Friuli Trattoria and Ateneo Foodies

I got invited by the cool dudes of MIS Association of Ateneo to give a talk on blog marketing in the KinEITics IT conference. It was nice to meet Lance, Lorenz, Francine and Mark in Friuli Trattoria in UP Village for our pre-meet before the conference. I’ve know a lot of restaurants in QC area but this is my first time to hear Fruili. Thanks to the MISA guys for suggesting Friuli to me. Fruili is a small Italian restaurant that is a favorite among Ateneo and UP foodies.

Tre Formaggi (P160). Another classic pizza of three cheeses – mozzarella, cheddar & blue. A treat for cheese lovers.

This is the best pizza of the house and you can order one for takeout because this is quite unique. The blue cheese taste stands out in this 3-cheese pizza with wheat bread crust.

Magherita (P160). Simply a combination of garlic and herbs smothered with 2 layers of mozzarella cheese topped with fresh tomatoes.

The magherita is done well and this is another bestseller for Fruili.

Spaghetti Meatsauce ( P 110). Beefy Tomato sauce served with spaghetti.
Lance recommended this meat sauce and Friuli is a master of simple pizza and pasta with simple ingredients cooked well. If there is one pasta you would want to try, this is it.

Putanesca (P120). Angel hair with our version of putanesca – made of tomatoes, capers, anchovies & olives.

I also love their simple putanesca pasta.

Carbonara (P115). White sauce with egg & bacon served with linguini

For some reason, this is the only dish that has some left overs… It speaks for the quality of this dish.

Fruili Trattoria Menu: Soups, Pasta | Pizzas | Desserts, Gelato Cakes, Drinks | What’s New

Can you recommend other best restaurants in the Ateneo area?

Fruili Trattoria in UP Village.


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008

32 thoughts on “Friuli Trattoria and Ateneo Foodies

  1. Oh no, Anton! Now that you featured Friuli, more people will come in there. Hahaha! I’ve been trying to get my favorite toasted raviolli for two saturdays now and they always ran out. How come you didn’t order the raviolli? It’s heavenly!

  2. And oh, it’s FRIULI. An Italian town. Trattoria means quaint restaurant or eatery.
    @ Berger: I don’t think Tomato Kick is Italian. More of mexican pa nga, with all the nachos and fajitas and pitas.

  3. My favorite in Friuli is the Tuna Pasta and the really spicy pizza with the half-slices of tomato on each slice. πŸ™‚ Lance is addicted to the Tre Formaggi and the All Meat. Friuli is my favorite Friday-night/Saturday-night hangout place back in college. Whatever the event – Christmas, Birthdays, Valentines, Post-defense, we’d always end up in Friuli.
    Another favorite hangout place for us is Casa Xocolat along Katipunan (near Bo’s). It’s a house, but the living room and the patio has been converted into a little cafe. They’ve got free wi-fi πŸ™‚ I remember doing our projects there for long long hours. There’s also a place in Katipunan-White Plains called Bannaple. They have yummy Banoffee Pie.
    Finally, my friends got to meet you. πŸ™‚ I’ve been telling my friends about you for a long time. I’m hoping that through your talk, they got to learn a lot. I’m also happy that you finally got to know MISA. πŸ™‚ This is where I applied my intern learnings during my senior year.

  4. nice to see you promoting ATENEO
    on the day of our alma maters’
    game 1 for the UAAP championship.
    i think nalagyan ng gayuma ang pizza mo
    and you will be cheering for the Blue Eagles
    at 4pm today. wooohoooo!!
    Animo Anton!

  5. Hello sir! Your talk was a blast! Almost everyone said on the evaluation that they liked the talk on blogging. I’m pretty sure they got inspired just as much as I did. Hope to dine with you again soon. πŸ™‚

  6. hey anton.. i am so sick and bored with food here in makati.. i think i’d like to explore quezon city and this restaurant friuli seems like something i’d like to travel all the way to and get lost in… the pizzas and pastas look scrumptious! and yeah, how does one get to this restaurant? let me know please…

  7. Oh, you should have tried the Tuna and Mushroom instead of the Carbonara. Yummy pizza too. Sulit. And they also have gelato cakes for dessert.
    Tomato Kick also serves good food, but the place isn’t very well ventilated, and it’s closed on Sundays.

  8. i Love Fruili, but they’re ravioli isn’t any good at all.
    there’s a new place in the UP village, its Pino. good food, price rage is 150-280 for main dishes. the food is prepared by chefs, i think most of them from Global culinary. they put a little twist in their dishes, like the Sisig Pasta..mmm, sarap!

  9. Their menu looks very interesting, however I have mixed feelings about seeing ketchup as a condiment in an Italian restaurant (see 2nd to the last photo).

  10. Hi anton! My love affair with food began way back when I was a child, but the obsession officially started when I was in college. As a starving student in Ateneo, my favorite restos in that area back then would be Chocolate Kiss (is it still in UP’s Bahay ng Alumni?), Sweet Inspirations Cafe (Katipunan, in front of Ateneo Gate 3) and Kamirori (I think they moved to a gas station near La Vista). Other faves that are long gone are City Jam (sisig, crispy tenga (!), cheap beer), Abuelo’s, Gilligan’s, the original Kulinarya and Dencio’s (which has since moved on to greater things). A cult classic that you should also check out would be Manang’s Grill, which is located beside the college covered courts. Happy hunting! (Food, not eagles, ok? Hehe)

  11. sorry to say but I had a bad experience in Friuli.
    my boyfriend and i were eating the pizza and pasta we ordered, when we noticed 3 mice running around. can you say Ratatouille fast enough? i loved the movie, but hey, I pay good money to eat good food, not to be bothered by pests scampering about at my feet.
    and what did the staff do? deadma. nakita naman nila eh!
    we never went back again.
    i hope the owners will take note of this. a good scrubbing and pest eradication is definitely in order.

  12. Hey all,
    Fruili Trattoria is located along Maginhawa St.
    To get there:
    Via Philcoa from Elliptical Rd
    1. From Elliptical take a right at Commonwealth
    2. Take another right at the first street (landmark: Mini Stop at the corner and the tricycle depot)
    3. Take a left at the first corner and go straight until you spot Fruili (It’ll be just a few feet from BPI Family Savings Bank on your left)
    Via CP Garcia from Katipunan
    1. Take CP Garcia until you get to that 2nd fork on your left after Krus na Ligas (sorry, I’ve no idea what that street’s name is).
    2. Take a left at that fork, then a right at the street intersecting it.
    3. When you get to the corner, take a right at Maginhawa St. and go straight. Fruili will be on your right.
    Okay, that’s the extent of my navigational skills. Ha ha.
    I haven’t eaten there in ages but I do know not to eat the pasta. I found out about a month after first eating there that their tuna and mushroom, carbonara, and pesto were made with McCormick’s ready-mix pasta sauces. It’s really only a theory but they really do taste suspiciously alike. Those mixes you can get at any leading department store for P20.
    The ravioli is good but they don’t make these themselves (same goes for the desserts). They order them somewhere else, keep them in the freezer, and fry them when someone orders a plate. It’s good on some days. On other days you can almost read this freezer-to-fryer history with every bite.
    The pizzas are very good though. So good that I don’t really care if they make these from scratch or not. He he. And the owners are very friendly too! They’d drop in once in a while and wait some tables themselves.
    Go for the pizzas! And the After 8 dessert too if you like mint chocolate.:)
    I wish they’d concoct a better home delivery scheme though. This way I won’t have to walk the whole 3 blocks to get some good pizza (tamad.:p).

  13. Friuli is of my Carbo-loaded-comfort-food places to go to. The fact that I love just down the street is a plus. I love Maginhawa!
    You may want to try Cafe Quezon also along Maginhawa near Camp Karingal. My dad loved the Lucban Longganisa pasta.It’s cheap too.

  14. I love your blog. It makes me envious of all your adventures though. My husband and I are on our own quest to try new restaurants as out-of-the way as they are. πŸ™‚
    By the way, I agree with Chinkee (Oct. 7, 2008 comment), Manang’s inside the Ateneo Campus – right beside the college covered courts) is THE place to try. Their liempo is to die for.

  15. friuli is the best italian restaurant this side of diliman. cheap but absolutely delicious eats.
    with the comment on the mice running around, i guess they need to keep all of those in check. but it does not make the dining experience less remarkable.

  16. uggghhh sorry, cockroach legs on my pizza the last time I ordered from here, then I stopped visiting this place… they better clean up the place better or have exterminators to rid of these pests…food was ok to fill my stomach when I was still visiting this place, but less than average taste for me…

  17. cheap ingredients plus cardboard taste, waste of money, gimme Pino or Mang Jimmy’s anytime, it’s not even cheap if you think about the quality you pay for, in fairness, service is good!

  18. You don’t dine enough i think.. dining is considering everything, including mice running around.. mice = unsanitary habits = mice = leptospirosis.. think again..yes it makes the dining experience less remarkable.. i’ve heard of an Atenista who saw cockroach legs on her pizza in that place..

  19. Been here twice beacause of my friends, easy access from UP but i never liked the taste of their food, especially the mozarella sticks. We never went back because we heard that the owner has very unsanitary practices in the kitchen and likes to hit on girls. The tall muscular guy with thick eyebrows. I give it a 2 star rating! Sorry to disappoint the regulars of this place, better safe than sorry

  20. What’s with the leptospirosis bit? is their place that dirty? It looks clean from the outside! I’ve never tried this place but from a lot of what i’ve been reading, i’ll play it safe because rats are my pet peeve. I think i’ll stick with the oldies but goodies! Sbarro, Avenetto(right spelling?), and this good italian place in Cubao, i forgot the name.. oh well! In the area, pino is my favorite! it’s just a bit, that what boyfriends are for! kidding!=)

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