Awesome Journey to the Islands of the Philippines

Win 2 Tickets to the Special 3D Movie Screening of Journey to the Center of the Earth on July 9, 2008!

I’m still savoring the memories of my latest awesome journey to Tacloban City in Leyte. We had fun celebrating with the Taclobanons during their twin fiesta celebration — Pintados Kasadyaan Festival last Friday and Sangyaw Festival last Sunday. I discovered most of the foodie secrets of Tacloban– it is definitely more than just Guiseppe’s Italian restaurant. Finally, I was able to check off San Juanico Bridge, Sto.Nino Shrine and Mac Arthur Park in my must see list of awesome places. Watch out for my Tacloban blog post series. We would definitely do an Ultimate Tacloban Tour next year!

What is your latest awesome journey to the Islands of the Philippines?
The top 3 entries will win 2 tickets to the Special 3D Movie Screening of Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D on 9 July 2008, 6pm at the D-Cinema, The Block, SM North Edsa.

Here are the mechanics on how to win the contest:
1. Write a blog post about your latest awesome journey to any of the 7,107 islands of the Philippines.
2. Place your comment on this blog post with the title and a link to your official blog post entry.
3. Deadline of submission is on 6 July, Sunday midnight.
4. Top 3 winners will be announced on 7 July, Monday morning.
5. I will select the top 3 best entries based on awesomeness of the journey.

Journey to the Center of the Earth
Opens on 10 July Exclusively at D-Cinema Cinema 1, The Block SM City North EDSA
Telephone No: 929-542
Email :

An exciting adventure based on the classic Jules Verne novel “Journey to the Center of the Earth,” Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D stars Brendan Fraser (Crash, The Mummy) as a science professor whose untraditional hypotheses have made him the laughing stock of the academic community. But on an expedition in Iceland, he and his nephew stumble upon a major discovery that launches them on a thrilling journey deep beneath the Earth’s surface, where they travel through never-before-seen worlds and encounter a variety of unusual creatures. Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D is directed by Academy Award-winning visual effects veteran Eric Brevig (Total Recall, Pearl Harbor) from a screenplay by Michael Weiss and Jennifer Flackett & Mark Levin. The film is a co-venture between New Line Cinema and Walden Media.

“RealD is building a groundbreaking 3D platform which paves the way for the release of such films as our upcoming Journey to the Center of the Earth, which, in the 3D version, is the first live-action narrative 3D film ever released,” said Dan Fellman. Journey to the Center of the Earth marks the first full-length live-action narrative film to be released by a major studio at digital 3D theatres; and it will be the widest 3D release in the history of the technology. The film will also be simultaneously featured in 2D theaters.

What is D-Cinema?
Digital Cinema describes the use of movies with a digital data representation in best quality. Traditionally movies are shot on film and projected with film. In the future this will be done with digital cameras and digital projectors. Because of the huge amount of data within this application area data compression will be necessary. In contrast to Electronic Cinema, which uses the digitization of the film for new commercialization pathes, Digital Cinema replaces only the film chain from the acquisition to the film theatres. Therefore Digital Cinema must achieve and surpass today’s best film quality. The parameters for the digital representation of the movie have to be much more extensive than in standard videos.

39 thoughts on “Awesome Journey to the Islands of the Philippines

  1. I think I will be turning to you now for recommendations of where to eat since according to my dad I will already be lost in Tacloban when I go home. =)

  2. hi anton, is it okay if i’ve written the blog post already? 🙂 i mean, it’s not newly written?
    and how many entries per person? 🙂

  3. missyosigirl,
    yeah it is fine. I’m really looking for stories of awesome journeys in the Philippines. You can enter a number of entries but you’ll only win once. It increases your chances of winning 🙂

  4. Hi Anton!
    blog :
    photos :
    too bad, you won’t see the links in my multiply blogpost.. each link has a different detailed blogpost about the places in Ilocos including complete set of pictures. Only my multiply friends can see them. I hope you have a multiply account too so I can add you and you’ll be able to see everything. 🙂

  5. anton,
    hey! i looove ur site! my friend, an avid reader of ur site, introduced me to it! and ever since, i got addicted to checking ur site every week.
    but i dont know how to contact u though. like do u have a email address where we can leave u meassages? anyways..
    i was wondering if u can help me out though.. im looking for hidden, sweet places that i can bring my special someone to along manila, qc area. im from greenhills. hope you could help me. i woul dreally appreciate it if u can send me even just the links of ur previous entries. thanks so much. god bless.
    please reply at
    more power! hear from u soon. 🙂

  6. ….anton….as i said in my ikea comments i cannot join any contest this year also can you help me i am having problems with my e-mails….i have been recieving sometimes more than 2,000,00 e-mails in 2 days or few days lol….i don’t want to miss any of my old pinoys schoolmates ‘if’ they will e-mail me at anytime but could accidentally deleted them….is there anyway where my comments here in our awesome planet websites be not tag anywhere or taken as a whole comment in any oap sections coz i wish oap viewers just be happy & content reading them in your oap website blog corner and not anywhere else to avoid thousands of e-mail a day lol….thank you gmmahoney

  7. Hi Anton! Just wanna try your exciting contest. I have a blog about my first romantic trip to Bora with my hubby, just wanted to share to you… (bdw my blog post has 2 parts)
    Though it’s not so very recent, but it really captures a lot of good memories i hold of Bora and the magic it has done for me.
    Thanks, hope you like the blog post!

  8. Hi Anton!
    I don’t really write blogs nor join contests online.
    Here’s one blog i’ve written recently. There’s nothing really SUPER fantastic about the place. maybe, it’s just the experience and the people i was with that time 🙂 just want to share.
    btw, i’m a avid reader of your site 🙂
    I read your articles once in a while and find them interesting..especially when it comes to new places and restos. 🙂
    keep it up!

  9. Was I glad this story was made into a movie?!! I’m excited to catch the film. I made a book report on this in my highschool days. I can’t believe I can see it now on the big screen. I’m sure this will bring a bit of nostalgia to me. Thanks Anton for the viewing sched!

  10. Manong Anton,
    here’s the rest of my CARAMOAN series,
    this time, We Reach the Beach!!!
    chapter 3: Things To Do in PANIMAN When You’re Stranded
    chapter 4: Forget Gota Beach, Go Straight to HUNONGAN COVE!!!
    chapter 5: The Twin Beachfronts of LAHUS ISLAND
    chapter 6: Boracay + Palawan = MATUKAD!!!

  11. hi idol!
    what did u get us into? i think more and more people are hooked nowadays with travel photography, hats off to you, idol!
    you just inspired and awakened the eye for beauty of many of your kababayans. i especially enjoyed your batad and batanes trips among the many things i enjoy from your very popular blog.
    hope you could check out mine, im a newbie so i hope you can critique my blog for me to improve on it. thanks! more power!

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