16 thoughts on “La Boheme Opera – First Full Length and All Filipino Cast Opera in the Philippines

  1. ….i think it looks a bit odd coz she is globally promoting a highly sensitive classic theater-stage performance but announcing a supposed to be a philippine maestro obra performances but in an ordinary appeal o casual appearance an attitude of like someone going to grlorietta mall lol!….a look of tara na sa rustan shopping mall kinda athmosphere attire background lol….but do not give up do not lose hope on the odd out of place initial promotions ‘advertisements’ or how they initially introduced appealed products of an state of the art maestro obra of performances- shows publicly globally….even better if aidan of rache anton joshua will pick one of their tragic or romantic ‘love affairs’ that was blog here into aidan’s personnal theater-stage shows that must be a blast or sensation if girls playing on stage are performing in a seductive playful alluring moods & attires lol!….oohh even better everytime the main character remember or forgot something{character}there will be a big bang a cymbal or sort of mini thunder sound as the main spotlight focus on her ‘caught’ expressions i love those expressions i couldnt wait lol!…..

  2. the best theater the best performance the best act ever but the world have not seen but i.. a few have seen.. was performances an stage play in a remote town in the philippines the play was called ‘el cid’ it was an ancient historical event that happened in europe i believe it was in spain it was about a lady name chemin who fell madly in love with rodrigo a soldier who fell also madly in love with chemin but ‘fate’ turned their world upside down when later chemin had to run to confront beg rodrigo to spare her father’s life but rodrigo is determine to kill chemin’s father beside’s personnal reason rodrigo in the play i believe has the king’s order..but everyone’s amazement was not about or on chemin’s story at all it was about that young girl who played chemin’s character{it was a jaw dropping performance}it was a very extra ordinary ‘strange’play coz we were told later the same feelings the same experiences after the show after the play by almost everyone we have spoken..what was the ‘strange’ experiences?..well we were told by almost everyone that they do not remember watching the show being inside the room where the play was performed they-we felt we were actually in europe that young girl performing ‘took’ us physically in europe we still believe up to now that she actually took us & was present there we believe we are in spain lol! yes we felt we were all present during those ancient events with the young girl chemin but with that filipina young girl look with that young filipina face from that remote town of the philippines from that seemingly quiet but magical small town’s high school event

  3. more info needed 😛
    im still iffy on watching an opera — the mere word felt like a heavy weight to me. but it would be quite interesting to see one… for art’s sake 😛

  4. ….as advertisements showing half or the full package of the show is not wise but an opera performances all that we saw in europe almost every other week ends we have no complains some opera STORY performances made us laughed but often made us cry i mean me my families mga kaibigan minsan yung kapitbahay namin hila hila ko lol yung father ko one time sa paris france{original show} minsan my boyfriend{my husband now}i had a few opera singing performances that we wathced where my crying i believe was heard by entire ‘opera house’ lol! in germany{more than once]someone a stranger handed me a handkerchief lol! also in vienna austria{just once}i even heard some group asking begging me to please! cry in the restroom{that was embarrassing}lol!….

  5. charice pempengco’s tenor ba yun did well in her duet with maestro andrea bocelli world famous opera maestro in tuscany italy yata yun sila kumanta where omg i was being carried away i was ‘haunted’ by her ‘pananaghuy’ style of opera some audience even was clapping in between charice ‘s pananaghuy na pagkanta the middle show clappings is in a way unoperatic kasi normally audiences wants to hear ‘straight’the complete performances{undisturbed}but hey who said we cannot clap our hands at anytime lol

  6. boy oh boy!..have you watched filipina charice pempengco’s american television performance sept.9, 2008?..WOW! again charice tormented us charice’s singing power is haunting us again {millions of people around the world}gmmahoney cannot be an exemption to this performance of charice lol!..LA BOHEME OPERA if performed katulad ng pananaghuy ni charice sa buhay nya mula sa pagkanta we are sure that la boheme performances wil be NO different in success katulad ng mga haunting at magical performances na may tatak filipino blood ang stage charisma stage presence ni pineda/journey charice o lica de guzman etc.we want more filipino theme filipino original made ‘stories’ dapat na mga theater stage plays at kwentong filipino ang mga gawa ng mga istorya para local pride but international quality ang appeal o dating & thank you OAP for letting them know what we want what we wish for lol….

  7. I am so glad this video is up! I have seen this proformer several times at different venues during my trips home. I’ve always wondered about her because her voice is AMAZING!! Jennifer is an amazing singer. I will definetly make a trip to Manila catch her performance of La Boheme.
    I can’t believe I’ve “found” her once again, and this time on Awesome planet. The last time I heard her sing was at the mall. I’ve always wondered about this amazing singer. Will she be doing more performances? Does she do recitals? I would love to learn more about this wonderful songbird. Is she an only child or does the rest of her family sing as beautifully as she does!
    She’s beautiful!

  8. Finally La Boheme will be staged again in the Philippines, after 16 long years 🙂 I’m so excited to hear the best opera singers in the country today! Congratulations in advance! Thank you OAP for posting this! Will definitely watch!

  9. thank you for posting about this. i miss the Opera since i moved back to manila from new york. they had La boheme at the New York MET this year and I didn’t get to watch it. i will definitely watch this.

  10. I know, I was able to watch boheme at the met last april. it was amazing! I’m looking forward to watch this on gala night 🙂

  11. guys! help me please! i have two orchestra side tickets for LA BOHEME and i can’t make it! bought this for about Php 2,700++. And i’m selling it for Php 4000( 2 tickets). Text me if interested. 09228502972 09178424586

  12. How does one enjoy an opera without hearing it? You can’t!
    Immediately after Act 1 of “La Boheme”, at least 20 people left the theatre. Some went straight to the parking lot. While others, Filipinos and foreigners alike, went straight to the table (where the programs were sold) to express our disappointment and frustration. We simply could not hear the opera. With the exception of Rodolfo, one can barely hear the rest of the characters. Only Rodolfo’s soaring high notes that made an impression. This would have surely been a goose bump moment had there been a sound system.
    The lack of acoustic enhancement was the tragic mistake. It is mind boggling to me that the Philippine Opera Company did not take careful measures to ensure the enjoyment of the first ever, full length opera with an all Filipino cast.
    It was also quite annoying to see some characters dressed as if they were appearing in “Rent”. Layers of clothing, beanies and scarves were worn while they huddled in front of a fire. Seriously, it never gets that cold in Manila. The set design was a very poor and uninspired version of the “Rent”set design.
    Whenever I watch an opera, I am prepared to hear magnificent voices, spectacular sets and grand costumes. Now, take the period costumes away and you are left with what looks like a run-through or rehearsal for an opera. I am not saying they need to be in evening gowns or showgirl costumes. But they could have at least given it more thought.
    Rodolfo and Mimi’s outfits in Act 1 were beyond horrendous. Being Bohemian does not mean being “baduy” or devoid of style. In fact, the Bohemian style has even inspired haute couture.
    Only three things were praise worthy of the October 4 performance: Rodolfo, Musetta and the video backdrop.
    I immediately texted everyone I knew of this utter waste of time. Many had planned to go on the last night but opted not to because they have received similar warnings from other victimized friends.

  13. ….i am sorry to hear from viewer named frustrated and dissappointed that philippines la boheme opera was not intended as STATE OF THE ART performances i am not happy to hear that there are not enough sound systems how could anyone forgot that the most important thing in an opera is the sound system….also anything FIRST TIME must be remmebered as ‘extra ordinary’
    NOT walking out of the theater next time instead of a fireplace put a small bonfire{manmade} instead of scarves used bandanas and make sure that your state of the art operas do not resemble
    anything below state of the art EXPECTATIONS ao anton rache aidan joshua when creating your theaters-shows department tell your managing ‘staff’ that DETAILS are extremely RELEVANT in any state of the art shows performances but do not let frustrations prevent our awesome planet to do better to do future’s BEST so good luck and may the force of ‘filipiniana’ INSPIRATIONS be with you….

  14. frustrated & dissappointed: sorry to hear about your anger & frustrations i wish they will have a better equipped sound system since opera is mostly all about sounds but your used of the word ‘victimized’ is over reaction coz why would local la boheme SABOTAGE their own play? NO ART THEATER LOVER would do that but maybe the stage director planners are not that good enough when it comes to PERFECTIONS in arts in theaters it could not be intentional coz it is also their lost so REFRAIN from publicly PULL DOWN their ‘affordable’ local staging by simply not using deragatory word just say YOU ASKED FOR YOUR MONEY BACK that would be considered fair & not a CRAB MENTALITY o even a saboteurs mentality
    a point to consider if alright

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