Genki Umbrellas – The Coolest Transparent Umbrellas in Town… (until everyone has one)


Label - Green
Are you a fan of transparent umbrellas that you’ve seen Charlotte holding in Sex in the City or Scarlett Johansson of Lost in Translation (see a sample of the umbrellas in Shopcrazy)? The company asked me to review and feature it. I don’t usually write these kind of stuff and I told them that the only way I will put it in my blog is if they would give me 100 umbrellas to give away to OAP readers. They agreed.

So, I’m giving away 100 transparent Genki Umbrellas which comes in white, pink and violet. Just buzz me if you want a Genki umbrella. Reviews and photos will be greatly appreciated. Please send them at

I’m reserving the first few umbrellas to OAP readers who already bought Avenue Q tickets and to past winners of the IKEA contest. For the rest, I’ll give it on a first come first serve to people who would ask for it. We need to meet, of course, so I can give you the umbrella, preferably in Makati or Serendra area. I will be giving umbrellas away until supplies last! I can assure the first 50 people who commented below to have one.

Label - Orange
BTW, the umbrellas are really cool! I like the white while Rache loves the violet…and pink. Though they are only cool until everybody in Manila has one. The umbrellas that I have to give away are manual umbrellas and they say that the plastic used is easily worn out. Also, you cannot use it for sunny days since it is transparent.

Watch out for my Genki umbrellas photos — I’m just waiting for the rain so I can get a shot of the Genki umbrella in action.


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

PS If you want to buy in bulk, I can connect you with the distributor here in Manila.

72 thoughts on “Genki Umbrellas – The Coolest Transparent Umbrellas in Town… (until everyone has one)

  1. i would like to have one please πŸ™‚ i actually already have one in blue, and i really love it. i always get compliments when i bring it to work πŸ™‚
    btw, how do i attach a photo?

  2. I’d be happy to have one of those umbrellas and I’d be more than glad to write something about it, too. πŸ™‚

  3. Can I have the clear? It’s never too old for me to own a Genki umbrella, right? I will gladly write and post a photo of me with it.

  4. Anton! I hope you still have one of those umbrellas cause I’d like one! =D Although I’m torn between the white one and the violet one…the violet looks nice and classy. I’ll take that if you have it.

  5. ooh i want the violet one πŸ™‚ so all we need to do is send a review afterwards? will surely come in handy now that it’s been raining almost every afternoon.

  6. Woweeeee, these umbrellas are cool! I’d love to get ahold of the violet one =) Thanks Anton!

  7. cool!!! i’d like the white one! so classy πŸ™‚ or the purple one! thanks πŸ™‚

  8. Hi Anton!
    I’d like to have a pink umbrella. I can get mine from your SIL Claude. =D

  9. Hi Anton! I’ve always wanted to have a clear umbrella. Can I please have one? I promise to do a review about it. White one please? Thanks

  10. Hi Anton! Haha! I have an umbrella similar to the Genki Umbrella’s you are featuring. As much as I want to have one, I do not have a picture of it with me. If you want to ask why? It is because I stupidly used it not on the rainy days but on a one sunny day. After like 5 minutes, the plastic melted. LOL! Funny noh? hahaha!

  11. hi anton! i’m in the US right now, but can i get a white umbrella for my mom? i’m sure it will be a great mothers’ day present. i’ll have someone back home pick it up for me, of course. thank you in advance =D and thank you for sharing your adventures to everyone. makes me feel like i am not 6000 miles away, although it makes me homesick too. there’s really no place like home.

  12. hi there!!!
    can i have two please?!
    one for me.
    and one for my boyfriend?
    he is crazy about these umbrellas. keeps on looking for them in japanese stores such as daiso but we keep on missing them!!!
    he’d want the clear one please…
    and id love a pink please.
    thank you very much!!!

  13. cool! may i have an umbrella as well? πŸ™‚ hope there are stocks left πŸ™‚

  14. anymore umbrellas for me? i’m in serendra almost daily, since i work there. i love pretty and long umbrellas and try to collect them whenever possible!

  15. may i get an umbrella too?! please please. i’d love to have one. either white or pink!!! thank you anton!! please please!! =)

  16. The umbrellas look so cute & affordable too!!! I do hope they could also make a smaller one which is foldable & can be placed inside a small shoulder bag. Would really be convenient for people goin to offices.

  17. Seriously, they have those in Ministop?! I’ve been wanting to have those umbrellas ever since I saw them in a dorama (Japanese drama) last year but haven’t seen one in any Ministop stores. Those umbrellas are very popular in Japan because they are… disposable. Such a waste for something cute. But hey, if you could spare one for me then I’m in! πŸ˜€

  18. Hi All,
    thank you for all the comments and interest with these cool umbrellas! I can guarantee that all the people who commented at this point will have one Genki umbrella. I have reserved the stocks for you and let’s coordinate via email or text on when do we meet.
    I can meet people in Serendra or somewhere in Makati this coming Monday. I will coordinate with you personally.

  19. if you have extras, can I have an umbrella too? any color is okay! Thanks!

  20. wahh! too bad i didn’t go online earlier! ughh.. i hope i can still have a white one πŸ™‚ or a pink umbrella.. or orange… πŸ˜› puhlease!

  21. hey anton.. would this be too late? i’d like a pink one for me & (if possible!) another white one for my sister.. please, please. thanks! more power!

  22. Hi anton! Im a big fan. I bought books and magazines just to read stuff you write about in your blogs I must say you are good. I also love to try out new things, places and eat food. And I would love to help you out to review the umbrellas. May I have one also? Just tell me how. Thanks so much. Keep on blogging.

  23. On second thought, I’ll take the white one. =D I can get it from you in Makati, outside your office at your most convenient time. =)

  24. anton, can i still have one? the lilac/purple one please! πŸ˜€ thanks!

  25. hi anton,
    can i have a purple umbrella too? would love to have one and use it for the rainy days ahead.

  26. Hi Anton,
    Bought four AveQ Tickets a couple of weeks ago, Am I still qualified for a free umbrella? πŸ˜€
    If I can, I’d like a violet one for my gf πŸ˜€

  27. I bought tickets a week ago from Tcket2Me. AM I entitled to a free umbrella?Preferable purple.Have a nice day!

  28. hi!
    the transparent umbrellas are cool! i like to have the violet one! i hope there’s still one for me πŸ™‚

  29. I want one! This will be a cool way to use during rainy days πŸ˜‰ arrgh i think i didnt make it to the first 50! hope u still have some though! fingers crossed. πŸ™‚

  30. I want one! πŸ™‚ This would be a cool way to have during those rainy days πŸ˜‰ arggh i think i didnt make it to the 50! i still hope u have one for me though. fingers crossed πŸ˜‰

  31. hi! I hope I’m not too late. Can I have one too? Preferably the clear one (it’s easier to match it with an outfit than those umbrellas that come in colors). please, please?

  32. oh my, i missed this post!
    are there still available umbrellas for me? if yes, any available color will do. but if i can choose, i prefer the white one. i’m praying na meron pa for me. pls! thanks in advance!

  33. May I please have an umbrella too? For me and my fiance? We’re getting married this July, and we’re expecting it to rain. They would really be nice for our pictures! Two white ones, please…

  34. can i get a clear one? if makakahabol pa, di ko na nabilang kung 50 na e. πŸ˜›

  35. i didn’t make it to the first 50 but i hope you still have a clear one left. i’m currently seven months pregnant (and having a difficult pregnancy! whew!) but i’d meet up with you anytime. πŸ™‚

  36. I’m closing the comments for now while I’m checking the inventory and fulfilling the requests above. Thanks so much for all those who commented. I can probably assure the top 50 commenters here.

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