Bacolod Chicken Inasal Express – The Best Bacolod Chicken Inasal Place in the Heart of Makati

8 Secrets of the Authentic Bacolod Chicken Inasal

Paa (P88) or Pecho (88) Authentic Bacolod Chicken Inasal.

Do you know that there is an authentic Bacolod Chicken Inasal in the heart of the Makati District? Two of the authentic Bacolod Chicken Inasal places in Manila are Joel Torre’s (JT’s) Manukan in Greenhills and Bacolod Chicken House Express in Makati. These are the two places where people from Bacolod satisfy their craving for an authentic chicken inasal. Here are the 8 secrets of the authentic Bacolod Chicken Inasal:

1. The authentic Bacolod Chicken Inasal place cooks the chicken 100% raw which makes it juicier than the commercialized version. Some of the commercialized Bacolod Chicken Inasal places use chicken that is already half-cooked (or worse cooked already and just reheated).

2. The secret in the flavor of the Chicken Inasal is in the orange atsuete oil sauce.

3. One of the Bacolod favorites is the Isol (P38). In Bacolod, Isol means atras and it refers to the chicken ass. The right way to eat isol is to put everything in your mouth and eat it (including the tail bone).

Other Bacolod favorites are the Baticolon (P30) and Atay (P40).

4. Grilled Liempo (P65) marinate sauce is good but the quality of meat is poor. They should find a better meat supplier for their liempo.

5. Enjoy Chicken Inasal with a sauce of Sinamak Vinegar, Kalamansi, Soy Sauce and Chili. Always make sure that sinamak vinegar is available.

6. The best way to enjoy the rice is to put a little bit of the orange atsuete sauce and a pinch of rock salt.

7. To complete the authentic Manukan experience, eat Bacolod Chicken Inasal with your hands.

8. Carlo’s Bacolod Chicken House Express is one of the authentic Bacolod Chicken Houses in Manila! It is located in the Savana Market in front of Shopwise Makati. The resto is owned by Jose Carlo Cajili who is the son of the owner of the Main Bacolod Chicken House in Bacolod City.

Bacolod Chicken House Express
114 k Savana Market, Metropolitan Avenue, Pasong Tamo, Makati

40 thoughts on “Bacolod Chicken Inasal Express – The Best Bacolod Chicken Inasal Place in the Heart of Makati

  1. labo mo, pare…
    hatinggabi na,
    ginugutom mo pa ako!!!! “,)
    addict din ako sa shawarma rice
    doon sa shopwise, ngayon dapat
    tumawid na ako para dito sa isol!

  2. hi anton,
    this is just 3 blocks away from where i live. and yes, this and JT serve authentic inasal. never ever go to mang inasal, they suck! i even told chi(?) of tipid meals not to try it but out of curiosity, he did try it and didn’t like it too.

  3. Wow! Bacolod Chicken House Express! I’m so addicted to their pecho and pork bbq. We frequent this place pag wala si mother-in-law to cook for us (hehehe), and especially after we do our grocery sa shopwise. Sobrang lapit lang kse sa place namin to.
    Hay kakagutom πŸ™‚

  4. I’m from bacolod, and “chicken inasal express” is owned by the pioneer of Bacolod chicken inasal. This is the best so far in Manila. My ilonggo friends consider this as our secret place and of course our no. 1 cure for homesickness.

  5. we frequent this place, kahit dun pa lang sya nakapwesto sa lugar ng chowking ngayon, i really like their liempo and barbeque, at malasa ang pecho! sarap nyan with ice cold coke, mapapa-extra rice ka pa!

  6. Haha..i always eat there alone enjoying my chicken.i didnt know that its an authentic Inasal place! its just soooo good!

  7. yumyumyum…. the cajili’s joint is the orig! chicken house nila sa bacolod is already an institution there…. pero the thing i order here in bacolod is their SPARE RIBS…. damn sarap… daming peppercorns and binalot sa foil and grilled to perfection….. btw, carlo’s bro works sa movie industry, vito cajili.
    hmmmm…. another bacolod post? are you coming over to Bacolod for the Masskara festival??
    here’s a trailer on Jay Abello’s Cinemalaya entry, “Namets” (Yummy):

  8. you’re right on target, Anton! you have finally discovered THE BEST, MOST AUTHENTIC, THE MOST DELICIOUS bacolod chicken inasal in the entire metropolis! (all the others are second rate, take it from this particular ilonggo who grew up in bacolod and believe me, i know my bacolod chicken inasal!) im really curious how you discovered carlo cajili (he has a partner, stephen matti, his childhood friend from bacolod who’s a northwest airlines steward)’s inasal place.. for the longest time, when people ask me what i think is THE best bacolod chicken inasal place in manila, i tell them to go to metropolitan ave. near the corner of pasong tamo, across from shopwise supermarket – i didn’ even know that they already have a name! because before wala e. but you’re really spot on! that IS the best, most genuine bacolod chicken inasal there is in this town!

  9. Salamat Anton sa pagfeature nito sa iyong blog. Madalas lang namin nadadaanan ang area na ito. Meron palang masarap na Inasal House doon. Ngayon lang gabi tintry namin at tama ka nga, masarap at juicy yung manok. Simple lang din ang area. Walang gaanong arte.

  10. bro..punta ka ba sa amin sa Bacolod this coming October for Masskara? please let me know uwi kami ni MM at Byahilo…mas mura ang inasal sa bacolod main branch almost half the price.. πŸ™‚

  11. I’m now craving for chicken! Shucks. πŸ™‚
    Have you tried Island Chicken Bacolod (in Boracay), also with a branch near ABS-CBN? πŸ™‚

  12. it’s a good thing that you made this post! i’m from bacolod and now i live in vito cruz ext… they serve the way their inasal tastes in mandalagan, bacolod.. other chicken house branches here in manila does not serve good tasting inasal.. i wonder why… but i confirmed from my kababayans that this branch is really owned by the one who owns the main branch in bacolod..

  13. ISLAND CHICKEN INASAL was mentioned here in one of the comments – that’s the first bacolod chicken inasal place put up in boracay and they now have a branch along sct. borromeo, very near t. morato and abs cbn. the inasal there’s ok (altho i think the inasal in bacolod chicken house express is still tops by a mile and two)but what you should ask for if ever you’re in QC & you drop by ISLAND CHICKEN is their KANSI (that’s the bacolod version of bulalo only much healthier, and much much more masarap!)which, for me, is one of the most delicious kansi i’ve yet tasted in all my half century years of living on this planet!

  14. I will definitely try this out. Im from Bacolod and I miss eating inasal from time to time. The 8 secrets are all true especially eating them using your hands. Isol is the best. Pinaka Namit!!! I just hope that the price is also as authentic as Bacolod. Inasal is expensive in Manila but it is worth to soothe away those homesick blues.

  15. Wow, in my mom’s term, nagahigugma gid ko(craving or missing) of chicken inasal. my mom used to hand carry chicken inasal from bacolod and my sister would tell her madami restaurants selling inasal here and she’d always insist its different.
    Did you know theres a proper way of eating Inasal? =) Look out for the Cinemalay entry, Namets. You’ll go hungry. =)

  16. i’ve been eating here for a long time. as one poster said back when they didn’t have a name yet. the food is really great. doesn’t matter if it’s 12 noon and tricycles and cars roaring past with smelly exhaust fumes. it’s worth it.

  17. hiya and salamat gid for calling us the” best” in your blog. we try our best to stick to the original taste of our secret recipe. thanks too for your continued patronage. hope to serve you better in the near future…

  18. the best talaga!amoy pa lang ulam na….yum yum…mapaparami ka ng rice…the taste is very different from other ‘inasal’ kuno…walang sinabi ang ang iba…

  19. Being a negrense living in Manila, I do miss the inasal from Chicken House and Chicken Deli in Bacolod. I’ve heard many good things about Joel’s joint in San Juan but haven’t actually tried it. I’ll make sure I check out Carlo’s inasal in Makati. There’s even a Bacolod Chicken House branch/franchise in The Fort (behind Gloria Jean’s) which is always full.
    For those in the south of Manila, try Dodoy’s in Las Pinas (entrance to Philam Village), owned by die-hard negrense’s Nene and Laylay Legaspi. Not only do they have authentic inasal, but they have batchoy as well! It’ll surely bring back memories of the batchoyan in front of PNB Bacolod!

  20. the best inasal iv ever tried is Mang Inasal. their chicken inasal is far different from all the rest. i heard they have over 100 branches nationwide you guys should try it too…

  21. I usually have my chicken inasal cooked at my friends place… they are from Bacolod who bought (yeah as in literaly “bought”) the recipe from there. They don’t own a restaurant and it’s only at their house we could try their wonderful version of chicken inasal.
    Anyway, according to them, JT has some artificial stuff in their sauce and that it’s not really good for our health. Well, come to think of it, it does taste like it’s not at all natural. Also, have you thought of how those grillers are kept after they close? The area is infested with rats and roaches. Wonder where they fetch for food.
    My favorite in Manila is Bacolod Chicken House at the Fort.

  22. sarap parin ng chicken nila, and mukhang business is good parin sa kanila, coz dami ng tao when we had our lunch there last monday πŸ™‚

  23. hi this is martin of
    I totally agree with everything you wrote. I am from Bacolod and I am sick of eating substandard chicken inasal. My friends decided to surprise me and take me to Bacolod Chicken house express.
    At first I was very annoyed because I don’t like eating chicken inasal here in Manila, but after trying a bit of their chicken, I fell in love with chicken inasal all over again.
    Great article and pictures!

  24. Hey, I’m not sure if this qualifies as inasal but there’s a new Liempo Place in White Plains, Liloan’s Pride Liempo. It has some bits of herbs and spices in between the meat. They claim it’s Cebu-style liempo but they cook it in an electric roaster.:). Their liempo is delicious though, even after you left it in the ref overnight.

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