Burger Avenue’s Ridiculous Challenge

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Burger Avenue’s Ridiculous Challenge
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These are the people who got FREE Burgers by beating the Ridiculous Challenge of Burger Avenue.

The ridiculous challenge is you have to finish a freshly grilled all-beef triple patty sandwiched on an oatmeal bun laced with crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes, and three cheese slices in 5 minutes and it is free! The Ridiculous Burger is equivalent to 3 burgers and it costs P224 if you don’t finish it in 5 minutes. Most of the winners are men and recently a 10 years old kid was able to finish the burger in 5 minutes. After 5+ months in operation, they are still looking for more women to win this challenge 🙂

You can only win this once. I have not done it because I’m reserving it for a special occasion like after finishing a half-marathon 🙂 What was your experience in taking this challenge? (Any tips?)

The seats in front of the counter are usually reserve for the ridiculous challenge. There is an official timer in the counter and they would watch you carefully if you really finish everything in 5 minutes.
Check out their Burger Prices –P90 for a burger and P101 for a cheese burger!

Burger Avenue
Avenue Mall, B. Valdez St. corner Makati Avenue, Makati City
Telephone : +632 729-9108


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. www.OurAwesomePlanet.com Copyright 2008.

14 thoughts on “Burger Avenue’s Ridiculous Challenge

  1. Hey!Great idea doing this after finishing the half marathon this October. I bet I can finish this below 5 mins after the run!
    Thanks Anton,

  2. For your half marathon, I personally feel you should lose the weight first. I read your entry on finishing your marathon but with great difficulty. Endurance sports is not done hurriedly but requires a great deal of discipline mentally and physically. Hope this helps.

  3. Anton! You win via technique! You don’t eat it the usual way – you break it down so you can chow it down fast. First eat the bread then the burger or vice versa. Eat it piece by piece 🙂
    When you break it down – 5 minutes is more than enough time.
    Good luck Anton! 🙂

  4. Hi Anton1
    we finally had the chance to try out the burgers at ave. They were ok but i found the price a little steep. 159 for a bacon cheeseburger melt. I mean the burger was ok. the milk shake was ok. The potato wedges were nOT potato wedges but rather fat fries. I guess i expected more for the price. anyway, my friend was able to “practice” for their ridiculus burger challenge. He was able to finish theior double cheeseburger in 2minutes and 40 seconds! you think he’ll finish the ridiculus burger in 5?

  5. yeah nagtaas na sila ng prices ever since they opened. I also don’t like the burgers that much for its price. on the challenge, as suggested above break the burger into pieces and he should hit the <5min mark

  6. yes, talagang bumili ako masarap ang lasa mabubusog kapa… kaya lng parang di affordable sa mga students ..sana magkaroon kau ng branch sa market market…dahil dito maraming bibili na taga call center like me.. pls…….
    ISA of TELUS International…

  7. The Sherwinator
    I am from Davao. I will be going to Manila this January and I have included this place in my itinerary. We do have a one (1) pound burger from an American Diner here in Davao called AL’s Diner Giant Burger and it was like eating 4 quarterpounders! I’m looking forward to wolfing down this ridiculous burger in under 5 mins… I will be posting my eating time here after my “Ridiculous Burger Challenge”
    Wish me Luck!

  8. just finished the burger kaninang 2pm. did it at 4mins 50secs. its about 4inches high. lots of lettuce and tomatoes. i cant bite it all at once so i took it apart first.

  9. I came all the way from Davao to take the challenge. I was able to finish it in a little over 3mins on the afternoon of January 18,2009. I think its also a one pound burger. They took a picture of me after the challenge, too bad i wasn’t able to see it get posted on their wall of winners.

  10. nagawa ko ung challenge pre ayos masarap sana kung dadahan dahanin mo kaso un nga may time limit nag beast mode ako nung mga panahon na yan pre tas sabay talaga fresh off the grill kaya may kasalong init napaso dila ko nun pero balik naman pera ko pag tapos kaya worth it:)

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