[Batad, Banaue #2] I Love Sigg

I totally love these environmental friendly Swiss Sigg Bottles! My bottle was sponsored and I took these shots of my Sigg as a token of gratitude. It is also a good foreground subject for my Banaue and Batad Shots…


The Village of Batad-7
Do you want to have a Sigg drink?

Tapiya Falls-29
Sigg swimming in the Tapiya rapids…

Tapiya Falls-9
A profile shot with the local flora in Batad. Tapiya falls is hidden in the background.

The Village of Batad-17
Sigg overlooking the Batad Rice Terraces

Tapiya Falls-10
Sigg and the Tapiya Falls.

The Village of Batad-16
Sigg in the sea of greens…

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5 thoughts on “[Batad, Banaue #2] I Love Sigg

  1. ….guaranteed….i know that lol!….swiss products in general are SUPERIOR in standard anywhere so is the german made products….swiss handworks are extra ordinarily ‘higher’ in quality-standards they are lovable dependable reliable & timeless in the past….their classic taste in designs is just admirable just get one of their best watch pieces like ROLEX and it should tell you what switzerland is all about when it comes to quality superiority lol….

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