the way to the horizon. It is a very romantic scene and a perfect time to propose to your special someone.

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The most popular place in Bolinao is Puerto del Sol. This is the place to be when you are in Bolinao. They have a signature floating hut where you can hang-out during sunset. Also, their beach area is the best among all of the resorts I’ve been to. I love their Cafe del Sol restaurant.

Bolinao Escape-11Bolinao Escape-7
Aidan and syoti Josh enjoy the Bolinao Sunset from Puerto del Sol’s floating hut.

Bolinao Escape-33
The beach is so low that you cannot really swim in Bolinao’s beaches.

Bolinao Escape-31
A closer look of the beach…

Bolinao Escape-16
Puerto del Sol enjoys the best beach area among all the other resorts.


Bolinao Escape-6
Puerto del Sol Promo Rates – It is very expensive but worth it. The price is inclusive of breakfast.

Mansion Villa (Deluxe Rooms) – Php 4,200 (2 pax)
Spacious two-storey building done in the Mediterranean style. Each unit has two double beds with individual balconies.

Bahay Kubo (Premier Suites) – Php 6,500 (2 pax)
Two-storey single detached units named after homey Filipino native dwelling place. The ground level has spacious open-air living and dining area. Bedroom is on the second level with a king-size bed and veranda facing the turf.

Casitas (Family Suites) – Php 9.100 (4 pax)
Two bedroom detached units which can accommodate up to four people with living and dining area. It has an all glass wall with sliding doors, giving you a view of the South China Sea.

Nipa Hut – Php 2,100
Fourteen detached units which can accommodate up to maximum of four to five guests, an open air ambiance accented with curtains for guests to enjoy the luxury of relaxing serene surroundings of the resort.

Family Room – Php 7,500
A dormitory style accommodation that has a seven single bunk bed in each room perfect for the family, students or company outings traveling together.

Extra Person – Php 980

Bolinao Escape-3
We stayed on the second floor mansion villa. We were surprised to find a nice room with a cute veranda in the province of Pangasinan. Rooms are fully air-conditioned, with mini-ref, and 21-inch colored TV with Satellite cable. Our only complaint was the poor location of the air-conditioning unit.

Bolinao Escape-34
Here is the sunrise view of Puerto del Sol’s swimming pool from the second floor veranda. The resort’s centerpiece is the adult swimming pool, kiddie pool and outdoor jacuzzi.
Puerto del Sol
Beach Resort and Hotel Club
Brgy. Ilog Malino, Bolinao, Pangasinan

Manila Sales Office
G/F Renaissance Tower, Meralco Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City
Telephone# +632 637 8963. +632 635-2547
Email: info@puertodelsol.com.ph
Website: www.puertodelsol.com.ph

Bolinao Escape-26
I was surprised to have a restaurant in Bolinao which is at par with the Manila restaurants. The specialty in Pangasinan is the availability of fresh bangus. So, we tried Kare-Kareng Bangus and Stuffed Bangus Belly. We were not that adventurous enough to try the Fruity Bangus. The breakfast that comes with the accommodation was worth it. Although I generally find the Pangasinan bangus thinner than the ones you would see in LZM in Tagaytay.

All Day Dining: Appetizers, Salads, Soup, Main Courses International
From our Vegetable Corner, Pasta and Noodles, Dessert, Sandwich Board and Little Ones
Filipino Dishes: All Time Favorites, Puerto’s House Specialty, From Our Native Soup

Bolinao Escape-25
Kare-Kareng Bangus (P240 + 10% SC). Braised boneless bangus in peanut sauce with eggplant stringbeans and native pechay.

Bolinao Escape-24 Bolinao Escape-23
Stuffed Bangus Belly (P225 + 10% SC). Grilled milk fish belly stuffed with ginger, tomato, bellpepper and onion.

Bolinao Escape-36
ADDANGSILOG. Adobo and Danggit with Garlic Rice and Scrambled Eggs.

Bolinao Escape-35
BALONGSILOG. Bangus and Longganisa with Garlic Rice and Scrambled Eggs.

Another complaint about Puerto del Sol is despite their expensive prices, you don’t get the customer service that you deserve. So, how was your experience in Puerto del Sol?


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

28 thoughts on “[Bolinao] Puerto del Sol – The Place to be in Bolinao

  1. You should have gone to the 3 caves near Puerto del sol (Enchanted Cave is the best cave though) then proceed to the Bolinao Lighthouse and Patar Beach. I was just there last month.

  2. ….lol! baby bro.joshua is soo cute and ohh pictures places here are beautiful strange but suddenly i find these photos color ‘as if’ you came back from somewhere whatever but lovely photos i appreciate them lol wish you can show us that beautiful ‘palanan’ isabela davao negros ilo ilo’little baguio’jungle-forest waterfalls rich ricefield greeneries those hanging bridges local garden forest like parks at cystal clear streams brooks lakes at those ‘state of the art’ hand made colorful bancas local hand crafts hand made local specialty produces my favorite is the state of the art local architectures and musical instruments but truly filipinos also besides local foods-pastries etc. we also like to see photos of state of the art ‘tricycles’ ‘jeepneys’
    ‘kalesa’ ‘kariton’ ‘bayanihan’ system the farming local techniques but ancients like how they pound o grind rice into green ‘pinipig’ o bilo bilo lol how local fishermen ‘dry’ ‘hang’ their catches as tuyo products how villages children collects those sea collectible varieties of shells….how children by the sea majority of them around 9 years old below also ‘toddlers’ dive deep under the ocean seas searching for thrown ship travelers coins or searching for valuable pearls more than 20 feet below the ocean {under water}without any help or without any ‘diving gears’ normally use by expert adults sea divers and military expert divers like the navy anywhere in the world’s ocean floors lol!….i enjoyed those heart gushing heart pounding suspense scarry jaw dropping but extraordinary experiences watching those toddlers dive more than a decade ago can’t wait to see them again lol….

  3. was just there first week of May, and we were disappointed. we didn’t know that it was super low tide. ๐Ÿ™ and the pool was salty. ๐Ÿ˜
    beach was not very inviting. plus it rained that afternoon so no sunset for us. ๐Ÿ˜

  4. was there last april…. didnt enjoy the bolinao trip so much…. plus the fact that we didnt get to go to the caves…. they were closed on a weekend!! wala lang…. kakagulat lang…
    but the pix that we had at the lighthouse was great… ๐Ÿ˜€
    were you able to go to the caves? iv read some good reviews about taking a dip in those caves….

  5. hi! brings back good memories! we had our honeymoon in puerto del sol a couple of years back. ๐Ÿ™‚ btw, great pics!

  6. My family’s from Bolinao and I’m pretty pleased to chance upon this write-up on the beauty that is Bolinao!
    I’m quite a fan of your site and please continue to post! Love your write-ups on resorts and restaurants. Please keep it up! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Isn’t this the place that had a big billboard at the corner of Quirino and Osmeรฑa that had Mariel Rodriguez as the model? The place does look lovely but damn, their rates are just too expensive.

  8. Hi! I just came back from our company outing in Bolinao. We stayed at Treasures of Bolinao, quite a few distance from Puerto Del Sol.

  9. this place is really bad.. i’ve been there once and it was really BAD! all i remember from this place was the flies! they were swarming over our food! it was not worth the drive! lovely pics though anton. ๐Ÿ™‚ btw, they have a decent restaurant now eh.. we used to eat under a big tent and monoblocks.. lol!

  10. I am a missionary from california i have a orphanage in pangasinan and am planning on taking my kids to 100 islands this december. i am a advanced diver and would love the kids to have a experence of diving. i am looking for a divemaster and helper who can supply equipment and tanks and come with us for a few days n teach basic diving (like discover scuba) so the kids can have this joy.
    any help ?
    thanks and god bless
    email me

  11. Hi! We visit puerto del sol and it was a great vacation. they have promos right now, you only have to pay 3900 for a room of four and i can say that it is all worth it. the staff from puerto del sol are all accommodating and the beach is great.

  12. soooooooooooobrang ganda at sooooooobrang babait ng staff sa puerto del sol! what i like most about it is that the place is not crowded. not at all. so very peaceful and relaxing talaga. ang bait bait pa ng manager! =)

  13. whaat..?
    there’s a place like that in pangasinan…?
    of course there is..
    but i haven’t got the chance to see it yet..
    tapos, sa pangasinan pa ako nakatira..
    haha..kawawa naman ako..
    pinoy ako ehh..

  14. My two friends and I just came from Puerto del Sol. We stayed there from 17-21May 2010. The grounds and gardens are well-maintained. Since the weather was soooo hot, the fuschia bougainvilleas were in full bloom and provided shade along the walkways leading to the mansion villas.
    If you plan to be a couch potato during your stay, be forewarned that their cable tv only has only about 8 channels. However, they have 2 in house channels that play dvds of latest movies. When we requested the receptionist to replay a movie (we missed the beginning), she immediately granted our request.
    The staff are friendly and accommodating. Mr Alfred, the restaurant supervisor (I think), even doubles up as the resident cumbanchero, serenading guests during dinner time. Talk about multi-tasking!
    As to the main restaurant – be prepared to pay Manila prices for the food. Their specialty is seafood. Go for the bangus (milkfish) dishes since Pangasinan is famous for its bangus. They also have the usual western food (burgers, pizza, pasta) which is generally okay. Have your meals in the dining area overlooking the sea. It is breezier in that area since the main dining room is not air-conditioned.
    If you are on a budget as far as meals are concerned, you have to go nearer the town proper which is a good 25-30 mins drive from Puerto del Sol. We found 3 decent restos where we managed to spend an average of P150 per meal per person. Adora’s is right beside the St James Church, near the market. It is a decent carinderia open 24 hours and is a popular place with the locals. They serve mainly Pinoy Food. Their pancit bihon is a good bargain. The place is quiet small and can get crowded and hot because it is not air-conditioned.
    Tummy Teasers, along the Arnedo-Balingasay road (the road that leads to all the resorts) also serves good Pinoy food and also has the usual burgers, pizza, pasta. We liked their bottomless iced tea which was made from scratch. If you have kids that cannot be weaned from fast food, bring them to this place. They close quite early (7:30pm), but if you get in before closing time, they will still take your order. The place is also not air-conditioned but they provide each table with an electric fan.
    Panganan Seafood Grill Atbp, also along the Arnedo-Balingasay road and a stone’s throw across Tummy Teasers is another place to get good Pinoy food. From the outside, we thought it was a beer garden but we were mistaken. It just opened after Holy Week so it is very new. It is also not air-conditioned but since the dining area has pawid instead of galvanized iron for the roof, it is relatively cool. There are also constant breezes. Again go for the seafood, especially the bangus. The owner of the resto has a bangus farm so the fish is guaranteed fresh. Their pinakbet is very good as the veggies are fresh also. Go for their bottomless iced tea (Nestea) which is a great bargain for P20.00!!!
    We ate most of our meals outside since the resort charges corkage for food and drinks brought from the outside. Only water and snacks/junk food are allowed. They check your baggage when you enter for “contraband” food stuff.
    The rooms of the resort are generally clean. Same with the bathroom. Our only complaint about the bathroom is that the grab bar in the bathtub/shower area was already coming off, so that was actually an accident waiting to happen. The water from the faucets and shower is also salty it made rinsing off soap and shampoo a little more difficult.
    The swimming pool’s water was surprisingly verrrry hot! It’s like swimming in a heated pool in the middle of summer. But it was not heated. The weather was just sooo hot when we were there so that sun took care heating up the water. We thought the water would’ve cooled down a bit if we swam at night but it was still so hot! And the swimming pool water is a also bit salty.
    As to the beach – the water is cooler than the pool, if you don’t mind just sitting in knee-deep water. In the afternoons, close to sunset, the native dogs come out to frolic by the water. If you can manage to commandeer the lone bamboo raft (which we did), that’s the best place to view the sunset in the resort.
    The viewdeck of the Patar Lighthouse is also another good place to view the sunset.
    Over all we enjoyed our vacation at Puerto del Sol. Because we were there Monday-Friday, it was generally quiet since there were not too many people in the resort.

  15. I was wondering about that Tummy Teasers place so thanks for letting me us know what to expect there.
    Thanks Minette for the very comprehensive review ๐Ÿ™‚ you should start your own blog na ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. My family has just been there last week. We were booked from May 25-27 but had to cut short our stay because of an emergency.
    Frankly, we had other hotel choices but reading your blog about Puerto made us decide to finally choose it. Thanks.
    The place is really beautiful and I would like to give special mention to Luisa (their sales rep in Manila) for an excellent job. She had handled our booking pretty well and she was very nice to deal with. I hope I can say the same for their female employees in Bolinao but I don’t want to lie. The girls there need some more training in customer service and public relations (esp the ones in the restaurant who do not even smile at all).
    Kudos to the waiters, though, who were more friendly and attentive especially Eugene (if my memory serves me right). Special mention, too, to the man who is with the resort’s security who even volunteered to help us bring my mother-in-law to the local hospital at 11 pm. (Note: My mother-in-law suffered shortness of breath and high-blood presssure prompting us to leave the resort for Manila at 12 midnight. She’s doing better now after a 3 day confinement at Chinese Gen.) They have handled our emergency quite well and we are very thankful for that.
    The rooms are very nice and the cleanliness is at par with other high-end resorts. My only comment, though, is the foods at the resort are a bit pricey and sad to say they only look good but the taste still needs a lot of improvement.
    Hopefully, we will be seeing a better and “friendlier” menu when we come for a visit next time.

  17. lovely! i think i’ll take my family there this month or the next. gotta take advantage of the promo on the room rates! hehehe! thanks for all the info, sir! i love your site! if i’m planning to go anywhere, i always check on here first. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. My family and I have always loved the place…we have been going there every year for the past 5 years…or is it 6. It is there that we spend our anniversary. Yes, a bit pricey, also quite far (good thing my husband and I both drive, so shared efforts going there, LOL) but it’s worth it. The place/view is really lovely and the staff are very courteous. We always use the bahay kubo. The F&B manager, Alfred, if I remember correctly, is super nice. We go there with the kids and the kids always enjoy our stay there as they are free to roam around…there usually aren’t very many people staying there (I guess because it’s not exactly cheap), which is good I think. One doesn’t have to worry about his kids being kidnapped or taken advantaged of by pedophiles. It’s usually low tide late afternoons and early morning. If one is eager for a really good swim, he can always go to Patar beach, which is about 30 mins or less from Puerto del Sol….Still and all, if you ask me, Puerto del Sol is “the place to be” low tide or high. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. My family celebrated father’s day 2011 at Puerto del Sol, Pangsinan. I would like to commend the resort staff for treating the guests with courtesy and respect. The food served at the resort resto were distinctly good. The room was clean with cautions posted in every corner. Warning signs are everywhere. I recommend this place for relaxation.

  20. Please be aware of the promo that they are posting in the website… though it may look inviting, but as they says “pictures sometimes tells a lie”. We were lured to the beauty of the pictures in the website and was excited to learned that they were having a promo for 500+/pax (we need to pay 4 pax to avail the promo that cost us 2,100), hovewever, after we paid the reservation, they immediately emailed to us the picture of what supposed to be our accommodation, and behold!!! our room is a nipa hut with a tarpaulin for privacy purposes – no electric fan to ease the heat outside… to cut it short we, decided to upgrade our accommodation to villa and added 1433… it does end there.
    Our Breakfast is free (continental), meaning of Continental, Conti – bread, Conti – spread, Conti – Fruit. Continental breakfast is composed of four slices of local bread (cut into half), a small serving of butter (not enough to spread the entire breads, a 2 servings of lukewarm coffee (we were informed that all the coffee they serve are the same, we need to satisfy ourselves for that lukewarm coffee), slices of fruits and water plus flies flying on our food.
    if you want a better service for your food all you have to do is to upgrade (again) as suggested by F&B staff (with additional pay of course)… it think all the services here have 10% or 20% charges.
    the good thing is, our upgraded villa is clean and comfy enough with mini ref and complete bathroom amenities. The place is clean and the ambience is good, The water is child friendly (waist deep) lesser wave compare to zambales water.
    I think the management should look into the convenience of their guest, may they avail the promo or regular price of the accommodation. think of the high price tag they put into this place… we, the local tourist will be spending our hard earned money to relax and find time to travel for 5-6 hours just to be greeted by so many restrictions and not so well trained staff in customer relation at the F&B area. so sad i cannot further recommend this place to my family and friends in the Department of Tourism.

  21. helloโ€ฆ we are planning for a family vacation this coming April.. kindly send me the expenses if we checking inn for 2 days and 2 nightsโ€ฆ we are composed of 5 adults and 2 kidsโ€ฆ
    thanks and more power,
    john raymund cruz

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