Cafe Juanita – Eclectically Romantic

Cafe Juanita is an all time favorite for romantic dates within the metro.

Kapitolyo Food Street Series:

Its biggest asset is the sort of mish mash of things mixed with different kind of lights to create an eclectic romantic ambiance.

It appears small from the outside because of the unassuming entrance but you’ll be surprised with the different world that awaits you.

You have a lot of nook to choose from as you go deeper into Cafe Juanita.

For special occasions like engagement, you can reserve this small and less complicated second floor.

I’m glad that the place is now well lighted because it looks creepy otherwise. It felt like the walls have eyes.

Cafe Juanita Menu (Even the prices are a bit eclectic)
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Juanita’s Caesar Salad (P 242). There are as many variations of this classic salad as there are chefs.
The caesar salad is a classic with a creamy dressing ( you can taste the egg yolk used). It is simple, tasty and fresh.

Kare-Kare ni Juanita (P483). Always served with pride as one of our specialties: Ox-tail and tripes stewed in peanuts and toasted rice with tropical vegetables.

This is one of the best Kare Kare I tasted but I should have bought the Bagoong Club Special from Bagoong Club to go with this Kare Kare.

The pianist plays old love songs to add a romantic feel to the setting.

Cafe Juanita-14
Dinuguan with chicharon (P230?). This is a new addition to the menu which tries to recreate Kanin Club’s Crispy Dinuguan.

Sticky Toffee Pudding (P89). Don’t leave without trying their signature dessert.

No need to reserve on ordinary days except during their popular Sunday Lunch Buffet!

Cafe Juanita
No.2 United Street corner West Capitol Street, Brgy Kapitolyo, Pasig.
Telephone Number: +632 632-0357.

Kapitolyo Food Street Series:


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

40 thoughts on “Cafe Juanita – Eclectically Romantic

  1. i have passed by this restaurant many times on my way to RMC. but i just cant seem to see where the parking area is. is there a parking area? or do we have to park along the street?

  2. wow the place looks so romantic..first love where are you lol! do you think if i wash your car for free maybe it is alright to treat me here maybe for a DINNER? lol

  3. the food here is wonderful πŸ™‚ the only thing that bothers me is how stuffy air is at times. but aside from that, we really love this restaurant πŸ™‚

  4. this place looks like Fat Albert’s in Makati, same concept. The difference is …Cafe Juanita is filipino and the other is more italian/oriental. I wonder if OAP has been there.

  5. i love this resto! it is so unique, and you’ll really be surprised when it is your first time to go there, it’s like you stepped into another world.
    i love their catfish salad, kare-kare and sinigang na corned beef. and the bell that you have to ring to get the attention of an attendant. =)
    parking is a bit difficult, so when we go there, we park at my office in cybergate, then just take a cab or trike.

  6. I was just about to leave a comment that this was the restaurant where my family had dinner to celebrate my mom’s birthday and there they are in one of your photos. LOL =)

  7. Judy —
    The sticky toffee pudding is wonderful. It’s conceptually like a lava cake with ice cream, except that the cake isn’t chocolate. The cake is moist and caramelly in flavor, with the consistency of carrotcake. It sits in a sea of caramel sauce and is topped with vanilla ice cream. Very very very good. And at P89, it’s a steal.

  8. those mish mash of thingmajigs will no doubt attract dust and whatnot, like magnet to steel.
    i hope they pay their cleaner well as it’s a herculean task to keep the darn place spick-and-span.

  9. hahaha…
    i bet they do pay a lot for the cleaning….
    but its one of the kind Resto’ that make you keep on coming back because it’s unique..
    wish to add on my list the next time i am in Manila (hopefully God willing)

  10. went there with Tes yesterday and we ordered kare2 and bicol express. Loved it! We also had the mango crepe for dessert, also loved that! this could easily become one of my fave restos. oh, and a great date place also!

  11. With all the raves about this place, we decided to try it last Saturday. The ambience is great- chaotic but somehow it melded together. However, I was disappointed with the food. The kare-kare could have been better if it had more peanuty taste. They could also improve on its bagoong. The crispy pata is dry and tasteless. Our neigborhood crispy pata, mah-lu-tong, in pasig greenpark is way better-juicy, tender, with very crispy skin at about half the price. The crispy binagoongan is nothing but fried liempo with bagoong smothered on top. The sinigang na corned beef is so-so, paling in comparison with that of Sentro’s. The calamares, sisig and lapu-lapu with tamarind sauce is just ok. The only thing I liked was the toffee pudding. Considering the mediocre food, when the bill came, I wasn’t too happy to part with my P4,500.

  12. Is Cafe Juanita the setting or the place where they shot the date scene between Dominic Ochoa and Assunta de Rossi in the movie “Jologs”? Looks like it is.

  13. Hi!
    I just got back from dinner @ Cafe Juanita and I was looking for an entry that highlights the resto (for the purpose of additional info and pics). Yours is totally MAG!
    Permission to link this entry to my blog. You can just give me a shout-out if you want me to remove the link.
    And ooohhh, Kudos to Cafe Juanita!

  14. just went to this just place last week and the food was really really really great! from salad.. to main course.. yummy! i found the sticky toffee pudding too sweet though but still a winner πŸ™‚

  15. Love, love, love Cafe Juanita! We had dinner here Last Saturday and we had the callos, osso buco, catfish salad, caesar salad, and the New York cheesecake. Everything was just awesome!
    My only beef about this place is, well, the restroom sucks. For the price they charge you’d think they can afford better restroom.

  16. Need help how to get here.. If I’ll be coming from katipunan Quezon city how do i get here..thanks πŸ™‚

  17. The fastest way to go here is take Edsa, go to SHAW overpass and turn left
    into SHAW. If that is possible, go all the way to Pasig Capitolyo (you’ll
    see it with a small rotunda) and turn right into the village. Second road,
    turn right.

  18. Ang mahal ng rice nila ha. P70.
    Di ko rin like mga waiters nila. Talagang sinisilip kung magkano yung ilalagay na tip.

  19. I love cafe juanita! im so glad they opened in the Fort because they have much better parking and location.The service is better too!

  20. my family and i recently went to cafe juanita for lunch and it was a really good dining experience. we enjoyed our corned beef sinigang and bagnet. will surely be back. ^_^

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