Genki Umbrella – OAP Readers’ Review


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Good News! All the people who commented on the blog post: Genki Umbrellas – The Coolest Transparent Umbrellas in Town… (until everyone has one) will be given a Genki Umbrella for your review. I will be sending an email separately on the date and time of the Genki Umby pick-up in Kape Isla, Serendra. Tamang tama, umuulan na. I want all my OAP readers to look cool in the rain πŸ™‚ You can send me a photo via email or a comment on this post about your Genki umbrella experience. You can also post the review in your blog and please let me know so that I can link you up! (Link Love from OAP!)

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I love these cool umbrellas so we decided to launch the Genki Umby Photography Contest! It is simple to join. Just send me a creative photo of the Genki Umbrella via email. I will be posting all the photos I received in OAP. My wife and I will decide the most creative photograph (captions would help). We have a surprise gift to the person who would have the craziest and coolest photo.

Thanks to Jane for sending the first Genki Umby Photo!
Genki Umby

The Genki Umbrella is a significant item during my almost 1-month stay in Japan. It was light to carry around the huge park and just big enough to cover me thus letting me enjoy the rain without getting wet. Attached is a photo of me using a Genki Umbrella during a drizzling visit to Ritsurin Park. ” – Jane of Between Bites

54 thoughts on “Genki Umbrella – OAP Readers’ Review

  1. hello, anton!i’ve been reading your blog since…i can’t remember when (heheee)! πŸ™‚ i like it when you feature places, services offerred/rendered, and of course the food! hay naku please tell me how can i avail of at least 1 Genki umbrella! when i first read abopt it in your blog, i thought – well, another umbrella! just another umbrella! and now, maybe, the constant image of it in your blog whenever i check got stuck in my memory so now i just gotta have one!
    how can i get 1? pls!

  2. I bought 2 of these when I was in Japan last year. They’re so lightweight and nice to look at, unfortunately they were no match for HK’s strong winds, especially in Lantau Island near the Big Buddha, where I ahd to say sayonara to one of them. My mom-in-law left the other one at a store in Shenzhen. Like I said, they weigh next to nothing so it’s easy to forget them! Sayang, I would have liked to join the contest. πŸ™‚

  3. hi anton,
    i think someone changed my color request for the genki umbrella. bat naging “PINK”. hehe. from what i remember, i requested white (or transparent).

  4. OMG!!! i cant wait to have my own free genki Umbrella from you Anton!!! Thank you very very much in advance! see you on Friday!
    Now, thats something to really rave about! πŸ™‚

  5. do you still have more umbrellas?? I want one too! i got drenched at the pyrolympics last saturday. I lent my car umbrella to my employee cos she couldn’t get home from work and i ended up the one getting wet! hoping you still have one more. pink purple or white – any color is cool with me…

  6. hi, may I ask where can I buy these umbrella (Genki umbrella) i would like to purchase at least 4 and how much? super thanks. BTW, nice blog.. it helps me a lot especially finding a good place for bonding. thanks again.

  7. Hi Jean, you can buy Genki Umbrellas at: National Bookstore branches, Metro Market2x at The Fort, and Ministop Convenience Stores. They will soon be available at Cinderella branches.

  8. Me too!!! the umbrella looks soo cooool! can i also have one? pleaseeeeeeeeee
    btw, I saw you guys in serendra last tues.! πŸ™‚ too shy to approach πŸ˜€

  9. Hi Anton! Been planning to buy an umbrella until I saw ur blog about you still have stock? Can I have one too???

  10. Coolness… Can’t wait to buy one for myself. Watch out for my high-fashion (or perhaps, a nostalgic theme, instead… easier…) Genki umbrella shoot one of these days… Haha! But first, I need to find my prop (umbrella)…. I’ll holler again when I actually get to buy one.

  11. Loved those Genki umbrellas.COOL…. I had the chance to use one when we were in Japan last week. Can i still join Anton? i want one also. Thanks!!!

  12. Hi anton! love that umbrella! and the things you can photograph it with are endless!!! hope meron pa πŸ™‚

  13. Hi Anton! thanks for the Genki umbrell. Can’t wait to use it soon! it was nice meeting rachel and “assistant” adrian too :)too bad i could’nt stay for lunch at kape isla…but i’ll be going back there soon

  14. hi anton! thanks for the genki umbrella! it was so cute!=) nice meeting you also! see you on sat, at the yacht cruise for the pyro! =)

  15. anton! di ako nkahabol sa comments para magka umbrella! sayang.. bibigay ko pa nmn sana sa baby sister kong si danica.. she would loooooooove it sana.. sayang naman!
    anyway, did you go to the pringles marathon last sunday? kc P&G ang pringles dba? di kita nkta..magpapapicture pa nmn sna ako..lolz.. hehe..

  16. Hi Anton!
    Would like to know the contact info of the distributor of the genki umbrellas here in Manila. Thanks so much! Great feature!

  17. got my umbrella already. thanks anton! haven’t got the time to take a pic of it or write a post but i was able to use it last night. enough protection from the rain…eye catching too.

  18. Hi Anton,I’m Linda.I received a genki umbrella thru your mom.I like it…it’s cute and easy to carry! Hope to meet you at Avenue Q, thanks a lot.

  19. How interesting that something considered cheap and tasteless in another country is considered stylish in another country!

  20. cathy named is also interesting something like you could not ‘understand’ your own self lol! philippines appreciate cheap and tasteless products of foreign countries{just in your ‘disturb’ personnal opinion] coz philippines do not see those foreign countries producing this products to be tasteless as a whole country in general..playing mind games as business tricks to break down other ‘cultures’ products publicly in a derogatory expressions is NOT AT ALL A GOOD THING coz when it rains typhoons floods storms philippines do not descriminate coz getting RAIN WET means getting wet NO MATTER what equations you’ll try that is the NOT SO MYSTERIOUS as you portray lol! good luck to you cathy hope your math class will be reviewed coz if youre an engieneer or a scientist surely youre one scientist that will scare us all since simple social solving applications is hard for you to ‘uncover’ even to ‘understand’ lol!

  21. To Manners Police:
    Better learn your grammar after taking your manners/ethics class. Your writing is quite sloppy.
    By the way, those umbrellas are made in China and Japan imports them.
    If you are trying to start a debate, better not volunteer yourself as the speaker since you will be the downfall of your team. You writing reflects how illogical you are.
    And I have a master’s degree in social science plus the fact that I came from a science high school.
    Lastly, have you heard that people are entitled to their opinion?
    Your use of “lol” suits you. You just forgot to type “u” .

  22. lol! illogical grammar yes cathy i heard about the rights to opinions coz besides us.. all patients in any mental asylums has one lol..all those criminal lawyers{defenders}has criminal cases opinions just like politicians and all jail inmates has one too lol..i just cannot see any possibilities that a single country will ‘all’ love transparent ‘plastic’ umbrellas coz if they are hiding in cases of private detectives o NBI agents.. why would they even consider exposing themselves in rainy seasons in front of a job ‘subject’ lol or spouses having a wet season affairs & parade themselves in a STYLISH transparent umbrellas so they get caught beaten scandalized sued or imprisoned lol! it is a funny thought just to be stylish lol!

  23. cathy! you win!!!
    i’m so bothered that few is giving you a hand..a ‘support groups’ coz obviously you are in the ‘position’ that ‘needs helping’ hands.. mate is right! we will call more support groups for you.

  24. ohmygod!! i’ve been raving about that transparent umbrella since i saw it in nikki gil’s music video (gotta go my own way)!!!!!!!!!!! gosh!!! i would really like to have one:)) but if there’s nothing left to give away:( can i just ask for the price?:)

  25. wow! genki umby i saw one during the pringles run, and i would be happy to have one too. i find it so kewl!!! hope you still got some.. *crossing my fingers*

  26. anton, is this genki umbrella the same as the one you are giving me for free?im so sorry i wasnt able to meet up with you last May somewhere in the fort bonifacio area…i hope you were still able to “reserve” my umbrella…many many thanks!

  27. wow! only for 99 bucks. i was looking for something like this at divisoria, but FORTUNATELY wala akong nabili coz i was destined to buy your genki umbrellas pala! hehe.
    just wondering kung saan pong branches ng national bookstore & ministop meron?
    i would love to have 3 colors of these! hehe

  28. hi mr. anton.. im cheezee reyes from surigao city po sa mindanao.. gusto ko po sanang bumili ng genki umbrella.. pero my problem is im too far in manila and di ko rin alam kung san sa manila makakabili ng genki umbrella.. na panood ko lang po kasi kayo sa “Magandang Umaga Bayan” tapos wala namang contact no. para matawagan ko kayo.. pls mail me to know more info kung saan makakabili ng genki umbrella.. i really like your product.. pls lang po.. and kung pwede po bah ako makakabili ng genki umbrella kahit andito lang ako sa surigao? may mga genki umbrella din po bah kayo na nasa cebu city? pls let me know coz i really really want to buy the genki umbrella..heres my email add thank you! and more power!

  29. pag nakabili na ako ng genki umbrella.. ill send pics for you.. pls reply with my comments.. i hope i can buy the genki umbrella kahit andito lang ako sa mindanao.. ill wait sa reply mo anton.. hinahanap hanap ko yong website nyo sa genki umbrella thank god i found it! and when i first visit this site naka temporary closed ang comments box.. so i always visit this site for me to send you message.. i hope you wont ignore my message.. thank you!

  30. hi Anton,this is KIM & i’m really interested in Having one of those genki umbrellas SINCE the day i 1st saw it, kso lang i dont know wer to find it kaya if u still have some just e-mail me at (i’m desperate) tnx!

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