Top 10 Legaspi Sunday Market All Stars !

Thanks to my Ultimate Philippines Brothers — Ivan Man Dy of Old Manila Walks, Ivan Henares of Ivan About Town, and Spanx of Manila Boy for organizing a Sunday Legaspi Food Trip coinciding with my birthday. Also, thanks to the Filipino Food Blogging community for attending the Legaspi Sunday Market Food Trip. Lastly, thanks to the great Legaspi Market people for the wonderful food, desserts and other treats!

I also did a survey among the food bloggers, food stall owners, and friends eating in the Legaspi Sunday Market. I would like to share with you the best of Legaspi Sunday Market based on who are generating buzz among the foodie community.

Top 10 Legaspi Sunday Market All Stars! (in no particular order)

Imang Salud Classic Ensaimada (P 160). One of the biggest classic Ensaimada in town based on an old family recipe inherited from Ivan Henares’ great-grandmother, Salud Dayrit-Santos of San Fernando, Pampanga. It literally melts in your mouth in softness with a yummy buttery taste and topped with generous servings of queso de bola. Also, one of my favorites in Imang Salud is the plantanilla, super sweet latik in egg crepe. You have to order in advance for the plantanilla.

Imang Salud Dayrit’s Kapampangan Homemade Classic EnsaimadaHeirloom recipes of Imang Salud Dayrit-Santos of San Fernando Pampanga passed on to three generations in the Dayrit-Santos Family. Telephone: +63 920 947 8819, +632 837-0842

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Japanese Tofu Steak (P230 Takeout 600g). The savory tofu cakes of Denise Celdran (yes, the sister of Carlos Celdran) is raved about even by non-vegetarian foodies like us. The combination of tofu, peanuts, sesame seeds and japanese seaweeds is their best seller.

Edgy Veggie Productions
Savory Tofu Cakes, Vegetarian Lumpia Shanghai, Siomai & Other Goodies, Veggie Meat, Hotdogs, Burgers, Gluten Barbecue, Choplets, Tocino and Spam.
Denise Celdran – +63917 820 208

Freshly Made Vegetarian Noodles, Boiled or Stir Fried with Seafood (P90). The polanchai noodles are made on site. You can see how they mix the polanchai with flour and create the vegetarian noodles in the morning. People rave about Manvy not only because of its freshly made noodles but also the sauces you can put on your noodles. Think about it as mongolian dish where you have the following sauces as toppings: Peanut Sauce, Sweet Chili Sauce, Chili Sauce, Oyster Sauce, Sate Sauce and Soy Sauce.

Manvy Foods
Veggie Wrap, Kikiam, Siomai, Misua Gisado, Kiampong, Lumpia
Telephone Number:+632 254-7404
Mobile Number: +63917 8486012, +63920 9212675

Shaahi Paneer (P280 Regular) and Mango Honey Lassi (P120). Abhra is getting raves about his Indian Food and All Natural Drinks in the Legaspi Sunday Market. We like the Shaahi Paneer which is made from Indian cheese that is rubbery when cold and with a soft, mozzarella-type texture when cooked . For the first time, I like the taste of Lassi – a lactose free yogurt smoothie. The Masala Lassi (P100) and the Mango Honey Lassi (P120) are the best sellers.

Indian Gourmet (Legaspi Sunday Market)
Abhra Dam and Ria A. Villanueva-Dam

2013 Update: Their stall is closed already πŸ™

Galette Egg, Ham & Cheese (P140). Gigi’s claim to fame is that he serves the real Crepe made from right proportions of wheat flour, eggs, milk and Galettes made from right proportions of buck wheat flour, eggs, water, and salt. We love the galette complete with egg, ham and cheese.
Gigi La Crepe
The Real Traditional Breton Crepe and Gallette
Telephone: +632 729 7783
Mobile Number: +63 926 879-5980/ +63 926 599-8756

Quattro Formaggio (P150) Pizza. Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella, Kesong Puti, Danish Cheese & Parmessan. What makes the Pizza’s unique is the way it is cooked in charcoal. Other flavors include Margherita, Tutti Carne, Four Seasons, Napolitana and Antonio’s Special.

Pizza di Grazzia
Food Alley, King’s Court Building. Pasong Tamo St. Corner De La Rosa St. Makati City
Miguel Ongpin | Grace Valdoz
Mobile Number: +63 927 339 0462 | +63 906 442 9669
Email: |

Assorted Desserts: Sobyet and Baklava with Walnut, Hazelnut, Pistachio (P250) This must be the best dessert in both Salcedo and Legaspi Market. All of the people I talked to raved about this. Thank you Mehmet and Levend for introducing this Turkish pastries in Manila! Don’t miss this!

Anatolia Cuisine
Turkish Pastries & Desserts
Mehmet Serce and Levend Ekizoglu
Telephone Number: +632 437-4249
Mobile Number: +63 917 855-8006, +63 922 855-7690

Froyo Frozen Yogurt (P65). The popular frozen yogurt in the Salcedo Market is now available also in the Legaspi Market. My favorite flavors are Vanilla and Deep Chococolate. Nothing beats this healthy yogurt treat! (See my related blog post on Froyo’s.)

Dave +63 918 614-7479
Rob +63927-263-9198

Budbud Kabog (P30) and Sugar-free Budbud Kabog (P35). Most of the food bloggers love this. Budbud Kabog is a suman made from millet seeds. We love the Budbud with Mangga, Langka, Purple Rice and Ube-Langka.

Budbud Gourmet Suman
Maribel Van Hoven
Telephone Number: +632 807 1636, 842-8261
Mobile Number: +63 929 366 1999

Citrocello Lemon Liqueur. A Lemon Liquer is made from the peels of organic lemons, carefully microplanned, mixed with vodka and simple syrup and left to steep from 60 to 80 days. Ever since I tasted the lemon cello in Chateau Hestia, I got hooked with this drink. Usually it is taken as a digestive but you can drink it anytime during the course of the meal. I like the higher alcohol levels (20%) of Citrocello.

Citrocello Lemon Liqueur
Telephone Number: +632 840 0193
Mobile Number: +63 917 846 1135

These are my top 10 favorites. Let me know what are your favorites in the Legaspi Sunday Market. I should do a similar list for the Salcedo Saturday Market one of these days…

Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

23 thoughts on “Top 10 Legaspi Sunday Market All Stars !

  1. Hi Anton and OAP readers! I’ve been to Salcedo Market but I’ve never been to Legaspi Market. Can anyone tell me where it is?
    Also, are the markets open on both Saturday and Sunday?

  2. Hi Ana,
    Thanks for reminding me to put info on where the Legaspi Sunday Market is located. Salcedo Market is only open on Saturday while the Legaspi Market is open on Sunday. They are open 7am (I believe) until 2pm. But most of the best sellers are gone by lunch time.
    The Legaspi Sunday Market is in front of Starbucks along VA Rufino formerly Herrera St. It is located in the Parking lot lang and parking is free around the market.

  3. Hi Anton! Long time no see! πŸ™‚ I live very near the Legaspi market so I have always liked it…Another stall I recently fell in love with, non-food, is the earth-friendly soap and laundry detergent stall (same lane as budbud kabog I think)…the soaps are like the one you find in Lush except it’s local so much fresher (plus no extra fuel used to get the products to us)! And the laundry soap smells so good! And I feel good using it because I know it’s not toxic for the environment, my clothes, or my skin! πŸ™‚

  4. my cousins from trinidad and tobago (!)
    and i finished the bottle of citrocello
    i got last sunday, in about 30 minutes.
    it certainly pleased their caribbean tastebuds!
    okay ngarud, aprub “,)
    best of all, no hangover!!!
    and my discriminating capampangan cousins
    loved carl’s budbud kabog so much,
    they left not a single bite for me.
    really high quality food at the market, bro.
    best of all, all the people there
    are super friendly and accomodating!!!
    cheers, everyone!

  5. …! nakaka miss lol! i already spent more than quarter of a million pesos this month equivalent to pesos shopping here in america but was not that happy as i shop in philippines everytime we vacationed dyan sa inyo lol it felt so good shopping in philippines it was priceless the fun the joy all those excitements i felt taking strangers children shopping anywhere but best ones are from those neat tidy high ends open flea markets i always felt as if we were in a commercial shopping spree ‘fantasy’ lol! after september 1,2008 many good great things activities projects incomes will bring joy to philippines so in return filipinos are expected to bring us meaning the world the quality we expected to recieved for later that includes your nationwide state of the art fun filled very accomodating new open flea markets activities lol….what’s so great about it is when sellers sees my tagged along children in a buying ‘spree’ mode they gave us up to 50& discounts and some free items to take with us too lol i was hesitant at first coz i know filipinos must make profits first before practicing their filipino cultures na mabait generous at very giving but then if theyre happy to give us some free stuff why would i wanna turned down their kindness so we grab them all lol!….ooh by the way if open flea markets wants to attract more crowds even in a rainy season JUST ADD 2 EXTRA SOUNDS ALTERNATE like a loud off beat sounds but must rest so the mellow romantic sounds can be heard without background noises see more hundreds later but give them time to hear learned about this new place plus the new sounds thank you….

  6. budbud gourmet suman & citronello lemon liquor stalls are the best looking- attractive market stalls table & food displays.. simple but neat clean lines ‘very’ presentable looking ‘displays’ well organized system and well represented meaning it is a good example of how future exported goods-food products should appeal..on the budbud suman an additional appeal of additonal balut leaves but of ‘light’ leaves color with a cute small leave bows to top it thanks

  7. Hi Anton! Love your post on Makati’s Sunday Market. =) My family and I adore the weekend markets of Makati and I’ve spent a lot of my Saturday and Sunday mornings in those markets. =)
    Hmm there’s this stall in Salcedo, La Cuisine Francais. Ultimate French food heaven. =) LOVE their macarons, spinach gratin, and their taboule. If you can, try din their couscous with lamb. Heaven promise. =) Oh and there’s this dessert stall, Dessert du Jour I think. They make great flourless chocolate minicakes. =)

  8. ive always wanted to go to either the salcedo or legaspi market but never had the chance… one time my bro asked how to join as a concessionaire and found out the waitlist was like 6 months…
    hope to visit when i go home this december πŸ™‚
    more power! by the way, happy happy bday!

  9. Wow! Another good reason to pig out. Hehe. Its good to see that there are other food stalls in the Legaspi Market and not just the “branches” of the ones in Salcedo Market. More variety, more delicious food! Thanks for the info, would definitely check it out soon.:-)

  10. wow, this is amazing. nagutom ako bigla! it’s great seeing Mrs. Henarez too! Her daughter was my batch mate in High School. Hope they have tibok tibok for sale πŸ™‚

  11. Hi Anton!I love your website. Your food recommendations and descriptions of what they’re like are perfect! It makes coming to manila from the highlands less dreadful, more exciting to try new things. thanks, more power to you!

  12. Hi Anton,
    That Sunday was really fun and I finally got to meet you and your family. I’m looking forward for more trips and adventures with you guys!

  13. uhmm..wla ln.. there are some sections here that talk about crepes, aight?
    wula ln.. i’m just wonderin if you already tried cafe breton?
    i dnt knw whereelse do they have a cafe shop but i was able to try the moa as well as the chino roces branch (in front of wyeth phils)..

  14. uhmm..wla ln.. there are some sections here that talk about crepes, aight?
    wula ln.. i’m just wonderin if you already tried cafe breton?
    i dnt knw whereelse do they have a cafe shop but i was able to try the moa as well as the chino roces branch (in front of wyeth phils)..

  15. hi anton!
    how much is a bottle of citrocello? im also wondering what they wrote on the packaging of this lemon vodka mix. do they have lower alcohol levels like 10% or are all of them 20%

  16. Hi Anton!
    This comment is a little late for this post and I should probably find a more appropriate forum for this request but it’s not entirely off-topic since it’s about food tripping. I was hoping you could feature the night market in Ortigas? I think it’s called Banchetto. I’ve been there only once and I had no clue what to try. Maybe you could do a small series similar to what you did for the Salcedo and Legazpi Markets? Thanks, and cool Bargains Blog!

  17. This is very interesting! I just started a small food business catering to my friends and office mates. I think this will be a great venue for my business. I live in Makati area and I have nothing to do during weekends. Does anyone know how can I contact Legazpi Market to set up a booth?

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