Awesome Journey Winners

Thanks to all the bloggers who joined the Awesome Journey to the Islands of the Philippines contest. I’m sure all of you had fun reading all the entries. I took me a day to select the winners based on the awesomeness of their journey. Congratulations for winning 2 tickets to the Special 3D Movie Screening of Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D on 9 July 2008, 6pm at the D-Cinema, The Block, SM North Edsa. (To the winners: we can meet in D-Cinema tomorrow before 6pm. Text me at 0917-LOVEOAP (5683627).

Here are my top 3 favorites (in no particular order)

Pinoy Lakwatsa’s Puerto Princesa Palawan Journey
I’ve been to El Nido and Coron, Palawan but I’ve never been to Puerto Princesa. I was enticed to go to Puerto Princesa because of Pinoy Lakwatsa’s blog post on Palawan. I’m starting to love her blog because it reminds me of OAP.

Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park

Missyosigirl’s Baler Trip
After reading her entry, I’m going to Baler this surfing season. Check out Missyosigirl’s adventure in Baler.

Back to Baler, Part 1: Dibulalan and Dicasalarin Island
Back to Baler, Part 2: Random Fun-ness!

Manila Boy’s Caramoan Typhoon Frank Adventure
Despite the imminent danger of Typhoon Frank, Spanx and friends proceeded to go to Caramoan via Tiwi Albay (instead of via Naga). Spanx can’t stop raving about Caramoan and check out his wacky series on their adventure:

CARAMOAN : All That You Can’t Leave Behind…
CARAMOAN, part one : Getting There
CARAMOAN, part two : Small Town Downtown
CARAMOAN, part three : Things To Do in PANIMAN When You’re Stranded
CARAMOAN, part four : Forget Gota Beach, Go Straight to HUNONGAN COVE!!!
CARAMOAN, part five : The Twin Beachfronts of LAHUS ISLAND
CARAMOAN, part six : Boracay + Palawan = MATUKAD!!!

64 thoughts on “Awesome Journey Winners

  1. ….velasquez park FLEA MARKET of PINOY LAKWATSA! ….my kind of ‘intimate’ open market places i want to have around anywhere in philippines….a cool ‘blending’ culture athmosphere….

  2. sa sobrang excitement ko, nag-thank you ako sa twitter, sa email, sa text at pati na rin sa blog ko, pero dito di man lang ako nagcomment 😛
    thank you thank you thank you!!! 😀

  3. i wish many more filipinos will ‘group’ together
    and make open flea markets in their respective communities a ‘new’ family week end fun entrepreneurhips ‘affairs’ making extra money while having fun socializing..a deal hard to beat

  4. extra unwanted plants trees flowers bushes any unwanted but quality furnitures family personnal or gift items like candles pictures frames shopping bags even hair piece like pins stc.why cut discard throw give them away if you can make some extra money by signing up city hall permits to create run your own decent community flea tent markets for a fee after accepted invitations by friends relatives to start having fun activities like flea markets but your own lol

  5. paris in france is ‘world’ famous in open flea markets most french people spent their week ends ‘visiting outdoor ‘flea markets coz some flea markets offers outdoors caffee tea hot chocolates croissants with marmalade & butter to have a good time watching flea markets buyers

  6. believe it or not most europeans ‘love’ affairs are spent in outdoors of flea markets lol!

  7. yup! european millionnaires {bored ones} are having the time of their life socializing while experiencing fun filled ‘free’ open markets

  8. elegant casual boutiques like jewelry dress shops candy specialties wood carvers painters art designers put up nice tents in week end flea markets just to get rid of their left over sale or marked items

  9. we’re planning to put up later a mini outdoor flea markets caffee’s & pastries also rental-sign in magazines & books
    to customers

  10. our baguio relatives should go looking for new open flea markets but in quezon city or rizal for less expensive rental rates than makati city coz their hand weaving materials techniques must be discovered it’s tragic that their unique artistic techniques are hidden to the rest of the world

  11. ang kailangan ho namin ay stalls na nag re-rent ng mga disenteng large tents folding chairs kasi kung mayroon eh di mag titinda din kaming lahat ng relatives ko lol

  12. ang hanap naman namin eh yung mga filipino made designs na puppeteer flea market shows para sa mga bata

  13. manicure pedicure hair cuts make up appointments sastre eh di dapat yung mga calling ‘business’ cards nila eh naka display din dapat sa open flea markets pag week ends para ‘customers’ would know where to go call text
    man lang if ‘services’ ay kailangan pag closed o walang open flea markets

  14. landscaping gardening o lot care takers kami pwede rin mag rent kami dyan ng stalls sa makati city velasquez park open flea markets sayang open lang pag saturdays ‘bitin’ ang business renders business sellings

  15. i will buy cut flowers at mga high end sampaguita garlands in ‘bulks’ for weddings anniversaries welcoming parties business openings floral decors from dyan sa mga ‘bagsakan’ ng goods from baguio laguna o davao flowers dyan sa may gilid ng quiapo tulay o balintawak divisoria will rent stalls to sell them again dyan sa salcedo street open flea market at display ko na rin yung calling cards nitong new family flowers idea business namin saturday lang sana naman mayor-governor every friday & sundays din please!

  16. in switzerland germany austria luxembourg most vegetables fruit vendors prefers week end open flea markets even part time professional employees who plants buys & sells them again make s a lot of money than most stores shops owners why? because flea market stall rents are way cheaper than shop-boutique rents

  17. wala ho akong talent o experience man lang sa negosyo kaya subokan ko chiken pork barbeques at fruit juices & shakes na lang muna sa flea market sa amin sa quezon city kung mayroon

  18. pakakantahin at pasasayawin alternate ko na lang muna isa isa ang mga anak ko sa open flea market kasi baka madiskubre pa yung mga talent nila sa planned rented stalls namin mura lang rent daw kaysa sa malls o shops rentals yung calling cards they can call for speacial ‘performances’ for extra fees syempre business eh

  19. wow! sa colored chalks drawings sa sahig ng flea market o sa semento ng mga brother & sisters ko may mag donate kaya if we place a box for art ‘appreciations’ fees daw tulad sa mga european like italy’s florence mga painters daw doon hinahagisan ng mga donations coz happy sa art nila ang mga bypassers lol eh di sa papers din just in case they want to take the pieces home

  20. hhmmm..salcedo street velasquez park flea market ano kaya kung mag rent din ako ng stall pero for PSYCHIC o CARDS PALM READINGS

  21. pumulot ka na lang sa gubat o mga side streets na dry grasses o tuyong mga twigs tapos i glue mo ng mga maliliit na mini floral buds o create tiny dolls-flowers out of dry hays tapos glue mo lang sa circled o square o heart o balloon shape na twigs{dry thin branches}hays as riboons to tie or wrap around the twigs as cover then sell them as home decor party decors o welcome doors sign your only expenses is the glue & stall rent old clothings shoes bags blankets curtains can be recycled into arts for sale

  22. flea market in makati? comes my ‘vintage’ clothings shoes bags wraped gift boxes soon under a white stall

  23. yung old friend namin colored banig making like waste baskets gift boxes accessories boxes jewelry boxes etc.etc. din ang hobbies nya taga south he makes interesting banig prints so rent din kami next time ng stall dyan sa salcedo st velasquez park flea market dapat pala

  24. we cut out nice looking prints sa mga pictures tapos we framed them appropriately and sell them as an art framed pictures out past profits is 4x so see you velasquez park flea market

  25. i make baby clothes out of recycled materials i need open flea market like this one in salcedo street velazquez park how’s the ‘stall’ rental rates?

  26. we will sell sea shells table & floor lamps jewelries mini furnitures at request somewhere ni gmmahoney ay mga over size living-dining room mirrors at all sizes-colors na picture frames made of sea shells na napulot namin sa baybay sa ilo ilo so medyo puro glue din ang expenses namin sa handcrafts

  27. we will sell sea shells table & floor lamps jewelries mini furnitures at request somewhere ni gmmahoney ay mga over size living-dining room mirrors at all sizes-colors na picture frames made of sea shells na napulot namin sa baybay sa ilo ilo so medyo puro glue din ang expenses namin sa handcrafts

  28. if rental ng mga open flea markets sa mga tents nila dito sa quezon city o doon sa hipag ko sa bulacan eh affordable we’re planning to join the open ‘flea’ markets 2008 club{gmmahoney} mentioned blending of cultures daw so hopefully some buyers will be interested in our books mga digital made pinoy komiks mga tex at mga computer made digital calendars he he he

  29. kami sali din sa inyong open flea market 2008 club lol libre naman membership eh we specialize in hand made hand sprayed designed material fan{abanico}pamaypay the cloth materials are recycled if printed eh non spray painted yun we spray painted only those plain silk cloths from mga cut out prints like butterfly o bridges o mango trees rivers o flowers designs we also accept personalized designs like your name initials on top of each letter all over the materials

  30. we’ll join the open flea market 2008 club libre naman pala how about furniture drawers o appliance hand made tussels in all sizes at width but made of super lightweight na glass ‘beads’ iba iba ang mga designs syempre at a few dark colors like oranges purples reds greens the rest puro pastels

  31. ok join din ako sa open flea market 2008 club gusto ko sana yung mga extra na retaso idudugtong na plain materials na pang throw o pillow cases curtain sets o table cloths shower curtains o bed covers mag pencil{stencils}drawing ako sa materials first tulad ng mga ibon garlands chandeliers flower bouquets tapos papatungan ko yung drawingss ng pagtatahi ng sequins or beads mixed doon sa designs ng pencil drawings

  32. i collect colored bottles in all sizes has almost all colors some new some old hope to sell them too

  33. we buy very cheap plastic headbands bracelets then we wrapped them in expensive materials like silk or plaid any quality expensive ‘designers’ cloth materials sometimes in gold or embroidery cloths then we sell them as ‘high end’ products coz of the expensive ‘designers’ materials profits was many times over all due to ‘proper’ presentations

  34. typhoon frank brought down so many trees in our areas kaya lolo at lola ko ini-sculpture inukit ukit yung mga basurang natambak na mga puno na naputol ni bagyong ‘frank’ ayan ang daming mga bakya naukit sila lolo at lola pinukpok ko ng martilyo yung mga thump tasks na medyo maliliit pero matatabang pako now we need an open flea market to sell them sayang naman kasi

  35. my neighbor cousin na si kuya guiller carved a few mini foot stuhl at mini tables pwede raw yung mga mini stuhl at mini tables lots of flat wooden doormats para sa mga toddlers o kindergaten kids at a few mini wooden slides galing yun sa mga punong kahoy na nasira ni bagyong frank so sasama din daw yung cousin ko sa flea market selling

  36. i create bahay kubo table o wall display clocks sometimes tall colored glass bottle clocks or table floor lamps na clocks ay included sa bahay kubo yung time clocks ay yung buong pinto mismo ng harapan ng bahay kubo sa bottle naman i-cut ko lang ng round yung medyo above konti ng bottle tapos ini insert ko lang yung separate round o square clocks na may glue around it sa cut portion ng tall colored bottles hopefully sa probinsya namin ay may open flea markets soon sa tanay rizal

  37. pag matatanda na mas maganda yung mag kape o hot chocolate na may pandesal coco de nata na palaman
    at nakikinig ng mga entertainments in an open flea markets antwhere will be fine

  38. pag matatanda na mas maganda yung mag kape o hot chocolate na may pandesal coco de nata na palaman
    at nakikinig ng mga entertainments in an open flea markets antwhere will be fine

  39. i am past 50 years old hearing about this philippines open FLEA MARKETS made me feel like wanting a divorce lol so i could drop by and hopefully have a nice ‘many’ love affairs lol

  40. syempre nice to meet many happy people in open flea markets i wanna have a good time too so maybe maybe i will bring my guitar past recorded cd’s to sell and play para sa crowd at baka dumaan ang dream girl o boys natin di ba lol

  41. ….i need to send invitations just to introduced show my open flea market items coz they are high ends but will try anyway first try will be coin pursed less expensive is 500,00 pesos 25,000,00 pesos is the highest end….it is made of ‘special’ glass-crystal beads all hand made some are shaped like an eggplant some like squash and some will have sterling silvers to lock them….the rest of the items are kinda secret for now lol….if i am single i would like to have an open public flea markets love ‘affair’ too seriously lol! first love where are you save me from the embarrassments! lol!….

  42. flea market puppeteers shows..made of paper mache maybe wooden kinds perhaps cartons? maybe some ‘rag’ materials{fabrics}doll puppeteers or just using my hands thru shadows? maybe even from free flowing{unlimited}varieties of elements in philippines ‘wooded’ areas like puppeteers images made of dry grasses hays twigs & other soft but dry woods hhmmm?

  43. ….i have a high school 70’s classmate name ‘mameng’ whom i grew up liking coz she’s extremely ‘hard’ working….mameng bakit di ka mag bukas rent dyan ng ‘exclusive’ boutique shop
    sa trinoma mall glorietta o SM mall o di kaya join this open flea market sa salcedo street i can send you high end items just donate half of everything{cash}to our high school alma mater para this coming high school reunion as i promised sa school natin let me know by saying something here but remember my privacy so walang personalan na impormasyon kang babanggitin lol salamat meng at ipadadala ko kaagad im excited lol….

  44. open flea markets! oh thy art where have you been
    ..i shall no longer live in flea markets open flea markets please save my remaining days..for only in open flea markets he promised to be there..oh thy art oh thy love wish me luck FOR I SHALL MEET HIM there!..

  45. open flea market in velasquez park salcedo street makati.. hhmmm.. what is best to offer from someome who never have any clue or ‘experiences’in doing business hhmmm..O.K. wow!..i am very talkative especially with children so i can offer a ‘business’ of STORY TELLING yup! ladies & gentlemen if you see one doing story telling to children for a fee..that is me seriously lol what’s wrong with ‘talking’ while i am making money ‘entertaining’ children or their mother maybe lol!

  46. since we have backgrounds on dances in music maybe renting business stall in open flea markets like this one in salcedo street maybe a good idea coz we can bring some new student or 2 to show the public what we dances-music can offer teach to willing customers in an hour fees

  47. i play instruments like guitar piano flute i was thinking of teaching playing musical instruments
    for a fee{per hour}also..

  48. ….filipinos who should have BEEN PROGRESSIVE as first world country DECADES AGO HAD BEEN DEPRIVED of all the advantages info educations awareness knowledges from their own filipinos gifted-talents to advanced to move forward meeting success after success from decades ago BUT did NOT materialized decades earlier instead united states put asia countries south east asia in particular into ‘financial crisis’ in early mid 90’s and chaos thru u.s. chaotic international economic social policies BUT hopefully philippines-filipinos who are victims of american past international economic social political policies for century by using filipinos OWNED WEAKNESSES & COMPLEXES WITHOUT KNOWING IT can move forward as it should meant that way….even if it meant….filipinos in poverties hardships living in the gutters plus the handicappes unemployed under educated citizens CAN NOW CREATE BUILD SMALL BUSINESSES THRU OPEN FLEA MARKETS LIKE THIS ONE IN VELAZQUEZ PARK BUT IN THEIR SMALLER BARANGGAYS….GOOD LUCK SMILING TALENTED VERY CREATIVE HAPPY FILIPINOS lol….

  49. ….I MEANT FIL-AMERICANS too besides the philippines WAS CHEATED NOT ONLY DEPRIVED
    to advanced to experience earlier success from more than decade ago so filipinos must learned NOW or NEVER majorities who’s incomes are under ten thousand pesos GET OUT! GO! make all these ideas here a filipinos REALITY just imagine while having an income you can also advanced yourself doing what you can learned from others around you in open flea markets like this one in salcedo street besides extra more learning socializing but in your own towns go to TESDA centers to learn to become independent & wealthy but on your pace & places or be a TESDA centers teacher just what ever you hardworking filipinos do mas galingan nyo ang mga projects mula o gawa sa mga kamay para mabili kakagad hindi dahil sa awa pero dahil sa galing ng pag gawa disenyo o linis ng pagkagawa….lol

  50. blogging is good coz others need not steal your ideas coz it is now in the open unlike in america that some dangerous couvert operations could mean actually ‘honestly’ is to ‘steal’ economic ideas ‘intellectual’ property or info or to sabotage one’s ideas even hopes with different pretext coz american way is also making money thru pang iipit access but if you go public blogging then no need to steal coz you publicly speak out unless they already bought-paid for the blogposts and was selling our individual comments behind the bloggers back to big payers like a business as usual stand coz american way of life{making money}in some u.s. govt. activities are questionable too but their style in overall govt.system is your bad & illegal but ONLY if you get caught so honesty that americans desperately needed from others are also in return almost impossible for americans to give yes! double standard so make filipinos aware of this united states double standard policies or some highest ups wait for tragedies to happened freely from old news i saw read hear from the newspapers decades ago in t.v. magazines etc. they cash socially politically or economically in between somehow sad & difficult but it push-drove me to go blogging publicly to released my ‘disgust’ to some unacceptable american govt. policies in powers so i hope my negative remarks in blogging here in our awesome planet of anton rache aidan joshua can make a difference in waking up americans in all colors and all other disturbing mind boggling human ‘behaviours’ of govt.offcials
    reasons maybe why i do not like political lives-participations if i can avoid it what i am doing here in OAP blogs is for filipinos to understand that it is not what it is that what you see coz americans are just like all others except they are much more decent looking serious finnesse wearing suit & ties but run real complicated i guess i have to live their way coz some other countries are even way much worsts than our own americans lol

  51. flea markets like the ones in paris,france europe must be nice to have in all towns in mindanao visayas & anywhere in luzon

  52. philippines paris,france{european}like open flea not a bad entreprenurial business ideas to explore further lol

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