Jonas’ Pares

All-Time-Favorite Pares (P100)

Another unique treat in Robinson’s Place – Pioneer, is one of the mall outlet of the popular Jonas Pares restaurant in Quezon City.

Jonas is credited for inventing the term “Pares” which means the pairing of beef and rice.. It also refers to the value meal of beef, rice and soup. It was founded by Lolly Tiu in 1979 who envisioned a restaurant providing fine-dining quality food at a price affordable to masses. What makes Pares so special is how the beef was prepared and cooked. Seventy percent (70%) of the beef is lean meat from beef flanks; the rest of the 30% is from fat. The beef is tender because it was slow-cooked in a charcoal-fed fire for at least 12 hours! Anythying you cook for this length in time will definitely becomes soft; add to these the various spices it is definitely tasty and yummy.

Jonas has a simple menu. Aside from Pares, you can order mami, siomai, siopao or spring rolls.
All Time Favorites and Mami | Siopao, Drinks and Desserts | The Story of Jonas

Be honest, have you tried pares before? If you haven’t tried the carinderia version, check out the upscale Jonas restaurant version in Robinson Place Pioneer.

38 thoughts on “Jonas’ Pares

  1. i hail from the south, so the only pares i’ve tried are the small carinderia type of places in paranaque and pasay. so it’s hard for me to imgaine paying P100 for it. but if jonas invented pares, then it must be good. and the serving size looks quite big.
    i’ve heard a lot about jonas’ from friends, so i’l definitely try this the next time i’m in the area. πŸ™‚

  2. I love Jonas. I used to go to their branch in banawe QC. I usually order pares with extra garlic rice. Aside from pares, they this gelatinous litid-like pale colored-viand the name of which escapes me. But its yummt nonetheless.

  3. I love their serving size and value for money. Also, just for comparison, I tried eating at the pares in vito cruz — Jonas is way better! Their humongous siopao is not bad either…

  4. I love Jona’s so much. Value for money talaga. I used to have lunch here and sometimes take-out for dinner pa.
    Dami tao during lunch time sa Rob Pioneer.

  5. The Jonas I grew up with is the one in Mayon Street (the first). My lolo used to take me there, and it was just a carinderia then. Jeepney and tricycle drivers frequent it then. The siopao was the best seller for us.
    But now, it is all commercialized. None of the home-cooked, “masa” taste and PRICE.
    Now, if the average Juan wants to get his pares fix, they go to the Pares house along Retiro Street. It’s the best pares I ever had. Open 24 hours. Me and my wife brave a 21-km drive at 2AM, just to eat there.

  6. It’s simplicity and very traditional menu makes this restaurant one-of-a-kind.
    You will literally drown in their bowl of rice. Big Serving!

  7. Yes! Jonas is really the best pares in town. I frequent their Main Branch in Mayon cor Retiro, also their branch in SM San Lazaro. Good to know they have branches in other places too. Ika nga, spreading good food!
    My favorite is their lumpiang prito and their Stir-fried Broccoli leaves.

  8. you were at robinson’s pioneer… sana sinabihan mo ako… nasa likod lang yung office namin (accenture – cybergate 2). =)
    ok talaga sa jona’s, for 100 pesos, busog ka na. dami lang lagi tao, lalo na pag lunch time.

  9. There’s a Jonas Pares stall in Ali Mall. Same great food. HS means pares and playing billiards hehe (no wonder I got kicked out hehe)

  10. I grew up visiting Jonas’ at Mayon St. cor Retiro st. with my dad. It became our comfort food. I never tried other pares sources so I cant compare. But for a cheap and yet yummy meal, it is great!

  11. I’ve always loved to pick up my kuya from school before coz it meant we can pass by the then-carinderia-looking-jonas. I love their Pares!! It’s the best ever! I’m glad they have another branch here in Pioneer. I’ll definitely go there one of these days.

  12. Oh yeah, I’m so lucky to have Jonas along Mayon St. within our neighborhood! πŸ™‚ Since I was a kid, we but pares and mami there.
    It’s really value for money and it’s the best pares ever!
    They’re open only until 9pm ata. Wish they’re open 24/7.

  13. sarap talaga sa jonas pero better go there before or after lunch time. ang hirap kumuha ng seat pag lunch – jampacked.

  14. i’ve seen jonas evolve from a mere carinderia to what it is now, an emerging fastfood chain. i live 3 minutes away from the original branch and grew up eating their pares. so for me jonas is like comfort food πŸ™‚

  15. i used to eat there when i was working in the area… the servings were huge then and it tasted really good πŸ™‚ will go back one of these days…

  16. Wow…Jonas…brings back memories nung Retiro branch. I used to live there and during Sundays we go there after Mass. I miss pares…I actually miss Filipino foods!

  17. I’m suddenly craving for their Pares. Best Pares, Chicken Mami, and Asado siopao ever.
    I loooove Jonas! Lumaki ako sa pagkain nila since we lived quite near Mayon before. Mga 20 people lang kaya nila at a time dati, tapos isang counter lang with a row of stools. Then lumaki na nang lumaki yung restaurant.

  18. Anyone know the phone number of the Jonas’ Pares in Robinson’s Place? Or until what time they are open?

  19. i miss jonas in QC!!! wow, a sosy jonas outlet! will try to swing by robinson’s pioneer. do they have an outlet in robinson’s manila too?

  20. Jonas has deteriorated over the years. 1) There is more fat than beef in the pares. 2) The soup (comes with the pares), now made of shrimp stock, tastes “malansa” 3) The serving of the rice is very small. 4) Additional fried garlic/spring onions/extra soup are now for sale. I would understand if jonas would resort to cost-cutting measures but definitely, the quality of the food has tremendously suffered.

  21. I agree with Peter. The Original Pares House in Retiro (i believe it is in front of Banco Filipino) is a lot cheaper and tastier. Try it. I like it more that Jonas’ Pares. (No offense, Jonas. Heehee..)

  22. You’re right Bro, i heard that the owner of Pares house along retiro is the original cook of jonas at that time, now he established his own that why the taste of pares there never changed.

  23. The original is in La Loma…corner Mayon Ave and Retiro St…its really good..and the fried rice is excellent..gralic on top is overwheming…dont forget to order the special mami…you’ll be surprise…

  24. hindi ko mkakalimutan ang kinain ko dito my ipis..tpos kmi pa papalabasin na sinungaling ng manager ng SM SAN LAZARO..hindi ko mkakalimutan ang APRIL 11,2012..

  25. masarap tlaga kung sa masarap ang pares ng jonas kaso dito lang kmi nakatikim ng ipis…SM SAN LAZARO hindi lhat ng complainant nyo kaya nyo paikutin at pagtakpan ang pagkakamali nyo..hindi ko malilimutan ang sinabi ng MANAGER ng JONAS SM SAN LAZARO..

  26. The Original Pares and Mami House along Retiro St is way better than Jonas! Beef Pares for the win! Pustahan pa tayo!

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